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Episode Notes

This episode is about giving self-dawah by doing righteous deeds as per the sharia only for the sake of Allah SWT, transforming oneself, knowing the basic principles of Islam and Allah says, “Whoever desires to meet Allah SWT then perform righteous deeds and stay away from associating partners with Allah SWT”.

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The speaker discusses the upcoming series of dose. They explain that the series will focus on car diagnostics and how to become a good person. The speakers then move on to learning how to apply actions into one's life, including learning to use GPS and setting an agenda to go to a location.

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Brothers and sisters, welcome back to the second episode of dose diagnostics, also known as the triple v series. Okay, so we're gonna be talking about today. Let's see.

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Well, first of all, let's start with the name, since it's called damaged our diagnostics, what would you think we're going to talk about? Now? That's pretty obvious, okay? Why call it diagnostics? Why are we going to diagnose?

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Well, to start off with, for those of you that don't know my history, or what I've done in my life, I am a certified automotive technician. And so diagnostics goes along with what I was trained to do

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diagnose problems on cars, or trucks, or basically anything that has four wheels.

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I figured why not use my previous trade and apply it to what I'm doing now. So this is what we're going to do. We're going to call this series dealt with dealt with diagnostics, we're gonna talk all about cars, and put them together, and try and make it a little more interesting and a little more fun to do. Since we now know what the triple D series is all about, and we know that we're going to be diagnosing certain aspects of

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what do we need to start off with? Well, first of all, we need to start with ourselves.

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Giving Dharma to other people is not about going to them and telling them how to be better. When we're committing sins ourselves. It's all about being a better person. So how are we going to do that? I'll tell you, have you ever got into your car, and thought, you know what, my car needs a nice wash, before I take it for a run? Well, that's exactly what we're gonna do.

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Just imagine yourself out there, washing your car, polishing it off, and then spraying on some tire shine, waiting for it to settle. And then you go inside, get changed, grab your car keys, go out there and go for a nice cruise. Well, that's what we're gonna do in this series. It's all about preparing your vehicle, preparing yourself, for going on that. And that Cruise is your life. It's not about approaching someone and giving them down. It's all about being a better person. And in that process, you will meet people, and people will see you. And they'll want to know more about life. They want to know more about you, they want to know more about you, because of how they see

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you. So this is what we're going to do. Now in order for us to start with that, we need to learn a few principles. The first thing that we start off with is knowing the five pillars of Islam. The first being that you don't have

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to believe that there is no true God worthy of worship, except the last panel.

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is the last and final message. The next four pillars I'm going to categorize all together, okay, and those will be what we're going to work with. The reason why I'm grouping them all together is because the four pillars that remain are all four pillars that require some sort of action. And that's what the series is all about actions. So we're going to learn how to perform not only these four pillars, at every single aspect of our life, in a proper method, so that we ourselves can benefit first, and then others around us can also benefit from how we are now, what does it mean to group everything into actions? Well, first of all, we have to understand two things. actions are to

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be done, according to the study of Islam. That is the first part. And the second part is that actions should be done solely for the sake of Allah subhana wa. As Allah says, In the Quran.

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whoever desires to meet a loss of Hannibal will

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then perform righteous and good deeds are good actions, and stay away from associating partners with a loss of kindness.

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So now that we've understood this first verse that we're recording today, we move on, we move on to learning how to apply it into our life. And this is where we go through the joy right? So you polished up your car, you shine up the tires, and you're ready to go for a ride.

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But now

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Yeah. Where are you going? You haven't connected your GPS. So, in order for us to understand where we're going, we need to hook up your GPS. Nowadays, everybody's got GPS in their cars on their cell phones. Where are you going?

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I think I want to go to Jenna, don't you?

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Why would you not want to go to Paris. So let's set our GPS to paradise. Even better, let's set its agenda to the highest level of paradise. And try to get there by watching these videos by learning from these videos. And by applying what we learn in the next time, we'll be talking a little bit more in detail about the next step. Stay tuned. And for those of you that are wondering, I'm sitting outside the International Institute of Islamic thought and civilization, which is a faculty of the International Islamic University here in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to be exact is located and once again