Quran Burner Presents His Strongest Argument Against Islam (P2)

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the validity of Islam and the importance of social media, while criticizing liberal and socialist political philosophical topics like political and military affiliation. They also criticize Iran's actions and its supposed tolerance, while fulfilling all conditions of the Holy month and experiencing disaster. The speaker also touches on fulfilling all conditions and the potential for a disaster if one is too casual.
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Why is your strongest argument against the validity of Islam go ahead against Islam guess why Islam is a true religion Why is valid why so what's what's your strongest argument? Why are you addicted to social media? Watching the chump over and over again? Trying to be like the champ if you want to be like the champ you have to join the champ in establishing the Scandinavian mega measured in data center in Norway. Click the link below and donate now. Why?

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Ask him a simple question. He's here to tell me why Islam is wrong. I don't know why you don't give me arguments. I'm waiting for you.

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Okay, so you need help to help you and read the book whether and the other man's child with help. It's a valid whether it says valid religion. Is that what you ask? Why is Islam wrong? You've come here to tell me talking about Islam every week, don't you? Yeah. Okay, now I'm giving you an opportunity. So I'm right here in front of you. Okay.

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We've already established you're an ignoramus. We don't know anything about Islam, but I'm just gonna give you the benefit of the doubt as an unqualified, uncritical, deliberately ignorant person as you are. I'm asking the question, what is your strongest argument? Why is Islam was wrong? Muhammad is the strongest argue that's not that's not arguments a man. Yeah, it's an argument.

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There are nine there are swearing now there are 91 horses. There are 91 verses in the Quran that commands the Muslims to imitate the behavior of Muhammad. Okay. That's why

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if you're copying his behavior, your good Muslim

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would also said that himself, okay, so I don't see how that's a strong argument against why Islam is wrong. I've just asked you a question. You said you have to say Muhammad and Islam, Islam, Islam,

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unreal religion, a spiritual relationship between a person and a god, it would have been, it wouldn't be a problem, because

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what's your strongest argument? Why is this wrong? Why

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Islam is not a religion. It's a political doctrine. It's so

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let's say that, let's say Islam has political doctrines and military doctrines. Why is that wrong? Go ahead. It's wrong because

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it cannot coexist with other systems of governing societies because Islam so Islam

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wants to go to Islam does not accept is not Islam does not accept powerful argument. It's powerful, powerful idea. And you can tell by you can tell by him by observing the states that has been invaded and occupied by Islam, more than 50 states powerful you can see all these states are *holes. Okay, course on Islam, countries that used to be most place to live has become Cheetos because of Islam, and the Muslims behaving Islamic. So that's why you don't want to unless you don't want that to happen to our country. And that is why you're the poor summarize, you're already one. What's your argument? Your argument is that Islam is wrong because it has military and political doctrines.

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Yeah. So okay. Sorry. Sorry. So in that case, liberalism is wrong because it's a political doctrine. And it's not a religion. Nobody's a political doctrine. That's what you just said. Yeah. But Islam claims to be whether it claims to be a religion or not and

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written liberal. Liberal, how would you liberalism, find religion?

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icon on the side? Don't interrupt, she said. How would you define religion? It's something

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I observe. Yes. Observe quite quite often with your Muslims. Oh, yes. So you do observe it with us. You said we don't follow a religion to talk to a Muslim. He.

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Okay, kind of behaves like a caveman. He's not able to communicate in a civilized way. Okay. Now, for you. That's an ad hominem. Ad hominem fallacy. No, okay. So now, you got attacking the man, not the argument. I'm

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trying to point out that you are not very good at debating already.

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Because you don't accept. Okay. When you ask us how is this relevant to what we're talking about? I'll ask you a question. Right? Why is Islam wrong? You said because of political and military doctrine, okay. Now,

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as I said, you try to Dragon and the liberalism accepts

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all kind of liberalism. classical liberalism is a political philosophy which have military implications, correct. Liberal.

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Islam is

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Islam is illiberal. iLASIK. Islam is liberal, then the most

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doesn't accept any other, political,

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socialist, whatever it is.

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If you know what happened in Iran in Lebanon, one, I want you to make your point you're jumping from point to example. I want you to finish your point. What is your point that Islam is incapable of having people within?

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A political tune to implement Sharia? Okay, a whole planet. Okay, that's what

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that's what the guy said. So one we have to let's go with this. We have to make it wrong. Why does that make it wrong? Why that is wrong? Yeah. We don't want Islam to destroy our country because we have a quite nice place. Sub circle what happens? You know, I find out you know why I find that I've let you speak. Yeah. Now can you let me respond because you talk about caveman I don't need to be a caveman. Yeah. Okay. So you're, you're a civilized white man. And I'm the caveman. But let me just let me indulge me for a second. Indulge me indulge me. Let me say this. Isn't it interesting that this man is talking about Islam as being incapable of tolerance, yet his very prescription is

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incapable of tolerance itself. In other words, his prescription of deporting Muslims is exactly intolerance. So he's he doesn't like Islam because of his alleged claim that's intolerance, yet his own prescriptions are intolerant in nature.

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So what you just witnessed there really was a kind of jet. What did you say? A kind of jihad? Are you an extremist? And you you're a violent extremist? No, no, no,

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no, no, no, you don't understand what the word jihad means. You see, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us jarhead will Moshe kina be unwelcome? When I'm fully come while synergy come that struggle in the way of Allah with your money, meaning give charity? What unphysical Yes, there is a physical jihad. And the third one is who else in the cecum and with your tongues. The Quran says Raja Hallo whom beat your head and Kabira do jihad with it. I eat the Quran. We struggle with the Quran. We make intellectual arguments based on the Quranic argumentation.

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Now you can join this kind of jihad this intellectual jihad, yes, you can join it. And what is the incentive Allah says in the Quran and sort of the stuff?

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Yeah. Are you the man who don't know Kumala

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to G come in when Ellie taught me noon here on assuming he went to Georgia he doing a field survey in Hebei

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the alikoum fly in gun to Tala Moon yellowfin zunow Welcome why would they come Jen?

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Jenny me into it hell and

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why Mercer cannot play but

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Fijian Yarden the Annie can follows the

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Oh you who believe? Should I let you know of a trade of a bargain of a business that will keep you away from a painful punishment.

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Allah's telling me is telling you he's asking me he's asking you this question. Then he tells us

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took me no Nabila. He was a soldier, that you believe in Allah and His messenger. were to die here do Nafisa really la hibi and Wally, c'mon fusi come, that you do jihad, that you struggle in the way of Allah with your monies, with your monies, and with yourselves, then you can hire lecom That is better for you. If you only knew

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what will Allah give us? He tells us in the next verse, you will feel like Hangzhou back home. He will erase your sins.

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He will forgive your sins.

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We will do he'll come Jannette integrity, Min Tatiana and how that then he will put us into gardens where in which rivers flow?

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Can you imagine? Well, my second thought here, and beautiful houses, places of inhabitation feed Jannetty Adam in the Garden of Eden. And this is the great route. Is this something you're you can feel go? Is this something you're willing to forego? Do we really believe in these things? Do we really believe in heaven? Do we really believe in hell? Do we really believe in the punishment of Allah

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If so, then we cannot afford to let an opportunity like this go. We are one click away potentially one click away on this holy month

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of fulfilling all of the conditions of this I am

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one click away

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it won't even take you as long as it will take to put a bread in the toaster and then it pop out. How long? How long? Why procrastinate? Why be lazy? Why be stingy? When are you casual? Hanif Sefa will let it go home will mostly home Allah says whoever eliminates the stinginess from themselves, then they are the ones who are successful. Press the button below now do not miss this opportunity was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh