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Daood Butt – Da’wah Diagnostics – Episode 1

This episode is an introduction to the intellectual series about Dawah in the light of certain ayats and hadith. It will not only be of benefit in giving dawah to muslims and non muslims rather help in bettering oneself as the actions, mannerisms, interactions are a means of dawah and help in learning to live the Quranic … Read more

Daood Butt – Da’wah Diagnostics – Episode 2

This episode is about giving self-dawah by doing righteous deeds as per the sharia only for the sake of Allah SWT, transforming oneself, knowing the basic principles of Islam and Allah says, “Whoever desires to meet Allah SWT then perform righteous deeds and stay away from associating partners with Allah SWT”.

Daood Butt – Da’wah Diagnostics – Episode 3

This episode emphasizing on actions, aamaal and good deeds to be done solely for the sake of Allah SWT and to seek the pleasure of Allah SWT. In addition to choosing the right actions in accordance with the laws and commandments of Allah SWT thereby spreading goodness in the ummah and the rest of the … Read more

Daood Butt – Da’wah Diagnostics – Episode 4

This episode explains the term hisbah comprehensively in the light of ayats from Quran and hadith by Prophet SAW and lists four categories of hisbah. The next episodes worth-listening-to will explain the categories of hisbah extensively.

Daood Butt – Da’wah Diagnostics – Episode 5

This episode explains the first condition of hisbah extensively and defines the term, “Al Mohtasib”. In addition, it also lays out the conditions to hisbah and dawah and the etiquette to do it in a precise manner for the benefit of ummah and rest of the world at large.

Daood Butt – Da’wah Diagnostics – Episode 6

This episode explains the second condition of hisbah, which would include correcting the person who commits some sort of act that may be evil or done in a not-so-good fashion. It also lists different people who would possibly fall in this category and the rectification methods to overcome evil.