The Quranic Call (Part 19)

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all, Allah subhana wa tada I mentioned in chapter number in the 19th juice, chapter number 26, entitled shot off. There are a number of prophets that are mentioned in this story and their dialogue with the people that were around in the civilians at that time. And it's very interesting how he mentions their dialogue, firstly affirming the presence of the prophets and the universality of their message, calling to the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala but this chapter starts out where last month Allah mentions that this is a clear manifest book keytab When will been and then he goes on to

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say, perhaps you will back here enough sec la akuna meaning Oh Mohammed, perhaps you will be someone that is about to collapse that due to the fact that they are not becoming believers, but a lot insurance him Don't worry about that. What they're making fun of you have or what the message that they are making fun of that you are proclaiming to them, their time will come but what's beautiful here and what I want to capitalize on here is verse number eight and number nine, were last panel what Allah says in the fee that it can i atone woman can act federal meaning what interrupt Becca who Allah is evil Rahim. Allah subhanaw. taala says very early in that are Signs meaning his ayat we

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mentioned earlier, and the what takes place with the people around the prophets that deny them. He said very early in that are Signs. And most of them were not believers. Well, Matt can accept meaning. We're in Nebraska and very your Lord, He is the mighty, the most mighty and the Most Merciful. The scholars mentioned here, when we look at this situation of the people around the prophets, denying them harming them even making fun of them. A loss it kind of what the Allah says that most of them are not believers. But then he ends off by saying that a lot is Aziz or Rahim. Why al Aziz or Rahim when we look at the understanding of names and attributes, which we talked about

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numerous times, it is perfection upon perfection. So Allah has his, he has might, but at the same time, he's merciful. When we look at human beings, someone that has power over a land of people or group of people, they may have might, but it could lead to tiring, no mercy, to show their power, to express their independent selves that they are able to control you and what comes to you and what is taken away from you. And that could lead to oppression most of the time it does. But at the same time, last month, Allah is merciful, the one that is merciful, at the best, to the best at their best, they do not want to exhibit any form of might or power over you. As a matter of fact, the

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epitome of mercy is where the one that knows that is weaker than you knows that you have total power and authority and even to the degree you have the right to exhibit your might upon them. And you hold back. That is exactly what Mercy is. And Allah is the epitome of both of those. He is a Rahim upon who upon those people that disbelieved in the prophets made fun of them verbally, physically, emotionally abused them,

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abused them, but Allah had mercy upon them, a lot had mercy upon them at that time, but they will surely know he will never leave you in vain. And when one remembers that, they are at peace, they have set up because they trust in a lot. They trust that his might will be exhibited at the right time, just as his mercy is exhibited at the right time, we cannot domesticate a laws, actions, with our understanding, what Mercy is when mercy deserves to be exhibited, when it should be and when might should be exhibited. A lot uses that and when one understands that reality, the epitome of his names and attributes, and that his wisdom, these attributes of mine and Rama, are based on wisdom,

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we trust in Him. So when when trust in Allah, as the prophets did, the afflictions that they faced, we know it is a trial of conditioning, of their strength in a man in Allah Aziz arriving May Allah subhana wa to make us of those that trust in Him, and when he make any afflictions that we face make us of those that are patient and may make us of those that the driving factor behind our patients is a remembrance of those beautiful names and attributes of Santa Monica, to live a better katsu. Thank you