Daood Butt – Friday Jumuah Khutbah – August 6, 2021

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The history and success of Islam is highlighted, including the importance of praying and fulfilling prayers. The use of "has" to describe actions and moments in one's life is emphasized. The importance of protecting a spot at a football match and the need for people to confirm their own reservation is emphasized. The importance of trusting and respecting the Prophet's plan to help achieve higher levels of Paradise, and the negative impact of negative experiences on one's bodies and the need for a healthy lifestyle. The call to grant people the ability to make a donation and receive money for their families is also mentioned.
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Welcome to logging

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in hamdulillah McAdoo monastery number one so

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whenever we will be learning shortly and fusina a woman say,

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Nina, my young

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woman you're

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who knew who was who some more who are the early he was suffering yourself intensely. When

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are you gonna learn more? We'll see from what I've seen the top one you

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cannot go

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into shape on what God is Mila

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here are you have nurse interco

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O'Connor coming Hi. So jaha

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can do a nice

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long legged

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in the water from Rocky, my brothers and sisters, today we learned about the name of a muscle kind of want to add a body and we will tie it in with the name of Allah.

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These two names on the muscle cannaboids go hand in hand as they describe each other and the ability of a muscle once a hammer

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is mentioned, as well as for the material in and multiple times, dozens and dozens of times. And I'm also kind of want to add as an abundance is the one who is evil, that evil. The one who is able to do whatever he wills and has no issues in doing. There's no deficiency there is no strain that comes upon the loss of one to Allah, and nothing affects the plan of Okada. So he is able to do as He wills. I'm also cannaboids Allah says as an example that we take from the Quran, we call it the

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of duty, the loss of Hannah Montana is able to bring the power to bring about a punishment from above you from beneath you. And also kind of Allah has the abilities to do so. And wherever he goes. We know that a woman is in the poor and as well with regards to his ability to create. And we see this in the story of Risa I that you set up with William whom you're going to be and it will be so almost a kind of a project has the power and might and strength to make anything happen as he rose. Now the name of Allah Kadir is very similar, the all powerful, the one whose ability is complete and perfect.

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So he is able to do as He wills and he is powerful, nothing takes away from him. And everything is perfect from his will and his plan and everything he does is complete and fulfilled. So a warm

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a partner has the ability to do as he knows now this ties in with something they do and I know very well, which is known as Qatar

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decree, or what's a law has wills to happen, what he has made to happen to take place.

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Because everything is from the planet almost uncountable. So avoid them as much as he has the ability to do everything and anything and everything that happens that we see around us, including ourselves and the creation of the heavens and the earth, the creation of his wealth, and how much we earn a bit and how much we are restricted from it.

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All of that is from the other the plan of a muscle kind of water.

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So he plans what is to happen and take place and he executes it, which is another name of Allah that we already saw.

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And so we see that other itself crazy he was shoveling the decree the plan of Allah that plays out in front of us, for example, us being able to reserve a spot at June today is from the planet home.

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One may have tried for weeks and weeks and weeks to reserve a spot for tomorrow and fails. And their neighbor in the house right next to them has been reserving every single week, whichever tomorrow they want. That is the product of a law, the decree of Allah, the plan of a Muslim kind of water, and the product of a Muslim hunter water Allah His plan his decree is from the pillars of our belief.

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The last or the six of the six pillars of Eon is that we believe in the decree that Allah Subhana Allah has set forth before us whether it is good for us or whether we feel it is difficult or not good for us. That is from the plan of Allah, the color of Allah subhana wa Tada. And we'll take some examples of its benefits towards us in the second half of this football, a polio polio

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festival, in devil

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haven't really done. I mean, when there are people to live in San Diego, certainly more identity or they have to attempt to sleep with brothers and sisters.

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whoever denies the decree of Allah, whoever denies the plan, the mother of Allah subhanho wa Taala. This believes in Allah.

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Let me say that again. whoever denies the decrees of cover of a loss of cannabinoids

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this believes in Allah.

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Why is this important for us? Because there are from amongst us Muslims

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or in saving that are listening, who submit to Allah in so many aspects of life,

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but deny certain principles of our Deen.

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So for example, and I'm not talking about all doctors, not at all, I have lots of respect for doctors, medical doctors, and have many friends of mine more than some of the closest friends of mine, or medical doctors. But a doctor came to me once and was talking to me about his problems and medical doctor.

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And I was asking him the very first question I usually ask people, when there's problems in there, like, how is your Salam? I asked him, How is your Salah. He says if I'm a medical doctor, I don't have time for prayer. Allah has chosen us to save people's lives.

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That response is a response of arrogance. A response that's a one has chosen me for something better than everyone else. And I don't mean to do what Allah has decreed upon the people, which is to pray our setup. The most important thing for us to do from the Pillars of Islam is after believing in the last 100 as a messenger so long

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as the last and final messenger is to fulfill our prayers, but to say I don't have time for it, and Allah knows that I don't because he chose me for something else, which is to save lives. Allah doesn't make you st wives. Alma doesn't give us that ability, or what makes us a means to assist others, but the cure is not from the doctor. The cure is from

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the cure is from Congo. So he is the one who makes the plan of this world. And just as much as we now forget about the medical doctor, our own cells

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Just as much as we live our lives and go through things, there are always moments in our life where we start to feel down, or we start to feel sad, or we say as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, you know, work hard,

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work hard towards what will benefit you, was that in the love and trust Allah subhanho wa Taala, right, seek help from him, fully submit to Allah Subhana Allah, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continues, and he mentions that we should say, when something bad happens to us, or something comes our way that maybe displeasing to us as

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part of a wall or national,

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that this is the plan of a wall, and he doesn't see wishes.

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And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also says, Do not open the door of No.

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Don't say if I had done this, had I done that, what if I did this or if I did that, then this would have been a different outcome known for saying if this sort of if that is opening a door to shake on, trust that what comes to us, whether good or bad, whether easy or difficult, whether you know, beautiful or ugly, is from a Muslim cannibal once.

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My brothers and sisters remember the Hadeeth has given us

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where he's writing behind the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gives him advice. And at the end of this advice that he gives to him, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, if the entire oma was to get together and try and benefit you, in some way, shape, or form, none of them, no one will be able to benefit you, except what a lot has already decreed for you. And if the entire Omar the entire world was to get together to try and harm you, none of them will be able to harm you, except one of them has already written.

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So the other the decree of a Muslim canon was added is from our belief now, believing that what is uncovered is so important because it purifies our hearts,

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from the purification of our hearts is believing that what is and causing

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illnesses of our heart diseases of the heart include hatred, include jealousy, sometimes we see someone else with something nicer than what we have. Or we see another person with less education than we have, but they make more money than we do. Or we see someone who is older than us, and they're in better health than we are. Whatever the case is,

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we should trust that other causes gave that to them.

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And he decreed for that to be a part of their life, and what I have of my wealth, and what I have of my house and what I have with my family and what I have my time and what I have of my education and what I have acknowledged is from a law and if I have less than someone else.

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You see, trusting that Allah is a Pollyanna removes hatred from our hearts towards each other. It removes jealousy from our hearts towards each other. I am no longer jealous of someone else who makes more than me, or has a better more luxurious life than me Why? Because I know that accordion

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accordion, he gave that to him or to her. And what I have he gave to me as well. And from the last things that we'll take another benefit of trusting and knowing and submitting to Allah as Obi there is, that it encourages us to continuously make

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and to continuously hope for more from Allah.

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For when we know that Allah has plan

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in this world, or when we know that what happens in this world is from the planet along then we submit to a partner, and we continuously make drama, and we ask a man to help us and everyone else that is going through hardship for that is pure submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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We see so many things happening around this in the world. And it is all from the plan of Apostle Canada which I that we asked about to make it easy for us to accept the plan the decree of Allah as a local Muslim

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ummah. muscleblaze

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vida and I'm about

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to do my

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to our suppling a lot more value in our anatomy, along with a couple minutes.

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Walking in, we asked you you want to grant competition, university, your blessings down upon every single one of us. We asked me a lot to forgive us our sins and to make it easy for us to understand your planet, and to submit an acceptable plan that comes to us. We are more we asked you to repent for me to make it easy for all those that are suffering and struggling in different parts of the world. But we know that it is your decree, and we know that it is your client. And we know that whatever comes of hardship to all human beings may be a blessing to them, but it seems like something difficult for us. So yeah, a lot. Please have mercy upon every single one of them. Those

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that are suffering, those that are struggling, those that have illness, those that feel pain in your love, remove it from them, and granted ease and patience. You know, love this make it easy for every single one of us to attain higher levels of Paradise and make it easy for the family members of those that are that have lost their loved ones. This week, we lost a young boy in Milton.

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mercy upon him and his family. We also have a brother and a young boy who's in the hospital in a coma. Although Please grant in health and strength. We also have a sister that you know who is also just came out of a coma and I'm also going to bless her and make it easy for her and grant her strength and health and grant patients to the family. Yeah, Walk This Way easy for every single one of us in all the hardships that we go through in our lives to make us understand that this is from your planet and to accept it submits to you and move along again in

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a proper way.

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on the wall

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give us your

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send them where they want to connect with

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brothers and sisters, mechanics of recovery is to be cautious and patients on the way out. Let's try not to rush and also remember to donate as generous as possible and we'll

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send them money.

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