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Calisha Bennett
AI: Summary © The host of a video discusses five tips for connecting at home during quarantine, including praying together, having meal times together, sharing family history and stories, and not forgetting to have one-on-one conversations with family members. The host also promotes a website for more information and invites viewers to check out their website for more information.
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Bismillah Salaam Alaikum This is Felicia Bennett from developing diamonds here with the third reminder or at home during quarantine, this reminder is about the connection at home. And I feel like this is such a an important area and topic to, to bring up to reflect upon and to discuss. So that we can enhance that sense of connection at home in a positive way as opposed to there being you know, a lot of friction at home because of you know, the the tension, being high or being in you know, in each other's spaces constantly. So the first tip in this reminder is to pray together. And Salah is one of the best ways to connect as a family. For us to be able to pray in congregation five

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times a day is such a blessing. If you know we're able to have that. You know, there's a saying that says pray the family that prays together stays together. And you know, we should really put that into action and remind ourselves that partaking in Salah, where we are worshipping Allah subhanaw taala as a united front, there are great blessings in that and there's awesome togetherness as you stand in rows and, and face that one direction basically bla and worship Allah subhanaw taala. And what I find also is a beautiful time is right after the prayer, when you're doing you know your after prayer supplications or upcard you do hours afterwards is a beautiful, quiet time. No remind

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the kids that after we pray, we sit and we reflect and we remember Allah subhanaw taala within ourselves. And during that time, it's such a nice time to just stroke your children to put them on your laps, give them kisses and cuddles while you all supplicate or remember Allah subhanaw taala. So make the most of that. Number two is to eat together, try to have meal times as set times as a family where everyone is expected to be at the sofa or at the dining table eating together, you know, there's great blessing even from eating from the same play in the same dish, maybe we can revive some of the you know, the sooner aspects of of eating through our meals together. And, you

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know, it's a time where everyone's relaxed and happy and to enjoy the meal. And to reflect upon the day and to check in with each other. It's a really important time to connect as a family. Number three is to have family meetings and discussions. And sometimes you need to do this to touch base with everyone. Some families have a weekly family meeting, you know, on a Friday afternoon or you know, Sunday mornings they have family meetings, if you want to schedule it regularly, that's an awesome idea. Or it could be just on occasion where you feel like you need everyone needs to touch base and share how they're going how they're feeling. Does anyone have any needs? Does anyone have

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any situations that they want help with or to discuss, especially if you've got multiple children to discuss any issues that have come up during the week, any conflict situations that need mediation, and to ensure that everyone has their rights and their justice as well. Number four is Don't forget to have one on one conversations with the members of your household or within your family, particularly between parent and child, between the spouses. If there's anyone else that you live with, who maybe need some one on one time with you, you have elderly elders living with you, just to make sure that you have some one on one conversations and connect to deeply in a more intimate

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setting. This is really important. Also, number five to connect is to share family memories and stories. You know, whether you have old photo albums or old family videos, or you have just stories that you've inherited, from, you know, the different elder generations who came before within your family, it's a beautiful time to be able to connect and teach children what their legacy is. And you know, the family history, the culture, the stories of struggle, the spiritual journeys of different members of the family, if you don't know a lot about that, to be able to share it with your children or your family members, and let it be a time to research and look into it and call up some of the

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elders and ask for some of these stories and ask for the family history. Getting to know your past is essential in establishing a really strong and sound sense of identity. So don't underestimate the importance of that for our kids to know some of the stories of their grandparents or great grandparents and for them to know the lineage that they've been born into inshallah. So those are five tips for connecting at home. I'd give great emphasis to the praying to give us is very important, rather than people praying in different areas, different rooms in the house, come together in collective prayer and get the multiplied reward for inshallah, does that go higher. And

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I hope you have been reminded about the importance of connection and the value of it and if we're not connected to each other, then you know, we're missing out on

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On the greatest sweetness of life, do check out developing Au if you'd like any more information, and look out for our next video where we're going to discuss learning at home during the quarantine phase, so just Aquila. Hi, Ron, and we hope to hear from you very soon.

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