Donating without true intentions Why good deeds may not count on Judgment Day

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On the Day of Judgment, that will those balances are not going to be heavy.

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In fact, they may be empty, even though people those people thought that they were coming with all these good deeds and charity and taking care of others and helping, but some of these things may not actually have counted if it was done with the denying of Allah subhanaw taala his existence. I think about this often, I think about things like philanthropy, you know, being generous in donations, how many people have donated, but with what intention, if you've donated for a name, or a plaque or a building to be named after you. The final year I was in medical school, they renamed the medical school, some fancy name of a donor. And all of us are like, What was the name of our chain of our

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school change? You know, and a wealthy person donated, I don't know that person's intentions, all I mean, to say, you know, a fancy name on a building, if the point was to do that, as opposed to a greater good a greater cause

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of being in the service in the worship of Allah subhanho to Ana, than did that actually amount to anything other than applause in the dunya and people going congrats