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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah. Allah Allah Allah Amina Bina Mohammed. He was a big main Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Hi, and welcome to lessons. In fact, last time we met, we talked about the chapter that deals with abortion, which is obligatory, or the total bath that is compulsory for a Muslim to take or to have after doing certain things, or before doing certain worships. And we talked about the different types when it's recommended and when it's obligatory. And I believe that we have one last Hadith in this chapter, before we move on to the following one. So Hadith number 108.

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Narrated Abu hurayrah or the Allahu Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there is sexual impurity under every hair, so wash the hair and cleans the skin.

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This Hadith tells us that there's sexual impurity under every hair when a person ejaculate, or has intercourse. But the Hadith itself is not authentic. It's a weak Hadith. So there is no great need to elaborate on it as the correct way of dealing with not a nun authentic hadith is not to elaborate on them. See, some schools think that it is highly recommended to apply the weak Hadith,

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the non authentic hadith as though they are not authentic, yet, as long as it's the Hadith, then we can apply it in certain virtues or in the good deeds, not with the halal and haram.

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You can apply it with for a man, but this is not authentic. The correct and authentic verdict of scholars is that as long as the Hadith is not authentic, this means that Allah azza wa jal did not really reveal it to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and therefore it's not a must on us to work with it. We have hamdulillah the Quran, and we have the authentic sun and this is enough. This is Islam that was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Anything that is in doubt or not authentic, we have no need to look into it. So this hadith is not authentic, but it means that when a person performs the total bath obligates you to bath the muscle,

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he must do it thoroughly. It's not just only washing your body you have to wash it thoroughly and ensure that the water reaches every single centimeter or inch of your body. We move on

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to the following chapter which is a tm mum and a tm mum means that

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some scholars call it dry ablution and some call it purification by the soil and tiamo. We do it when we don't have water or we when we have something that prevents us from using water such as illness, and throughout the chapter inshallah. We will try and get more and more information Hadeeth number 109 was narrated by jabber admin Abdullah, who will read this for us.

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It's been Lara manda Rahim narrated by Jabir bin Abdullah will be pleased with him. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I have been given five things which were not given to anyone else before me. Allah made me victorious. By

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threatening my enemies for a discount of one man's journey, the earth has been made for me and my followers, as placed for praying and men of purifications is meaning.

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By performing preamble, therefore, any one of my followers must pray wherever the time of prayer becomes due.

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Okay now this hadith of jabber, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that he has been given five things that no one else before him. What does he mean by no one else?

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And MBA profits Yes, perfect. No profits before him. were given these five things. How many things Mustafa is mentioned here are mentioned here. Three things or Firefox? Five things? Well, no read how many five things you didn't read the five things.

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Five things here he no read only to

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the profit was made victorious sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by all and fear. So Allah azza wa jal was throw the fear and awe of him in the hearts of his enemies

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before he traveled to them, the journey of a one month journey. And the second thing is that Allah azza wa jal has made the earth for him and for his followers, to be a place of prayer and purification. So these are only two things. And the compiler of the book did not mention the other three, as they are irrelevant to the subject which is tiamo. So if we read through the Hadith, then the Prophet says Salah Salim The third thing, the booty or loot had been made lawful for me and my nation, which was forbidden to those before me, the booty or loot, that is when you have a what you have wars and then the Field Army flats and you can collect whatever they are left over from

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treasures and booty and so on. Before before the prophet SAW Selim, they used to be ordered to put it in one place and then fire from the from the heavens from the skies, comes and burns it all.

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Metal Allah how to sell Mr. Prophet and his followers. This was not anymore. This was abbreviated. So it's okay for us to use the booty and to use the load and it's a gift from Allah azza wa jal. So this is number three. Number four, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says,

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and I was, I was granted the intercession and the intercession that this session is called an Arabic

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Does anybody know it? shefa. So the prophet SAW Selim was given the right to intercedes and shafa means that he would ask Allah azza wa jal to either forgive a person who has sins or to increase and elevate his level, in Paradise, and so on. And there are five or six types of intercession that the prophet SAW Selim is given. And among all, the biggest intercession is on the day of judgment when all the people and when we say all the people imagine from Adam, to the Day of Judgment, how many people are there, and billions, billions of billions, all the people on the Day of Judgment, they are afraid, they're terrified. They don't know what's going to happen to them. And as the Prophet

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says, Allah Salaam, the son draws closer from humans on the Day of Judgment. So it's of a distance of a mile. And in Arabic mile could mean the distance itself, one mile, 1.6 kilometer.

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Or the thing that is used for makeup for women, and they put, they put this stuff on their eyelashes with it's also called a mile. So it could be this close. If we assume it's the 1.6 kilometer is still it's too close. The Prophet tells us Allah Selim on that day, people sweat and they sweat a lot. But they are individually and their own sweat according to what they have done in this world, according to their deeds. So those who are excellent, those who are

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pious persons, and they were following the book to the letter

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They will be shaded in Allah azzawajal shade, Allah subhanaw taala will not have them see the sun or be inflicted to,

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to this burning sun, and burning heat. But then we have people with good deeds,

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but not that good. So they will sweat and the sweat will reach their heels. And the Prophet tells us that that there are people that will sweat and the sweat will reach their knees. And there are people that will sweat and their sweat will reach their waist. And there, there will be people that sweat and their sweat will reach their mouths and know that noses and they will not be able to speak. So it's an individual case, depending on your good deeds and your bad deeds. On that horrific day.

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When everybody sees everything, and there are no, there's nothing hiding. The Prophet tells us

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that the people are gathered in one open area. And they're all nude, as if they were just born yesterday, or just born a minute ago. So Asia,

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the wife of the Prophet, Allah says Sam, you know, wondered said to the Prophet, is this possible men and female in the same place? And note that she didn't see that it was logical, because then by nature, human nature, one will look at each other.

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So the Prophet said, la salatu salam on that day, Asia, there's so much that engages people, they don't even have the time to look at these things. No one has the time to look at the people in front of them or beside them. They are so horrified. They're so terrified. They cannot do this. And it's exactly. God forbid, if you are in the middle of a highway, and an 18 Wheeler coming towards you are doing 120 miles per hour, and you're definitely dead. And there's this gorgeous girl next to you. And she is calling you. Is there any possibility that you say Yes, honey, she's got this truck is coming full speed at you and you're dead. So that your focus is just to save yourself on that very

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day. All the prophets of Allah are there. So the people go to each and every prophet, they first go to Adam, and they say, his attributes, Adam, Allah has created you without his own hands. And he gave you life and he did this to you and he

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put you in Paradise and did that and that, don't you see what we're suffering? Can you go and ask Allah? Can you intercede? So he says, No, no, no, I ate from the forbidden fruit. I sent I didn't obey my my lord's instructions. It's not me go to Noah. Noah is the Messenger of Allah go to him.

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He so they go to Noah and they say Noah, you are the Messenger of Allah, Allah azza wa jal had sent you to your people for 950 years. You stayed in calling Dawa and you did this and you do that? So intercede. So he says, Well, I had a supplication a Dawa. But I made I put it in the wrong place. I asked Allah azza wa jal to destroy my people and he destroyed my people. He made the flood come and cover the whole earth. It's not me. Look for someone else go to Abraham. He's the father of the prophets and messengers, because they are of his descendant and we have a short break, please stay tuned. inshallah. After the break, we will continue with Abraham, may Allah peace and blessings be

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upon him.

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questions please.

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comment to that and to give me How can I answer listening to the repeat and after the more than is similarly, highly recommended act of worship. So how does he reply to her This is what we'll call it an invalid analogy.

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Because simply there is no comparison between answering four out of five in any exam, and skipping a three oboe such as or a pillar such as a prayer.

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No one is exempt from praying except women during the menses. The sister ansara also wants to know if a woman has to cover her feet when she spray the fall for perhaps

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hanifa Monica Shea the ghost representatives of the soccer schools are in agreement it is Hara.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullah. And welcome back. Just before the break, we're talking about

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what's the subject we're talking about? No. Sweet, factual with we're talking we're talking about tamela. But their mom that but then I think we went astray a bit, but it's still within the topic of Charlotte's is still within Islam. We're still talking about Islam in general. So coming back to the Hadith, which was an Eric by jabber Abdullah Abdullah the Prophet hasta la sala Salam was given five things. We talked about him being victorious. We didn't talk about it, but we jumped to the intercession. And there are five we talked about being victorious with all and fear, get thrown into the enemy's hearts, his enemies hearts, and we talked about the the earth being a place of prayer

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and means of purification and we will go back to this inshallah again. We also talked about the booty and loot that were being permissible and obligated to his followers to him and his to our salario Salim. And we talked about the intercession. And there is a fifth thing, which is that the prophet SAW Selim was sent to all mankind, previous messengers were sent to their people. So going back to intercession,

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the people go to Abraham, and say, to Abraham, that you are Colorado law, you are the chosen one, Allah has chosen you and has preferred you, and he did this and that to you. So can you go and intercede? He says, Well, I cannot. I made three lies. And I cannot

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go and energy to Allah azza wa jal, and all the three lies he did, was in the sight of Allah, when the

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this number route wanted to take his wife, he told her so that he this king, or tyrant would not kill them both. He told her if anybody asks you say that you're my sister, because you are my sister in Islam.

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And this is not considered to be alive because you're defending yourself. And the second one, when they asked him, his people when he destroyed old idols that they used to worship, and they asked him, did you do this? I said, No, no, no, the biggest one of them, did it, ask him just to prove to them that if they can talk, if they can't defend themselves, then they're not worthy of being worshipped. And the third

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lie he said, to be lie, when he proved to his people, that the stars are not gods. Because then he told him that, Okay, I'm gonna worship this planet. But when the planet faded away, said, Well, I don't like things that fade away, my God doesn't fade away, because if he fades away, then who will control the universe? Then he saw the moon and said, This is my God, this is bigger. And then he when it faded, and when it went away, he said, the sun is my God, it's bigger. And when the sunset he said, Well, this is not acceptable. My God is Allah azza wa jal. So all of these lies are not lies, actually. But it was so critical for him, that he thought that they might resemble a sin or

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so. So it's not me, I'm not to the position. So where should we go go to Moses, Allah azza wa jal spoke to Moses, and he talked to him without any intermediates. So they go to Moses, and they say, You are so and so you're the Messenger of Allah, the prophet Allah, Allah gave you the tablets and 10 commandments did this and did that? Can you intercede? Please? Can you see what what's happening to us? And he says, No, I cannot. I killed him a man. And he didn't kill him. intentionally. He was defending the guy and then the guy who died is so powerful. He just pushed the guy and he died.

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So what should we do? He says, go to Jesus Christ, may peace and blessings be upon him and upon all the messengers of Allah. So they go to Jesus, and they say, You are the word. You are the chosen one. You did this, you did that. So can you intercede? He said no, I cannot and he does not mention the Prophet says so he does not mention any sin.

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He did not mention any wrongdoing. And he simply says, It's not my place. It's not my position, go to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. So they go to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he says,

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I am the one. I'll go, I'll do it. So, he goes and asked permission to

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enter to the presence of a law surgeon. And permission is given. And the minute he enters, he performed frustration. And sapan Allah, Allah azza wa jal opens his hearts. And he says that I start to praise Amar, and thank Allah and so on, and say so many things, I never had any knowledge of, but it's from Allah zildjian. until Allah subhanaw taala is satisfied. And he says, oh, Mohammed, raise your head, stand up and ask, you will be given an intercede during this session will be accepted. This is the greatest of all, and this is the greatest honor and and critic, any messenger could get in it is only for the Prophet, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Again, this is not our subject, but it's interesting to know something, you know, every now and then. So that you would have this love for the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, he will intercede for us on the Day of Judgment. But do not mix this with what some of them you know,

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weird people with Muslims do by saying all Mohammed intercede. They're calling the prophets of Salaam and he they're asking him for his intercession. Now, can the prophet SAW Selim hears? He cannot, he's dead. He's in his grave. He is in a life that is called bizarre between life and death at life and the hereafter, and he lives in this

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state or in this world, but he's not alive like we are doing now. So he does not hear us. He does not know he doesn't know what we're doing. So you asked intercession from Allah azza wa jal.

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I don't want to go into more details because this is gonna take ages but intercession. It is not something that a person has, due to his own power. It is something that is bestowed upon him from the Almighty. So the Prophet cannot intercede to anyone.

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Which means that it's not within his hands to intercede, it's not within his powers. So the Prophet cannot intercede to non Muslims to

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enter heaven. This is over, it's finished. The Prophet cannot intercede to those who were mushrikeen to go to heaven, his uncle, the most beloved person, to his heart, who defended him for so many years.

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He cannot intercede for him to go to Paradise, he's in hell. And that is why the companions asked the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they told him about it. Your uncle, he defended you, he did this and that for you. Now he's dead. What good did you do for him? He said, I interceded only to make him less in punishment in hell. How's that the profits is so subtle, and you have to always remember this before you make a sin. He said that the least person to be punished on the Day of Judgment is about it. And what is his punishment as a burning stone? That's it put in a sandals. The heat of this burning stone makes his brain Boyle's.

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So he's not actually inhale in the sense that he doesn't have any flames coming from all sides, only this burning stone in his sandals and he is the least being punished on the Day of Judgment. Now imagine, if Allah azza wa jal forget forgives a person's fornication. If he forgives

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him, drinking booze or doing this or gambling or stealing or killing or whatever. If he forgives everything, Allah azza wa jal, but on the Day of Judgment, he comes to you and say, You did not pray fudger on time this morning, and you will be punished for that. What would you imagine the punishment to be? The minimum is a burning stone in your sandals. So if it if it was if it were to be the maximum, God forbid, you could eat you cannot even imagine it. And man would you say it's hell, man, it is hell. But I need the prophet SAW Selim was with his companions once and he heard a sound of a falling object. Boom. So he told her companions you know what that sound is?

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Allah and His Messenger know best. He told them that this is a stone

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That was thrown from the top of hell. And it's just 70 years ago, 70 years ago. It's just reached the bottom today.

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So it takes you you do the math with the velocity, the gravity, it took them seven this this stone 70 years to reach the bottom of hell. So punishment in Hell is unimaginable. May Allah azza wa jal protect this from from it. Yes, no.

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Allison from someone who say that everybody will go to the hell because nobody perfect nobody always do since. So. So is it right? No, it's not right at all. The verse in Surah, Maryam, we're iminco elaborado ha, means that each and every one will pass over it. And this is what we call a Surat. And it is as thin as a hair and as sharp as swords edge. And it's a bridge on top of hell, everyone, Muslims, and hypocrites, those who are to be from the Islamic nation, followers of prophets, they are considered to be Muslims,

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providing they have not changed anything, they will all pass on this bridge. Now, non Muslims, we believe that they don't have the chance to pass the earth, they are taken immediately from the day of judgment to help, though who used to those who used to worship cows, to those who used to worship idols, both Buddhists and Hindus, all those who worship other gods, only Muslims and the hypocrites and the sinners would go on this bridge. Those who are Mashallah good Muslims, it will be like a flush.

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So they've passed over hell, but they see anything. No. And the Prophet tells us there are there are people that are like, storming wind, they pass on it, so they don't feel anything. And there are people that are, you know, riding a horse and as fast as possible. And there are people that are walking, jogging, there are people are walking, there are people that are crawling on their hands and feet. So it's different here and there, but in the sense that everyone is going to be punished by strong because if I'm going to be punished, so what the hell let me do everything. I'm going to be punished for it then allies most forgiving Nope. The Prophet told us that there are 70,000 of his

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followers will enter gender paradise without any questioning without any punishment. And there's another Hadith that Allah says, with the prophet SAW, Selim says that Allah has granted us with every one of the 70,000 another 70,000 and you do the math. That's a lot of it. Unfortunately,

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this is all the time we have for today's program. We haven't gone through what we wanted to do at the very beginning, which is terrible, but I promise you inshallah, that next time we meet, we will go through it and until then, fear Manila was salamati alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.