Calisha Bennett – Holding onto the rope in difficult times

Calisha Bennett
AI: Summary © The Nationality of the Union discusses the challenges of protecting individuals' ability to communicate and engage in daily activities during times of stress or social isolation. Personal experiences of being tested and how they may affect their lives and lives can lead to negative emotions and problems. The importance of preparing for difficult times and letting go of fear is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the need to be mindful of one's behavior and use it as a tool to overcome hardships and achieve success. The importance of trust and faith in oneself and one's values is also emphasized. The speakers emphasize the importance of empowering women to pay their own circuit and upcoming talks and questions about empowering women to pay their own circuit.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Dearest community members My name is Felicia Bennett and inshallah tonight I'm here on behalf of national Zakat foundation to give a talk called losing my Eman holding on to the rope in difficult times and in sha Allah you are here tuning in watching listening. Perhaps you've gone through some kind of difficult time perhaps you feel worried about your Eman or perhaps you want to look

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for your amen and maintain it and strengthen it inshallah whatever the reason behind why you're tuning in May Allah tala make it a source of reward for you and grant you the benefit from what we discussed today inshallah, and strengthen all of us in our Eman as individuals and a collective inshallah. All right, so, for anyone who's tuning in just to navigate if you're watching on Facebook, feel free to write any questions along the way shala the team will let us know if there's any questions or come to

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summit. If you have individuals hiccup or special people tuning in on zoom, feel free to write in the chat box so we want this to be inshallah interactive and engaging so we don't want you sitting there passively. Just connect with what we're discussing show a lot to be able to maybe take away a few gems, internalize a few points and have some takeaways that you can put into action. shala. So when

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at the top.

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I'm aware on Team lockdowns, we have been tested for hiring people have lost their jobs.

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They're there various different struggles that people might be experiencing. Even the social isolation can be really heavy and daunting for people. And now I want to lower in the month of Ramadan.

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And into activity energy or

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being around other people, perhaps you're more introverted, or perhaps you're more extroverted. And you get energy from being around people, this time of being in social relation might have a great impact on your emotional, psychological and spiritual well being. And this talk being entitled losing my Eman. We want to really think about like when we're in test what can cause us to lose our Eman or what can cause our Eman to drop or to lower

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such attack in Perth today. And the chef was saying that he's really worried about the community because for the mosque, this is something which

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is pivotal and central to the Muslim community, being able to connect with and engage with the mosque and our our community members and people from our faith and worship side by side numerous times throughout the day, or as a minimum on the Friday jumar or during Ramadan having totally

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souls collective and a sham to me. If this goes on any longer, what will the impact be on the amount of our community and particularly our brothers you know, our brothers who aren't able to go for the five daily prayers and connect with each other and be in that space of worship and tranquility of the machines come along? So we asked Allah subhanaw taala to alleviate our situations so that we can get back into our play. This is a worship back Intel

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deep learning and connection and you know that's an anomalous metalla descends when we're in gatherings of remembrance, and the physical gathering has an energy about It's been a while but perhaps this gathering I know it's virtual is digital. But May Allah subhanaw taala send his angels and his Rama down and his forgiveness upon all of our homes as we gather together virtually to learn and just be reminded for his sake. So to be honest, there are 1000s more better speakers than me with much more knowledge than me and scholars to speak on this topic here.

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Before going to share with you there are a lot of people who have been through immense tests. And if we knew their lives and we knew their stories, we would wonder how did they hold on to their Eman despite being tested like that. So I'm not anyone special in terms of knowledge or experience. But I am a human being and like you you've probably experienced

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I have been through all those various levels around mega fishing on Facebook to share this to share this video inshallah so that others in your network can benefit especially now we have almost almost every night of the week nationals a cup foundation have online talks and reminders that you can benefit the community

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tests is my thought is I'm gonna run a Roku and now

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you know what nakada fatten Allah Dena. Baba Li him, Allah Allah. Allahu la de la Sol de PUE a lemon Alka dB. Y la caja fatten. alladhina mila corbelli him filet mignon Allahu Ludhiana. Sadako LA.

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l can EP Allah smart Allah says.

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asking a question, do you believe that Allah knows or that all that put four before putting them to test and the last one is Allah says this in

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Surah solang Caboose chapter 29 verse

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two and three.

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Sorry, I repeated

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And let's reflect what are the tests of our times? What are the tests that you might be going through that I might be going through that our community members might

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be experiencing? That our youth might be experiencing? That globally, people in different countries, different lands might be being tested.

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Emily's and relabeling loss of life death happening close to them. People are tested with injustice and oppression.

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People are tested with abuse, people are tested with their mental and types of the wall. And display starts happening to us.

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happening internally within us happening within our homes happening within our communities and happening even globally as a you know, a global affliction or tests from Allah subhanaw taala. But we've got to think about our tests in the perspective.

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No wonder, sometimes we might think, you know, I'm struggling with something, and this test is so heavy for me. And then we might think, but you know what, someone else's test, it's so much harder than mine. And we belittle our own struggles. We think that our struggles don't mean anything, that our struggles, you know, shouldn't cause us to come closer to Allah subhanaw taala when in reality, we shouldn't judge or weigh whatever tests anyone might be going through, we are tested according to owl.

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Australia, we're not living in on that doesn't mean that our tests are any easier sometimes to be tested with a certain type of ease is a difficult test within itself. And and something that people might really struggle with the fact that they're blessed with ease, or we might think that you know, because we're tested, for example, in some

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you know, some places there's a long list is it despite having those many comforts, it

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doesn't mean that that test is any, you know, any less or any more or less difficult than someone who's tested with the, you know, homelessness or someone who's tested with, you know, some kind of oppressor, living, you know, or ruling in their country. So let's not think about artists in terms of comparing them to each other and weighing them up against each other. And

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when we look at our test circumstances they might be occurring under

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Tests have effect on us.

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Some people become very traumatized by their tests. Yeah, they can't get it out of their minds, they can't function. They have almost post traumatic stress disorders from their tests, some people become very psychologically disturbed, they cannot, you know, they don't live in a

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life scenario that when they're tested out

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in either the positive or the negative, so some people are tested. And then the reaction is to really just fall off the path totally, or they let go of themselves. And then they turn to escapism through drugs, alcohol, or, you know, whatever different vices they might be inclined towards. But some people become very, like, triggered by their tests, that now they create greater meanings that okay, this situation has happened. Now, it means the world's out to get me everything's against me. And

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some people will become very unstable from their tests, they don't cope well. They don't continue to strive and thrive, they become very debilitated even in their Islam in their Deen. And some people, for some people, that test causes their Eman to drop, it causes them to really, to really lose a grip on Islamic routines and practice their connection with Allah smart Allah because they're getting caught up in

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opposed to last cry, they complain, they feel

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very despondent, they become very unsettled and happy. Some people become very afraid from their test, it causes them to be fearful, mistrusting, they feel like they don't have a grip on their lives or the world because of whatever struggle situation they might be going through. So when we look at the variation of how many tests can befall us, and when we look at their reactions to the test, potentially, that we can become very impacted and affected by them psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, it can really be unsettling. But if we know that tests are a part of life, then we've got to have a response mechanism in you know, ready to go, we have to have a response

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mechanism planned for when tests come because if the tests are inevitable, and the tests are a part of life, then we need to know how to cope with the tests and and hamdulillah as Muslims, we have that mapped out for us we have ways to cope with the unhealthy psychology and spiritual practice we have how to you know channel our emotions, we have all of this that hamdulillah in our religion. So we have the toolbox, we have the first aid kit for when tests come, when we are wounded by life when we are impacted, hurt damaged by what happens to us or around us. We have a first aid

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We have to help us process and he winds the wounds of life. So tests are a part of life. And Allah, Allah tells us this, you know, he says in Surah Baqarah chapter two verse 155, he says, And certainly, we

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shall test

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you with some some fruits but give glad tidings to the Bureau and the patient, who when they're afflicted with calamity, ie they say truly to Allah we belong and to Him, we shall return and we know this right when we're tested, we say nearly law, why nyla here on your own, they are those on whom others follow what they're blessed, and there'll be forgiven from the Lord and those who will receive His mercy. And it is they who are the guided ones, to Allah to Allah says, and certainly

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guaranteed, we will test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and probably going to be some kind of suffering some

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loss, some kind of state of fear of insecurity. If we know that in life, we are definitely going to be tested and let's be ready. Let's be prepared. Let's know that even when life feels super comfortable, that there's a test just around the corner.

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For us, it is Allah subhanaw taala in our lives and and you know, we do not know what lies ahead of us, but what lies ahead of us is decreed, written and we are headed towards that.

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So we are always just prepared, and how do we prepare ourselves inshallah, we should be learning enough of our religion, enough of our teachings, some traditions, to be able to have that toolkit. So when we look at being tested, let's ask ourselves, why are we tested? Because if we know why we tested, we know that there's certain reasons behind why we tested when the testing times come, we have

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such reasons to get off one question, they'll say, Why? Why is this happening to me? Why does this you know, why do we have to go through this? Why has you know, why is this you know, come to my life? And if we have the answers, then we won't ask why we'll have reassurance and we'll trust that there are bigger reasons why. And rather than feeling fearful, feeling ill equipped feeling

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prepared and feeling no data. So any visual audio, just let

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me know inshallah so that I'm aware. So why are we tested? Number one, we are tested.

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Because we were created to worship Allah subhanaw taala. And if we were created to worship Allah subhanaw taala then things will happen and occur in our lives which will call us back to that wishing Allah, Allah says in the Quran that I indeed I created gene and mankind only to

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Yeah, Ilana. So in life, what happens is sometimes we get too comfortable. Sometimes we are cruising along. life feels Okay, it's cool. And we might become lacks in that worship, when we're tested. What is the natural reaction when people go through difficult times, they usually call on God, they usually get a bit shaken up enough to think about their spiritual state enough to think about, okay, I don't have power or controlling the situation.

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I need to prepare for us as Muslims, meaning of worship and obedience. So we were created to worship Allah subhanaw taala. We made a promise to him before we were sent to this earth before we came into the existence of this lie, we made a

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pact with Allah subhanaw taala promising that we would worship him so we need to fulfill that promise of worshiping Him. So when a difficult time comes, we know Okay, let's

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and my to my Lord, the second reason, unify us and wash away our sins. Ultimately Allah, Allah says, perhaps you dislike a thing and a lawmaker. They're in much good in chapter four verse 19. So sometimes we tested with things and we don't like it. We don't like how it feels, we don't like how it tastes we don't like the experience of it. But within it, there is good within it there is the wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala within that pain

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that you might be experiencing, whether it's physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, whatever the pain is that you're struggling through, know that it is a way for Allah subhanaw taala to forgive your sins, it's a purification. So when you feel that burn that angst of wishing and wanting to not be in that situation when you are being patient, know that there is compensation for that there is goodness on the other side of that there is a bigger picture. You might not like it but there's good in it when you're able to tell yourself that

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I don't like the situation this is he thinks if guilty, then you're going to come out a winner shall number three he is a test can sometimes replace a worse misfortune. So you know when sometimes there are you know, situations where Allah tala

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is testing us with something perhaps there was something worse lined up for us. And again, it takes us good in that thing.

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And, you know, the test might seem difficult

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during it, but really we don't know Allah tala is that all knowing he knows what he has protected us from of a greater calamity. So even within a football situation, we still show gratitude, we sell hamdulillah that it's made

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We didn't be able to cook with it because we have more than they can handle. And we have to realize this Pamela that, you know, having a greater vision, seeing beyond what is apparent before us and knowing that there is played in every situation that we go through. So again, coming back to when you're testing, and you're asking yourself, why is this happening? Why me know that Allah Allah has chosen you for that test specifically, and he has chosen.

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And that to it, he knows that you are being protected from a greater misfortune because of that test, he knows that he is giving

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you because of what you will enjoy from that test. He knows that he's testing you with that to call you back to his worship. Look at all these beautiful positive reasons behind the things that were tested with. Number four is tests are given to us to

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strengthen for a focal point for us with this talk being called losing my faith, losing my Eman, when we're tested, we're not tested so that we dropped out your man that we lose out your man we are tested, for us to strengthen at you man. It's like a time for us to work the muscle of a man to exercise it to push it to greater heights. And it's one of the most sad and unfortunate things you know, maybe you know someone close to you, who went through a testing situation and because of that situation, they they disappeared or they you know, they dropped out of the community they stopped practicing Islam. It broke them you know that their their situation overcame them. And instead of

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turning to Allah subhanaw taala they turn away from him May Allah Allah protect us. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith recorded in Buhari, that people who face the most difficult tests are the prophets, then the righteous, then them, then those following them in degree, a person is tried according to his religion. So if there is firmness in his religion, then the trial is increased. And if there is weakness, then it is lightened, barely a trial remains with a seven until he walks the earth having no sin left upon him. So your test that you're going through or that you might meet in the future, is a means for you to be able to be left with no sins left on

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you, because you carried the weight, the burden of that test.

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That whatever tests Allah Allah has given you, according to your level of faith has given you the exact test to exercise your faith to strengthen your faith that you can inshallah end up with no sin left on you because of that test. And we know that when we are tested, the prophets of Allah Islam also said no calamity.

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cause of it, even the precal vaccine, right, you might get a prick on your finger, it's physical pain for that moment. And if you can be patient and go spawn alone, you don't have to do that, like just be patient and chill and not swearing when you get pricked by that phone, that your

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sins are forgiven because of that pain that you experience. And likewise, when you're going through emotional turmoil, psychological turmoil, loss of life,

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well, heart that disturb your mind that challenge you that Allah subhanaw taala is forgiving you of your sins, if you can just hold on and ride through it. You know, so it's about holding your breath, until that sin passes. So you can then kind of take a breath again. And you know, when you hold your breath under the water, for example. And you know, you maybe you've done this, you know, when you were younger, with your cousins or your siblings, and you have to go, you have a competition to hold your breath. And you know, when you hold your breath, and you want to last the longest, and you get to a point when you

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you're a bit longer. And then you discover by in line today you thought you couldn't handle it anymore. What is it doing? It's teaching you that you can handle more than you thought you could run along. And you know, when it comes to artists in life, right, when you think you're at your breaking point, I can't handle this test hold on just a little bit longer. And you'll surprise yourself. You hold on that little bit longer. And then the test will pass. When we look at our tests and none of them are forever. The tests come they flow in and then they flow out and then another one comes, they come in waves. Sometimes you get one wave after the other. Sometimes you get a few waves in one

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go Yeah, but no tests will, you know last from without relief, there will always be relief or I told this that you know

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After hardship comes relief, and we again you trust that. Yes, it's

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Now and then the fifth reason behind wanting to tala test someone that he loves the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith recorded in Buhari, whenever Allah wills good for a person, he subjects them to adversity, if he wants Good for you, he's going to test you to make you stronger. And I want you to think back, you know,

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in your

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life, massive moments in touches that maybe not so intense, but they were drawn out long test all

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these tests tested, of course at the time, like it was hard, it didn't feel good. But those were the moments Those were the times the stage of the lessons that I learned, that really shaped me that that allowed me to see what

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I was made potentially like how strongly I really see tests as something that we we meet with grace, we don't resist them, we don't run away, we don't pretend and ignore, we don't band aid them by distracting us. So we face the test head on, and we be patient. And we remember that Allah, that he loves us. That's why he's testing us. When we react to our tests and our

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hardships with slobber or patience and contentment. With a loss decree, it will inshallah bring us closer to Allah smart Allah. And Allah Allah says that he loves the patient, one, a lot loves the one who is patient. And you know, one of the, when I was you know, we all learn about patience and what patience is, I think one of the

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things that I heard about strike that the epitome of what patience is, and what it means is that when something happens in that moment, you are patient, you don't lose it, don't go hysterical. You don't go into shock, you're like, in that moment, you accept this is from Allah, Allah And you, you embrace it, you deal with it, you hold on to, you know, you praise Allah, Allah, you turn to Allah subhanaw taala in that very moment, and that is true patience. And, you know, I'm

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my current

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Auntie, sister lady who was in a student of

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the current, and that she got a phone call while she was in her current class. And she was notified that I think that her husband and her son had been in a in a crash, and it wasn't looking good. And in that moment, on a lot of the sister told to teach her, you know, something's happened, I need to go to the hospital. Can I be dismissed from class before she even heads off to the hospital?

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And when that moment of calamity, I reflect on it, because I just feel it myself. I'm like, would I do that in that moment? Or would I be like, keys caught going? You know, what would our state of human be?

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In a moment where we are tested like that, with the loss of the lives of our loved ones, or maybe all of our loved ones in a moment in an instant? Could we turn to our last data at that first strike?

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Oh, when

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we go, and this is why I'm stable and strong when the test of Allah subhanaw taala comes. So I want you to reflect on a time when you were tested? How did you get through it? What did you do?

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in open way, you know, you didn't react so well to those tests and think about your people think about where you went wrong. And then the tests that you have, have succeeded in that you did come out stronger from How did you come out stronger, and show like you have the contrast for yourself.

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and reflect of the correct method, and maybe the the not so strong method, or sometimes people fall into the incorrect method of dealing with a test. So it's very important to be aware of how you do respond, how you have responded and how you hope to respond. Because ultimately, again, like we mentioned earlier, we're going to be tested. It's a guarantee, unless there's certainly we shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but

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that ha strike that rock solid, and we want to aim to be able to be believers who are like that and have gracious patience and embracement of the tests of Allah smart Allah. So before we close off a few reminder points, what is the way in which we can think about hardships to help us overcome them. So for the very proactive people in sha Allah who are taking notes right now, remember a reminder that Allah Allah loves the person.

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He tests. So

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you see your download from your Creator, Allah, you're able to feel like on it. Allah tested me with this. And this is a source of online sha Allah, if I do with this test, well, remember and remind yourself that everything comes from Allah and will return to Allah, usually the biggest test in life, a loss of something, but how can we lose something that we never had?

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Whenever it turned to

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Allah subhanaw taala. So when you read you, you lifted the veil the illusion of us ever really owning anything, including our own selves, our own lives, we own nothing, we don't own our children, we don't own our wealth, we don't own our homes, we don't own our status, our livelihood, our spouses, our possessions, our success, we don't own any of that all of it belongs to Allah subhanaw taala. And he has

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certain amount of time, and he takes it back. So when we lose things, ultimately, it's going back to its originator back to its owner, it was a temporary learn. If we can see it in that way, then we're able to detach easier, because often, our grief that we experience is more so an attachment to thinking that something was ours or that we had ownerships all rights to something. So remember that everything comes from Allah, and will return to Allah.

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And, you know, ultimate, I tried to do whenever I'm in a, as a key situation on my I don't know how to deal with this. What do I do? I asked myself. So what is the lesson in this test? There's a great lesson in every test that we go through many lessons. But always think about it. What is the lesson for me specifically? What does Allah subhanaw taala want to change in me or want me to change in myself through this test, because it's a means yes, of purification of sins.

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But also

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certain ecology and your mental clean, you know, state and your emotional dependencies. And that's what Allah wants to clean that all out. And he will help you to clean all of that out. If when you are dealing with tests, that you meet it and you're able to check in with yourself, say, for example, you lost your job, and you're extremely distressed. Because now your finances are in a really difficult situation, you now have to question yourself, you have

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What are your skills that you need to build upon your alliance? And depending on the lowest peninsula as the provider? What can you do practically? to sort out your financial situation? And really, you know, question so many different aspects of yourself just from that one test. So always ask yourself, you shouldn't you know, I feel like people should write it somewhere. What is a lot of trying to teach me in this test? Because there are there are amazing lessons. And when you meet

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you have any and the things that when they tell you this story, you hear what they've gone through, you think it's Pamela they've been through so much. And then when you actually talk to them, they are the sweetest purest people on the line. Why? Because their tests have purified them. Their tests of Polish their character, Polish their Eman, Polish, their mindset, Polish their this,

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of hearts, Panama, and that's what some of the best people that we will see in the community of those who have been tested severely. And there's because there's lessons in every test, and it will ultimately make you show up at a person. When you're faced with your test. Ask yourself How can I increase my strength and resilience? What do I need to do? What do I need to improve upon? What do I have in my toolkit? What do I need to add to that toolkit? Ask yourself what do I need to step up in with regards to my email on my Islam, my knowledge, my tower, and this is something that often we don't make

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Not giving enough time, effort environment learning, it has been shelved as something that we do casually, if and when we have time, something that's, you know, almost like a hobby at the end of your list of hobbies, when really our Islamic knowledge should be at the forefront of our lives navigating out every decision that as a staple as Muslims, our pursuit in life should be knowledge, knowledge of what our Deen why because the knowledge of our Deen is knowledge of

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The more important knowledge or pursuit, then this pursuit. also remind yourself and understand that whatever you're feeling in any given situation, when you're feeling certain emotions, when your emotion is being impacted

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by those emotions. Remember that your feelings come from your thoughts, your feelings, always it's a psychological fact that your feelings originate from your thoughts. If you're having feelings of grief, sadness, anxiety, fear, nervousness, worry, all of these states are coming from thoughts that are running in your mind. And you need to keep those thoughts in check. Listen to those thoughts. Observe those thoughts. Are they true? Are they real? Are they about what's going on right now in your life? Or are they bad memories of the past? Or are they false? predicting memories of the future, when in reality, we're not living in the past, and we're not living in the future. We're

00:36:29 --> 00:37:07

living right now. So to check that your thoughts are connected to your now, because if all these negative feelings you might be experiencing from traumas from the past, or fears of the future, then this is living in a state of delusion. Can't live in memories and predictions you have to live right now. Today, you are safe. You are well, you have food on the table. You know you have you have so much opportunity right now. So be aware of your thoughts and what's going on with your thoughts. And know Just remember, your feelings are coming from your thoughts. If you don't feel good, find out what you're running in your thoughts system.

00:37:08 --> 00:37:33

Be calm, be the calm in the eye of the storm, couple more suggestions and shall be the calm in the eye of the storm. We have tests happening around us, your homes, your families, your community. There's a lot that's going on. There's a lot of movement, the world, there's all this, you know, COVID-19 conspiracies and you know, so much fear and so much talk and so much drama. And

00:37:35 --> 00:37:40

sometimes we have families full of drama, some of you are going oh my god, how do you know

00:37:44 --> 00:38:06

some family, but sometimes your alesmith Allah chose you to just just be the calm in the eye of the storm, that the dramas will continue, but you will be the calm one in the middle if you so choose inshallah, and that's about not being caught up in the storm. It's about being very centered and very grounded in your Eman in your mindset in your spiritual soul set, understanding what is

00:38:15 --> 00:38:19

going on, within you and around you in submission to Allah subhanaw taala

00:38:21 --> 00:39:05

tawakkol trust in Allah subhanaw taala a submission The situation's ox it's so hard, hate it. But you submit that this is from the decree of Allah subhanaw taala knowing that Qatar is one of the six articles of a man and what happens was not going to miss you and what miss you was not going to hit you. This is what you were given by Allah subhanaw taala it was decreed and to submit to it rather than to resist it. I submit and I hold my breath and I be beautifully patient. And I ride through this test and the tawakkol I trust in Allah subhanaw taala that how La quwata illa Billah there's no mic or power, except with Allah at this situation was brought to me

00:39:12 --> 00:39:40

last month that ultimately is the one might in any situation to submit and trust that he's going to map things out according to how they're meant to play out. And your responsibility is to just look after yourself look after your Eman in that test. So tawakkol is like a light in our heart that is a means for us to seek me in is to Allah subhanaw taala in a manner that absolutely nothing else can achieve. If you can find tawakkol total

00:39:46 --> 00:39:47


00:39:49 --> 00:39:59

Let's trust dependence on those of closest upon two very important pillars. If you can have telecoil in your heart It's built on two very important pillars is to depend on

00:40:00 --> 00:40:08

Allah and to trust in Allah, depend on him. And trust in Him with your situations, your tests and your

00:40:13 --> 00:40:13


00:40:14 --> 00:40:38

is that might tell that nothing will be full as he ordained for us He is our protector in Allah, that the believers put their trust. So while calamities that happen to and around us can cause us massive heart ache, we can inshallah stay focused on our purpose on our mission here in the dunya. So these tests will be hard, they are not

00:40:41 --> 00:41:13

see someone else's test. If your test feels hard, then it is hard for you whatever that might be. But ultimately, you can be strong through out that heart ache and that suffering and that struggle, but still stay shell up focused on your purpose and your mission here in the dunya. And this talk, you know, the title that was chosen was holding on to the rope in difficult times. What is that rope? Right? What is that? Allah Allah says in Surah Al Imran

00:41:18 --> 00:41:19


00:41:23 --> 00:41:24


00:41:27 --> 00:41:40

where I test the movie heavily Lucha Jamil our letter for Roku and Alexa in apocrypha and the other Caminha karateka up and along welcome

00:41:56 --> 00:42:12

he land of Allah together, our tests and our struggles. That rope is your, your your tie to your Eman that if you let go, if you let loose that group that you could lose that trustworthy hand hold.

00:42:14 --> 00:42:14

You have

00:42:17 --> 00:42:20

three affairs that you worship Him and not associate

00:42:21 --> 00:42:55

anything with him in worship, that you hold fast to the rope of Allah, all together, united and do not be divided and that you give sincere advice to those whom Allah has placed over your affairs. And that's a hadith and another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever from your lives for long will see a great deal of difference. So stick to my sooner and and the son of the rightly guided caliphs after me hold on to a tightly and bite on to eat with your molar teeth. And beware of newly invented affairs in the religion and every newly invented affair.

00:43:01 --> 00:43:09

Bla and it's explained that the rip of Allah is the Quran and the Sunnah, that we hold on to this Sonic traditions, the Islamic teachings, while it

00:43:11 --> 00:43:30

says in the Quran, and what is mentioned and explained in the Sunnah of the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is our roadmap for us to be able to stay strong and stay steadfast and to stay on the path. This is our rope of trustworthy handhold that never breaks. And that we hold on to it together, that we be united

00:43:36 --> 00:43:59

in that support, and looking at what for example nationals account foundation does is it provides that support, it makes sure that as a community that whenever we're struggling, especially with financial issues, that we have a trustworthy Muslim handhold to reach out to, and to be connected to and to be supported by and, and connected to the community so that we don't have to reach out elsewheres panel.

00:44:00 --> 00:44:05

So this ends, my my sharing of

00:44:10 --> 00:44:11


00:44:12 --> 00:44:16

as an integral time now test Nicole's for us to lose out you man and rather hopefully,

00:44:18 --> 00:44:38

the tests and the difficult time strengthen out human make us stronger, give us a greater insight and foresight and give us a greater awareness of the purpose of our lives and a bigger vision and the bigger picture for which Allah subhanaw taala has designed these tests and we know why now we've learned some of the reasons behind why Allah subhanaw taala tests us and ultimately

00:44:43 --> 00:44:44

he their

00:44:45 --> 00:44:48

questions or comments, we'll have a quick now inshallah the team will have a look

00:44:50 --> 00:45:00

on the different platforms. There's a couple of you tuning in on zoom. If you guys have any questions, feel free to write them in the chat box. While you guys are

00:45:00 --> 00:45:11

Writing question, and I'm waiting to hear from you. I'll just mention to you guys that tomorrow night on the Nationals account foundation page, we also have the session on calculating user cap.

00:45:20 --> 00:45:44

And on Wednesday night is a panel discussing women and paying zakat. Often women think it's okay my husband takes care of all of that. But in some situations or you know, it's pretty important for women to know themselves how to pay zakat men and to pay their own zakat. I'm sure their husbands will want their women to tune into that session. But for us women to be aware of paying for our own Zakat, what are some of

00:45:47 --> 00:45:47


00:45:49 --> 00:45:55

benefits some of the reasons behind why women maybe don't or haven't been involved in in paying their own circuit? So inshallah

00:45:56 --> 00:45:59

empowering ways of learning about the cat for all of us?

00:46:00 --> 00:46:04

I'll just check in if there are any questions coming through.

00:46:06 --> 00:46:07

Let's have a quick look.

00:46:17 --> 00:46:19

takeaways from the discussion.

00:46:25 --> 00:46:26

Some comments on there

00:46:31 --> 00:46:33

said it was cutting out

00:46:34 --> 00:46:39

so apologies if it was cutting out for anyone but inshallah it comes out better

00:46:40 --> 00:46:49

in the replay. So that's the inshallah for us tonight, just like a lot higher on to anyone everyone who's tuned in. Be

00:46:52 --> 00:46:53


00:46:54 --> 00:47:19

to share any of the live streams that you watch that other people can benefit from it as well. There are a whole bunch of talks happening all throughout the week, every week. In Chatelet next Sunday I'll be having a panel of sisters, I think we're discussing revert journeys. Because rivets are often closely tied to some of the hunting law support that national circuit offers, I will also be discussing

00:47:26 --> 00:47:26


00:47:28 --> 00:47:31

when people get married, or when someone reverts and gets married,

00:47:34 --> 00:47:43

well they revert to get married. So we're going to discuss that inshallah. That'll be an interesting one. There's been some articles and research on this actual topic. So looking forward to discussing that is

00:47:47 --> 00:48:13

coming, we're dealing with tests and calamities. So what we've discussed Tonight, we're gonna have a few sisters discussing how they've navigated their tests and maybe inshallah they will share with us some of the tests that they have experienced, that we might be able to relate to you and learn from as well. Sharla does not qualify everybody May Allah, Allah accept from all of us. And forgive me for any mistakes. Anything correct is from Allah and anything wrong is from myself. And the shape on

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