Wild Grandpa Does Spinning Kick in Mosque

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Oh, hi there, how you doing? Okay?

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This is well off here mashallah silver medalist in the European Championships some time ago and now he's one of the trainers here in this complex in the Norwegian data center where you have to be putting your money, your donations. And I want to ask you, I mean, you've been doing martial arts for for many, many years now as a grandfather that you are actually now isn't it? But why is it hasn't been really important for you? How was it done for you in your life?

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Well, martial arts has given me self confidence self control.

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It also motivates you to perform other aspects of life so you self control keeps you out of trouble because doing martial arts competing, you know what you're good for. So you don't need to go on the streets and fight lame and you know,

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thank you very much for that. He's gonna be one of the traders here the 1000s I'm talking about the dancer. So here we have the man himself. The one the only fed tell us something about this spacious area, which is, is it not the good work are the contributions of the people that have been paying for the 1000s Yes, a lot of karma. So this area over here will be like a football, football ground or a basketball court, combined with martial arts. So the whole thing here is that we want to give the give the youth some facilities where they can spend their time instead of hanging in the streets, rather than doing something productive and coming closer to Allah subhanaw taala so while

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they're working out, there'll be hearing the event and everyone wants to pray to establishing a multi purpose Masjid where you have these different facilities Yes, that's bringing in bringing in people from everywhere and the main purpose is just to come make them come closer to those things no muscles are welcome these trainings everyone everyone is it could be $1 opportunity as well definitely Multi Purpose is a community hub and talking about community let's take a look at the other aspects of it because I was astounded and astonished how much they've been able to achieve in such a short amount of time with the donations in the most expensive city in the world or at least

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one of them Oslo show us the other places that what these people have done for four years now who are at least for a long time they've been looking at these things so this was this is the the gym here this was the gym

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you can go down here

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so this is actually the meow wow I mean my voice is echoing from the amount of size you've got here wow you've been able to buy this with the with the with the charity funds honestly bro I couldn't even imagine might be able to achieve such huge results

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and in this big this area here if you could just show the camera so the people everywhere in this area is huge, massive and this we will divide this into two separate gyms one gym for sisters and one gym for brothers very inclusive of working with my family. It's something that many people do complain of many sisters many women in the Muslim communities here want to have spaces to do exercise. At the same time men are complaining about our physical shape. This is a double standard. And what you're solving here, isn't it for hamdulillah fantastic actually is really spacious is expansive and it feels fresh. It feels good. Is there any other places here that you can show us

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yeah Bismillah R Rahman

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this area over here that we're seeing right now this will be the youth center for the sisters a specific area just just for girls for girls Wow. So they can hang out spend time with each other and come closer to Allah cemaes It will have the same thing for the wall Yeah, from same thing for brothers. Oh, you got another one wow.

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So all of this area here martial law, robotic Allah will be a youth center hub for the Muslim Brothers to just come hang out and play some pool and just build relationships. And when they hit a man is gonna rush to the prayer. The rest is just right there. Yes. So that's what you meant by masjid and Tao center. And I remember some time ago and I, you know, came to peace conference. And you expressed interest and said, you know, we want to expand into this area. And it was one man's to one man's expectation, one man's hope and now it's become a community reality. And now the whole community has really helped us to get to this stage and I have to say, the job has not been done

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yet. And we need your help to complete the job, isn't it for him? And look, I mean, look, this is not cheap. This is a work in progress. This is happening here in Oslo. You know, we're not in a cheap city. I say to guys, look, this is an opportunity. We don't

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wanna miss? That's the bottom line that is the bottom line. This is an opportunity we don't want to miss. When we die this will remain when you and me are ashes and dust under the ground. This complex will remain for not for me and for you, for our children or for grandchildren, and four great grandchildren and for the great grandchildren of the Muslim people in the West. This is a solid kajaria We cannot let this opportunity go. Click the link below and donate now.