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Polycom How you doing guys? I remember some time ago I went to Chicago had had us sit down with Eddie from the deen show. And we spoke about this guy who he told me about, I didn't know who he was. His name was. His name was mass daily. And we've done a video which handleless get some good numbers now on the deen show, etc, which, if you haven't seen, you can go and see

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with this kindness daily now The point is, he's actually replied to my video, I've noticed that he's got quite a big following on Facebook. By the way, he's got about 10 million people following him on Facebook. Anyway, so he does, this is responsive video. He goes, love back. Thanks for this, respectfully dissecting my video just to be clear, my video still stands. The guy literally tried to explain why Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, etc, are wrong and Islam is right. And that's exactly why I'm not religious. Because of this talk. There's no way every Christian is going to help. The Billion Hindus in India cannot just go to hell simply for you for not following your belief system.

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Islam is the solution for you, but 5 billion others disagree. So let's just stick with that. Let's see his logic here. He says, there's no way that x will happen. Before I even start to be honest with you, I didn't even say in that video that all of the Christians and all the Jews and all the Hindus are going to go to hellfire. That's not a position. Our position is the Quran says very clearly. Omar coonawarra Divina Hatton avasarala, were spoken about this at length, it's very important to represent someone's position properly, and to pay attention to what they're actually saying. Chapter 17 verse 15, says that we're not going to punish someone until we send them a

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messenger. So you can have technically you can have like a polytheist, a Christian, a Jew, you know, a Hindu, who dies as a Hindu does have policies but has never understood the role Islam, we should believe Allah will give them an independent test and that they have judgment. And we believe that the creator Allah wise, knowledgeable, is all just as well. So he would not put someone in a position of oppression. So that's the first problem. But I think there is a hidden presupposition here with this guy. With this brother, his name is Mr. Daly, which is problematic. It's a philosophical problem. It's almost as if you're saying there is no ultimate truth. Just because

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there is a number of people who are claiming it. And that's a that's a false premise. You know, dogma cannot be untrue, just because

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Yes, sir. Doug Macario, my phone was ringing. dogma cannot be untrue just because of its being a dogma. Yeah, there's no philosophical or logical precept, which dictates that if someone claims to be on the truth or or claims and

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the Absolute Truth is a false one. Yeah, that there is no, there's no precept of that, to that effect. And he actually makes that one logical problem. There's another problem is that he, he falls into a fallacy called the fallacy of incredulity, which is that, Oh, I can't just I can't believe something, something becomes amazing in your mind that you can't believe it. Just because you can't conceive it doesn't mean that it's not true. So that's, that's an important aspect as well. He continued, he goes, what will God do to them? I read my religion carefully. So I read my religion carefully for 20 years. And I can tell you, point blank, that 5 billion people are non believers,

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and therefore I'm going to help you read your religion in a very superficial way, because you didn't come across this verse, or you don't understand the

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the the, the justice system as it relates to the metaphysical Islamic

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afterlife domain, if you like that, that is understood by the Muslims. So what kind of what is this? I never started my own religion. That was just a figure of speech. Just to clarify what I'm doing though. Now more than ever, is losing this righteous mentality. Righteous mentality says, Look, man, I mean, what is the word religion? There's an interesting discussion of what the word religion actually means. If you look into the dictionary binocularly you know, in the Oxford Dictionary, the word religion has very specific connotations, which relates to either kind of looking at a divine

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Creator of all things, etc, and all ritualistic practices that accompany it. But if you look at if you have a multidisciplinary study of what religion is, you can define many things as religion. The word Deen in Arabic is more comprehensive than the word religion in English, because it just means way of life. So I would say you do have a dean. Yeah, you have your own practices that you do. It could be that you take yourself your desires, your own

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sense of moral reasoning as the ultimate barometer for truth. It could be that you take societal expectations or post colonial Western infrastructure, infrastructures, ideology, etc. as a way of assessing what's true and false. These are all possibilities. But you can't say that you don't have a way of guiding your life that would be a false statement.

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Too many people think they're right, including the guest. Well, it doesn't mean anything. If we think we are right, it doesn't mean that we're wrong doesn't follow like that. My fear is that there might be wrong. And I'm not spending the rest of my life following the 2001 or 2000 religion just because someone told me to. I hope this makes some sense. Well, once again, you make the same point. There are 2000 theories, possibly, or more scientific theories which relate to cosmological reality, there might be 2000 false theories, or 1999, false theories and one right one, once again, the premise is a faulty one, you need to this is my advice to you, as daily, you need to think about how

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you make your intellectual case, because right now, you're not making a good one. I'll be completely honest with you. Philosophically, this is not a good intellectual case. So many people are claiming the truth, therefore, I'm going to, I'm going to maybe take a sophus position, which is the ancient Greeks, which they said that there is no ultimate truth. If that is your position, that ironically, you have made an ultimate truth statement. You know, if you're saying everyone has an opinion of what truth is, and I'm going to remain, I'm going to say that it's all relative, then you're saying it's all relative is an objective value judgment. So there's nowhere to run. There's nowhere to

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hide. People need to just think about rationally, intuitively, logically, what is the most valid explanation for how we got here, why we are and where we're going. And as I hope you do that properly, and that's my advice to you, my friend.