Ramadan 2019 Reminders 08 – The Importance of Reading Quran in Ramadan

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The speaker discusses the use of Shamajit in the month ofFinancial, as it is the same goal as the reading of the Quran. They also mention reading the Quran in a whole and trying to act upon what they have learned from their readings.

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Allah did make special mention about this month and the Koran. And when he said Shama Ramadan, Allah The Zilla fee or an kudan leanness obey in

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the month of Ramadan and he named this month

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when he mentioned the months of the year being 12 and four of them are holy, he only mentioned one by name. Ramadan

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Shama Ramadan, I lead the on Zilla field Quran, the month in which the Quran was revealed

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guidance for people and clarity

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which provides that guidance.

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So Allah made special mention of the revelation of Quran Ramadan. So there is that connection there from Revelation is connection there from the practice of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So,

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we should give time to the reading of the Quran in this month. It's encouraged, strongly encourage, but we have to remember that the goal of the reading of the Quran is what?

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It's the same goal of the fasting if

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that's what the goal is

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not to be able to say at the end of Ramadan. I read a whole Koran

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two times. Another one says I did four times martial law.

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What the goal is, is to have read the Quran, reflected upon it and try to act on what we have learned from our readings.