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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Most Merciful. I'd like to welcome you, their viewers to another episode in our series understanding the Quran. In it, we're looking at a commentary on the 67th chapter of the Quran known as ultimate dominion.

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And in our previous segment, we began to look at some concepts around this chapter itself. It was revealed in Makkah mentioned and

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its virtues were such that it's a very popular chapter among Muslims to read from the chapters of the Quran, the Prophet and the Gods peace and blessings be upon him, had made certain statements with regards to it, saying, for example, that it will be a shield from the torments of the grave. Furthermore, he said that it would intercede on behalf of a person until all their sins will be forgiven.

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And that it would be a ticket to paradise for them, we clarified that of course, all of this has to be related back to the basic principle from the Quran itself in which Allah said, if Allah to the balloon and Quran, Allah, Lubin Aloha, will they not reflect on the Quran? Or are their hearts locked up. So it was an issue of reflection, one who reflects on the meanings of the Quran and benefits from it, then this will serve as a means of punish shaves, saving one or protecting one from the punishments of the grave. And furthermore, it would intercede, this chapter would intercede on their behalf, because it has had an impact on them. They are a product of the chapter, the

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goodness that is there, they're a product of that goodness. So it will serve to benefit them even on the Day of Judgment. But then we look at some of the issues concerning intercession, because of the fact that there are a lot of mistaken concepts amongst Muslims today. In ignorance, folk, folks Muslim, practicing what we could call folk Islam, you know, where there, it's not really the true Islam, but the customary practices of the errors are the people, a lot of ideas that mixed up with true Islamic ideas. No, they end up looking at this chapter as being like, you know, a magical savior, it will just automatically All one has to do is just recited, you know, our keep it written

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on a piece of paper, wear it around your neck, you know, wear it on your arm, wrap it in your shroud, when you're being buried, whatever, and it's going to do it for you, you know, it's going to protect you intercede, protect you from punishment, etc, etc, etc. that we pointed out. Of course, this is nonsense. You know, when we look at the whole issue of intersect in the session in general, about which Muslims are confused, many Muslims are confused thinking that simply because one has inherited Islam, meaning their parents were Muslim, so they consider themselves to be Muslim, even though they may do nothing of Islam at all. They think that this is a guaranteed ticket to paradise

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simply being Muslim. However, we pointed out that on the Day of Judgment, when the companions of the prophet will gather around him at his pond and culture, there will be some people coming towards it whom the prophet to recognize as having been among his followers, but they will be blocked from the pond, the pond, which is one of the symbols, that intercession the prophets in possession will benefit those people. That will be blocked, why? Allah explains that it is because of these people innovating in the religion after his time, after the time of the Prophet. So people who innovate, make changes in the religion, to practice and do things which are not from the teachings of the

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Prophet Nichols business, your Panem will be denied the intercession of the Prophet. And then we went on to point out,

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that the Prophet Nicholas peace was upon him had said that, you know, any one of His followers would receive His intercession as long as they die without associating partners with Allah. We talked about how Muslims in many parts of the Muslim world today you know, go to trials and graves and Muslims praying to the dead, calling on the dead, you know, calling on certain individuals who they call saints, etc, etc. And all of this is

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contradicts the basic teachings of calling on Allah alone. This is monotheism or Tao aid in Islam, that we call only on Allah when you have a need, we call only on him. We don't call on others who are dead, human beings, etc. Because they cannot help us

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And then we went on to point out

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if we consider that the Prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him could possibly intercede for us,

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when we have done nothing, and just arbitrarily intercede simply because our names happen to be Mohammed or Fatima, we have to consider this that

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one of his companions and the Sydney Malik had said, that a man had come to the Prophet Niggath peace and blessings be upon him and asked him or messenger of Allah, whereas my father, his father died, he wants to know Rosie. Alright, so help. The Prophet replied, He is in the fire. The man turned away very saddened by the statement of the Prophet.

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The Prophet called out to him saying, Indeed, my father was with your father in the fire.

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So the prophets here may God's peace, be upon him confirm that his own father's in the hellfire. Furthermore, Abu Huraira and other companions of the Prophet peace, be upon him, had also said that the Messenger of Allah had visited the grave of his mother. And when he did, so, he wept, so much so that those around him were moved to tears. And he said, I sought permission from my lord to beg forgiveness for her, but it was not granted to me. So I sought permission to visit her grave, and that was granted to me. So visit the graves, for that makes you more mindful of that.

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This is, the prophet negativism must be upon him confirming he was not able to beg forgiveness for his mother. And it is well known as stated in the Quran, that the believers are not allowed to beg forgiveness for anyone who dies of their relatives or others who die in a state of disbelief.

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It is known that they died this believers were not allowed to ask for their forgiveness because no forgiveness, they will not be eligible for forgiveness. So the Prophet God's peace and blessings be upon him. And I was confirmed that his parents were in hell.

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If he were able to intercede then surely would have interceded for them.

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Furthermore, this tells us then that you know a lot of the nonsense which is associated with the prophets, father and mother. You know, you have this House in Mecca, where people go there during Hajj and Umrah to visit this house and to make two units of prayer in their thinking that this is something you know, pleasing to Allah, something, you know, as part of the religion, it has nothing to do with religion. It has nothing to do with religion. There's not even known really, which is the house, but then I guess that house which people have set up for commercial purposes, you know, it's not a part of the religion at all. Similarly, the grave, which is in Jeddah, they have gender for

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those people are going to make her the normal just mentioning this because it's among the tricks that go on there, that there's a grave with a huge, you know, headstone, where the foot of the grave is very large, and it's supposed to be the grave of Eve, you know, and they're saying this is why the city gender goddess named Jeddah, which did that also means

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grad female grandparents, you know, so, they said, the grave of a resemblance is all nonsense, this is all myth and fabrication. So, one should, you know, avoid this visiting of these false shrines or, or relics, which really have no basis in Islamic teachings at all. But back to the issue of intercession. We know the Prophet Muhammad's uncle got business be upon him his uncle, I will tell him who raised him from childhood Prophet Muhammad mother died when he was young his father died while he was still in the womb of his mother. His grandfather Abu Talib, then raised him and died shortly thereafter. Then it was his uncle who raised him much of his life.

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Raise them like his own son, protected him look after him. When he received revelation and declared his own prophethood. And the people the pagans of Mecca turned against them wanted to harm him, we'll call it was there to protect him. He called the tribe and Hashem together and made them obliged to protect him from the other clans. He stayed with him right up until his death. On his deathbed, the Prophet Muhammad peace, be upon him invited him to Islam told him Oh uncle, c'est la ilaha illa Allah say there's no God worthy of worship of Allah. And I will enter

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See on your behalf with Allah.

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I will tell him considered it but his own brothers were there saying to him, will you shame our tribe? Will you disgrace our clan?

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You know by converting to this religion of your nephew,

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I will tell him in pride, pride of the tribe and the climb did not make the declaration of faith.

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he died a pagan believer.

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And one occasion, which is Narrated by Abu Saeed and Henry, he mentioned that

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the Prophet May peace be upon him was sitting with a group of his companions and somebody mentioned the name of Abu Talib. When he mentioned his name the Prophet SAW Selim said, My intercession will benefit him on the Day of Resurrection.

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he will be placed in the shallowest part of the fire, which would reach up to his ankles, causing his brain to boil. That is the extent of the health of the profit nega business you're finding can extend in terms of the session.

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His own uncle, who raised in looked after him, defended him, etc. That is as much as he could do.

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Just in the fire, there are levels, he would be at the highest level where the punishment is the least. And then another narration reported by Normanni. Bashir imagined that indeed inhabit of the Hellfire suffering the least that is Abu Talib will be one who will have to shoes and laces a fire on his feet, which would cause his brain to boil. So the way that the cooking vessel boils, and he will think that he could not see anyone suffering a more grievous punishment than himself, those punishment would be the least

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this is what I will call him will face the uncle of the Prophet, they got

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the parents of Prophet Abraham were also pagans and Prophet Abraham was prohibited for praying for them. So you know, the issue is not about relatives, relationships, you know, I am from the family of the Prophet and also know, if you are evil, if you are sinful, then the fact that you are from the line of the prophets, you know, he had

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relatives and their children are also related to him, etc. But among them were those with disbelievers where they end up in hell. It is about righteousness, and goodness, not about what family connections one has.

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It is reported, and as a final description of this chapter, that the Prophet Muhammad has allowed us to recite, so at the barrack before going to sleep, you will never go to sleep without doing so. From this point, we will now begin a verse by verse commentary on Sora and work.

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Blessed is He in Whose hands is the Dominion and is able to do all things. Law begins this chapter, the first verse with a praise of himself. Low praising of oneself is considered something human being not acceptable. Why? Because our defects are far more than our

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good praiseworthy attributes. There were involved in so much sin, so much error etc, etc. That to start to praise oneself, this is something out of place. Humility is what is required of us. Whenever Prophet Muhammad may God's peace and blessings be upon him, him across people who had names which implied self worth or praising yourself, he will change your names for example, one of his wives had the name Barbara or righteousness, and he changed her name to do area.

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And there are a number of other occasions where people came with similar names.

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Then, at any rate, what is required and what is

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suggested for human beings is humility. As a

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Prophet Mohammed bin Salman said, whoever is humble for the sake of Allah

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will be elevated by him.

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To lower oneself, for the sake of Allah, Allah will elevate that individual. And in all of this serves to remind us that

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praise belongs to Allah alone.

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He is the one who deserves to be praised. And the pastor Salem had even said that we should cast dust, dirt in the face of anyone who comes around us and just praises us excessive praise, something like this.

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Because it, it breeds pride. And really, we as human beings have nothing to be proud of.

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Humility is more befitting to ourselves. Then Allah goes on to say after saying Blessed is He,

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in whose hand is the Dominion,

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serenity, the control of the whole universe, everything is in his hands.

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And this use of the term hand, this is to indicate the completeness of his control over his creation.

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Now, we shouldn't mistake the term hand to mean that Allah has a hand like human beings have had, no, because Allah elsewhere said in the Quran, nothing is similar to him may 2, ha. So it is grossly incorrect to consider that Allah has a hand like human hand. This is what pagan societies have fallen into where they've made images, pictures of Allah looking like other human beings, they portray him as a human being having hands, feet, face, nose, all these different types of things. So Allah will use these terms, some of these terms, and look what and but he has already left the principle to clarify, how should we understand the term, we don't understand it in the literal sense

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as it relates to us, you know, as we also use metaphorical phrases, you know, ourselves when we speak of the hands of a clock, or the face of a mountain, you know, we're still not thinking of hands of a clock, having like, you know, fingers and everything else, are we thinking of the face of the mountain, the mountain face, you know, as being, you know, having a nose and mouth and these kinds of things go I mean, these are terms which are used, you know, but they don't, we don't take them in the literal sense that the sense as it relates back to human beings, similarly, in the case of Allah, we should not take it in that way. We don't deny that Allah has a hand. You know, we don't

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go to the other extreme of Allah's refers to a hand and we don't deny it, but we don't understand it to be like the hands of human beings.

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So, Allah describes himself, as

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containing or controlling or having the dominion over all things, they all are in his hands, meaning that

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it is he to whom we should turn

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in worship. It is he who we should praise is the one deserving of all praise. And he is the one who deserves our worship. If the Dominion is his, if nothing takes place without his permission, then to seek help from other than Him is foolish, because he is the source of help. And this is taught in our daily prayers when we are taught to say, Yeah, cannot we do we are gonna stay in you alone, do we worship and from you alone, we seek help. Why? Because he is the only one who deserves worship is the only one who deserves to be sought for help. He has control over all things. There is nothing in this world that can benefit us in the sense of protecting us from evil and benefiting us with good

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in the way of charms, amulets, you know these things which people commonly will wear around their necks and their arms and right on pieces of paper and things like this, none of this will protect us. Only Allah can protect us. So it is to him who we should turn when seeking help.

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This is as far as we can go in this segment of our program, our commentary on the 67th chapter of the Quran Surah Al Mulk, the chapter of the Dominion. In the coming episode, we will complete our understanding of this verse. And we'll also have a look at the second verse of this chapter. With that I bid you farewell c'est la vie de Rahmatullahi about a castle