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The speakers discuss the concept of ex polit bubble, which is the belief that someone claims to be an ex politicist. They explain that actions are only considered when the person is specifically stated, and the rule of all actions is that actions are only considered when the person is the ex politicist. The speakers also discuss the worship of Islam, reciting holy water treatment for animals, and protecting oneself from evil elements and the potential harm it could bring. They stress the importance of protecting one's body and avoiding dangerous narrations.

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dosages, until by shifting back and forth, you find the right dosage to treat this person. So having done that, you can now claim if people come to you having similar symptoms under similar circumstances, this is the correct

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medicine or method to treat this illness by experimentation. That is what we do in our physical biological world is the treatment, the exorcism of a human being,

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which is now a spiritual treatment is that governed by the same laws, meaning that the person who claims to be an exorcist, you can try this out, you can try that out, see what works, what doesn't work, and so on. So then he builds up a body of information, which is his methods for exorcism. The point is that

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this area, is being in the spiritual realm. Right now we're talking about a badass.

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We're not talking about more ambala, treating each other with medicine, physical medicine for physical ailments, this comes under the general heading of mamilla. That is,

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social dealings, human beings dealing with other human beings, helping them out in this regard, etc.

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Whereas treating spiritual elements, this comes under the heading of a badass badass, because you're calling on Allah, this has to do with no worship, you're doing something you believe is pleasing to Allah, this is now a badass.

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And the rule, the general rule to keep in mind, when you're dealing with more Camelot, and a by that is that when you're dealing with muamalat, everything is halaal except that, which has been specifically forbidden,

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everything is Hello, except for that, which has been specifically forbidden. This is based on the general instructions from a last minute Allah in the Quran, where Allah says that he has created for us all the good things, you know, Allah will come about, you know, you know, and harmonica will have is, you know, these kind of expressions where Allah gives a general statement to all the good things are, are good for us, or where he has listed and forbidden certain foods. And then he says, well hidden the local Mauer adeleke, and whatever is beyond that is halaal. Just open. So from these instructions, we have the general understanding that the halaal is that which of the things that we

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do in our muamalat, that this is,

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in general permissible, except for those things which are text comes to say it is forbidden. And if we didn't follow this principle,

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then our life would be

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variable difficult. If you had to bring evidence for wearing a checkered shirt, and you for wearing a blue shirt, and this one for wearing a belt in his pants, that one for wearing brown shoes this way, if you have to bring evidences that said it is permissible to do these things.

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You couldn't do anything,

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you wouldn't be able to do anything. So what is understood is that it is all permissible except for that which has been specifically prohibited.

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Maybe you should tell the kids to just stop mucking back and forth and wait until after

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the point is, when we come over to a badass to issues of worship.

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the general rule is that all forms of worship are forbidden, except those which have been specifically permitted.

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This is a different rule. Why? Because the prophet SAW Selim said,

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Man after the umbrella man, so, whoever brings anything new in the religion, which is not a part of it, it is rejected. He has already identified that anything added anything new is forbidden. So therefore, it is only what has been already identified as the law said earlier mathmatical ondina. Allah said that today are completely free the religion is complete.

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So anything beyond that is additional. So what is acceptable in worship is only what has been specifically defined in the proper ceremony.

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matter of crochet and your caribou Camila La Ilaha, Marta combi, have not left anything which will bring you closer to Allah without instructing you to do it.

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That means everything that you feel will bring you closer to Allah, this is a bada

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you're doing things because you believe they will bring you closer to a law.

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So when a person wants to celebrate the profits or someone's birthday, believing that it will bring them closer to a law, that's why they're doing it. They're not just doing it because of a social event. They're doing it because they believe in something pleasing to Allah to bring them closer to Allah

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Sallam said, I have not left anything which will bring you closer to Allah without instructing you to do it. So we have to ask, is the celebration of birthdays, the promises or someone's birthday or the birthday of the saints or whatever? Is this something instructed by the prophet man so

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if we find that it is not, then we have to leave it immediately. If before Juma we find that the more than he comes and sings a song before he starts to say a lot of work but a lot of work but he's got a whole long song he sings before that. And you know at different points he's having these

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songs that he sings sounding almost like Do we have to ask ourselves? Did Prophet mamasan Salim instruct us to do this?

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We asked Where did it come from? We cannot find it in the syllabus Azam did not instructed. The Sahaba didn't understand it. They never did it. The early generations never did. Is it something started by Muslims here and sir Lanka. You go to other parts of the Muslim world, they're not doing it. Only urine. Sir Lanka, this is a sign to tell you this is innovation. People have made this up. It is not a part of the religion. So the basic principle when dealing with the religious practices is that they're all forbidden, except for those which have been specifically permitted. So when we come to exorcism, which is dealing on the spiritual realm, now you're calling on our law, you're

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reciting Quran, this is something which is pleasing to Allah, you believe it's bringing you closer to Allah and treating the person this way, then we have to follow the prophetic methodology, we cannot just go out and whatever seems to work, we're going to use it because something may work for us not because this thing really has the power, but the human mind has the power to heal itself.

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So, the first step, in terms of

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exorcism, the first step is to undo the charm. If a person has come under a magical spell,

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one tries to find out, if

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a charm is in their house, you will go searching through their house, whatever, you know, if you are, you know, just checking around their circumstances to see if there is some kind of a charm with somebody has left in their house, which is used for the magical effect.

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In the case of somebody who seems to be possessed, and in treating that person, the possessing Jin reveals where the charm is, you go find the charm and destroy it.

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This was the methodology of the problems I sell them of course, it was revealed to him where the charm is

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where the charm which which the jewel

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lube had been awesome, had put together and put inside of a well,

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they would not have found it had it not been through revelation that Allah revealed to him in a dream, that this is what occurred. And so he was able to instruct Ali to go and find that charm, take it out of the well and take it apart and recite the two coils from the end of the Quran over it. So if you do get a hold of the charm, then as you dismantle the charm, you recite the coals over it while doing it.

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The second method

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is that or the second step is that of addressing the processing body, right as the process addressed in the case of the boy, identifying yourself and telling the enemy of Allah to get out. Of course, we're not going to say I'm a messenger of Allah because we're not we stop at just telling the possessing entity is a tonic entity to get out in the name of a law and of course, important to

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Use the name of Allah in the name of Allah. Now

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that she just mentioned here that there are some people

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in exercising may call on

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the name of Mohammed Salah. They may say in the name of Mohammed get out

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by the name of Abdul Qadir jilani get out. And people may also be cured

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or appear to be cured. But these are cases as I explained before, where the gin is leaving not because it is driven out, but because shirk has occurred in its presence. And that is what it was seeking, that it would fool those people around them into thinking that Mohammed Shah salams name has caused this

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jinn to leave or the saint or whatever. So let's not be fooled, where you may hear of cases where people are exercising using other than the name of a law.

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third step

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is involves

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cursing, the,

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the possessing body, cursing it, cursing it, don't mean I don't mean using swear words, curse words, I don't mean this cursing it meaning invoking a loss curse on that being.

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As we have mentioned in a particular narration from the problems

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in which Apple

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had said the Lord's messenger stood up in prayer and I heard him say, I seek refuge in Allah from you.

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Then he reached out his hand as if he were snatching something. And then he said three times I curse you by a loss curse. Allah Anika, Milan Attila Allah, Allah aka, the lion Attila, I curse you by a loss curse is that when we're finished the prayer we asked the prophet SAW Selim or messenger of Allah, we heard you say something in your prayer, which we have not heard you say before, and we saw you stretch out your arm. He replied, indeed, a loss enemy, a police brought a fiery torch and tried to thrust it in my face. So I sought refuge in Allah and I cursed him by a law had it not been for the prayer of our brothers Sulaiman. I would have tied him up for the children of Medina to play

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So this is the third step. Now there is also

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the narrations, where in the proper mouse asylum, in case of one child, it was brought to him where he hit the child in its

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chest or in its back.

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And the child's back, right? This is like a hit on this kind. But not as some people started to practice afterwards, where they're taking whips and sticks and meeting these people into the black and blue and you know, they're welts all over the bodies bleeding and they say they're chasing out the gin, that the person doesn't feel it, you know, they're beating the gin. But of course, when the person comes up, they're quite in quite a pain, quite a bit of pain.

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So, this methodology is not acceptable. dogmas or solemn also prescribed a variety of different medicinal treatments. Among them, he prescribed the water from truffles, which is like a mushroom, which grows in the, in the forest or in certain areas, it's sort of looking like a fan, like, like taking this

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boiling it and using the water to drink. He also prescribed ajwa dates is the dates from Medina big dates.

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These and also we have examples where some of the companions of the Prophet Moses alum

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recited Surah Al Fatiha over some individuals who were suffering from ailments and after reciting it over them continually.

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After a number of days they became cured. So the use of Surah Fatiha for dealing with issues of possession This is valid. Now, among the other practices which people are involved in. They have this thing of reciting

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Over oil, or overwater, and they tell you this is holy water which you should drink and you should bathe with and these kind of things. These are not based on any authentic narrations. They're not based on any authentic narrations, the practice where people have of time, fingers and toes, or say they're chased the Djinn until it reaches into people's hair, they tie the hair in a knot, then they cut off the hair and they burn it in a bottle and all these kind of other practices, these have no basis in the Quran and the Sunnah. And similarly, there are other practices, you know, where people, you know, believing, because they have observed the person was possessed, for example, you know,

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they might see, they might see that the person's hand starts to rise and the shakiness of the gin must be in their hand. So they start to squeeze the hand and think they're going to chase the gin out through the fingertips. We don't have any evidence for this, you know, ignore these things. Also, we have people in ignorance, talking to the possessing jinn and asking the jinn all kinds of questions. I remember there was even one book

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discussions with the jinn, in a way which was written in Egypt by one of these people are involved in exorcism the whole book is a whole big long conversation with the jinn, you know about what the Jin's world is like and all kinds of the jinn comes us and and said that they are compulsive liars.

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They are compulsive liars.

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And the case where Abu huraira had that encounter with an evil gene where he was left to look after the car. And this gene came in the form of a human being, and try to take something from the the car and he caught a hold of him and was gonna turn him over to the problems as alum. And he offered to teach him something

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right, which would protect him throughout the night. And Abu huraira said, okay, teach it to me. And he taught him I had to corsi, that if you recite this before going to bed at night, it will protect you throughout the night. And the prophet SAW Selim related that the prophet to sorry, were related to the prophet SAW Salaam, the brothel and said saddam will work as

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he told the truth, but he is a compulsive liar. So you cannot depend on the jinn to give you information you know about

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people ask them, are you a Muslim gene? Are you a Kaffir gene and go into all these kind of things and try to convert them and all these kind of things, you know, this is not from the methodology of the companions and other performers as alum, we cannot trust the genie. That's why you're talking to hear people talk about so and so had a genie and he used to recite only Quran to them.

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or so and so and a genie would do work for them in the house, clean their houses for them. Please, if we have these kind of things happening, let us not be fooled into thinking there is good here. Because the jimny if it is going to try to catch people, it will not come with its evil right from the very beginning. You know, like a fisherman when he wants to catch a fish, he doesn't put a bear hook in the water expecting any fish to go and bite a big hook of metal. No, he will put a worm

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or some insect or whatever on it. So when it's in the water, the fish thinks it's biting a worm something which is beneficial, but then the who catches it. Similarly, the genie you know, in order to trap people may come to them with what appears to be something good, something beneficial. We said that this all goes back to understanding the world of the jinn

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where that world interferes with our world. And

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we should not take this lightly. Because our law has instructed us and informed us about the world of the gym. And in some people's interests superstition you know we need to get into this gym thing you know, just deal with your life. Don't worry about the gym.

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The gym wasn't important, then Allah would not have spent so many verses of the Koran telling us about the world of the jinn, warning us and giving us instructions how to seek refuge in a law from that world etc etc.

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If it wasn't important problems Isola would not have given us detailed information about that world.

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So let us not take this lightly. This information has been given to us so that we may protect ourselves from the harm that may come from this world

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so that we don't become deluded by supernatural phenomena which we may observe or

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Which may take place or we may hear about etc. This is to protect us to keep us on the correct belief. And to know that it is a law alone who's in control of everything. And everything else which takes place is by his permission. And we said that

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the process of reincarnations reinforcement by incidents in the lives of children or even people who go under

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hypnotism, and our people are under hypnosis. When I speak about previous lives, and people think, you know, I was the Queen of Sheba in the last life or so many lives back, or I was Julius Caesar, and people have all this kind of, you know, has become quite popular for people to go under hypnosis, and then they, they go back in life to the previous lives that they live. Now there's all this information and stuff that they're giving, because sometimes they give some details about things that there is no way they could know about it themselves. They're not researched thoroughly enough, there are common average everyday person, they haven't studied Ancient Greece and thing to

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have this kind of knowledge.

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That's what gives the people the impression that with the speaker these things, they must be previous lives but no, if we understand the world of the jinn, these thoughts these ideas can easily be put in the human mind, where the human being now expresses these things, and gives people the impression that it was some previous life. There is only one life is life. There's no coming back, except for the judgment

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to my work