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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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my writings.

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Continuing with the writings of the 90s, there was a book which I put together

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to some degree to replace the 40 Hadith of Norway, of course, one would say, how can you possibly replace the 40 Hadith of Norway? It's so famous, it's everywhere, you know, and

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it has been accepted

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throughout the Muslim world. So it's not really to replace it, but it is something comparable, which I would have hoped, which I do hope will also gain acceptance and benefit

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for the OMA. It's called the best in Islam.

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The best in Islam.

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And what I did you know, a man now is booked for the Hadith.

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There are repetitions in it.

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And there is not a clear

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structure or organized way in which the Hadees are presented. There are just 14 Good Hadees they're very good, authentic, reliable, beneficial. However, what the best in Islam does, is that it focuses on

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the Hadith in which the prophets wa sallam said the best,

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whether it's the best Muslim, the best faith, the best wealth, the best marriage, whatever he said the best or better. And Allah also referred in the Quran to as the best

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quantum Hydra or Martin aurojit leanness, you are the best nation brought out from humankind for the benefit of humankind. This compilation of basically 182 narrations

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has in it

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all of the various references to the best in Islam. It serves as an easy

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guide. If a person wants to know and reach find easily the best character

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the best companions, the best

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dowry, the best friends, it's all arranged alphabetically, so it can easily be searched.

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And inshallah it's being reprinted by dowel Corner Bookstore. As an illustrated version, I commissioned an illustrated version of it so that there was an image with each category of the best, make it a little more attractive to the eye and thought provoking. Inshallah. So we pray that this contribution would be

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received by the OMA

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and the OMA be pleased with the effort made to identify for us easily, the best in Islam.