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And he said, woman, Anna, and who am I? And she said, and turtle pseudo law, you are the Messenger of Allah. So he turned to Malia and said artica, for in Mina,

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free her, because she is a believer, a believer in a law,

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as a law actually is.

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He used that criteria.

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Her awareness that the law was not mixed up in his creation, part and parcel of his creation. He used that to confirm the correctness of her faith.

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So not enough just to say, I believe there is no god worthy of worship, but the law, but we have to be clear on who is a law.

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that means the dour of people like Harun Yahya,

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whose books are very popular today,

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he is put together

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tomes of books, mostly about evolution and issues concerning evolution and is spread out into other areas now too.

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his subtle dour,

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which may not be so subtle, is actually put out a book called

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the illusion of matter.

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Where he says, nothing is real.

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Nothing we see around us is real. And he will go into certain scientific arguments, yes, scientific argument, you see this table, it appears to you to be solid. But if you go down to the molecular level, the molecules are all bouncing around.

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So if you were to actually look at this table on the molecular level, it is not solid, it only appears solid to you.

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And even the color,

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it appears black to you, but it's not really black.

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Like this. See, that looks blue. But when you take the water out, you find it's clear. illusion, matter is an illusion. Nothing exists besides a law.

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The only reality is Allah.

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And as he said,

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that was the teachings of my great master chef,

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a chef Akbar.

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Who is that in Arabi. He writes about urban, r&b, Urban r&b, who says,

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everything is a law and the law is everything.

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An idea which is called Jude

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or in English terms, monism.

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Who said, There is no need to pray to Allah outside of yourself.

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He's in me, and he's in you, you can pray to yourself.

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And so the majority of scholars of his time and after his time said, This man

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a heretic. He is a heretic. He has left Islam.

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Those statements are statements of disbelief.

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And heroine Yeah, he is saying he is shareholder Akbar

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to great gesture,

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who also claimed for himself

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to be caught and will Alia the seal of the sainthood

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which he said is higher than the seal of the prophethood this man statement

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if one gathers them, it leaves no doubt that he had a past stated from Islam with these statements. But this is how lunia has shaken Akbar.

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So and of course what a heroin Yeah, he's saying some of his books, you know, in the appendix at the back and forth as for those people who believe that a lie is above the heavens,

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fools that they are. Know that a lie is everywhere.

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The slave girl said he's above the heavens.

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And the prophet SAW Selim affirmed what she said.

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So when we say and make fun of those who say Allah is above the heavens, then we're actually making fun of the Messenger of Allah.

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So then what happens? For those people who have this narration, authentic narration in Sahih? Muslim? What do they then do?

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Go back to the mind.

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We're following Quran and Sunnah. But according to how my mind perceives it, in my mind, to say that the lie is above the heavens is ludicrous. Because if you stand on the North Pole, above the heavens is this way. If you stand, you're standing like this. If you stand on the South Pole,

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then allies this way.

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If you stand on the east, he's that way, if you stand on the west is that way. So where is it?

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So the prophet SAW Selim couldn't have said that, but it's there in Sahih. Muslim? Well, perhaps this hadith is by its weak, you know about weak heads. Here, we know this. But how do you determine when a hadith is weak? Is it just because it doesn't agree with what you think?

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Is that how we determine weak Hadith when it goes against your logic? Yes,

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that's clear evidence, if it goes against my logic, it's got to be weak.

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I've seen articles written, attacking this Hadith,

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in order to defend the false principle, that a law is everywhere and in everything.

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And everything is a law analyze everything.

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So when we say

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that the message which Prophet Mohammed Salim brought was left in a hand, Mama, we have to understand that message, in all of its aspects, we have to understand fundamentally

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how people create gods in their lives, so we can cancel them,

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then we have to understand

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correctly, who is a law, so that we can actually worship Him.

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And after that,

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we have to accept that message. Sincerely.

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Not just lip service, where we say, Laila Mama,

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and some people take that lip service to the dead.

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A person is dead, and their corpses being taken away, to be buried, and people are running along beside the corpse saying, say lilan, de la, se, la La, la, se la la la la.

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Prophet Mohammed Salim. He did say lucky no Mo, taco, la, la la la. If you translate that literally it says,

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tell your dead to say, la la la la. However, that is not what the Sahaba understood from that statement. And they were the best to understand Arabic When it said multicam, which literally means you are dead. It meant those who are dying. So those who are dying, they would be reminded to try to make their last words before leaving this world. La Isla in LA LA. There is no god worthy of worship, but Allah.

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But once you're dead.

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You can't hear people telling you say Laila and you can't respond. You can neither hear what they're saying, nor can you respond to what they're saying. So that's nonsense. That's nonsense.

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So it's not about just saying Laila.

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It's about

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accepting law, a law in the law in our hearts,

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that it truly enters into our hearts and then becomes manifest in our actions. So we can say when we see that person, that person believes that there is no god worthy of worship, but Allah

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it's clear

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as to the one

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says it. But his or her life doesn't reflect it, then we have to say

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these are just words.

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And that wasn't the message, which prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam brought,

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he brought a message which was summed up in that phrase we call the kalama kalama to tawheed. The statement of Islamic monotheism.

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It was summed up in that statement, but

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he then lived it showed us how it should be manifest in our lives. So all the struggles that he went through

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the good times the bad times,

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conveying that message.

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He lived it, he demonstrated for us, how do we make that declaration real in our lives. And that's really

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the most important aspect, the fruit,

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the fruit of a lie

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that we live lives in which

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we have rejected the false gods, whether the gods of our desires,

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our desire is to have a house, we're living in Canada.

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It gets cold in winter.

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We need to have a comfortable house to live in. But we can't afford that house.

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If we go to the Islamic finance company, they charge more than the regular banks.

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I am forced to take out a mortgage and buy a home

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is taking another god besides a law

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who is the God it is our house? as Sam said, Have you not seen the one who takes

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as his God his own desires?

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So whatever the God tells him to do, he does. That's the desires, the desires, say, let's have that place

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a house to live in.

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So we follow that those desires and we take out Riba

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we call it mortgage.

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That's the modern name

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so that it doesn't sound so bad. A mortgage.

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In the old times, it recalled it what usury or usury doesn't sound nice. It's got a

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nasty sound to it usury

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so we call it mortgage in Arabic

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Riba when you go to the bank, and the bank tells you the Riba which is put in your account. They don't call it the rebar do they call it? Five EDA?

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benefits. Nice name.

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If they put there Here is your rebar it's Oh,

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it's not nice. I shouldn't be doing this. But far either we can all deal with vida

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even the name interest

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sounds nice

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interest what is in your interest?

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Interesting things, these are nice things.

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interest, not user a

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user is not nice. So we have a nice new name for it, calling it by other than its name. So

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that is the challenge that we are faced with removing the false gods of our desires from our lives

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and accepting the one true God

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in our hearts

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manifest in our actions. And that was the example of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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And on the basis

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Some that we can then be sincere, sincere as Allah told us, well, Mount Meru Illallah bajo la meclizine illa. De

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there are only commanded to worship Allah,

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making the religion sincere for him. That's it, sincerity,

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first and foremost to know who is a law

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and then accepting and implementing that knowledge in our lives. Sincere, sincerely acting on it.

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This was the example of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam.

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And my brothers and sisters,

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in closing,

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and there is a lot more that can be said.

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I've only scraped on the surface,

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it is our duty, it is the duty of each and every one of us

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to know,

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to know clearly, correctly,

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this essential aspect of Islam the message, the message which the messenger brought,

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as it is important to know who he was,

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it is important and even more important to know what he brought,

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what he brought

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in words and thoughts and what he brought in actions, how he lived

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it ilaha illAllah and in sha Allah in the coming lectures, you will be enlightened

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to that implementation.

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So we hope that you would

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sincerely and conscientiously attend the coming lectures,

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make notes,

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absorb that information,

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be entertained.

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We didn't come here to be entertained. We came here to better know the Messenger of Allah.

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So let us keep that as our focus throughout the rest of today's lectures and tomorrow. Keep that as the focus.

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being real about this, we didn't come to socialize.

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Though some socialization is going to take place. We didn't come to be entertained, though to some degree, we will be entertained. We came here to know Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. So that we can bring to life a loss instruction.

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there is in the Messenger of Allah, the best of examples. The heart Can a few rasulillah he was sweating.

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He was the best example of the message barakallahu

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subhanak aloha movie hamburger shadowline and the stock Furukawa wanted to say