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AI: Summary © The best of age in Islam is the practice of magic, which is seen as illegal but illegal. The practice is centered around entertainment and is used in various religious practices, including religion- based practices. The use of magic in various Muslim countries has been discussed, including Spain and the United States, and is emphasized as a way to avoid harm and create magical forms. Pr practices and avoiding harm are emphasized as important, and the use of the jinn and online courses are advertised.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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I'd like to welcome my dear viewers to another in our series, the best of tawheed, in which we're looking at the best evidences which have been used from the Quran and the Sunnah

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to establish the correct meaning, for the central pillar of Islam tower heed the unique unity of a law and its maintenance. How do we maintain it as a unique unity in our thoughts, our actions, our deeds, scholars have dissected it in order to facilitate its understanding. And we have been looking at various elements from it. And various concepts, statements, arguments, which in fact, contradict the true teachings and violate its principles. In our previous episode, we were looking at fortune telling. And then we looked at a branch of fortune telling called astrology, which is very popular, probably the most widespread practice of fortune telling today. The other area, which is also a

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forbidden area, which violates the key principles of tawheed is the area known as magic in Arabic, it's called.

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If we look at the practice of magic, for which other terms like witchcraft, divination, necromancy amongst the more classical terms used for it, sorcery, although witchcraft tended to be practiced by women, they call that witchcraft which being a female magician, so these various practices, whatever name we give them, from the Islamic perspective,

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they are as a whole, a forbidden area, because the prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him had prohibited magic, based on the Quranic injunctions against it. We have clear statements from the Quran, with regards to Prophet Solomon, where magic had been attributed to Prophet Solomon by the Jews, Jews claim that he had a special book of magic from which he

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practiced this particular form of evil. And so the things that he was able to do, which were in fact miracles, speaking with the animals, the birds, the ants, etc, and having control over the jinn, and the various land and air animals, they follow this command did whatever he told them to do. They looked at all of this as magic, rather than looking at it as miracles from Allah, given two profits in a man they looked at it as magic, and that is why they attributed magic to him. However, if we look at the text of the Quran, in Surah, Al Baqarah verse one or two, were alive said they follow what the devils related concerning Solomon's kingdom, but it was not Solomon who disbelieved? It was

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the devil who disbelieved by teaching the people magic, and that which was revealed to the angels her route and my route in Babylon. Although the tool will not teach anyone anything until after they warn them saying, indeed we are only a test a trial. So do not commit

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disbelief. So, this is a portion of the verse, which clearly absolves Prophet Solomon from any attribution of magic to him. This was not what he taught that which he had learned, you know, it was something evil, which was coming from the devil's, the share team, they're the ones who are practicing it. And they had learned it from two angels haruta and marut, who had been sent to Babylon as a trial and a test for the people of Babylon. And those angels would never teach any of magic to the people to human beings, without first warning them that it's disbelief. However, the people were keen on learning this practice and knowledge of it, and by doing so, they committed

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disbelief. This is the clear text from the Quran. However, the Jews modifying the texts develop their own mystical system called the Kabbalah. And in it magic is practiced, and the knowledge of it, they related to Prophet Solomon. However, this verse in the Quran has clearly indicated that this is false, it's not true at all. Instead, it is something evil, which had already been forbidden and Deuteronomy 18, verses nine to 12, where we find what is attributed to God in the Torah saying to Jews,

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who were led by their Muslim leaders, because actually they were not really Jews or Muslims. When you come into a land, which the Lord your God gives you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or daughter as an offering anyone who practices divination, a soothsayer, or an auger, that's fortune telling, or a sorcerer, or a charmer, or a medium, or a wizard, or a necromancer, for whoever does these things, is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominable practices, the Lord your God is driving them out before you. So there is a clear indication here that from the

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Jewish Christian scriptures, the practice of magic was an abomination, it was something greatly forbidden by the revelation of the past, as well as in the final revelation itself. And in the same, first we looked at where a lot of clears profits and a man of any

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association of magic to him, Allah says that whoever purchases it would have no share of Paradise in the Hereafter, indicating that the person will end up in health one was engaged in it would in fact, end up in *. The question concerning magic, where it has become so popular today as a form of entertainment. And we know,

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a good portion of that magic is just trickery. It's just a form of delusion,

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or illusion.

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They give you an impression of one thing, when things are in fact, another way, that's not the way they actually are. So is this then forbidden? Is this a part of the forbidden magic? Or is there white and black magic? You know, people talk about black magic, and then there's white magic to black magic is like the bad magic and white magic is like the good magic? Well, the reality is from Islamic perspective is all magic. It's all forbidden. Even what is trickery, is forbidden to be practiced in such a way that people believe that the one doing it is actually doing what is appearing to do if one was just entertaining people by doing a trick and then explaining to them how

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he did it. So that's clear to the people. This is not magic. It's just an illusion. That's a different situation. But where one comes out, you go through all the motions and

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You know, you have your assistance and you do things, sign people in half and all these other kinds of things. And the people are just amazed how, how did they do it? You know, how is it possible, and they think that this person is actually able to do these things. This is forbidden. From Islamic perspective, this is not allowable, even though it's not real, quote unquote, magic, but it is enough down the way to be considered Haram. Forbidden, not allowed in Islam, we're gonna take a brief break, after which we will continue to look at magic, as a practice, as it is practiced today and try to get to the root elements of why it is forbidden.

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We'll see you after the break.

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Salam Alaikum. Welcome back from the break. Now prior to the break, we were looking at magic as an illusion, tricks that are done to entertain people, while people actually end up believing that what is being done is actually being done. And that is not an illusion. But even if they know it's an illusion, we said that this is not permissible, as it is opening the door for the forbidden forms. So magic has two aspects to it. One which may be called kicks, magical tricks, the other which involves now contact with the jinn, the world of the jinn.

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This type of magic, which can now affect people, by spells, actually causing physical harm and damage, this type, which is the core is clearly forbidden, the prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him. For me in no uncertain terms. We mentioned the verses in the Quran, in which Allah attributes to those who practice it, this belief.

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So this form of magic involves support and help of the jinn, where the jinn

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who are normally invisible to the rest of us can support the magician, the real magician, and some of his acts and practices to give the people they impression that he has supernatural powers, powers which really only belong to God alone. So people's faith in God is shaken.

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And this opens them up now to other satanic forces, which would encourage them to engage in forbidden acts of sacrifice, and worship to other than a law and all of this can come in along with that package. But this is why Islam forbids it outright. Don't even do it in fun, presenting a magic show one thing to entertain as you said, and explain what you're doing. So people understand that it's just, you know, a quick trick that you've done something which will cause them to laugh, whatever, etc. But in the end, they know it isn't real. That's a different status. But for most magicians, they have all that they swear to, that they will not reveal the tricks of the trade to

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others, etc. You know, it's a close circle of the major magicians, beginning with people like Houdini and others before him, you know who have developed. This means ways and means of tricking people into believing that human beings are able to do some of these supernatural acts. But the fact of the matter is that they really aren't. It's only what your eyes see, as they say, the hand is faster than the eye. When the hand moves faster than the eye is able to follow are the hand is able to do things out of contact of the eyes, the eye is not able to follow it to a person may take from your air coin. They wonder where did that come from? Obviously, there was no coin behind your air,

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you know that. All of a sudden he's got a hand there's no coin there and all of a sudden he's taken a coin from your air. But of course, he has taken the coin from other sources through his shift from hand to hand or picked it up from some pocket and his body and

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person, you know, and this kept hidden in his hand in such a way that it appears now that he's putting an empty hand forward, and then pulling a coin from behind your ear. So these are just tricks. But for those ignorant people who don't understand the prohibition of magic, they may look at this as something very light and not very significant. But the reality is, it's a path, you know, it's a road that you go down. This is just one of the stages of the road. So, when we look at the time of the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salim himself, in fact, a magician, sorcerer, who was in Medina from the one of the Jewish tribes had cast a spell on the Prophet sallallahu sallam. You can find

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the story of it narrated in Sahih al Bukhari as well as a Muslim. It states there and one of the narrations. Zaid, an outcome reported that a Jew by the name of labbit when Assam cast the magical spell on the Prophet, and when he began to suffer from it jabril came to him and revealed the more our the tan, the two swords and falaka NASS, which I used to seek refuge in a law from harm at the end of the Quran, then said to him, surely it was a Jew who cast this spell on you. And the magical charm is in a certain Well, the prophet SAW Selim told him to untie the knots in it, one by one and recite a surah from the sutras with each when he did so the prophet SAW Selim got up as if he had

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been released from being tied up. Okay, so the prophet SAW Salem was affected by this magical charm, which Levitan awesome, had prepared for him and buried it in a well in Medina. Now, what he had done was collected a call of the Prophet which had some of the hairs from his head, etc. And he had tied knots into it to this concoction, blown over it. And with the aid of the jinn, it affected the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salaam in such a way that some things you remember that he had done. But in fact, what he thought he hadn't done, he didn't do what he thought he did do, he hadn't done. So, you know, there was some this kind of effect on him, where he was unsure about things he some

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things, he thought he did them, but in fact, it's wise to tell him No, no, you didn't do that. Or he thought he did it. And he said, No, no, you haven't done that, you know, sort of thing. So then Allah sent the last two chapters of the Quran, pull out the Robin Falak and call out the Robin NASS as a means of breaking the spell. So we take from that, that if anybody is suffering in such a way, then it is about reciting these chapters. This chapter should be recited for that person as a means of removing the spiritual element which is come over them as a result of magic. So

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when the prophet SAW Selim had this done, obviously, it's not surprising then, for him to speak of magic in such a harsh manner, it will not himself directly, but his companions after him, did engage in executing anyone who was caught in the practice of magic. One of the things that we also have to consider because of the use of the gin, or the involvement of the gin, in terms of affecting people through magic, because they have to remember that because the general, invisible to us, if a person was working with a gin, for example, then the gin could lift him from his chair. And he would appear to those people to have just raised himself.

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He could say to them, Look, I will show you a sign.

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And then as he's sitting there, his body raises from the chair. And they don't see any wires or anything which raises him up enough that you could look under, and you don't see any, you know, structure which has raised him up. So how, but of course, when you understand that that person is working with the Jin Jin are invisible to us, then they can simply lift him up, and we would know it. So

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this steps of practice, which may start off very simple, may then shift to this stage where you're actually harmed.

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People through the Djinn and magic. In fact, the practice of magic is quite widespread in many Muslim countries today, third world Muslim countries where, you know, people talk about being affected by magic all the time. You know, in fact, maybe they've gone overboard to certain degrees that anything that happens is that what must be magic. So until can't get married, very common point that I, Karen, Facebook questions sent to me, you know, what can I do? You know, I think there's magic on me. Every time I tried to get married, things don't work out. It's been years now I haven't gotten married yet. Magic. You know, somebody, I can't have a baby, I've been trying to have a baby,

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so and so. And so I think somebody has put a spell on me, my mother in law or whatever, you know, magic. So many things tend to be attributed to magic, of course, much of it is not at all. But there are some genuine cases where people are engaged in magic, and using the jinn to harm others. So it's not something we can treat lightly and just laugh it off, when people are genuinely being hurt in different parts of the world. So the issue of magic we've seen what the problems are Salim has done, he has advised to be done the recitation of the last two chapters of the Quran, in order to break the spell and to clear the person from its effects that we can do likewise, where somebody who comes

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to us,

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who informs us, you know, that they're suffering in this way or the other way, without going into great details of the how, when we are why we can simply recite over them, these last two chapters recited, you know, continually, and Allah willing, the state that they're in will be corrected or alleviated. So, we should, on one hand, avoid magic. And it's practice as much as possible. And on the other hand, we should be conscious of its impacts its effects, and how we can deal with it if we find it, present. So with that, your views, I'd like to thank you for being with us, this segment of our program, the best of our head, will be looking a bit further into the impact or the role of gins

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in terms of affecting us as human beings, whether through magical practices of other human beings or through other practices. You know, realities are that there are many of us who do suffer from this interaction, this

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could say demonic attack, and as a result, it has devastated people's lives. So we will be looking at that in more detail to get to the root of it and understand the problems and the issues. So we hope to see you in the coming episode. I now bid you farewell was Salam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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