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How Muslims should respond when Jesus or Muhammad pbuh them, or any of the prophets of God are insulted.

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Peace be with you. Welcome to the D show. We're here sharing because we care. And we're trying to inform you this sincere viewer who wants to know about Islam, you want to know about your neighbor who's possibly a Muslim or maybe opening up some Islamic Center, what are they going to be doing in there? They're going to be making a bomb making factory. Are they going to be attacking you? They're plotting and planning, or these people who are the most hospitable, the most kind, generous. So we're going to be educating you What do Muslims say about the drawing of, of the messengers insulting the messengers of God? Should Muslims be reacting in this way? Or is there the proper way

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that we're going to be discussing how to D show how not to just be reactionaries how to go about things the proper right way here on the Dean's show when we come back? Don't go anywhere.

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Peace be with you. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Isn't it look when we say peace be with you? Isn't it as a doula we that there's no harm coming you from from me and no harm from you to me? Right? Isn't this this is like, expound on this is beautiful when you think about it.

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The names of our last panel with Allah SLM God Almighty Allah is meaning the translation is the source of peace. Why Allah is the force of peace. Because

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whatever occurs and happens does not change your last panel does not affect Allah, you see us We are on a roller coaster. One day we're down one day we're up because we get affected by what happens around us. But Allah subhanaw taala nothing affects him. That is why he is the source of peace. So when I say that peace p upon you, meaning me the source of peace as salaam alaikum Salaam, bestow His peace upon you,

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so that you have inner peace from Allah subhanho wa Taala. When I say also Peace be upon you, I am telling you that, you know, you can only expect from me peace, I'm not going to harm you, whether in front of you, or whether in your back. And this is actually another way to define who a Muslim is. The Prophet peace be upon him when he defined the Muslim beside performing the five pillars of Islam, he said, as a Muslim woman, Solomon, Muslim, Mona Lisa, and he wired, the true Muslim is the one whom the rest of people, the rest of the Muslims are safe from his tongue and his hand. And this is the message of Islam. This is the what Islam is all about.

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So someone hears this now, but they go ahead and they see in the media, they see that okay, as soon as you say something against their religion, they come in with AK and you know, we had recent events not too long ago, where you had the, the newspaper place that drew the cartoons, Dolly Abdullah, yes. Everybody in there, it was a Muslim also who died to cop. Yes, yeah. So So now, how I mean, how do you balance this? Now, obviously, we don't like if somebody insulted Jesus, Moses, any of the prophets. But now Is there a proper way because people hear us talking about peace. But now you know, you go ahead and just bomb you see when we're talking about two issues here, and they should

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be addressed separately, or individually. The first issue is the rights of the messengers and the prophets upon us.

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Imagine, at a loss of Hannah Diana is the one who chose these individuals to convey his message. And there is a beautiful piece in a verse and salatu salam, Allahu Allah mohite we are journalists, Allah, Allah knows best who is entitled to deliver his message. Allah we are stuff human animals, aka Theo rasuna wamena ness, Allah Subhana. Allah Allah is the one who chooses from amongst the angels Jebel Ali salam, and from amongst mankind, the messengers. And he told us, he commanded us to grant these messengers peace, look at diversion so let them hold Al Hamdulillah say praise or praise belongs to Allah Subhana Allah, wa salam, O Allah, the lady Nastassja and those whom Allah subhana

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wa Taala chosen to convey his message should receive peace from you. And the last version sort of the suffered, some cannot be caught up delays at the phone, Glorified and Exalted the Lord of Glory above what they attribute to him have a son saying that Allah, if you look at the context of these verses that they are saying Allah gets a son, the Arabs, the Muslims of the Arabs or the Christians they say about Jesus and that was when they say Isaiah, Isaiah and so forth, but Loki was was Allah, Allah Allah mursaleen peace be upon them. So

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That's why we as Muslims, whenever any of the names, it's not just Muhammad sallallahu alayhi Salat any of the names of the messengers that will include Jesus Moses, David Solomon, nor any name. When they are mentioned, we say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam alayhis, salam, peace, be upon that individual, to show our love to show our respect for these individuals whom Allah subhanho wa Taala chose to convey his message, this is our attitude as Muslims, towards any of the messengers. This is why when any of these messengers and again I stress not just Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam any of them is harmed by any newspaper by any that we feel how we feel, we feel sad, we're upset because we

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love them dearly. We love them more than we love ourselves we love them more than we love our children. We love them more than we love our our family members our our wealth, that is why we get hurt so non Muslims need to understand this if non Muslims realize you know Mohammed Salah Salam is dearer to me than me Will would they be of Mohammed Salah Salam did not come to this world to show me the way to Allah we're gonna take a break now you hear Muslim scholar is saying that not only do the Muslims love Mohammed, but you mentioned Jesus in there, Moses and all the messengers we have learn author pobeda hadn't we do not place any distinction amongst these messages now the proper

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course of action one of them gets insulted, what should we be doing to defend them back here in a de show in a minute. Slump says level all mankind that's why we're sharing this message because we want the best for you and we want the best for all mankind. Please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on the deen show, now Jesus gets offended. Muhammad peace be upon him you have ignorant people out there and the essence of free speech. It's like you know you it's more of a free

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freedom to insult. Right? So obviously, this hurts our hearts when any of the messengers are insulted. But what's the right course of action that a Muslim should take and the situation in the previous segment we addressed the non Muslims we let them know that the reason why that rage, you know, the reason why we're upset.

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But let me now try to get the attention of Muslims in order to fashion or refine is that a proper English refine our response?

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Let me just begin by saying

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you know how the religious literature speak of Christian and Jews meaning I'm talking about the Old Testament and the New Testament speak about the prophets. We understand as Muslims that human hands gotten into these books. That means that they are not in their original form. They are distorted. You need for example, the story of Prophet alayhi salatu salam, a beautiful story, someone who spent his life in the Quran Allah tells us 950 Noah, no, no, Allah is salat wa salam, spending 950 years calling people to Islam. And the numbers that the highest number that we can put our hands on and as soon as 70 something accepted his message.

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His story is almost identical in the Old Testament. But you find that addition towards the end that after he got off the ship, he got drunk and he committed what is known to be incest I think that's a slept with his daughters. This is the religious text and the Bible. Likewise prophet Lord someone actually who came to combat in morality. Hmm, the same thing happened. Look that would Allah salat wa salam sent his general because he fallen in love with with with the with the the wife of the general in order to get him killed in a losing battle. So brothers, sisters, their sisters, the brothers. That's the mindset of the people here. Now us overreacting is not helping the situation.

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We understand that we should not tolerate we should not

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you know

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say it's okay. We should deny this at least with our hearts. But we should use the lawful legal means to combat this to respond to this. Certainly killing and shooting the way it happened in France. We

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condemn it. There is no question about it. You know, this is turning it into a jungle. Listen, we do have a ruling in the works of filk regarding those ones, all the messages, but if you have an established

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judiciary system, you have to go through the process. But this is Islam doesn't condone this at all whatsoever. How should we respond? You know, Eddie Rasul Salallahu alaihe salam, and I really love this and I'm telling them, one of the most beautiful things that that that I, you know, I read in this context is we're not going to the journey of life. You know, he walked everybody, you know, a lot of Muslims are aware of that journey. It's a heartbreaking experience, you know,

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after the death of his uncle, harm started getting to him, and soon and basically, he said, Salah Salem kurush was unable to lay hands on me but after the death of my uncle, so he decided to go to a thought of to seek the help of the people there. The bottom line, he was physically emotionally abused. Imagine one of them said, Allah, Allah did Allah choose I'm sorry, I'm pointing at you. But this is how our messenger was, like, couldn't find anyone better than you to send SMS you you messenger you we're in salt sand. We call the psychological abuse. Yeah. You know, so what somebody said, the idea that the curtains of the cabin, if you're a messenger,

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and then he requests a safe exit, they did not even grant him this. You know, they send the foolish and the children to throw him water. He was pleading, you know, we have we have a saying and Arabic says that when you see your own blood, vengeance becomes what you also saw Sonam walked out of this town and look at the words that he used for showing you to a moon that's actually Muslim. The Hadith is authentic for Bukhari, he said, I walked while I'm feeling so much doubt, and by all the sudden I see the angel of the mountains, would accompany jabril with the angels. And here is the angel of the mountain.

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Giving Rasulullah sallallahu the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam the opportunity to kill everyone who abused him

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who emotionally and physically abused him. What did he say? What do you do them? You know what they said? No. He said no. So is this time for revenge but he didn't take revenge. No, you know what he said? You know the angel of the mountain said the morally up to the tala he will actually you command me right? Allah has given you the authority to command me. I will make these mountains crumble over those people who said no, I just hope that their offspring will c'est la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, that's that's what I'm not after the destruction of field. This is the manner of our this is you know, I want people to see the truth. I want people to see somebody and you know

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what, Allah fulfilled his his wish. Look at this. A leader Maria Khalid

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Al Asad no Ella Sami

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Abu Jan, the fear of the oma acremant look at these names. Go Go brothers, go sisters, and check these names. This should be our attitude should be how we react because this is the right way to go. This is amazing. We're going to take a break when he was pelted and stone and spit out and psychologically physically insulted the lesson fundamentals of problem How can peace be upon them? What he do when he was able to go back and have the angel crushed his city? He said no, he hoped that they would one day worship the Creator, not the creation and it happened. Yes, it was fulfilled right back with more here on the deen show. Don't go anywhere. Slump says love all mankind. That's

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what we're sharing this message because we want the best for you and we want the best for all mankind. Please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on the deen show, now we see when we study the life of the problem home peace be upon and we see that tolerance that mercy that compassion for all of mankind that that dire desire that he wanted, you know, a lot of saying in the Quran, will you will you like kill yourself, you don't have to worry and grief for who for everyone. These were non Muslims. These are people who were polytheists and he wanted the best for him. Now we don't kind of see that, you know, when you when you're out there communicating with people sharing, it's not our job, obviously to convert anybody but just to share this message right? When you're out there and you're connecting with people you do

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you start to have empathy, empathy, empathy, and you really want the best one, but sometimes you see some Muslims that now this really harsh, very on tolerant attitude and you know, very violent some.

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What would you say you know, again, I tell the non Muslims please

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Don't blame the whole religion because of the behavior of one or two, one or two. Yes, this is the way it is. It's very unfair. And I tell the Muslims, come on, let's listen. You know, at the description of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam was revealed in the Torah. And you know, it's a beautiful after that you should read after

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the loss of your loved one home, that the prophets description was revealed in the Torah. The wording is there. And one of his attributes is

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what is it Helen forbearance

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that's somebody harm you.

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And he is deserving your punishment, and you're able to punish, you're aware of their harm, and you do not need them, and you refrain from punishing them, and rather you treat them kindly. This is what

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the prophet sallallahu Sallam during his time there was a Jewish rabbi, his name was JW similar.

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He said, I was able to verify every single attribute of the Prophet mentioned in the Jewish rabbi, the scholar,

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a scholar, they said I was able to verify except this one, that when you increase dealing with him in an ignorant way, his forbearance increases. So I decided to test him in this area. Now he's gonna put him to the test. Yes.

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And for those who want to go and review it, so he went to the mosque one day, when an incident happened in front of him that some Muslims needed desperately, some financial help, but also Allah Allah salam, ask Allah subhana wa Taala for the line, whether we have anything to give or not,

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to give the group of Muslims or not, he said, No. They said, This is my chance. So he went to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and said, I will lend you the money for one year. Of course, no, usually. Okay. So after three months, he came back requesting his loan, and he actually picked up

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from his neck, and he actually insulted him and his tribe. And this is a big No, in nakum Banu Hashim Paolo Mookie, you are the Banu Hashim, the tribe of Hashem mortal they don't you don't pay back the the he's really putting them to the test. Oh, yeah, yeah, I'm gonna solo cylinder is like, you know, standing, um, of course was there. And Omar wanted to interfere like he would normally do. Or so sallallahu Sallam said, Tomas, Omar, you should command him to request his loan back in a better way. And you should encourage me to pay him back maybe he's in need for the money. Maybe Look, look at this lesson. Oh, by the way, maybe he needed the money when he given it to us. He was

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you know, better off but now. It just a matter of so asked me to pay him back encouraged me to pay him back. Now please take him and give him his loan back and give him an end. He wasn't like let's get them. No, everybody jumped now they'll give them an increase. You know, this man said a Chateau La ilaha illallah wa Chateau Naka. Rasulullah he said there's nothing worthy of worship except God Almighty Allah the Creator. The last thing I was waiting for that to see your forbearance? Yeah, you had an abbey. Look at the verses in the tone. Yeah, you had Navy in our sellner cache hidden over Sharon one day. This is in the book of Isaiah. Or messenger we have sent you a bit of black tidying

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and a warner look at this look at this helps a little mean security for the electorate. look less than bizarrely have in one have been well as a hobby and Phil as well. You're not harsh. You're not tough. And you don't speak with noise. You're not loud yoga. Layer zero, Khadija Hello ella helma when people treat you ignorantly an increase in abusing you, because of their ignorance, that only increases you in forbearance.

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We got to come on brothers will c'est la ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, we get to act like Muhammad Rasul Allah. We listen, we understand. We don't like it. We hate it. It makes us angry. It makes us upset. There is no question about it. But we have to seek the proper channels to combat this. You have Facebook, you have social media, spread this out there. And when we have an established judiciary system, then we can bring those people to justice. And the ruling of insulting the messenger can be done then by turning this into the jungle where you go and take the matters into your own hands. Islam doesn't condone this, no question about it. Thank you very much, Jay.

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We're out of time. We started with peace, we under peace, and I'm like them. Thank you so much. I hope you got to benefit from this episode of the Dean's show. So bring proactive

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active, productive. There are things that now we don't like. And Jesus is insulted. We don't like it. Moses, Abraham, any of the messengers of God, including the last and final message of problem having peace be upon him who was sent as a mercy to the world and he was the most forbearing. Now it's upon us to go ahead and share, because now how are we going to combat this negative propaganda is by us being vocal to really represent Islam in the best way with the best carrot character and the best mannerisms so people can really understand when they see the Muslims, they'll, and then they hear the Fox News. And then they actually get to see Islam in real life. They'll say that this

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is not, nor does it have anything they will be speaking out for us and not against us. We hope that you've gotten a benefit. Subscribe if you haven't already, and we'll see you next week. Until then, peace be with us.