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From you

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Allah Peace and blessings beyond each and every one of you, I'd like to welcome you to our viewers to another na series, the best of tawheed. In this series, we're looking at the best evidence is used

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by the scholars to establish the correct understanding of tawheed. From an Islamic perspective, so after looking at issues regarding charms and omens, and we also looked at issues regarding fortune telling, we're now going on to another area related to fortune telling connected to it. This area is astrology. And we touched on astrology, in our previous presentation on fortune teller, because it is a branch of fortune telling, but it has taken on a life of its own, and is probably the most prominent form of fortune telling, found globally, you can hardly find a newspaper, which does not have a column for astrology, that it's become now a global standard.

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So it is important to at least have a look at some of the arguments that Muslim astrologers have used in order to justify and to defend the use of astrology as a whole. We've looked in general at the evidences with regards to fortune telling, and why and how it was prohibited in Islam standard law. But now, for astrology in particular, where we have

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clear cases of Muslims who actually are engaged with astrology, defending it as being a part and parcel of what is acceptable islamically You know, it does need at least a little more, deeper look at what their arguments are, so we can be clear on it. Now, one of the arguments that they use

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is that the

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translation of the chapter elbowroom in which

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Allah swears by the constellations was summer in Attleboro Rouge. This term rouge

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came to be used by astrologers to refer to the zodiacal signs. That became the common terminology. But as I mentioned before, you know, some areas where people have deviated they've tried to put Islamic terminology on top of it to cover it with Islamic words Quranic or hydrophilic, expressions etc, to give it an air of authority, an air of accessibility. So, the common term used in Arabic When astrology was absorbed by some elements within the Muslim world, and was promoted the term borouge became the common term for the zodiacal signs. So in translation view, we'll find

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and use the valleys translation which is the most popular English translation from back in the 30s. To babies recently, this term is actually translated as zodiacal science in that English translation. So

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I remember giving a lecture in New York, you know about our head, in which I clarified that astrology had no place in Islam. And to my surprise, some people in the audience started to question me on it, you know, it turned out these people were themselves, you know, Muslim astrologists so they were arguing in defense and then they threw this out, you know, here it is, it's right there in the Quran, you know, ally is swearing by the zodiacal science, meaning that they are real, they are, because whenever I last swears by anything in the garden, you know, whatever it may be, what teeny was a tune, you know, by the fig and the olive. Whenever a lot swears by any elements of his

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creation, he is giving that element special status. Whenever a law swears by some parts of his creation, he swears in order to give them special emphasis. He elevates them amongst the various

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aspects of his creation. So, if in fact, Mirage meant the astrological signs, then it was clear sanction for astrology, which was what their argument was, that a lot is swearing in the Quran, the chapter is called the chapter of zodiacal science. So, how then can one come and say that this is shipped? As so extreme, this is how it has been presented to me. But then I had to stop them and clarify to them that, in fact, elbowroom does not mean zodiacal science, it came to me that this term came to be used in that references just like the term gay, for example, in the past, the term gay just meant happy enough to say so and so was a gay person, it was a happy person.

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But then that word came to mean homosexual. So, you know, the original meaning of the word was not that at all. But now it has come to take on that meaning, but when we're going to look at its usage, especially usage in ancient times, when the word never had that meaning, then that is the the original meaning is what we have to use to understand what is actually going on. So reality is that what the term Guruji meant was the constellations, the star configurations, as they are when you see them in the sky, and they are changing the way they were 1500 years ago, the way they will be 1000 years, hence, constellation is expanding, stars are moving, their relationships will shift. So it's

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not in reference to the animal figures, which the ancient Greeks and Romans put on those configurations. They say that this configuration meant Leo, the lion, and then they put their finger, an animal finger of a lion where, you know, his tail is where one major star is. And his head is where another major star and nothing major stars at one of his feet. But then in between, there are no other major stars to say, okay, it's not like in one of those children's puzzles where they put dots, and then when you fill in the dots, you do the lines, and it makes an actual figure, you can see a finger afterwards. It's not like that at all, at all. It's just random stars, you

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could put 1000 other images there and say, that's what those stars actually conveying. So that argument is really a false argument. It doesn't hold water at all, though, for the English speaking world. It's very powerful. You know, the chapter of the Quran called the chapter of the zodiacal signs, you know, that's just clear sanction. But again, this has to do with knowledge and ignorance. If you don't have knowledge, then you can fall into mistake misunderstanding based on ignorance. Here's the value translated the Quran was not a Muslim scholar. He did this translation back in the 20s. Wasn't a Muslim scholar. He was

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Good in Arabic, so he would use the dictionary. And the dictionary use was, of course, the modern Arabic dictionaries that were available to him at the time. So it's not surprising that we find him miss translating our Guru here, as he has Miss translated many other elements of verses of the Quran and in fact, the errors that came from his Miss translations and misinterpretations were included so much information in his footnotes, and endnotes and notes between chapters that the rabbit Ah, the world Muslim League eventually banned his translation. They agreed that it contained enough misinformation and you know, to find a better and more accurate translation for them to better

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understand the Quran the meanings of the Quran. So with that their viewers we're going to take a break, and we will see you after the break, where we will continue to look at the arguments of the Muslim astrologers in defense of astrology. We will see you after the break.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back from the break. Prior to the break, we were looking at the arguments of Muslim astrologers, those who would defend the practice of astrology and practice, which was included among the forbidden idolatrous practices of fortune telling. The argument we looked at before was the MIS translation of Surah Al bhuj, one of the smaller chapters towards the end of the Quran, where it was mistranslated as the zodiacal signs when in fact, it doesn't refer to that at all. But it refers to the star configurations to constellations, etc. The other argument which is more, you could say, academic and older, was the use of verse 16, from the

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16th, Chapter Sora, and novel, and in that verse,

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the statement or the text

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of a law statement? Well, Allah Martin, or be najmi homea doin? And the signs and with the stars, they are rightly guided. So they said, this is the argument here that they're greatly guided, as they said, in terms of the signs, or they're revealed through the astrological interpretations, and there are a source of guidance to the future. This is how they interpreted it.

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The signs, what are the signs,

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the star signs, these are the zodiacal images, which are based on a person's month of birth, right? And then

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combine that now along with the stars, they're rightly guided right they got it taught right to guided as they argument to knowing the course of their future. However, even a bass the Companion of the prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him

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who the Prophet

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called proto joumana the Quran, or the explainer of the meanings of the Quran, though he was quite young, Allah blessed him with an insight he stuck with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam all the time, he gained a lot of knowledge from him. And so he had insight into the understanding of the Quran and taught it. You know, after the prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him died, though he was, as I said, quite young, and even the rest of the companions, they recognized his strength in terms of Quranic interpretation. So

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he, in explaining this verse, and said that the verse meant road signs, the alamat mentioned the signs, we're not talking about the star signs, because Allah is talking about guidance in both day and night.

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In the daytime, the image represented the road signs, the landmarks, you know, which people may take to guide them during the daytime. You know how mountains Look, they may give it some kind of a name.

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Whatever, you know, there would be

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various Earth constructions. As we drive along the road, you can see, you know, when you're driving out in the wilderness, you can see various signs that you can take as markers, that if you come back that way, you know, you want to guide somebody and say, okay, drive past this particular sign, you know, where there's a particular tree, particular small mountain, or big mountain, you know, a river, whatever, you know, these are the signs, they're the road signs, the signs on a path that people would take, for knowing which way to go in the daytime. And at night, the stars provide a means by which those who are traveling in the night, where you can't now depend on the road signs,

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because this pitch black, the only thing that can guide you now are the stars. And that's what the travelers at night, use the stars for, they line up with the North Star or whatever. And they keep that at a particular position where they're riding, and they know that they can travel in a particular direction. So and that's how they would guide others, you know, you take the North Star as your marker, and you've traveled so many days, keeping it on your right hand side, and then traveled so many other days keep eating on your left, whatever they would give directions by using the stars. So this is what the verse referred to, that they were guided by the science during the

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daytime. And they were guided by the stars,

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when they traveled at night, or when they were at sea, you know at night on the land or on the sea. So, it is then a false argument, then a false argument to try to find support for astrology in Quranic texts. In fact, the further we go into the Hadith concerning this matter, we have clear Hadees from the prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him found in Sudan Abu Dawood, authentically

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collected, in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said whoever learns a branch of astrology, of the cellular sciences, has learned a branch of magic. Bobby learns a branch of astrology has learned a branch of magic.

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And another narration,

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a booma jam, quoted, the prophet SAW Salama saying, what I fear the most for my nation after my time is the injustice of the leaders.

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The belief in the stars and the denial of divine destiny, believe in the stars, that is astrology, believe in using the stars to determine the future. So astrology is simply a form of fortune telling.

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It's just another form. And we know the ruling for fortune telling is that if one engages in it, even out of curiosity, his or her prayers are not accepted for 40 days and nights. And if they go on to actually believe in it, then as the pastor Sallam said, Whoever approaches an Oracle or fortune teller, and believes in what he says, he has this believed in what was revealed to Muhammad, a God's peace and blessings be upon him. And this was authentically narrated and collected in the sun of Abbey Road. So, there is no doubt that astrology, being a form of fortune telling is prohibited so strongly that it causes one who engages in it, to do acts of disbelief, not to say they are

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disbelievers, but they are in fact committing acts of disbelief. And the degree to which they go into it is the degree to which they fall deeper and deeper into disbelief. So as a Muslim, we should avoid

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Everything that is connected to it. We know that the issues of the unseen even the Prophet sallallahu Sallam didn't know the future, and the law had him say, and so allowed off the seventh chapter verse 188 Paulo come to Allah Monterrey Bella stick third terminal higher karma messonnier su. In Anna Ilana, the rune Baba Shirin the cow, me, you me noon, if I knew the unseen, I would surely have only saw the good.

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But I'm only a warner and a beer of glad tidings for the believers. If the brothers or sentiment known the unseen, then no evil would have touched him, he would have been free from any hurt, but we know in his life that evil did occur, bad things did happen. He was wounded,

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in battles, etc. So the future is something only known to a last panel with Allah. You know, this is part of his characteristics. As a law said, in sort of Atlanta, I'm verse 59, who are under whom fit for labx lie Allah Maha Allahu. With him are the keys to the unseen and none knows it, except Him alone. This is his area of knowledge. Por La Jolla, Alamo, Memphis, semi watty. Will a labor in law law say none in the heavens nor the earth knows the unseen except a law that is Surah nahen verse 65. So it is on the basis of these evidences and others that we understand that the law knows the future with certainty, the weatherman may predict the future or an engineer looking at the building

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will say this building is going to fall down in the next year. And child falls down in the next year. What does that mean? He knew the future I know, he knew the false and the consequence of such faults in a building. He knew that structurally, the building would eventually crumble. So it's not about the future in that sense. But of course, even though he's talking about a possibility to come, he should really say as a Muslim, if you were Muslim, predicting this you should say it will fall in a year inshallah. Allah willing, as I said, into a gaffe, you know, don't say anything that you will do tomorrow without adding if Allah wills. So with that, the viewers we conclude this episode of the

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best of our heat, in which we have looked at the arguments used by those who seek to promote astrology as being Islamic, when in fact it is completely an Islamic even though they have found verses from the Koran, names of chapters to try to cover their practice give it legitimacy. In fact, it is illegitimate. astrology is a form of shark and Muslims should be aware of it and stay as far away from it as possible. With that their viewers I'd like to thank you again for being with us and hope to see you in our upcoming episodes in sha Allah. So I did come to LA he called by the cat to

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