Islam Myth Busters – Istikhaarah

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Islam Myth Busters – Istikhaarah

Sheikh Bilal Philips discusses the misconceptions around salah-tul-istikhaarah.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Karim.

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Allah Allah was hobby for many standard edition at Ely Ahmed Dean operates due to a law and May Allah Peace and blessings beyond the last prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and an all those who follow the path of righteousness until the last day.

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This is another in series Islam Mythbusters.

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And in this segment, we'll be looking at istikhara, or the prayer for seeking Good. Now this prayer is quite well known all over the Muslim world. However, the circumstances under which people are doing it

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are in fact not in keeping with the actual teachings of Islam.

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We all know there is a well known authentic hadith was prophesied, Solomon said,

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If any one of you had decided upon something,

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let him or her pray to units of prayer, and then recite this supplication.

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there is a supplication which surprised us, our lamb taught.

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Most people know about it.

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the conditions under which people do it

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are in fact,

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cultural, and traditional.

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And oftentimes having no connection with the actual teachings of Islam.

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So, for example, among the things that a lot of people are not really aware, is that this is the harder when they were asking a law

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to help us in the decision that we're making.

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It's not to choose between one thing and another thing, because if you read the text of this application, it says, oh,

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if this

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by this particular thing,

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is good for me, in my religion, and my life,

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make it easy for me, and bless me in it.

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If it's not good for me if this thing, not one of these things, doesn't say that the text of the Hadees does not say one of these. So it's obviously it has to be something you've already decided upon.

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when we are going to ask a law, this concerning things we have decided upon, obviously, what we're doing here is putting our trust in a law.

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After having decided something, we then turn our affairs over to Allah. This is just like the issue concerning the man who came into the masjid before he was going to sit down and talk to the prophet SAW Selim, or attend one of his

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He remembered that he hadn't tied up his camel outside the machete.

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Then he thought to himself,

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should I go out and tie up my catalog? Should I just go ahead and sit the drops or sell them as I planned?

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He asked the process. What should I do?

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Should I tie my camel or should I trust in Allah and sit with you? He said, Go out and tie your camel. Then trust in Allah.

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You do the thing that you know is the right thing to do. And then you trust in the law. So the same principle, tying the camel is taharah is an M is a principle is within that same context of tying your camel and trusting in a law? That's what it is. So that's why he said is that Hama? Dooku be unreal. If any of you has decided upon an affair.

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The harm here is decision. You have decided on something.

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So if you're if you have two things, you're not sure is it this or is it that then you decide which one it is as best as you can, then you make your dua you make your two units of prayer and you make your dua that's the point. You're supposed to make your effort first.

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Do as much as you can get as much information from those around you from whatever, you know, information is available, get advice, get consultation, do everything you need to do. And then after, you know, after all the consultation, you've decided upon a particular course of action.

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In this

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decision, once you've made this decision that this is the way to go, this is obviously the best way, then you do your istikhara that's the way to do it.

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the istikhara

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should not be done for something which is obligatory.

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In other words, a lot of people usually Mr. hora comes up around marriage. So,

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the is the Hara is not in in whether you should get married or not getting married is

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something which is already strongly advisable. So whatever is obligatory or whatever is highly recommended, we call it wajib pharmd mazahub. sadhana, the things which are encouraged, either on an obligatory scale,

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getting up for fudger? Are you going to make the car about getting up for food? You know, it's already obligatory? So whatever is already obligatory, you don't make a staccato, should I get married or not? Oh, you don't make this too hard for that, because you are already strongly encouraged to get married from

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Minnesota common common knowledge all young people, whoever amongst you are able to get married do so. So it's already a strong

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recommendation. So no need to make a safari. So as the father is okay, you have you got two proposals, which one should you take? First you go and investigate, following the principles that the prophet SAW solemn, has

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outlined. Same thing from the man side, you have two females that you could marry one or the other, then you first find out and determine which one fits the picture that the prophet SAW Solomon said,

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for that deal,

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be successful by choosing the one who is religious.

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The one with good character,

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not just religious, that she covered herself up. Or he, you know, wears a turban and the thought, he's in the mosque all the time, but having good character, because religiousness meaning religiosity, meaning righteousness, and that righteousness, as Matt said, Albert, personal righteousness is good character. So that has to be there. You try to find out all you can, then when you've chosen the one who seems to be the best, then you make your SDR.

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So this is the proper process. You don't make a staccato for something, which is why Jim obligatory, almost a strong recommended or makuu disliked or haram forbidden? It'll make it harder. Should I commit adultery or not? No, of course, as you know, it's Haram. You can't make it harder for anything, which is how should I take interest from the bank or not? No, it's forbidden.

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So it's the harder is only in the area of MOBA. These are the

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acceptable things, they're not specifically obligatory or highly recommended, nor are they disliked or forbidden.

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we've understood how to choose

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question is Can somebody do is to harder for you? No.

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You have this is a common practice people, you know, send messages to me can you make it harder for me on this on danbatta and on the other some people make it a business, you know, molana so and so you send him your your issue, he makes it too hard and you tell Yeah, go ahead. You paid your money, your fees, whatever. He will do this the harder for you. And he makes a big business out of doing this the harder for people very lucrative business.

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Not acceptable heroin.

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Because he's taking money in particular that makes it Haram, because he's doing something which Islam does not require does not suggest does not accept. Because the prophet SAW Selim, it said, If you, you

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have decided upon something you, then you make two units of prayer and you make this law you didn't say, and get molana or chef or pier or whoever to do this thing for you. No, it's you.

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in making this harder, not only do you not

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have somebody else do it for you, even a family member,

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your mother, your father, no.

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No, it's you

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is also the concept of doing this the harder over and over and over again, people say I've been doing this the harder for the last month for the last six months.

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No, this is. So if you make one is that, that's it. That's enough. You don't have to make more and more and more and more the bonesaw sentiment said if you have decided then do this.

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He didn't say and if it didn't work out, then do it again. Then do it again. Then do it again. No.

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People do it. Is the Haram to do it again. No, I can't say it's Haram. But I'm telling you, it's not necessary.

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What the prophet SAW Selim told us to do is one time.

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Just do it.

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Now, how do you know which way your istikhara went? You asked the law. If it's good for me, then

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make it easy for me. And bless me and it is not good for me. Then take it away from me.

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Remove it from me.

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replace it with something else.

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help my heart to accept your decision.

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This is what you do. This is a basic principle how you figure it out? People say no, no what you need to do.

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You can't go according to what you feel.

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You go according to

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the dream. So the time to make a staccato is before you go to bed. Preferably go to bed at night. Before you go into bed at night. You make your eyes to heart. And then you see what comes in your dreams. Somebody just recently sent me a series of things that have come to them, they made their istikhara they had this dream. They you know, giant panda bear was chasing them. And you know, all kinds of crazy stuff. And they're asking you so what does that mean?

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As far as the plane your head? That's all it means nothing. It has nothing to do with your stuff.

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Nothing at all.

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It's not about dreaming that some people say yes to the dream. And then if you see a green, something, something green in there. That means go ahead.

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If you see red

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means don't do it. limit. If you see yellow, try again.

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This is nonsense. This is total nonsense. It's not the answer is not in your dreams. This is not what the prophet SAW Selim said. There is no answer for is the hotter in dreams.

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The dreams and the principles governing dreams are a whole nother world altogether.

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I read a book called dream international got to get this book, read it. You can find it online, download it and read it or buy it from other bookstores.

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This book explains the principles for interpreting dreams according to the Quran.

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And it's the ehara has nothing to do with this at all. The prophet SAW Selim told us the categories of dreams that there are. He said there are three categories, one which are true dreams or good dreams to our good dreams, less dreams. Dreams from Allah

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The other opposite characteristic

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category is that of Jameson shaytaan. scary stuff starts with just corrupt,

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nastiness, whatever, from shaper, and confused stuff with you just see people popping in from your past and from your present. And, you know, just rambling. It is the ramblings of your mind, as it's your mind letting off steam.

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Those are the three categories. None of it has anything to do with

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the prayer for seeking good.

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So put all the dreams out of the picture, and get back down to the basics. If made your decision, and you find a series of obstacles coming up,

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it's not working out. Of course, it's not the first obstacle which comes up you back off finish, and no, but you see one obstacle followed by another obstacle by another and another.

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Okay, the science is clear. This is not a good decision.

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Back off. Now, some people know they don't want to let go with it because I wanted to, and I'm set for and I've made my commitment. And I am, I believe and I think and I hope I love and all these other things that tend to come up, people just don't want to let go. So they keep it, turn it, turn it and maybe eventually be able to do it.

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And then after getting in there, it turns out to be a mess.

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A big mess. But the signs were there. You cannot blame anyone but yourself. If a law has not made it easy for you, because that's what you've asked if it's good make it easy. So it should come easy not to say that there are no difficulties at all. But that easily overcome things are easily worked out whatever issues are in place, you know are removed easily.

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And you can see a lost blessing in it. So much good is coming from it.

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That's the right one. But then when you see the problems, difficulty seeing it running away that did you go running after chasing and trying to grab it, you don't want to let it go? No, you let it go.

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This is the law telling you and you see where a lot of shows you

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another option, other options and then you just have to accept those know that Allah knows best.

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So this is the way the proper way of is dahar

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I hope that's clear.

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Especially the whole realm of dreams.

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So many people in so many communities all around the world have been caught up with interpreting as taharah through dreams please people put it away.

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Leave it it has nothing to do with this the heart.

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Learn the D

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take it from the sources. See what Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah actually said

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Google, Google istikhara

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and read and understand inshallah Baraka la Pico Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh