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AI: Summary © The speaker is discussing various struggles and struggles with addiction, including a man who claims to be a god, a woman who claims to have a ear infection, and a woman who claims to have a brain injury. The speaker argues that addiction is a reflection of one's personality and that there is a greater reason for the struggles and struggles with addiction than the individual's own.
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So Baja Nicola

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Wabi handycam What about raucous mocha? What do

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Allah you are free from every blame Oh Allah you are free from every different what we are hungry can I praise you? What about orcas mocha? Blessed is your name Mata Allah Dukkha so exalted and highs Your Majesty will

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have a euro and there is no other Lord besides yourself are also human a shape on energy, my seek refuge in protection in you from the outcast, the Shaytards Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in your name online start in the name of the Rahmani Raheem Rahim, Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen From the bottom of my heart, I say to you, every single praise everything I've earned in this world, everything I got from the site that I have, from the ears I have the hearing I have, from the knowledge I have from the strength in my body I have from the cells in my body I have from the health that I have from the people that I have everything all of it belongs to you, Allah, all of it

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comes from you all. All of it goes to you or Allah or everything that comes to me as a calamity come from you or Allah. Everything that I have from yourself as a neuroma as a blessing it comes from you. Hola, Alhamdulillah, Europe Billa hola me, all Praise to you all la not only my Lord, not only my Lord, the Lord of my wife, the Lord of my children, the Lord of my house, the Lord of my property, the load of my bank, the load of my business, the load of my people, the load of my society, the load of my motivi associates, Rob, Bill Alameen or Rahmani? Raheem, you are the one that shows extreme mercy to myself to others, Malik el Medina, I fear that I'm going to come in

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front of you on the Day of Judgment, I'm going to have to stand in front of you and I'm going to have recompense on that day. If I do good I will get good from yourself. If I do evil, I will get evil in return. Now this is person who has found Jana in this world. You know why? His Roku he enjoys it has Sajida she enjoys it.

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Islam they enjoy it. They come to the masjid they find tranquility. They have a problem, no problem. No problem. No problem. In our problem is no problem. You know why? Because every problem comes for a reason. And they know that Allah is more wise, Allah is more wise than themselves. They know there's a reason there's a greater reason for this