Hajj Chronicles – Day 03 – Part 2

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Hajj Chronicles – Day 03 – Part 2 – Dr. Bilal Philips

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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This is still

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day three

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day aid

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for those in Makkah

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in Mena.

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My earlier

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presentation of the Hajj Chronicles did not go into detail concerning the toe off

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to awfully father.

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So, I just wanted to

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add this

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appendix to The Chronicles of the day

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the toe off and the father,

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which is also considered to be one of the critical elements of Hajj, it must be done.

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If for whatever reason, one is not able to do it, on the 10th, which is according to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, one may do it over the next three days, you know of tashlich

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or two days, you have two or three option, or even beyond that point, you may still do it, you know, before leaving Mecca, this is critical.

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Anyway, the point is that you need to have to do to do this toe off, because the toe off is a form of solid rough notes as elements said, The tawaf is solid, except that there is talking in it, you know,

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we know fundamentally that the top half

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is for da. So they do is that we had developed in arafah, that we had found or were prepared with, we can use those drawers here for tawaf.

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The process element said in the majority, that tofu will bait, the committee victory lap,

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circling the house, was only prescribed to establish the remembrance of Allah. So in the course of tawaf, one should be conscious of Allah remembering Allah, glorifying Allah praising him, thanking Him,

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seeking His forgiveness.

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And, really,

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the focus should be on the

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prayer and draw that you're making consciously, so that you can get the reward as you would have salaat because you know that people pray, some people pray and without any consciousness there, then they don't get the reward of this a lot. Because the physical act of prayer, like the physical act of toil off, it does nothing.

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If there isn't an intention, an internal commitment, sincerity.

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commitment to worship Allah subhanaw taala. If that's missing, then the physical act is like walking around any place. You know, you could be walking around a building you like the building, you'd like to see the different sides of it. There's no difference between that and and your thought, just says there's no difference between the prayer, the movements of standing, bowing,

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prostrating and sitting than anywhere else. Without the intention, it's meaningless. It has no special value.

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So, we see that, you know, Allah has placed that off. In the beginning. When we first arrived in Mecca,

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we were obliged, actually, at that time to make what they call too awful to do. You know, we should have done it there. Anyway. I mean, we were just looking at Hajj day by day,

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starting from Mecca, and dealing with actually coming into Mecca. So, the fact is that that the dwarf is set in the beginning.

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It's set here to offer the father

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This is their arrival

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off and we also have to offer with that at the end the farewell to off. So he has put a last one thought to put it in the beginning but it didn't put it at the end, you know this gives it an a level of importance the fact that this is done at so many points, these three major points of the Hajj

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it is having us develop some kind of a realization here because normally our prayer is restricted to standing by going, prostrating and sitting. Now we're praying while walking. Normally we pray in the masjid or could pray in our homes or in the offices, whatever. But no, we're praying while walking, this is the walking prayer, Salah

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while walking. So, this is something which we don't do

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anywhere else in the world, there is no room for it is not acceptable.

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To be walking and praying. Formal prayers, no formal prayers are supposed to be done from a fixed place. whereas in the case of

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the off here, which is done only in Mecca,

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to walk the warehouse if people do turn off around the tune of any saints, or to offer on Muslims or to offer around any other buildings, you know, as a religious act, these are unacceptable, they become acts of shirk. Because the tariff is only prescribed for going around the GABA. That's it. That's the only place although in Arabic, they do refer to the going between

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decide and decide where it will between Safa and Marwa they refer to it as a form of tawaf. But the point is that this circular action around of walking around the god

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mosque, this is only for the mosque of Mecca.

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In terms of the draws,

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there's only one prescribed to art between what is known as the Yemeni corner, and the black stone.

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And that is Robin attina, Jr, Hassan, Hassan alcanada. Now, our Lord give us the best of this life and the best of the next slide and protect this from the hellfire. This is a verse from the Quran. It's a drop of supplication, based on a verse from the Quran. The other

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prayers and supplications that we do while going around the Kaaba should be from ourselves. There is no use in buying a book of the eyes, where somebody reads it and you repeat after them or you just read it yourself. In Arabic, you don't understand Arabic, you don't understand what you're saying. Even though they say and this is the draft for the first off.

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For the second, for the third, they've listed special drawers for each

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act of terroir for each circuit. Actually, there is no such thing. The prophet SAW Selim did not speak about it, he did not identify it. So this is just made up.

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They have become popular. They've even been translated into some other languages. But I mean, any do you make, it's okay. You know, so the key is basically to make a draw, which has the most meaning to you. That's what's most important.

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You know, the timing now is still many people are going into Mecca to make tawaf now, and

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of course, it's getting more and more crowded. The best time is the earlier time before the horse. This is when the prophet SAW Selim himself went

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too often the father

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as we said, you'd be done on the 10th but it couldn't be done on other days. Now,

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after the two awfully Father,

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we return back to Mina. And this is our second.

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Stay in Mina with we came to Mina on the eighth.

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We went to our farm, the ninth that was day two,

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but we did spend

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The morning of in Mina.

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Although some people were taken into auto five from the morning, I did receive some messages from people on Hajj. We're worried that we're not where they're supposed to be. and confirm they were in fact,

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they were worried about catching jumbo Rama. They said they couldn't see it anywhere. Well, you don't have to see it. Seeing Java Rama is irrelevant. It has nothing to do with the hatch. You know, evil people are going to jump to Java Rama, amount of mercy, you know, going there doing aamra.

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And I've seen images of people climbing up the mountain, you know, to reach the pillar, which they placed on the top with big science telling people don't write on it. Don't lean on it, don't kiss it. Don't you know, it's of no religious significance. That pillar sits on the top of Rama, something just put there relatively recently.

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It has no religious significance at all. Going there outside of Hajj. You know, it has no religious but there are people going there making special glod they're praying there and, you know, they've made it like the Kaaba. But it's really an ignorance because it has no religious significance. Prophet Muhammad wa salam, you know, after giving the hook back from Nam era, they were where we now have the number of mosque.

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He left and went to the valley, the bottom of Hierophant. And he said, here's where I'm standing and anywhere that one stands is out of

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me. You don't have to take the place where I stood as a place where you have to stand and he was at the foot of Java Rama. Rama was some distance distance away but towards towards the foot of it. He didn't fly