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Hajj Chronicles – Day 03 – Part 2 continued… – Dr. Bilal Philips


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The Kaaba is a place where people are supposed to kiss it, and individuals should focus on the importance of wteenth door in protecting against evil. Prayer for the good of their life and not touching the black stone is crucial, as it is not a act of devotion to God. The importance of praying for the good of their life and not touching the stone is also emphasized. The importance of remembering the sacrifice of Cogito and finding a way to achieve is emphasized, and individuals should not rush into trying to pray.

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Salam Alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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we're continuing with day 352.

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Where we were abruptly

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the broadcast was abruptly stopped because of the

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battery running out on my camera. So I apologize for that.

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We were just taught, I was just talking about

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the going back to minute

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after the talk from the Father,

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from the perspective of

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the time to be spent there. And also, while talking about it, I talked about the Roku financial file, the standing in the door, I made an audio file,

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near jevin terrafirma. I was just talking about the fact that some people were focused on Jebel Rama, with all of its boulders, and that their focus is to climb up on this mountain, many people hurt themselves. When it has nothing to do really, with the rites of passage. I mean, it is a location it is there in the plane of Africa, but it isn't in a place that you necessarily have to be.

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You don't have to be on top of it, there's a pillar on top of it, as I've mentioned, that, you know, people look at it like the black stone, like the Kaaba, they're, you know, hugging it, kissing it, wiping it, writing messages on it, all kinds of things, people, you know, making Jude around it. And, you know, this is really, people have sort of lost track of what hatches about Java rockmart is not a part of hatch.

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Meaning a place that you need to go it is in the plane of alpha, that's the only connection, you know, it could have been, you know, another set of boulders to, to the eastern side, or the western side of the plane or whatever. It's not really, of any major significance. So the point though, is that

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before going on to day four, no, just completing day three after the tawaf though awfully Father, we had, within that top off, you know, one of the principles of, of,

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of hiding Hodge connected with a law firm that is istilah. You know, and it is important for us to

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manage the process, or the right of Islam, Islam, first to kissing the black stone and touching the Yemeni corner, that we do these in accordance with the way of the prophets, the Maya Salaam, the kissing of the black stone, you know, for basically blacks and black stone represents the beginning of tawaf, it's the point at which the toe off begins and ends. So that's its main purpose, kissing it, the bra sauce, I love that began that off by kissing it. If you can kiss it, you can touch it with your right hand, and you can kiss your right hand, you know, you're not able to touch it, you wave at it.

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In the past, where it was possible if you had a walking stick and you put your walk and sit there but now to drive a stick and stick with it and try it's not a feasible thing you're going to hurt people and yourself. So waving at it, kissing the hand off the weapon. No, this is not from the Sunnah was not from the practice of the prophets

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or his companions to do so. You know, concerning the elements of tawaf, but consider also, that after

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touching the Bloodstone or even trying to touch the box, that it in in essence, it no links the leavers in an unbroken chain with all the past generations of believers whose lips touch the same spot, although the love of this is

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The connection,

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you know, is

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this touching on the black stone is not an act of stone worship something like you're worshipping Stone, no, it's an act of devotion to God by following the way of the final profits of a lawn and all manner of her body stress this point by doing his own Caliphate, stopping in Mecca while they were making to off and addressing the Blackstone saying, I know you're only stolen, you can either harm me or benefit me. And the only reason why I'm kissing you is because the profits.

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So that is the frame of mind that, you know, that should be there and it shouldn't become my frenzy and a fight for people to try to kiss it, which unfortunately, has become its origin is from paradises, or the process of an informed us. And initially when it came into this world, it was white, and it became black with the sin and corruption of this world. And that thought should remind us of what happens with corruption to our own hearts. That, as I said, have told us you know, every time we commit sins and Blackspot appears on our heart, and these increase, increase until the heart is covered in darkness, so that no light of truth guidance

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can enter. So as we reflect on the black stone and reflect on our toe off, you know, we reflect on trying to purify ourselves from the sins which darken hearts. And I do eyes should reflect something of that you seek and ask the law to remove this darkness from us. They're only required

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by law, you know, specified by the province Isola was Rob Burnett in Santa

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Clara law between the nominee corner which we just touched with the right thing. And if we can't touch it, there is no after touching it, there's no kissing of the hand. And if we can't touch it, there's no way we would just pass on by. So do our in which we asked a lot for the good of this life and the next and protection from the hellfire. This is among the thoughts that should reminder among the thoughts that should fill our minds as we

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circumambulate Kaaba, that we should

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be asking a lot for the good, what is good for us in this life, what is the best for us, not necessarily what we see as good, but for the good that a law sees for us, and also to protect us from the evil and not necessarily what we consider to be evil because that might be something good, but what Allah knows to be evil for us, not good for us. So our philosophy, our prayers, etc, should be focused on that. Then, following that we are supposed to consider me to be connected with the top it's the praying behind Muhammad Rahim. And after we complete the seven circuits, you know, of the circumambulation of the Kaaba, then we go to macom Ebrahim, which is to the right of the Blackstone.

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And there is a container, a brass container with silvery top, very shiny glass, some kind of latticework

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containing macom macabre here is a block of stone amrish Prophet Abraham stood when he was building the Kaaba

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after he finished building this is for the higher levels after you finish building he left it he was instructed by a lot to leave it there and Allah mentions in Swan Baccarat What does the lumen Nakamura, Hema masala take the stand of Abraham as a place of prayer. So, this is based on an instruction from the last one to Allah. You know, after Abraham finished building the Kaaba, he left the stone there, Byelaws instruction, Allah instructed him to leave it there and instructed him also to pray this man became

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Part of the rights of

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circumambulating are to walk maybe to off the Kaaba. So they're behind Muhammad Rahim. And please do not spend your time trying to touch the mccobb the container that holds this stone. And people you know, tried to touch it and rub it on themselves, but there's nothing is this is not from this lab. There are no special blessings, we're touching metal.

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And if you wish to get closer and you look inside, you know, you'll see what it looks like to be a silver

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block with

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looks like a slab with to fit footprints in it. But that's not even the stone which Prophet Abraham stood on the stone is below it has like a cap which is put above it with holes, giving the impression and they were that somebody stood and their feet sunk into it. But the stone is actually if you look inside further and see inside of the silver, the stone is on the bottom. So it's nothing It's of no value.

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You know, you come during ombre and there's nobody there you are curious, you want to have a look no problem. But don't make this a part of the hatch. Don't make this a you know, a goal that you want to see. And you want to see inside No, this is a waste of your time. What Muhammad Rahim represents a place from behind which were supposed to pray to humans.

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And these two units of prayer we shouldn't give special value

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we tend to give more value to the macom itself and seeing it and touching it and all other kinds of things which have nothing to do with the ombre or the Hajj. We're not commanded by

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a last man to do it and didn't do it.

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Instead of those two units of prayer, which are prophesies that did behind mortality rate and anywhere Of course trying to get immediately behind there may be impossible.

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As it happens, laws will that people shift and move and you get the opportunity to pray behind it directly Mashallah fine, but if you don't you pray side to the side, one side to the other side or father Barker, you know, wherever you can actually saw the same video anywhere not only pray with that intention, you know, if that's all you can get to us as far as you can go

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then it's acceptable. So the point anyways, at least try to be I would say, you know in that vicinity, right? Behind McCarley, right and remember that these two units of prayer are the only prayers that were prescribed to be prayed in my studio.

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Besides the compulsory prayers of course, if you're in the masjid, all the compulsory prayers are prescribed for you everybody has to do them.

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But outside of those which are prescribed everywhere, the only two units of prayer behind the high Rahim This is the only place where these two units of prayer can be done. You can't go home and you know you missed out and you didn't do it. You do it at home. Oh, I forgot. No. It's not It's not possible. You can do it. You cannot even stay here at home is okay. I'm gonna make the intention of praying behind Makati for him and here I'm gonna pray here or in my local Masjid or whatever No, no, it is not acceptable. These two years the prayer can only be prayed there. So there are special tools. So we should treat them specially. Now Prophet Muhammad wa salam in the first rock out, he

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recited the surah Julio

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and in the second Raka, he recited called Warlock.

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These are the two swords, exactly. So the prayer is not very long.

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But the prayer

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has its own importance in terms of what is the prayer.

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Julio capital rule is a rejection of the false gods which are worshipped by those who don't know a lot

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and worship gods of their own.

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It's a rejection of

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worshiping others. Besides

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that we can't do it.

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Part time we worship a lot and part time we worship those other gods.

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Our worship of Allah has to be purely Only for love, we cannot worship any other gods besides along along with the lions.

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That's in the first round second Raka is about

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believing in law alone in his unique

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attributes and characteristics.

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That he is unique.

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There is none like

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is not three in one or two in one or many millions in one.

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He is one alone

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without partner, indivisible.

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And he was not born. He doesn't give birth.

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He has no beginning he has no and

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that is wrong.

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Everything decide in this world depends on him.

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That's the message everything depends on him and he depends on nothing.

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A lot of summit. He depends on nothing. So we should put our dependence in

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our trust in Him, our dependence on him

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because he is the only one

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who can fulfill every needs we have. So this

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importance, when important needs to be put on these two. And this is where we need to pray the prayer what's the profit called salata more than one day? The farewell prayer the prayer of Wyden giving farewell to this world.

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That if all you had to pray, left in your life with these two units of prayer behind mokonyane, right, how would you pray

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you would pray them with full concentration, reflecting on each and every word you said.

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tears in your eyes,

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your heart completely in your prayer. This is what we need to be praying behind.

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Because it's a one time thing, once in a lifetime opportunity being there to make those two prayers, those two units of prayer behind.

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Following that

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we have the Zamzam

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after the two units, it was the sooner the process to go back and touch the blast.

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in our times, that's virtually impossible. It will be going against the whole flow, everybody else is going around and you're going to have to go back and get that I would advise you not to try it. If you're on camera, you're at a time when there's nobody there, even in ADS if you happen to catch a point where there's very few people there and it's possible for you to do it.

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But otherwise, don't feel that you have to

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he did

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if we can redo otherwise, from there, we move on to the side on the way to where we would make the site we should get some water from Zamzam before that there was a well there, there was a well that you could go and get water from they used to put buckets in and pull it up.

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Then it became you know covered it had pumps and water was pumped out. It has to be in that same place we're now making it off. It was right there and you would go underground and there will be

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you know tops there and you could get the water and you could drink it there and it's coming directly from the weld.

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Due to the need for expanding the toe off area to handle the bigger and bigger numbers are coming and the harm that was happening to people as numbers increased trying to get down to the well. They seal that off, carry the water out

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Where and then put the water in,

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in buck in tubs, or in

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where usually the orange colored, they stand alongside, on the way to the area of site or in the site area, they have

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taps there where you can get the water. So that's now the place of access.

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So and that's on the side, mainly where you're coming back from Marwan going to Safar on that side, which is the side where the GABA is. So it was the son of the prophet SAW Salaam to

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drink water He also made will do from the Zamzam water and he poured some of it on his head.

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he used to do it while standing. He drank it does he have navassa before I did that, he gave Zamzam water to the province I saw lung while he was standing and drank it standing.

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It doesn't mean you have to drink it standing but that was the son of the prophet SAW Salam in this regard during the Hajj. And what we should be reflecting on when we are taking the water and drinking it is that this water which was discovered

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by hajer, at defeat near where property smile as a baby was left with the spring of Zamzam began.

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This resented fulfillment of a lost promise that there would be a time of ease after difficulty with the believers face. This is the promise of Allah and

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it that's what we should be remembering. As well as remembering that the following the son of Salaam he was the guide. We're drinking this because he drank it just because the Blackstone because he didn't pray behind him because he did. Based on instructions from the law. We are they're following the instructions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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and drinking Zamzam

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reflecting from masa Salamat said Zamzam is for whatever it is drunk for. So make some drugs while drinking Zamzam.

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He also said is the best water on the face of the earth.

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And it's a kind of food and healing from sickness.

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So these are statements about us, Allah made me take it that way, drinking with that intention, cleaning ourselves purifying ourselves, sickness of the soul, the sickness of the body. Along those best we just make the intention for benefits from it, while reflecting on its significance in our lives, where we are facing difficulties, we're stressed, distressed and you know, depressed.

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The ease will come. We just have to be patient. And this is the reminder of zamzar.

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So following that, of course, they're inside. We mentioned before that for those maintenance has come up to you know, have made too often father they must make site.

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And the site of course is going between mon safa and marwah. And this is again a reminder to us of the struggles of profit is smiles, mother, hajer, or Hagar in English. How is she having been left there?

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in the valley of Mecca,

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where there was nothing we normally think of valleys as being the streams running through the middle, you know, grass and trees and no but this valley of Mecca was empty.

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This was in the middle of the desert. It was a valid they were a mountain volcanic rock, and that

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made generations many, many millions of years before it may have had

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the grass and the greenery and water and everything else. But now, at the time of Prophet Abraham when he went there, it was a barren body.

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Were allied instructed him to leave his wife, Hagar hacia and her son

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in law

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and hogere when they're supplied right now, when looking for caravans running between Safa and Marwa these two hills to see if she could see off in the distance, some caravans coming in, so she could hail them and get some help some supplies, but she couldn't find any

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her running between so far Marvel, this is what we commemorate as we walk between Safar Mandala running just in the

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lower part of the valley, which is now marked by some green

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strip on the ground, you know, on the tiles you can see, you know, between this green

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painted area and the next is telling you this that you should

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trot and doesn't mean you need to go into 100 yard dash. This is not a contest, I'm not racing others, it's actually just trot in between there in commemoration of

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Hodges search for what

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and not only the search, but

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that the water came at the end.

00:26:29--> 00:26:32

But first and foremost, here, he stresses on the search

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that we have to manipulate.

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You know, when we are in times of difficulty, it didn't just sit there and pray. She got up and went looking.

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We have to make the effort

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we try

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to camels is the process.

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You know, we tie our camel, we do what we can and then we put our trust in.

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So this is the side and

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we have two eyes in the side. There's some which was on some game made when he was going up to Mount Sinai up to LA

00:27:13--> 00:27:24

blahs which should learn to use there as well as we can our own law following them after making the drugs which Allah taught us, you know,

00:27:27--> 00:27:28

he gave us

00:27:29--> 00:27:34

a few tips on if you'd like us to give the main turning facing

00:27:36--> 00:27:37

the masjid

00:27:38--> 00:27:46

Qibla to whatever degree we can figure it out and make making those toys and then afterwards making our own

00:27:47--> 00:27:48

for ourselves.

00:27:49--> 00:27:58

And as I said the focus should be on remembering the sacrifice of Cogito in

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identifying find a means to provide for herself and her child. And ultimately, our laws. These came a law made away and instead of her finding caravans by looking from marijuana and suffer

00:28:21--> 00:28:26

and running after these caravans alarm in the spring there in the body

00:28:27--> 00:28:29

and made the caravans come to her

00:28:31--> 00:28:39

and from that base, a village town city

00:28:41--> 00:28:43

from where one not expected.

00:28:45--> 00:28:57

And as a law said, well my indicating that whoever fears a lot, the gyla will massage and he will he will find a way open for them will open away for them. We are zoom in high school.

00:28:58--> 00:29:04

And they will be provided for from where they least expected.

00:29:05--> 00:29:07

So where where did

00:29:08--> 00:29:11

Hagar expect help to come

00:29:12--> 00:29:14

from finding the garments passing by.

00:29:16--> 00:29:23

She would never have expected the help to come from where she left her child. But that's where it came.

00:29:25--> 00:29:36

And that's what we need to reflect on these reminders that does not fall into corruptions in disobedience, etc. Because we're trying to achieve what we desire.

00:29:37--> 00:29:50

Let's turn our fears over to Allah make our efforts halaal genuine efforts and then leave the affair to Allah as he will provide a way for us.

00:29:51--> 00:29:57

So that is the continuation conclusion of day three,

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part two

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Following this, I will deliver the four of the Hajj Chronicles.