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It's my pleasure to share some of the beauty of Carter here with you on YouTube.

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I had some brothers, who came from Australia, doing a wonderful program there called the scripture program, where they're teaching Islamic Studies in public schools in Australia, they have the opportunity to do so. So these brothers have come through, and we did some recordings for that program. And they suggested that, since it's such a beautiful day, and then of course, out there most days are beautiful anyway, that, I think the opportunity to share some other thoughts for YouTube viewers in general. So I would just say that, when we look at these kinds of scenes, the beauty of Allah's creation around us, this should remind us of our responsibility to Allah, Allah,

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who has put us in this world, not just for the enjoyment and the pleasure of what is in this world, it is there a part of the blessing that is given us, but we are here for a purpose, you know, so this opportunity is one which reminds me of our purpose. And this is what I hope it would remind you also, you know, a lot of great blessings in the life to come far exceed the blessings that we see around us here. And, inshallah, if we realize this purpose is purpose of worshiping Allah, turning the whole of our life into one which is pleasing to Allah and Allah, then whatever we get of this world, will be multiplied in the world to come. And this is what we need to be focused on. Because

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if the issues of priorities and we all understand the importance of priorities, you know, are real, that we should prioritize things, then of course, as a Muslim, our priority should definitely be the era. That's where we should be focused. So though we're living in this world, though, we make take benefit from this world, we enjoy the things of this world, but still, our focus should be on where this is all leading. So I welcome you to share the beauty of Qatar, the beauty of Allah's creation, and to reflect along with me, on the world to come and our responsibility in this world, to fulfill the mission for which we are created, so that the world to come will be one which will be pleasing,

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beneficial, and something that we it's worth our sacrificing in this world for radical Africa. alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh