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So now my day coming to LA How about a cattle? I'd like to welcome you dear viewers to another in our series, the best in Islam. And this segment of the episode on clothing we began earlier in our previous episode we looked at statements concerning clothing, dress, etc. And we did mention a statement of the prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him that

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the best clothing or cloth is the white cloth. He went on to say that we should close our living in it and trout are dead in it.

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So there is particular emphasis on white. But this emphasis was because of the fact that Islam put a premium on cleanliness

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and purification and white is the color which will require the most washing and cleaning for it to remain looking clean. So Disraeli, from this perspective, not necessarily that white is superior to other colors, but merely as an encouragement to use colors which

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would be natural motivations for people to keep clean.

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And we have a statement, Qatada

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one of the companions of the Prophet Ana Sydney Malik, I you Libous can have been ala rasulillah he

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either Rasulullah Kala la barra, which garment was dearest, or most liked by a loss messenger.

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And he replied, the striped cotton cloaks and this stripe cotton usually was made in Yemen and included the colors green and others in it. So, it was multicolored it had different colors. And

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that is clear that

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though he recommended why it didn't mean that's all you could wear

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in terms of the type of garment that the Prophet himself preferred.

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Um, Salah ma said, Can a hub Thea be illa rasulillah he alchemise the clothing which the Messenger of Allah like the best was the long shirt, long shirt is like what we call it. So today it's something like what I'm wearing. That's a long shirt. In Arabic terms, maybe it's a stopping Normally, the shorter midway in the chin, but that was his favorite dress, being loose wide and properly covering the body, you know, not exposing what should not be exposed. So it is really because of the

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nature of how such garments cover the body, that the prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him.

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Preferred it. We also have

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a statement where the prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him spoke about better with regards to garments and cloth and arrive in as him he related at once when the last messenger was given a silk garment and people were amazed by its beauty and softness. He said lamina deal side The name was Phil Jenna of Lalu minha Sadiq Nimrods handkerchief

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in Paradise is much better than this.

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As wonderful and amazing as people saw the silk diamond, then handkerchief something so simple as a handkerchief of sided Nimrod who was one of the companions of the Prophet who died during the lifetime of the prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him. He was the leader of the tribe in Medina.

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And he was among the first that converted to Islam there.

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And the prophet SAW Salaam, honored him, loved him. The point is that

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this was, of course, a promise that side had been wives would be among the people of paradise.

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And further, it is a reminder that the things of this life that we may treasure and considered to be so wonderful, so beautiful, so great, they are virtually nothing in the life to come, the wonderful

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pleasures, which will be given to those who are granted paradise were blessed with paradise far exceeds anything that we experience in this life.

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