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salam, alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh I'd like to welcome you dear viewers to another in our series, the best of door heat. And in this series, we're looking at the best evidence found in the Quran and the Sunnah. And the explanations of the companions of Prophet Muhammad, may God's peace and blessings be upon him, as well as that of early scholars, which give us a clear picture of what in fact, is tawheed in Islam.

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many anthropologists and sociologists social scientists, and looking at religion, under the influence of Darwinian theory of how humans evolved, they had developed, and many people still look at religion from their perspective and evolutionary model. According to them,

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human beings, early human beings, the first ones that evolved from a common ancestor with the apes, the first human beings, human families and tribes, that devolve they used to defy

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the forces of nature, according to them, when early man came in contact with the cataclysmic and devastating forces of nature, like lightning, thunder, volcanoes and earthquakes, they saw them as superior beings, supreme beings. Powerful, this was the science of their power. And they sought to appease them the way that they appeased their leaders, the one who was the head of the tribe, had to be appeased people brought things to him, keep him happy, so that he would look down on them well, so they looked at these forces of nature in the same way, that they needed to be appeased. So they made sacrifices, they brought food and different things to these forces of nature.

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this is how early religion began. According to them. They gave the example of the North American Indians who believe in the spirits of the rivers and the forest etc. As an example of this early stage, in the evolution of religion, which is known as animism.

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animism involves giving divinity or spiritual life, to elements of nature, trees, stones, rocks, rivers, seas, etc. So, after that stage, then according to them, people started to develop personal gods, personal Gods which were for regions, clans, etc. And this stage, the stage of the family, Gods special Gods for each family, etc. They give the example of the polytheistic Hindus of India, where every family may have its own personal God, and as economic necessity

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and war produced nations, families were absorbed into nations, then the tribal gods of the leading families became the main gods of the nations. And the numbers of Gods became fewer and fewer as time passed, more areas were conquered, you know, the leading god of the leading family became the God of the area, or the region, the country, etc. But prior to becoming one, it reached the point of two gods and of course, the example they give is that of the Zoroastrians of Persia.

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Have god of good and evil said okay, so things evolved down to the rich to Gods. And then after that, you now had the One God pop up, okay, and actually, in the

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pharaohs who have multiple gods, their stage was similar to that of the Hindus, they had a number of Gods for different families. Even some of the rulers were considered to be gods, in the 14th century BC, one of the Egyptian rulers aconitine,

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also known as Ayman hotep, the fourth, he introduced the idea of one God,

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the sun was the symbol, bra, the disk of the Sun became the symbol of that one God. So, that was the evolutionary development to one God, however, what we see is that, of course, after Akhenaten's death, then multiple gods were brought back in. And if we look at the various religions around the world, even though they may have a number of gods, they generally have almost every last one of them generally has belief in one God, one supreme god, overall, the other the other gods became like, intermediaries, you know,

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demigods, some of them are half human, half God, etc. And that

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is more in keeping with the idea that people were monotheistic, and their beliefs became corrupted until they became polytheistic. And the examples we gave,

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even of Zoroastrians, who have a God of good and a God of evil, even in their system, with the two gods, the God of good is the superior God, He is the one who will win out in the struggle between the two. So he is the ultimate God. And that's what they hold, but they just have another god that struggles with Him until the end of this world. So actually, when looking at what has happened to Christianity, or looking at what has happened also to Islam, we have to say that the degenerative model, that people degenerated from Tao head, from the Unitarian belief, into polytheism, that is, in fact, more keeping with what we know of the history of the various religions in the various

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societies. The claim that early man, deified nature, this is just a fairy tale. Nobody was around them. Nothing has been written at that time. We don't have evidence for it. It's just a blank claim. Whereas

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the evidence is for monotheism, we do have it, corruption of monotheism, after the time of the prophets, is recorded. So we have a much clearer picture when we follow the degeneration model than we do. And we've tried to follow the evolutionary model, because of course, the evolutionary model is based on the theory of evolution, which itself is questionable, it posits

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concepts which are not really founded in clear evidence. It's only supposition that human beings evolved from ape like creatures, sharing a common ancestor with the apes. This belief

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is the belief

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used to justify atheism, that we have no God, in fact, because if we end the monkeys, the apes share the same common origin. And you don't see any monkeys worshiping God creating temples and idols that they worship. So then the question is, why do we

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have of course this kind of argument to this kind of view, is very common among the social anthropologists. No social scientists

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who tend to look at human beings and judge their actions based on what animals do. So they say, since animals don't do that, it means something that we have learned, probably not good for us better not to do it. So they promote time and time again, the idea that we should be like animals. And so you had a big strong movement there, which is known as the nudist movement, where people promoted * that we shouldn't be closed. You don't see any monkeys, chimpanzees, wearing clothes, except for those that we've put clothes on person, we should be not true. You know, this idea that you have to cover yourself is like, you know, some kind of a psychological thing which the

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society is putting on you, you should be free open. So they had nudist colonies, nudist parks in Europe, where mom, dad, the kids all went start naked to the park. Even the person who's selling ice cream there he's naked goal Park, in *.

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They felt this is going back to nature, going back to the norm for human existence. But of course, this remained. With a small segment of society though we had nudist beaches and things like that came along. Still, the majority of people didn't really accept this way of thinking. We're gonna pause here for a break. Before looking at the origin of shirk. Where did she come from, if the beginning of our faith as human beings was in our head. So how did shark enter our ranks in the first place?

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We'll be looking at that in our coming segment. We'll see you after the break.

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