Murtaza Khan – Descending of Allaah

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of Prophet's teachings and their impact on modernity is discussed, including the potential for falsen knew interpretations of the head of teaching and the negative impact of undercovering certain beliefs and fears. The speakers emphasize the importance of bringing people to the right way of learning Islam and avoiding false accusations. The transcript also touches on the history of Islam and its impact on individuals, including the importance of seeking forgiveness and avoiding false accusations. The speakers stress the need for finding the right path for belief and perception for individuals to achieve their dreams.
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Barbie Barbie, we can

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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in the hamdulillah Hina madam minister, I didn't want to stop fiddle. When I wrote the bill I mean surely unforeseen. I mean say Dr. Medina may didn't know Furthermore, the data were a little further hodja y shadow

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Illa Illa la vie de la sharika wash had an AMA hamedan abdomen karasuno I'm about to fire in Asda Cunha DC kita boo Bah, Wah higher alhuda houda Muhammad in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Sharon ohmori Matias to her wakulla Masha 13 beta wakulla without in Bala tiene wakulla Bala that enfinger rubbish rashly sorry, while you're Sidley Emery, WA Hello okudah Tammy Lisa Nia Coco Lee of the praise praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier seldom continuing our journey with these prophetic traditions, whereby the previous few ahaadeeth have been looking at seeking or turning to towards

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the forgiveness or earning the forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah and a theme today between later and a continuous of repenting back and turning to Allah Subhana Allah and seeking His forgiveness. We find this is a major, a major topic or a major theme that reoccurs inside the Quran and the Sunnah, of repeating certain moments or certain elements. Because Allah Allah will be tecra knowledge is wise, by a repetitious nature of repeating topics repeating themes, until they sink into the mind and the heart of the individual. Does he find the Quran always carries major themes, main themes inside the Quran, main themes in the Sunnah the prophetic traditions of the Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam to send, as they say send home the message to make it delve deeper into our hearts and our mind. Amongst the main themes of the Quran that we find is ato. heyde a tawakkol with Toba when Canna tawakkol reliance turns back to tohave but you find the general theme in the courses inside the stories inside the Quran. Their hidden agenda is about placing your reliance upon a with Allah subhanaw taala these are major themes inside the Quran the person should revolve their life around about the belief, the belief towards Allah Subhana Allah is a

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Pinnacle point for every single Muslim to rectify their belief to rectify their relationship with Allah Subhana Allah and with that rectification that we find total reliance, total trust, what to work on Allah, Allah Allah de la Yarmuth paste your trust upon the old living, the eternal, the one that doesn't die Allah Subhana Allah, and at the same time we find that a human being will Holika insanity. If a man has been creating a state of weakness, will, will make mistakes. But you find that the doors of Toba open, say to my believing servants, and Latina asafo Allah and fuseini tekna to Mira Matilda, display of the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, the doors of Toba. These are the three

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main themes that you find inside the Quran of Toba of tawheed, what token Allah Subhana Allah and as we find this, the topic of hate that we find is emphasis cannot be highlighted enough inside our lives, more and more that we find in this modern world that we find people in their understanding of the world, the advancement of the world that you find, unfortunately, there are still some people who fail to worship Allah subhanaw taala appropriately, when you build a lava homebush record, most people may claim to believe in Allah Subhana Allah, but they believe is tainted with schicke, Association, partners, intermediaries, all forms of schicke that we find, unfortunately, even

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amongst some of the Muslims that we find the way that they call upon Allah Subhana Allah, the way they ask Allah Subhana Allah is quite sad. But it is a fact that we find that we're living in even more so in the modern world at the moment, that they are Muslims, who are still far away from Allah Subhana Allah. And as we find that this concept of the head of teaching people, right belief isn't just a dogma, some people may think, or theology, but more the essence of their head at the core of

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the essence of their head is at the core of a llama, is to come close to Allah Subhana Allah, not every single individual will become a great scholar of the head. But every single individual can understand the impact of the head, summer to toe head hashmatullah the fruits of tawheed the pinnacle element of the head is the fear of Allah, the devotion to Allah. And that fear of Allah Subhana Allah, as many alumni have concluded, isn't just the weeping or shedding tears, or some form of alleviation that enters into a heart and a mind. It is an almond, Kasha, Tila and Melissa panatela. Your doodle could

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lead you to obedience of Allah is what we do hate is penetrates into into your heart and your mind observance of rules, regulations, obedience, its Shinobu Muharram Muhammad staying away from how long things allow, see alpha soak, and prefer a Zulu. That's what the head is deeply penetrating into your heart and your mind to make you to become worried about every single affair, every single moment upon the face of this dunya. And as we find that certain verses may be inside of certain a Hadith, there could be an element of different interpretations, even though some of these interpretations are not acceptable. But he has sometimes we may accept these interpretations. And in

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these interpretations that we find, sometimes deviation begins to creep in. And as you find if you study theology in deep detail, you find people who have deviated the path of deviation begins, because a lack of towhead a lack of understanding of tawheed that you find today, even the modern world that we find weird and wonderful fatawa that we find, legal verdicts are given which a person begins to question the person's not just the legality, but the concept of an alien. That how they're able to give such a view how they're able to extract a view, we're not talking about a more an idea, and phase whereby you find the element have different accepted various opinions, whereby we find

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this deviancy or try to dismantle the Sharia of Allah Subhana Allah in the context of modernity, and the context context of modernism of reviving Islam for the Western world for people around us. And even in the eastern world, that you find they begin to pay a lot for bid try to dismantle the Shetty of Allah Subhana Allah. And the other extreme that we find is this deviation is that whereby a whole life becomes a passive robot and a nurse are just trying to dismantle other people trying to find faults in other people. What we find is a man had to insert the Quran, whereby deviation may creep in that people have thought he'd understand how to rectify, how to reconcile how to bring people

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back. Another aspect of it stagnation, that people may begin to read theology, but life just becomes stagnant for them. They find no fruits. It just becomes a dry science of studying of apartheid.

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As if an alum of the Hague begin to revive all of these elements. If the Quran says hola to JD to Al kitabi illegibility he accent and the Quran says don't debate with the People of the Book in lability acid for olallie, mini muslimeen and Dr. answers when you debate with people of the book, debate with them in a good way, with good ethical good behavior. But we find from this, Muslims have more right? When you debate with Muslims, you try to rectify Muslim affairs, you find saya Bhutto hate, so I had Rico look personal. He has the finest character. You can't separate the two early my written. You can't say it my personal aqeedah and your character is a bad character. You can't say

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I'm a person of good character and I can't care less about belief. They have to stand together. A person who knows the right belief knows the right hook knows that the psychological development and understanding of people is able to penetrate into the mind and into the heart. That's odourless ability, replicable hikma while morality has center, or unset inside and the supernatural could alter the way of Allah Subhana Allah with fine admonition fair warning. When hikma with wisdom and hate my word rochet fi McCarney wisdom is to place everything in its right place. Who knows? It was born sasak moodgym, you find a person is a stray, deviant, corrupt last? What is the role of the

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believing Muslim? What is the role of our people? What should we do? Should we then aid this individual to deviate more away from the path of Allah spandana arrakis Allah hierarchy, focus upon the good things, that is the nature of the human being. The human being wants to hear good things, wants to hear acceptable words, of women had the Baptist Health equal ob see could be from this way you entered his heart and his mind and begin to remind them about Allah Subhana Allah, that may be this thing that you believe isn't quite correct. Maybe you've Miss understood it. This is the way you need to understand the right belief. This is a science, fidelity movie that many of us don't

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don't understand. We don't know. We just take texts black and white, and we begin to apply them to the society around us. And in a society that we live in at the moment where deviancy and corruption is spreading like wildfire, as we began with, we need to try to begin to eliminate that fire. bring people to the right way of understanding the belief towards Allah Subhana Allah, there are many affairs that we find that people are deviated upon. We find inside this hadith today beadnell A Dinah reconsider reconciling, I believe, and likewise action, to have the right belief and to have the right action for it to become acceptable in front of Allah subhanaw taala we find the concept of

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Aloo Erlewine Subhana Allah, the Highness The loftiness of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah Himself, Rashid, Morocco Quran many times inside the Quran that we find in a

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while Amazon Yahoo, to him goes to good word goes to travels up to Allah Subhana Allah and the good actions they push it up. That's what I've mentioned. Even a person offered Asana, Asana, cut the Masada Cod, give sadaqa give charity so it pushes your good actions to Allah Subhana dyana dues of gender open a Monday and Thursday are Rasool la salatu salam is prophetic vision paraphrasing the Hadith. So I want my actions to be delivered to go up on the Monday and Thursday under the state of fasting. This all shows the actions they travel up to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana Allah is above the seven heavens upon his throat in a way that benefits His Majesty. Sundar Murat from our

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ramen Rahman AR

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Ar Rahman supernova Allah has ascended his throne in a way that benefits His Majesty. This is a creative Alexandre de Waal Gemma. Yes, these people have deviated regardless. So they need to be told in a good manner to reconcile to rectify their belief. But once again, as we mentioned the concept of rectifying their belief and likewise looking at the path of action, of action of devotion to Allah Subhana Allah and likewise the opposite that we find a new zone, Allah Subhana Allah descends in a way that benefits His Majesty is the beginning of this hadith that we find a tunnel de la buena tabarka. What they are Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Subhana Allah descends in a way

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that befits His Majesty and the numerous Hadees that we find, hand his hand either in the last third of the night, on the day of alpha that we find that Allah subhanaw taala comes down and calls out to the age of * out to his servants. As for the manner It is unknown, or to ask how a person used to believe that and to accept it, and not to delve into such way

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To such manner that we find that many of those individuals will begin to deviated, began to have excessive questioning. That's what Mr. Malik will advise people and legacies still exist today. Don't ask about how Allah, Allah, how we how Allah Subhana Allah ascended the throne was so and who better to ask about is that innovation is module unknown. The human mind cannot comprehend cannot understand it. So person only says that we still caught on has told us to ascribe to Allah Subhana Allah, then there had these cool delays at every single night, because some Muslims may think that there's only special moments, the month of Ramadan, the last 10 nights of Ramadan that day of

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arafah. That's why some of the selfie Dallek because some of us Muslims just codify our life upon certain special occasions, as they say, on the month of Ramadan, that they have out of the last last 10 nights of Ramadan, the first 10 days of Malaysia, and May Allah forbid for some of us individually to moodgym out. That's the common Muslim has become that I have done my service. I have done my bit for Islam, I have done my big for my own self. And Bill as if it didn't enough Rania Christianity, come to the church on Sunday. And that will pardon all my sins for the rest of the week. And I'm forgiven, but Allah upendo has entered into some of the hearts and minds of our Muslim

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brothers and sisters, that I come in Yama, Yama, then I've done my service, there is no service, there is no service that you've done to anyone, not even to your own self. The service that you do to your own self is to obey Allah Subhana Allah every single day to excel, to question yourself, to increase yourself. That's what tells us to do. Quran doesn't tell us just to worship Allah, Allah Yama Juma to come on the Friday prayer, and just to condense our life upon that, and then to return back to our daily affairs, returned back to the rest of the week, and then to wash away our sins on Friday, once again, that we find no like was in this Hadith, that a person should know that every

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single night, every single night, Allah, Allah descends, and is there for us, for every single Muslim. And thus, you find Yes, alumina is somehow what you call the Yeoman who officia in, in South Sudan that we find the 55th chapters are answered at an area that we find from them 3637 times that we find to be a Arabic humor to cut the burn.

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kalu when this when the surah was sent down, the human beings didn't respond. They didn't respond from an agenda algin the Djinn responded, we're never going to reject any the blessing of Allah, Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah Arabic Kuma to cut the ban, which is the blessings of Allah you're going to deny human beings remained silent, but a gene they express themselves we're not going to reject the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala inside the surah that we find, they find that yes, alumina is somehow what he will earn everything in the heavens and earth they ask Allah Subhana Allah Kula Yeoman who have vision, every single day, would it be the face of creation, of life of death that we find? All these affairs or the hidden element that we find of people may be asking Allah Subhana Allah to forgive them? He's responding to them. We find that a person in the depths of the night they disobey Allah Subhana

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Allah, and in the near past, repent, Allah forgives, the individual could look at him in the Mujahideen olema Omar will be forgiven, except for those individuals who who expose or express their sins in public. Every single Muslim is forgiven by Allah Subhana Allah, not by mankind. Yes, the hoonah Milanesi what is the tsunami de la he. They worry most of us we worry about people. We should worry about Allah Subhana Allah Allah. Allah says that in the night Miss Hadith, that the person commit sins in the night by the morning the person repents, Allah wipes it out person sins in the morning, and in person by the end of the evening, they repent, they turn back to the last country

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and Allah wipes out conceives the sins of the individual, that is Allah subhanaw taala every single day in a Sunnah it dunya to the lowest Heaven, they send to the lowest heaven in a way that benefits us. Now, you see, just as we mentioned, on the day of alpha, whereby Allah begins to boast about the service of ease in a disheveled in a bad state. They've come around so he that we find there's no remnants there. Do you find that millions of projects that go there is the essence of the essence of oneness of a lots of animals that I did in a disheveled in a bad state if we can use such words such an expression, away from a timeframe of this dunya and the world around us. Look out a little

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paddle boats to the angels look at these sevens of mine. What if they come for what are they asking for, unless you find the pinnacle element and had you out of the whole essence of Hajj, the whole theme of Hajj is errata is to stand in, stand and make dua to Allah subhanaw taala to ask Allah Subhana deonna that you find that infoway hjem abroad, the benefits of a acceptable Hajj is nothing less but Jenna, or to return back the way that they that your mother gave birth to you, meaning there's no sins upon you. But yeah, once again, that we begin to throw sins upon ourselves, all these American, all these places, and Martin mawashi stages times moments for the individual to

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repent and to come back to Allah Subhana Allah, He flew to London and you find that when there's only the last third of the night that's left, that you find that the end of the day, the end of the night that we find for either for the fun of what you love, because when you finish your rasulillah when you finish this day, finish everything you've done of this dunya then find a moment inside the night or inside the day whereby you reflect upon your life. Turn to Allah subhanaw taala like Well, yeah, you will Muslim in Camila illa kalila a Muslim if you are Muslim one wrapped up in his government stand up a night or part of the night or a third of the night. If you study this surah

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the whole so this surah is about the young lady about standing in the night praying to Allah and are in the nursery at a nail. Here I shall do what Aqua moolah. The standing in a night activity in the night will strengthen you strengthen your speech, strengthen your life, television and the sooner that we find in naraka indeed your Lord knows. Your Lord knows the one who standing a third and like a part of the night we stand you're calling upon Allah Subhana Allah. These are all moments or activities that Allah has placed for the person to seek those activities. Inside the end of Soto Rama surah sorted for Khan, the 25th chapter four I'm speaking about a burger and before that Allah

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mentioned that our last place that night and the day in Fulton lemon arada and yet the Crow era the shakoora Allah has placed the night and the day for person to ponder and to reflect and to remind and to turn to Allah and Allah. Then he mentioned what a bad man is Dina young sooner the hohner Najib, first Allah I'll place that night and the day who are the people who pick up these elements who pick up that natural cycle as they say, a bad man servants of Allah. Well, FEMA can ask in other places in the Quran, in the faculty summer working activity leveleleven de la Tilly Khalid Al Bab, Allah de leus Karuna, lucky

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to be

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popular Savannah Kakinada once again in the end of surah, Allah Emraan Allah mentions in his seminal work, you will indeed have created the heavens and the earth at night and the de la Yeti, newly

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assigned some men of lube the man after Okun men of understanding knowledge, perception, understanding, though, what's the impact of the knowledge of these individuals

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on knowledge for these individuals, Allah Xena yes kurunegala chiamato demagogy newbie, this will become textual life. There's no other knowledge is for these people. They remember a little while standing was the frustrating one still lying down every moment of their life. And they reflect over all of this Ramana Maharshi tada bartylla you haven't created this in vanity minister La Jolla without any purpose or any intent. There is a purpose for everything to be there for hasim to Anima Helena Kumar, Bertha Wanaka Elena Allah to Jarraud Fatah has a lot of medical hoc, do you think we created his own without any purpose? All of this exists on the heavens and the earth would just come

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and pass and be destroyed. Color hasha it's never it's never. It's never understandable for Muslim to think like this. But unfortunately find that a modernistic approach of Islam that we find penetrates into our heart and our mind that some akula some Muslim they think this life is just all about just entertainment, about enjoyment. Just a normal life that we live. The whole point of us being on the face of this earth woman to general into elderly Buddha liuwa Hey dude, to remember Allah Subhana Allah, the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah. Yo, what are we doing it in a Western Hemisphere? What is life, the mindset of many of us Muslims omean later when the Hara aloka or syrup

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or sugar work amusement played. He

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Life, family. That's what many of us we've been brainwashed. We've been brainwashed with this mentality this all that life is

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the life of a Muslim is far more superior than that a life of a Muslim is far more focused on that. We now live in an age feel horrible and it Mata ye balika immense wisdom of Allah Subhana Allah living here in this environment at the moment, what is that wisdom of Allah Subhana Allah to place us as a culture, and Catherine alone, to places the evidence against these people, and evidence against them that a mess of Islam is still there is still dominant is still spreading, but what are we doing about it? What efforts are we making about it? Are we reminding these people about Allah Subhana Allah? Are we encouraged them to come to the powerful laws under under the prophet Elijah

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exerted only efforts all of his life? To do what? For us to just enjoy our lives today. For us to just live at peace and at rest. He exerted his efforts was Sabha around the a lot and I mean, exerted all of their lives. What after aku? Medina, you don't find many of the greats inside Medina at the moment? Where are they? What did they want to achieve inside their lives? That is what many of us have forgotten that to come here on the face of this earth, to exert ourselves to remind people about loss of paradise. And in that strength that you find comes in observance of these rules and regulations. That's why I mentioned that was solely

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based upon certain traditions that we find the way of the righteous people is the night prayer, gives a person strength gives the person Islam gives the person focus gives them devotion, gives them commitment. That's when the Prophet Allah says I must spend more long moments inside his life to revitalize these Eman to revitalize his life, his soul, and that's what it is for Muslims and Muslims. Once again, Muslim complain about depression, about being upset about being worried. Selena Cotta in benign retail units of prayer in the night or in the day

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are asuna La Silla to serve you to stay to belong. You have been an arena with Salah co give the code of

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give us peace, comfort with the with the prayer, awaken us with the prayer. But as for many of us, get rid of the prayer make it just a formality for us to just return that we want to do. And as he went on, we mentioned that a Salah Allah Allah badness becomes something hard upon people, you know come to Salah, except for the dragging their feet. And even then that you find well is Quran Allah Allah, Allah Allah and even when they stand inside prayer only remember Allah a small amount Oh your own a nurse does that people may tick the boxes television stages may take them they came to Salah they came to Salah didn't these people may visualize it yesterday said is a formality at the end of

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formality at Dean his focus and commitment and devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah what made a lady for the hijab been a pelican likewise, once I saw to a surah I sutra full of commandments, and prohibitions that we find a sutra full of hulak of Allah that we find, and indeed that we inside the Refine, to offer tahajjud the night prayer so that perhaps Allah Allah may raise your rank inside the Hara, for a cool minute Rooney for a study below the head, he then continues, who is it is calling upon me that I may respond to individual man Yes, only for pa who, who's asking me so I could give to that individual, Manchester Clooney for Oxford, Allah who, who's seeking my

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forgiveness. So may I made them forgive this individual. And as we find this is the way of the soil in the Quran mentioned what Bill as Harry who may still

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in the early part of the morning that you find, or the end of the end of the night that we find they're seeking forgiveness. Look at the context of these ideas inside the Quran, you find something strange, because sometimes we just condensed as open certain actions we think these are the actions of the opponent. These are the actions the pious individuals, that these certain things that we do is sufficient in the Matatini eternity What are we doing? Indeed, in the pious individual winter gardens will be in the in the surrounded by it with the streams. The rivers are surrounded by these rivers and the streams will be given to these individuals. Medina Mata hombre boom in nokian macabre

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Delica masini they'll be taking whatever Allah has delivered given to these individuals, a sign of these individuals these individual find in non Keanu Cobra Delica seen before getting into Jenna, they were good individuals not realizing that when I get to Jenna, then May Allah pardon me when they open the face of this earth. They will try

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To be more known, they are trying to be good individuals can Oh karela mina layli maryada own. They used to very rarely sleep at night. That's how the Quran describes these righteous individuals. What bill as Harry from yesterday wrote in the early part of the morning, the Empire the night they're seeking forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah Wolfie and William happily say he was wrong. Then while say living amongst the people didn't just become a secret rabada which is strengthening them, that impact of a better makes them show goodness to the people around them. The people around them feel unwelcome. Hopefully sir, anyone my room, people who may ask for that well, and people who don't ask

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for their wealth, they go out and they seek them and they give them charity. They give them Zakah they help these individuals. This is how the Quran speaks about pious individuals. It isn't dissected as some of us dissected This is a symbol of taqwa. This will piety is another place inside the Quran that we find about describing those individual Latina either federally insured, and we're gonna move on to some of the kuruma those individuals who carry out some form of illicit misconduct, bad behavior, promiscuity, lewdness, sexual misconduct, wickedness, they may carry out upon this dunya obala move on pusa home or they oppress their own souls by any form of sin that they may have

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committed. These individuals the Corolla pustak thoroughly don't obey Him. They remember Allah Subhana Allah and they quickly they seek the forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah, woman woman Yoku, by a Lama, who is the one that forgives sins, except for Allah Subhana Allah. Well, I'm you sudo rlms annual gala moon, they don't be persistent. They recognize their mistake, and they begin to abstain from it. They returned back and they have knowledge and they've made this mistake returned to Allah Subhana Allah once again look at the context of this ayah inside Surah Al Imran how Allah described these individuals that we find the people of Paradise was a llama 30 Mira become Mira

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become agenda to go somewhere, or a

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race, race with one another, or sorry to race rather in gaining that paradise, whose width is like the heavens and earth or a cane which has been prepared for the pious individuals. Now comes Who are these pies individuals? How does Allah describe that who these pies individuals are? Allah VIERA Buena Vista rah, rah IE, those who spend their wealth in times of prosperity times of adversity hardships. And then some people might think well that's something simple to do, Professor to spend their wealth then a lot mentors a third stage, while Calvin minella Hi Eve. Those individually three who swallowed the anger shame on rG sefa to

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those individual when they get angry, they swallow their anger. Then I'm gonna take you to a fourth stage while our Athena and the nurse will blow your head when we're singing. Allah love those who pardon people. When people trouble them people say things about them people take away their right people may do whatever they can towards them. When I see now and in depth, the highest stage will know your sin that you find like was a heavy metal genda to Bill mercury. Why would you voted not to be showered had it in a Muslim, various Telemark various wordings that we find that paradise have been surrounded by obstacles. And you find that, again not has been surrounded via temptations to

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read the explanation is headed by email no initial email Muslim that we find. He says that there are certain obstacles that we find inside this dunya obstacles that person needs to overcome. And he bases it upon this verse, that these are the traits of the people of Paradise, that the obstacles a person needs to overcome. That we find amongst them that we find is Cosmo hive, is to be able to swallow your anger. Swallow your anger for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah is a part of paradise for those individuals. Another place is not answered. People in a Makati mirror become sabich who challenge one another challenge in the dunya challenging race with one another who can build the

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highest skyscraper. I don't want to go into a political dimension. But we see all around at the moment. A person who built one skyscraper one building another person come in and knock it down and build something else and go beyond that. People take pride in this. People think this is some form of prestige and honor and dignity for his Muslim Omar who said his dignity for a Muslim Omar who claimed his dignity who claim that this shows your skill and your ability. This only shows one thing Yeah, the moon over here a mineral hierarchy dunya boom

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Here at home alone, so the Quran says Yala Muna boy hidden mineral hierarchy dunya don't boast about this dunya dunya is important for all of us Muslims, no doubt, but life doesn't become to boast about this dunya to show you your strength and your power, your strength and your power, be email and calm is where your email or your energy

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is inside. So to add the 57th chapter to Coronel Hadid means the iron, because maybe cut Yokozuna ishara about his mousset Omar will become lofty, and his buildings and aspirations, the context is ay ay ay ay before I before this animal animal hired to do labor what was the what

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was the cause of it and well, it will all add one layer of Khurana ajeeb. Animal animal higher to caribou la one. Yeah.

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this dunya is nothing but play and amusement and boasting about your wealth, boasting about your children. That's how the Quran describes this world describes as Muslims even today and they ended the IRA continue after the destruction all of this they find one man higher to dunya

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What is this word, except for great big deception wakulla Callie had our stuff from Ali welcome, Ali. Jimmy and Muslim enough are stuck through in our for Rahim.

00:41:41 --> 00:42:23

hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi woman tamasak Episode nathula yo media ameba, as we began with the main theme of the Quran, is none other than hate as we mentioned. And as a person should exert their efforts to find that right belief, to lead them to the right action. Because Indeed, Allah Subhana Allah only accepts those actions which are sincerely done for him Subhana Allah, and those actions which are done in correspondence in unison with the sadhana given to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And if you find that the pure part of it that we find that people try to read in between the lines of the Quran, and this is

00:42:23 --> 00:43:02

a deviation, as we mentioned, look at the main theme of the Quran. Don't try to follow the path those people tried to enter, tried to enter in between the lines. The theme of the Quran is the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah, there are no intermediaries. There are no intercessions there is no partnership, there's no devotion, there is no commitment. There's no seeking assistance and aid that we find, wherever we find it for you. Some Muslims try to extract certain iron inside the Quran as we began with, and make that when we interpretate those ayah. And we mentioned that maybe it could be plausible. But that's not the main theme of the Quran. Don't hold on to strings, and base the

00:43:02 --> 00:43:30

whole of your faith, the whole your life to say that that possibly that dead person can hear me the dead person can respond for me, the dead person can intercede for me, the dead person can help me or this person can help me do something for me. There may be a slight element you could extract for maybe a verse here or there, even though that's not the right extraction. But look at the rest of the message of the Quran. Why do you fail to turn away from the main theme of the Quran? What is the main theme of the Quran? Is nothing less.

00:43:31 --> 00:44:11

Nothing less? the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah? Why can't we allow that to penetrate our heart and our mind? Why can't we allow that to enter the heart and the mind? Why do you want to create barriers and obstacles and say that maybe some people have a point in this type of interpretation? It's a fallacy. It's false hood is corruption is deviancy that eventually deviancy as we touched upon leads towards stagnation, stagnation of actions that we find, because eventually life becomes that if this belief is acceptable as deviant belief as these people claim, then what is the point in acting? What is the point in acting in this dunya till eventually that you find that genuine nurse?

00:44:12 --> 00:44:54

May Allah forbid this has been documented by somebody individually is just a figment of the mind is just a concept in the mind. There is going to be no Jenna. There's going to be no now this leads to what even amongst Muslim stagnation and lack of commitment, a lack of devotion. And we say to the May Allah forbid, don't use such harsh words, you will see when you meet Allah, you will see then where Geminis winner is, you will see it then then it may be too late. Now that we hope for any individual be inside not not even our enemies who are living to be inside by the storm warning that Da Vinci leads on to eventually that may Allah forbid you could be punished. You could be punished

00:44:54 --> 00:44:59

and reside for eternity May Allah forbid, inside jahannam or you could reside there for a certain amount of time.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:43

And then you find your way to gender the people have already exerting effort to encourage people to find the swiftest path, the correct path, the quickest path, the ideal path, to get into the best place, inside agenda to the best of their ability. And does he find that to be at one with the Creator, not the deviant, you at one with the Creator. Women are who do in Allah, fulfill who is allowed to return back to Allah to focus on life and life, reaffirm and reassess all of us to reassess allies, where are we going on this dunya? Where are we heading towards? What do we intend to achieve? What have we achieved? What have we really done inside our lives? That's what the real

00:45:43 --> 00:46:22

goal and purpose should be inside our life, and then begin to work, as I say, work backwards to go forward to look at the teaching inside the Quran and the Sunnah, that is only few moments that are left inside our life. That why don't we avail those opportunities and think and to reflect Allah Subhana dissent every single night and this sense every single night and is asking, and he's calling out, why don't we have the opportunity to take that opportunity on board, that maybe we might become those individuals that Allah says I forgive in such a such individual, not to worry about what the people will say? Whether people will say this person is forgiven, not forgiven, but a loss of power

00:46:22 --> 00:46:59

selects and chooses his people mail those kinds of ideas or little fake inability to repent back to Allah Subhana data to make us help encourage us all to find the path of Allah Subhana Allah to find the right the right path of belief and perception and understanding and its application inside our life. That we meet Allah Subhana Allah with the right belief and the right action he accepts it from us in Allah when Allah equal to soluna and and maybe you will, Edina Emmylou sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Lima, Aloma suddenly Allah Muhammad, Allah Allah Muhammad gamma so late alibre Hema Allah ellebra Hema naka de Majeed Aloma Burdick Allah Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad gamma Burke Dr.

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Deborah Hema while alibre manda Jaime de Majeed from Ghana Tina Fey dunya Santa Clara de hacer una joaquina burner burner Golem nan fusino, lm duck fildena water Hamner and akuna Minal Casa de la pena Phil and only hanyalah Deena sub acuna v man while at the alpha lupino candelilla Dena and Manu robina. In Nakuru for Rahim, Ramadan, Africa, Elena sobre was a bit awkward Ramadan Sundar COVID carefully gonna allow us to call open about data data, we'll have Lana milda dome karasuma in a cantilever her gonna be an ominous word, you know the rejina kurata

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tokina Emma Roberta kopelman Dinah Contessa mula Halim watauga Elena incontrato Rahim subhanak

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phone was more natural more Selena al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen como

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como la

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la la

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