The Month of Muharram & The Day of Ashura

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Episode Notes

Sheikh Bilal Ismail educates us about some history and benefits of the 1st sacred month in the Muslim calender – Muharram. He also discusses the most virtuous day in this month – the day of Ashura.

The best of fasts that you could fast after the month of Ramadan is the fasting in Muharram.

Is there a special day in Muharram?
Yes, The Mushriks of Makkah would revere the 10th of Muharram (remnants of Ibrahim/Nuh(as)) and would also change the cloth of the Kabah and the Jews also fasted because Musa (as) was victorious over Firawn. The prophet (saw) learned this and claimed more right to Musa than they did…so we as Muslims fast on the day of Ashura. After Ramadaan, fasting on the day of Ashura was no longer an obligation.

Muhammad (saw) also mentioned that if he lived the following year he would have fasted on the 9th and 10th.

Fasting on it is highly recommended on the Day of Ashura – 9th & 10th best option

10th and 11th – Another option

Fast only on the 10th is better than not fasting at all.

Yes, Past years sins will be expiated if Allah accepts, Insha’Allah.
We all sin and therefore are all in need of washing away of it. (Minor Sins)

For the 10th Muharram –
2 groups fallen into extreme
Group One (Shia and Rafidha):
Day of sorrow, self flagellation and lamenting – Because of the martyrdom of Hussain (ra) on this day which is coincidental as the Prophet (saw) expounded on the merits of the 10th of Muahrram long before this.

Group Two (Nawasib & Khawarij):
In outdoing Shia and Rawafidh – they celebrated the day.

Common myths surrounding this day:
Allah created heavens and earth
Adams repentance was accepted on this day
Whoever cries over the martyrdom of Hussain sins will be forgiven


Lessons we learn:

Musa (as) had only Allah helping against Firawn! He who has nothing has Allah!
Encourages Muslims to be different from Ahl kitaab in our actions as well.
Entire years sins wiped away – Allah grants us these seasons of change – lets not lose the opportunity.
Shariah legislation has wisdom in it! (Ashura no longer an obligation)

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