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AI: Summary © The importance of technology and artificial intelligence during the Islamist movement is discussed, along with the need for everyone to be thankful and rewarded for their efforts. The speakers emphasize the importance of bringing together the Muslim community, including shrouds and shrouds of the city for a better experience. The speakers also emphasize the importance of praying for others and a team member's productivity.
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The stolen and Addabbo varied we all know them. I'm going to just add a little bit of a spiritual reminder. We all know that we're supposed to take hosel and wear our good clothes and eat before Salah to eat for filter and after for about half these are all soon and that we do. But one point I want to add over here when we do this is that Allah azza wa jal tells us very explicitly, that there is a spiritual concept to eat as well. When Allah says in the Quran, what he took me to the reader so that you finish the days of Ramadan, Wali to cut below Allah, Allah Maha dotcom, and so that you say that tech be rods, because he has guided you. So what I want us to think of when we were our

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finest scarves put on our best clothes, put on some good perfume when we are coming to solitary. Firstly, every family should be saying the tech bee rots in their car amongst themselves from their house. Now some of the odor might say the tech Pirata fitter began from the morning of the regular filter and some madhhab say they began from Salatin Maghrib however, just a technical point, this communal check via that we do after Salah This is very good. I'd have just a technical point here. So personal to be rocks, some mud hub say right now they begin until the Imam comes out. And other methods say they began from fajr and a third Madhavi Imam Malik said when you leave your house

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either technical differences, all of them are correct each other no big deal. But the communal tug period that we do as a group this is for Adel Aadhaar, because frankly, that is the bigger either either Akbar This is a hamdulillah a greater either good or evil, the evil oppa is the bigger eat but this is either fatal. So when we say that the rots, please remember, you are saying them and tell your children this, that we are thanking Allah for every blessing He's given us and remind your family you are the responsibles in the end of the day, you are the people in charge as the prophet system said, every one of you is a shepherd responsible for your flock. So remind your family of the

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blessings Allah has given you. Allahu Akbar, Allah has given us this blessing. You know, well, fedhealth Allahu Akbar, we are Muslims. Allahu Akbar, we have this blessing of being in the OMA of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what he took up Bureau Allah Allah Maha dotcom when Allah competition Quran. Also, of course, the attendance of read, the more stronger position is that it is farther I mean, there is a little bit of a controversy, some says 45. But between 45 Further, I mean, you have to come right, so the community has to come. And it does seem that really it is an obligation on every single Muslim to come if they're able to do so. And so if you really have a

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legitimate excuse me, ALLAH forgive but otherwise the default everyone should come and in fact, the prophesy centum even said to the elderly ladies to come that and the youth and the young ladies, all of them should come and attend and generally they were not encouraged to come for the debut Salawat but Eid, they were encouraged to come. And this shows us that it is a communal festival. So yes, we were our best garments. But remember as well, brothers and sisters in particular, that what he busts with Taqwa daddy cafe and put on fine garments, but make sure they meet the requirements of the Shetty. And remember modesty and higher is something that befits our sisters. So all of this needs

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to be done as well. Also the tech the rocks will continue and the prophets are some would say tech bureaux. In fact, the city of Medina would be loud with tech bureaux, the markets would have to be run if an ibis would be saying that we are as he's walking through the sidewalk on his way to the masjid so the city of Medina would reverberate with tech be rot and the tech the rot continue. I have to say this as a sunnah that is neglected. We are silent until we come to the masjid no tech reroute should be said by all mud hubs. From the time you leave your house, some say from Fudger and some say from Maghrib of tonight. These are the three opinions but Chuck B rod should be frequently

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said out loud. And especially in congregation with your family. When you're walking with your family coming with your children. You should teach them to talk beer on ask for the CFO or the wording of tech bureaux. Many things have been reported. So whatever you say, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar two times or three times La Ilaha Illallah Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar two or three times when Allah in all of this is from the Sunnah it is authentically narrated the process and would say these types of phrases so Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah when Allah and ham and some reports mentioned two times three and some intervention two and

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two, but the point is this concept is there. Also do not forget Zeca told fitzer Ramadan has two obligations. Number one, the CM number two a unique zakat. As for your regular zakat, it can be done at any time of the year. We as a habit, usually do it in Ramadan, but there is no necessary linkage between regular Zakat and Ramadan, but the cattle fitter which is the second mandatory cerca de

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The cartoon filter which is a very small $12 that we have $12 amounts Xikar to filter is an oblique obligation. And our Prophet system said Allah has made it as a tour as a means of purification for any shortcomings. If in this last 29 days, we said something we shouldn't have said we looked at something we shouldn't have looked at, we became angry, we lost our temper Subhan Allah Allah has given us an exit a solution. Allah has given us a salvage a saving grace give this small amount one amount for the whole month, what more do you want to one amount for the entire month and it is an obligation on the entire family, even those that are not fasting, you just give it on their behalf

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as well. So if you have some elderly people in the house, you have some children not fasting, you have some ladies with with excuses, not too fast. Still, you will give Zagato fitter. So 12 times the number and please give it before you go for or you pray that even if you walk into the masjid at least give it in the box, the boxes will be outside as long as you give it of course we're gonna hand it out afterwards. But you've done your job in the sense you have handed it over to the Joaquin. That's us here epic and our job is then to give it to the Pokhara if you can give it tonight even better, but definitely staccato filter is an obligation. It's not sooner, it is

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something that is mandated. So these are some of the Sunon of final points.

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Read and Jumeau combined. Not to get very technical in a nutshell, the majority opinion this is the Maliki's the shaft fairies and the Hanafis is that you have to there's both of them requirements. So you do read and then you do Joomla the humbly position is that if read and Joomla are falls on the same day, then if you pray Salah to eat, then Joomla becomes not mandatory for the anus Falaschi fire and so if you pray or eat according to the humbly madhhab if you pray Salah to eat, then you are not required to come back and you pray Lord instead of salata Juma, but the fact of the matter, there's only one of them I'd have so as you know, I always ask you to either follow the madhhab

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you're comfortable with or ask the chef of your choice and follow that chef so if you ask me personally, I will be giving both reads both read and Joomla. But in my humble opinion, it's not obligatory to do both this is my personal because overall I'm generally over the humbling by them anyway, but in this case I am also sympathetic because the evidence does seem to suggest this however, I am also very as you are tolerant of the mega hubs and respectful of the mega hubs. So whichever mode Have you follow and you want to stick to it, Hannah fees and SHA fairies and mighty keys. If you are living in the city, which all of you are, then you must pray, read and Jumeirah so

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choose one of the reads and choose one of the genres if you are not bound to a madhhab if you trust an opinion, even Taymiyah and many scholars, Mr. Mahadevan Hamburg and others, they have evidence that would suggest that when they come together, then it's not for the aim to do both. And if you did, salata read, then do more i becomes 35. I mean, somebody has to do it, I have to do it. That's my job. People have to do it, but it's not obligatory, every individual so the matter is up to you insha Allah to Allah. There's any other issues or questions I'm here in sha Allah other than that BarakAllahu li come to cabo la mina concidered and as we finish this month and the month is

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finished, do not finish your worship of Allah and your dialogue with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada we will see you all tomorrow somebody come Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

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genuine Eileen.