This Is When Judgement Day Will Start!

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The speakers discuss the importance of not believing in the Day of Judgment and losing all connection with life. They stress the importance of having a sign before death and signs of age and illness before death. The speakers also touch on various language-related topics, including the effects of music on the mind and heart, and the importance of not forgetting about death and living in the present moment.

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My brothers and sisters in Islam,

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just as a last parent, I began this creation,

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he will end this creation

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so that all of it can go into the Day of Judgment.

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If anyone doesn't believe in the Day of Judgment, it is as though you are saying that Allah created us for no reason, no particular purpose I can send out or no valuable purpose

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to people who sinned and killed and harmed, they get off the hook. And the people who strive the struggle didn't did good. They did it for nothing.

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And this is one of the reasons that those who don't believe in hereafter, I think this is one of the reasons why they commit suicide, when they lose

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all their wealth, or they lose their loved ones, or their job. And they feel that they've got no future.

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When they lose all connection with life, they commit suicide.

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One of the main reasons because they don't have they did not have a belief in a man in a life after here. And therefore, then they don't know why they're here.

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And so they can create their own purpose. A lot of them create their own purpose. And some of the purposes they create is family.

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on here for my family. That's a small purpose of life. But that's not the whole purpose of why you're here on Earth. Because if that was the whole purpose, then Allah will keep us living forever here. Why is there a death? Why does the law take members of the family before what and strange are some people say before their time? What does that mean? It went before his time does that we knew and everyone's gonna die. What do you mean before his time,

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death has no age.

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And this life is not paradise. And we're not meant to stay here. We are here for a different reason. We are here to grow our here after.

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So Allah, Allah has created us, and He will judge us in the hereafter because he is the just one. He knows what we're going to be. But we don't know where we're going to be. So in order that we don't argue with God, on the day of judgment, Allah says, you can go through the life and see it for yourself. And on the Day of Judgment, your whole life will be reversed. You will see yourself from the moment you died, you will see everything going backwards. You're living and it's all you're reliving the moments until you're a baby. And then Alas, pantalla saves you from that. So you can stay alive so you don't return back until nothingness. You see it all forwards and backwards.

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And so people who deny their hands and their feet and their eyes and their ears and all of that will bear witness that you did it.

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There is no running away on that day.

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But before that day comes there are signs. And it's quite unusual that some people they say, I didn't have a sign before I died. Everyone has a sign before they died. Die, everyone.

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Everyone, but these signs are different. They come in various forms. Some people have immediate signs of death before they die, such as illness, such as even spiritual feelings.

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Others, they don't have any of these signs. It just hits them like that. But the signs I'm talking about

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is time.

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As time progresses,

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as you grow

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in age, you're actually getting smaller in age.

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Every minute

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that we grow, we're actually getting a life is getting shorter. And therefore

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time is one of the signs.

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Age is another white hair is another wrinkles. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said everything has a cure, except for two things.

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Everything has a cure liquidly there in the world. Every illness has a cure. If you find it, he'll be cured, except for two things.

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And most will harm death and age old age. You can't reverse it all those commercials you see on television about nivia and this cream or that cream. I don't know the names but you know, all these creams telling you because you know your life and they put

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These women and men up there's their they have this really first skin is that that's that's a lie. It's just deceiving you.

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There's no cure for old age.

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The other signs of the world and my dear brothers and sisters,

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literal signs that the prophet SAW Selim told us when I say literal meaning they are real, but their descriptions are really unknown to us in detail. But there are actual things gonna happen if that that will be shared by everyone. So this specific signs for yourself and there are

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common signs for everyone else. They are the size of the last hour, I'm not going to go through them in detail today because that's not our topic. But I'm just going to go through it, focusing on the world's end we're talking about the hereafter.

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This world ending

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shows us that when Allah says that everything's going to die, it means everything in this world, including the world itself.

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Allah says in the Quran, good lumen, la

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vida loca Jumeirah Baker,

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everything on it will perish. The only thing that will be left is your Lord,

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presence of your Lord. And the last minute Allah says in several verses, that the world and the sky will perish.

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And the proposal is lm is to say a dounia Fannia The world is going to perish.

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A man asked him again, when is the last hour said don't ask about that. What have you prepared for it? But the point is they asked him because the Prophet had told him Salaam send him the world's gonna end.

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Allah says no matter where you are on

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the earth, the world and the sky will be changed from the world in the sky, your new ones to another world is gone, meaning Allah is gonna destroy it and recreate another different toward destroy it. Make another one.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he replies to those who deny

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the end and resurrection

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by saying look at the life that you live in now.

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When lady Yuria hubby Shawn Bina Danny rahmati had either had either a call let's hardens upon sukanya olivella, the maid

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of honor Gina, he couldn't

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out of the car. So I lost my dad, I says, Look at the way we created the life as an example of why how we are going to resurrect you. Look at how we sense winds

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and clouds, as a good sign for you have mercy so you can have water so you can grow your crops and eat. When the clouds fill up.

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We take it to a land that is dead, land that has no crops, nothing, it's dry drought.

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And from it we bring back life of fruits, gathered, just like that Allah says together, just like that was similar to that. We will raise the dead people

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I sell you to Allah says I say this to you in the hope that you may remember and reflect.

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So there are many signs or a year to this. And Allah says calesa to letaba soon,

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behold, you shall be resurrected.

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The signs are many, there are minor signs and major signs. As for the minus signs, they began when, who knows when they began

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the minus signs of the closeness of the worlds and

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the death of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Now his death.

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So that's 1437 years ago now.

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To us, it seems a long time. But I want to say two things.

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If you're 10 years old, 30 years old 40 5060.

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You know, in your mind, you know, it was a long time ago, but how do you feel? You feel like it was yesterday? Isn't that right?

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60 years, 100 years? It feels like just yesterday in your mind. You know, it was long time ago.

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But feeling a little bit.

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If you lived for 1000 years, voila, it's gonna feel the same. There's a narration about no highlight his sell me live to 1000 and about 150 or up to 3350 years different durations but more than 1000 years. And on his deathbed, the people asked him, How did you How do you feel living all this long time

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He says, It's like he said, it's like a person opened a door, took a step to the other side and enclosed the door. And he's trying to say that it's you don't even feel it just passes like that.

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So whether you're now or in 30 years time, it's the same thing, you're gonna feel the same as now.

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last month, Allah says in the current quarter, when in, boom, boom fee often let the Moon

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The day of accountability has come very close to the people, while the people

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are in,

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are in an illusion of their own offline, they're forgetful of it. They're too busy away from it. You're labuan they're playing around.

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Allah says, Do you not consider that when the day comes?

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It may come to you while you are playing, while you are just in reflect, forgetfulness, or unaware.

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So when the world ends, brothers and sisters, it will be a time where the majority of the people of the world are going to be in lost hood, forgetfulness, reflect meaning unaware, too busy with imaginations and illusions and things that ideas they've made up.

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People will be busy in their world of music. Why do I say music because the music has an extraordinary effect on the mind and the heart.

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People listen to it, to get out of misery and sadness and get out of the reality of life. But it doesn't take them towards good, doesn't take them towards God doesn't take them towards the Quran has taken towards going and doing, you know,

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good deeds, they'll just do what the song tells them to do.

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If it's love, the live love, if it tells them about death, they'll probably commit suicide that tells them about Satanism. Dogon worship said, whatever the song tells them, they start living.

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Some people are living in a world of money. So they try to bring up all this money and try to live in it. They're in that hafla

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they want to forget about death. So they're busy with luxury entertainment and all of that stuff.