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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The history and implementation of Islam in various countries, including the United States and India, is discussed. The use of " Archieve" in certain countries and the historical context of the formation of Islam are also mentioned. The speakers touch on the challenges of their neighborhood's parking problem and the use of parking spots, as well as a disturbing image of people bringing in chained people for Islam. The speakers also discuss the historical context of events leading to the formation of Islam and the importance of acceptance in modern times. They mention a controversy involving the Dodgers and allow the Pride Month to have a specific group.
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Al Hamdulillah Bella means that Allah southern Baraka, Vienna, Muhammad Anwar, it was to sell him to Sleeman Kathira the mama bad how good is the home of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Gemma?

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How good is the OMA of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam

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because every doubt in that

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anyone has any doubt in that

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overall collective with Omar Mohamed Salah Samuel described in the Quran Kuntum Cairo Martin Oakridge Atlanta you're the best nation ever produced the mankind

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how so? Let's see what the Prophet says and speaks about over here in very unique situation. How this goodness spreads to all over the people no matter what their circumstances are. And Hadith at the Rinnai and Hadith 1840 and the other Salah hey remember never mo Allah data call. One Ebihara throw the Allah one who bought a condom hieromartyr hydrometer leanness, so Barrera dilla TerraNova is explaining the idea of the Quran explained that in the Quran, quantum Kira Amato aka the nurse, you are you're the best you're the best nation ever produced the mankind damn horrible Moreover, then how Nana and mocha because you enjoin good and forbid evil, go to moon Avila and you believe in

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Allah. So he explained that Allah Allah by giving an example, what was the example that he chose to give as a manifestation of the goodness of a mother Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam call Kiruna silliness, the home of Muhammad, the best people to the people?

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The best people that have you what does that mean? We always we care. We care about the people and we worry about and we truly genuinely we tried to bring the higher and peace to the people and Subhanallah it's interesting even as we live in this country over here, it is kind of like common thing to know that whatever the Muslim community moves to a specific neighborhood hamdulillah a lot of the population the Muslim good is mashallah is in a good shape financially speaking. So when they move, they improve the quality of that neighborhood. In terms of the taxes that they pay, the crime rate goes down hamdulillah safety increases up one of the biggest problems we have though is our

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parking would come to the masjid

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This is the biggest complaint your neighbors will have about you guys

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every Joomla they have issue every Ramallah they have issue with you stop parking in front of their houses Zuma we made extra parking for you so please use those parking spots inshallah Donna, but other than that, people appreciate the safety that they bring to the community. Hyaluronic acid in us and foreigners Linda's the best people to the people and they gave a specific example call your tune in for Salah said if you Anna Kim had that horrible Islam. He said some some people, they will be brought in chains around their necks till they embrace Islam. And with that they will be saved from the fire of *. Wait a minute, what does that exactly even mean? How come you know you drag

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people you know from their necks with the chains and intimidates you do me a favor to on the become Muslims. And he's referring to historical fact the historical fact was during the war, the wartime when people are captured, captured in the war, and they bring them like prisoners of war and they used to chain them at that time were the Muslims or non Muslims. So when they bring them in chains, these people they spend time with the Muslims until they willingly accept Islam.

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So they said that they are brought in chains. But the goodness they've seen made them Subhanallah voluntarily accept Islam. That's what he means by that.

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And if you read this through the seer, the seer and the time of the conquest, you will see many of these stories to be true to Muhammad Allah and that's why the other Hadith Hadith aware of the law and alcohol and abuse of Islam called archieve, Allah Azza wa Jalla min Coleman yet Haruna Ginetta Facilis and Robert Bukhari the prophets of Assam says in this hadith ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala in a manner that says His Majesty, Marvels are those are those people who enter Jannah in chains. What's the meaning of intergender and chia Haider al Bukhari doesn't mean that it will be dragged to Gemini and change, I thought this would be one of the quality of the people of Johanna that they will be

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dragged and change to jahannam. So how come that people have Jana or dragon chain? So he says no, this is not that they're dragging them to Jannah although that's one on opinion, actually, they will be brought to general industry insurance, but it's a weak opinion. But the LMI they say no, in duniya they will be dragged into these chains until the intergender in the ACA. How come like like with the same example. They brought out prisoners of wars, fighting guests, ALLAH SubhanA wa and the messenger fighting against Islam. But then when they spent time their prisoners of wars of how they become Muslims

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and we have seen many

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examples like this, even in modern times. So therefore

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that quality that ALLAH SubhanA wa has favored the OMA with is also conditional.

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that the quality is conditional. It's not like you're always the best of all nations. Because Allah subhanaw says what I call a quantum Kira Amato deadliness. You are the best nation ever produced to mankind because of what? The amount of amount of what and how Nonnenmacher because you enjoin good and forbid evil? Because you enjoin good and forbid evil, meaning, you stand for that, which is right, and you never let go of that thing. Subhanallah one of the most recent controversy right now we'll see in the media is the Dodgers in regards to you know, allowing the Pride Month to have a specific group that is known to be very

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anti Christianity and their performance. SubhanAllah. And I read in some of the comments on these practices and so forth says, if they if these people dare to do this to some of the Islam, some of the Muslim icons or Muslim principles, they will have something else or something, actually some other different response. He said, Because we Christians, we allow them to

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mock our religion, our symbols, our relics, and so on. So they take advantage of that, but most of them take their Deen, seriously.

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Subhanallah they've taken shelter and Ujima so like, I wish we all like the Muslims will take our deen seriously, because that's what brings stability to hamdullah bryman. So, you enjoy and God forbid evil. That's the first the most important quality What 2 million a billion you believe in Allah azza wa jal and you believe in Allah subhanaw taala Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala delayed saying believing in Allah and he started by saying that horrible model you and John good for but even why? Because there are so many people who believe in Allah subhanaw taala so many people believe in Allah azza wa jal, right, but how many of these people are actively promoting that?

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That's what makes them different, that they promote the idea of Allah subhanaw taala and our time obviously, there are so many people who believe in God, but are they following the instructions of God? That's what made the society different. You believe in God prove it. And the OMA hamdulillah as long as we continue to do that, we'll be good I'll be the hare Oh mama ALLAH SubhanA Mecca some of them are Bananaman Allah Allah any questions your man

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man some are nice, comes without questions. Because it's already late. Everybody wants to go to bed quickly. Bismillah has phonic Allah 100 questions are extremely Gorontalo.

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