Can A Woman Keep Her Surname After Marriage

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Capitol Hill Brothers and Sisters in Islam, a common question that I get asked a lot, especially when I'm doing marriages is

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that if a couple gets married, does the wife have to take on her husband's surname in Islam? Or does she maintained her own family name? Very good question. The Quran actually states the following the rule homely Abba in him, or other Sato and Allah, call them by their fathers names, that is more just to Allah subhanaw taala. So the matter is not about, you know, wife taking on her husband's name, but to maintain her actual identity as it is. You see, when people get married in Islam, the husband does not own his wife, nor does he own her identity. I mean, would somebody come in and say, you know, my skin color is such and such. And I'd like to change my skin color because I'm getting

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married to someone of that skin color. I know, it's not that dramatic, but changing one's identity is also kind of a way of Islam as if, as if someone owns that person. And the wisdom behind that is,

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you know, couples can get divorced. And if they get divorced, does she have to maintain her ex husband's surname? Does she have to live with that? Or maybe she becomes widowed, and she wants to get married again? Does she have to maintain her husband's surname? So this is an unfair thing in Islam.

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Some people might be asking, Well, why does she have to take her father's name? Well, even biologically, the biologically First you come from your father, but just to keep you rest assured, the Prophet peace be upon him did give extremely high degree for the mother, and for the women. Allah subhanho wa Taala called the womb of Rahim, which comes from his name of man, and man means the Merciful One. And he placed that organ in the woman in the mother, and he called it by his name soprano with Isla Rockman. And he said to that womb, when he created that he said,

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You know, I've created you for the purpose of, you know, creating families and children and the Rahim has started to cry. So ALLAH SubhanA, Allah Astrid. And the Rahim said, I fear that people will cut me off dissect me, and the last person died. I said, How about that if whoever cuts you off, I will cut them off from myself. Subhanallah and that's really a great meaning that the mother the meaning of home is the one that encompasses and unites

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especially that we all know that serving your mother's fate is a road to paradise. Even though fathers are also equally important, last panda Allah bless you all, was salam. aleikum wa