Mohammad Elshinawy – Fall in Love with Al-Fatiha

Mohammad Elshinawy
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One of the greatest companions that were known for their mastery of the Quran was Abdullah.

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And he used to say to the people, do not ask yourself whether or not you love God. Ask yourself, where do you stand from his book. Naturally, when you love someone you want to know what they say and you linger on their words.

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And so, considering behind us in our last hope, but together was Allah's Name and Fatah, the opener and Allah azza wa jal in sha Allah will open for us a humongous opportunity for His mercy in this coming month of Ramadan. I thought there would be no better way

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to prepare for Ramadan, then to allow this Hotbird to be about Al Fatiha the opening chapter of the Quran, which is the worthiest chapter of the Quran to be loved.

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For those who love Allah, they are to love and Fatiha most, because our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it is the greatest Surah of the Quran. It's the one that Allah deemed the most virtuous and greatest in his eyes. subhanho wa taala.

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And he said, Sal, Allahu alayhi wa sallam and other authentic hadith that

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a special angel opened the gates of the heavens to come down never came to the earth before and it was part of those who brought to me al Fatiha, and said to me, no prophet before you was ever given the likes of these two unique lights, Al Fatiha and the concluding verses of Surah Baqarah.

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And it was so powerful. And this was so well known to the companions that when I was reading the 100 year old, the other one and a group of the companions passed by a chief of a tribe that was stung by a scorpion, and he continued to recite infatti over him till immediately or very quickly, he was cured. They went back to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And they said to him, we did X, Y and Z. He said, How did you know he approvingly said, How did you know that it's such a powerful killer? Meaning you guessed right.

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And then he will claim Rahim Allah Allah says, And if Al Fatiha is that powerful of a cure for the human body, then how much greater of a cure do you expect for it to be for your soul? When the Quran came for the soul before the bodies, the bodies are about the vehicle used to serve our spirit, our reality, our ear rafters, so it is the greatest of cures and the greatest of sorrows, and a unique gift that was given to this Oma. And so let's fall in love with it, we've Milazzo gel and you learn a bit deeper about it. In these few short moments together. When you begin and you say Alhamdulillah here, Robin Alameen. What does it mean to you?

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You see him and always keep in mind as you're reciting it, is praise, for perfection for beauty. That's why it's deserved by Allah, you know, you can praise people and things that are not beautiful, they're not perfect. You just have a bad metric. And him this you praising Allah by renewing your recognition that he is the utmost in his perfection, and he is the epitome of beauty. subhanho wa taala. Why? Because He is Allah. That's why Alhamdulillah Allah is our Lord's personal name, the name that refers to every other name. So it's the name that summarizes perfection. Allah is like the true God. And who is the true God, the one that is perfect, the one that is supreme, the

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one that has no imperfection imaginable is the one who surpasses the perfection that we imagined. Right? Whatever anyone has ever imagined. Allah, by definition surpasses the limitations of our imagination, in his perfection, subhanho wa Taala all of that praise and praise is not just thanks. When you say it hamdulillah You're not just saying thank you. Praise is wider than thanks. It may include things but you praise someone for who they are. Even if they haven't done anything for you. You may thank someone for kindness, but you praise them for the courage that had nothing to do with you that you witnessed across the world, you praise them. So praise is wider than just thanks,

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something that happened to you. And so you say that I praise Allah for who he is. And I thank him for what he does. All of that you intend by it when you say Alhamdulillah

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and then you say Alhamdulillah why also because he is Rob bull, Al Amin and the Arabs when they use the word rub. They meant Lord they meant master they meant owner they meant the one in supreme control all of that. That is the rub. And Allah Allah mean or all of the word

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Worlds The world of the humans, the world of the Djinn, the world of the animals, the world of this life, the world of the next, all of the worlds.

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You know, we often say help, or try to help people by saying 93 million miles are covered in eight minutes by the light of the sun. And they say as far as they can tell, it takes at that speed 20 billion years for light to travel from one corner of this little universe to another. He is the nub of it all what you see in what you don't what you know, and what you will never know. Or Buddha Allah mean. And then you go on to say a Rahmanir Rahim, AR Rahman AR Rahim are two special names of Allah that are obviously derived from Rama from his mercy. But there is a difference in the structure. Right Man sounds different than Rahim. So there's a difference in the meaning as well. A

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subtle, beautiful difference. A Rahman is the one who is inherently merciful, and universally merciful. Can you imagine he is so merciful, those who refuse to acknowledge that he even exists, those who acknowledge him and are vulgar in their defiance of him, he still provides for them and grants them help and gives them an extension and protects them and defend all of that is because he is a man, that is who he is, beyond the imagination. Who ever does that. There is a time when even parents sometimes give up on their children.

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And the greatest mercy we know his parents, right? That's why the Prophet SAW Selim said, Allah is more merciful His servants than a mother is with our children. Because that's like the ceiling. It's all we can imagine. It's the greatest mercy. We can write poetry about it until the Day of Judgment. Allah is more immersive and that he is a Rahman he's the one that endowed her heart with mercy. And then r Rahim is the one who can deliver mercy and continues to deliver mercy in ways and at times that you least expect it.

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He embeds mercy in all things, and especially for his believing slaves. When you say a Rahim, you mean the grantor of mercy, nobody could stop his mercy from coming. And he has a special share of it for the believers in this world. And the next you think of the Prophet SAW Selim says all of the mercy you see, Allah created mercy the day he created it, divided it into 100 parts, he only sent one of those parts down for this world. And because of it, the animal removes its whole from its baby, so it doesn't hurt it. Because of it, this world and this universe has its order and its stability. Because of it. Even wild beasts, not just humans have compassion with one another. And

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then he saved specially 99% of that mercy that he created. He saved it especially for the believers on the Day of Judgment. That is a Rahim in that great day. That is horrific, that he will be angrier on that day than he was ever angry before and will ever be angry again. In that atmosphere, he will still be delivering 99 times the mercy to the believers on that day.

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Even the Mossad says it will be such that even shaitan himself witnessing the believers on the Day of Judgment, his heart will skip a beat in hoping maybe even I will get in on it. When he sees all of the Mercy Allah has for these believers on the last day. He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam our Prophet now Allah who will say ultimately after everything is said and done, even people that are deserving of punishment from the Most Merciful, He will call out after allowing so many to intercede. He will say now my turn to have mercy more than everyone else's mercy regimen and natty men that Charania Woman Oh, cough any female come pull out of the fire. Anyone who remembered me on

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a day in their life? Usually people that are for their good to you forever you see a bad day you forget all the good. Allah azza wa jal who is on Rahman Rahim, he will not forget for you the one day of good, the very opposite. Now, the one day of good if you die a believer, or you feared him in one moment and abstained in one position of yours in your life and you die up on faith without disqualifying that He will have mercy on you. Because he has a Rahim he'll deliver it in the middle of the crowdedness of ugliness, his beauty and His mercy will reach you. So that is our man inherently unimaginably universally merciful. And our Rahim who delivers his mercy in ways that are

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beyond our comprehension. And then you go on to say, Maliki oh me, Dean, Owner of the Day of judgments, or Owner of the Day of repayments because then like Dane is like a debt. So that's the day that you repent you

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Do you repay all debts? Was it your life to deal with it that way? Was it your right to speak that way? Was it your tongue? Or did I give you that sound? All debts get repaid. And that's not just that's with Allah. That's what his creation. So it's a day that's supposed to scare. And it is healthy for us to have balanced fear productive fear in our life. That is why he tells you he's the owner of the Day of Judgment. You know, the scholars said, But hold on, you would think that Robben Island mean the master of the worlds it would then say Owner of the Day of Judgment and then move on to his mercy. But why did he say master and then move into mercy before coming back to the day of

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judgment? Because out of an honor for this ummah, they said, he mentioned an intense gentleness for the followers of Mohammed. That's why the fatty has special for you. He intends mercy for the followers of Muhammad salallahu alayhi wa sallam, you will be special on that day, you will be judged before everyone else you will have a lane other than the lanes of others. May Allah keep us up on faith. So we never lose this eligibility. And it's they said it's almost like when Allah said to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, if Allah who I can get Lima as intellia, whom Allah has forgiven you, but why did you permit them to do X, Y and Z? Meaning before I told you, so

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Allah said, First, I forgive you, but why did you do it? Likewise, Allah is saying, I am Rahman Rahim.

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But there is a day of judgment, a horrific day coming.

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So the same way He was gentle with His Prophet. He was gentle with his prophets on us by saying a Ramana. He wants you to see him through that lens or Rahman Rahim before Malik Yomi dean.

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And then after all that, you go on to say he cannot but it is You we worship? What Yeah, can a stallion and it is You we seek strength from

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you. No, it doesn't say not bodak. The scholar said think about that. eloquence is to speak in brevity to be short. So not a Buddha who would have been shorter? We worship you. But when it says Yeah, can I but it is You we worship not We worship you. This is to highlight that it's only You we worship. Because if you say we worship you, that could be the beginning of a list. It could mean or leave the door open for We worship you comma and this and that. And that and that right? But when you say it is you it means it's only you that we worship, and that's what it all comes down to.

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This is the early Muslims used to say Allah revealed hundreds of scriptures and brought the best of them in four books, the Quran, the torah, the Injeel visible

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and then he brought the best of those books in Al Quran and brought the best of Al Quran in Al Fatiha and brought the gist and the best of Al Fatiha in E Kana abou do what you can assign. That's what it's all about. It is only you that we worship. It's not enough to worship Allah it is not enough to believe in Allah that's not what makes you different. That's not what salvation is. It is that you only worship Allah subhanho wa Taala and it's only with you that we seek strength

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you know now I will do a better in the Arabs they say 30 is a road that is more I bet my bed means it's really smooth paved. Perfect for the wheels, right? No friction, no resistance. So when you say no I bow to you say you mean I'm completely subservient. I have no place to resist you. I love you and I'm in all of you and so how can I say no? That is the meaning of it. Yeah, can I go do I am powerless in front of you? What yeah can stare in we seek strength only from you. complete trust in us subhanho wa Taala of cola cola Huddleston, Allah Allah Emily welcome

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala manana be about the shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa hola Shakira shadowing the Muhammad Abdul who whenever you who are solo

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and then after you make that declaration,

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which summarizes the objective of the human race, right, do you worship Allah only or not? Then you ask you submit your request and you say it Dena Serato Mr. Team guide us the straight path. And I want you to remember when you're saying guide us the straight path, a few things. The first of them is that you are not saying guide us to the straight path. Because some people can get to water but they won't drink can take a horse to water it can make them drink. We say that in English, right? You don't want to just recognize Islam. You don't want to settle as

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Some intellectual luxury, I know stuff about Islam, you want to be one with Islam? So you're saying oh Allah guide me the path meaning guide me along the path to traverse it.

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And what is the path? The path is Islam? This is Allah straight path. You may think, Wait a minute, but like, I'm already Muslim and why am I saying guy? That's the straight path? I already have Islam? No, Islam is not an event. Islam is a process learning and acting and then acting you may fall off. So you got to reinstate the the proper actions and you got to learn more and so many variables in life, this, I'm a lifelong student, I'm lifelong dedicated, I need lifelong guidance every step of the way, guide me that straight path Serato Lavina and ontology him the path. Now it's not just a straight path, then Allah says, The path of those whom you have favored.

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You see, as human beings we struggle if we don't see a working model in front of us to be very impressed or persuaded right? People wonder about Islam in an age when Islam on the global level is weak. So is it true or not? Right? If you don't have a working success story in front of you, you get this you know, engaged, you get demotivated. So Allah helps you along and says, By the way, this is not just like a hypothetical straight path, but it's like impractical for us. And he said, No, no, no, it's the path that you have favored people with, Oh Allah, I recognize that so many people have treaded on this path. So even in my time, even in my place, if Islam sort of weird right now,

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Islam is strange, you've guided so many generations, through so many more difficult times. This is not an isolated road. This is not a barren path. You've guided the prophets through it through harder times, you've guided the righteous, you've guided the martyrs you've graded this ODX those that have Allah's favor. And so this is a holy encouraging to remember Allah has and continues guiding people all the time. So guide me the straight path to live up to it. The path that you've been giving people by your favor and unterlagen then you say right in Dubai lay him wala lane, not the path of those that have incurred anger, meaning your anger,

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nor those who are lost.

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You see, being lost isn't always excusable say, Oh, I'm lost. I did not my fault I didn't have being lost meaning not knowing the truth and not looking for it. You're liable.

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This is why when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that

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the Jewish nations have incurred Allah's Anger because they knew and didn't act and the Christians have become lost because they acted without knowing without checking is this the path of God or not? They just gave in right to the socialization to just the norms followed the crowd, right. So knowledge, no actions, actions, no knowledge, Sophia Nibbler inane arena and you have to remember this because this is not just about the Jews and the Christians. It's not just about other nations. So if you are a you know, Rahim, Allah said that this idea, he said, whomever of this nation

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ignores the knowledge they have of this Deen they resemble this group. And whoever of this nation worships Allah however they want without seeking Allah's knowledge. Right then they resemble that group, they have a share of that condemnation in relating to Michael Dubois lay him without Darlene. So now the path you're asking Allah for and I'm out of time, it's clear. You're asking Allah for sound knowledge. And you're asking Allah for proper actions, not Mikado, ballet him, not Berlin, the path that Allah has favored with knowledge and actions. And the last thing I will mention to you, is that it will call him when he went on to say it, it cures the soul more than the body. He said at

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least remember, he cannot but I used to always hear my sheer sheer * it's lovely to me saying that er can i but this is the ultimate cure for insincerity.

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It's a reset a recalibration I serve you I don't live for personal approval, approval of society approve. I live for you first and foremost. And yet get us there in in you we seek strength in that is the ultimate cure for arrogance. I don't even seek strength from myself. I am confident and strong because you are my Lord subhanho wa Taala you are Maliki on Monday and you are a Rahman Rahim it is the cure for every form of pride and arrogance. So may Allah cure us by His Book, Al Fatiha Ovid in particular, and allow this to be a new beginning for us all. With that sacred beautiful great chapter Lahoma Amin

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