5 Sins That Will Destroy Muslims

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam told us when my oma will accept as lawful five things

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then destruction will become upon them. Number one, cursing and insulting and swearing very normal now husband and wife curse each other all the time very normal, they curse their friends they curse. Now they just say it very easily on the internet. There's symbols and there's I don't want to say them but it's very normal people laugh about it.

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Haha You're such a bank was the words alcohol drinking becomes normal.

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Wearing silk for men. This is a metaphor it can either mean physically they wear silver because it's hard on for men to wear so but what it means figuratively is that men will imitate women a lot crossovers are seldom said and women will imitate men as well. Of course he also said some of the oma will hire dancing women in their functions in restaurants, in weddings and so on and so forth. And number five men serve their sexual desire with men, women serve it with women. Then we have gay moms. Now, I say a man not chef because a man is a leader, destructive leader. So lasar sanlam is highlighting that will be among the

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among the Muslims.