Waleed Basyouni – 5 Reflections of the Corona Virus

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the loss of the first cousin of Islam and the importance of protecting from the Coronavirus. It emphasizes the need for people to trust and hold onto the first cousin's leadership and avoid harming their health. The Spanish flu and the importance of protecting oneself from infection are discussed, with a focus on precautions and avoiding harming one's health. The importance of protecting one's actions and their consequences is emphasized, and the need for individuals to take precautions to prevent future respiratory flu outbreaks is also discussed. The segment provides information on various topics, including religion, health, and COVID-19.
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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Stein who wanna study he want to stop when I mean surely unforeseen Omen sejahtera Medina Maja de la dama de la la

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fecha de Allahu wa Chateau La ilaha illallah wa de hula Sheree Cara. Wash Adana, Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam ala omata Sleeman kathira about all praise due to a lion His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship, and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, this hope about as many people will expect, stretching the news of the world that talking about the thing that

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concerns so many people today around the world. And the concern, unfortunately, is growing as the days goes by, which is the spread of the virus of the Coronavirus?

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I know you hear a lot about it in the news. You heard a lot about it from the medical perspective. But there is a few points of reflections that I would like to share with you today and something that you reflect upon, because it's important for us to reflect upon these Kinder unacademy law the things that the loss of Hannah tala decreed upon us otherwise, what's the point? Allah Subhana Allah if making points to us, and we not responding to it. And in the end, the loss of Hannah want to add up, give you all excuses, but at one point, the loss of Hannah to add a well not anymore, give warning alone, not anymore. give excuses. Allah Subhana Allah to add a well paste in his punishment

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to the person or to the humanity. One of the first thing that I would say, for us as Muslim as believers, and any believers, at this point, we should be holding into the robe of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We should be defending and trusting and relying on a loss of habitat and more than anything else, more than than anyone else. And this is something really need to be emphasized on because so many times even our children, as I'm coming and driving here are saying what's the thing the first that you should rely on? When it comes to protect you from that virus. The first thing my children were talking about mask washing your hands, which is good that they know that but what's more

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important for me that in their heart that they know that the one that pretend to because you can wash your hand and you can send it ties yourself and you can do all of this and you still can be infected. And philosopher handed Allah decreed that upon you. So in the end of the day, it's in the hands of a line of this the case that you should rely on him subhana wa Tada. And remember, now all saw by me mostly, but in lobby nilla or many biller here, the

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Santa, whatever calamity strike you it is by the will of Allah.

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And if you believe in Allah, He will guide your heart, who will guide your heart to what to know how to deal with this calamity. If it's a virus or whatever, people have different type of calamity. Don't think the calamity of the Coronavirus is limited only to health. There is people got been corrupted. There is already in Houston. In Houston, more than 200 businesses have been corrupted in Chinatown

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and run out of business.

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And just just short period a period of time.

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So that's believe of Allah that what we rely on in the end of the day as a believer, Coleman the lady Sumo can mean a lot in order to be

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that'd be

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who the one who can put any provide for you or prevent from you or prevent you from receiving the mercy of Allah subhana wa tada or who can prevent you or provide for you the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala accept them or prevent you from receiving the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah acceptor who can pro who can protect you from the calamity of Allah Subhana Allah and

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intended for you.

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In arania alone will be bullying

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NACA Shiva to boori. Oh Danny.

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mom Sika Sika Torah t nyfd after Halo calling nurse email,

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Farah mumsie kala, whenever a lot open the door for mercy, there's nobody can close that door.

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Nobody can close the door or I'm sick for mortal sin that I will meet Bondi and if you close the door, nobody can open it.

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If you hold back has mercy nobody can provide for you.

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That fool believe that Allah who enough Harold bottle that Allah is the one who can harm you, and he's the one who can benefit you that anything that goes back to Him, who will Merkley will manner, the one who gives any hold back, who will care for you A Shafi is the one who will be sufficient for you, and the one who will cure you who will work you will have who will happy subhana wa Tada. That is the Protector who will not mean any lady you men or a bad woman that the believers feel safe from him and he brings safety and tranquility and safety to his

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creations or her people.

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If it hadn't been in the BSL allow you to sell them. What an oma Hello stemmata and yo boo Capeci lemak Allahu la lennier work in Ibiza, someone told him the Ibis No, if the whole entire world gathered together to harm you, there is nothing will harm you and have the whole world come to benefit. You will not harm you with anything except the loss of alcohol already welded for you. Lay your guru Caleb machine could catabolic and if you gather to benefit you with something, they will not benefit you with anything except for what Allah Subhana Allah have written for you in the lower catabolic idea of Allah to say, Hey Muslim, Conlon yanaka Senato become senile fissara everything is

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already written and ordained 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens of the earth.

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In the be salatu salam said,

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the Muslim should always remember this fact, that in the end of the day or Miyata cymbala, Villa de la serata, Mr. beam that those who hold on to Allah subhana wa Adana rope and hold unto Allah Subhana Allah in times of calamity, Allah guide them to protection. You know, I read this hadith many times in my life,

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but the real there is one meaning in this headache. I, I explained this headings in my classes 1000s of times.

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But to be honest with you, this is one of the first time in my life to see that aspect of this Hadith, which is golden nebia sallallahu sallam, La da da da da era, what are hamata What are so far?

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afield Ramadan mudroom, Farooq, amino acid,

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this hadith in nebby sallallahu Sallam saying, and this is the Buhari, he said, la agua there is no one can transmit disease to another.

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But scientifically, we know you can transfer transmitted disease to someone else.

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So what that means, so all was explained to people that means Yeah, and you will not transmit this disease except for the will of Allah subhanaw taala because you might have the virus on Unix to someone and you don't transmit it, but someone else will catch it from you. So there's not 100% Well, you will catch that you know, you can be in a place either below or plague and you will be saved. Now that doesn't mean that everyone necessarily will take that from you. So I will say this headed doesn't mean that we don't take the precautions and the means but this means that while we take in the means of precautions, that we know that Allah Subhana Allah is the one who did

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everything. That's almost I will say that but when I came to this particular point when I see the people how they react to the Corona, virus and now the act of this, I said this head is so beautiful because at the end of the day, it gives you satisfaction. It gives you in the in the heart I did my best and they leave the rest for a lot.

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You know what I do my best. And that's it. I don't need to panic. I don't need to stressed out. I don't need to be you know, anxious and in

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xiety and going crazy you know I do my best in the day know that there is nothing gonna happen unless almost pinata well it what what can Allah wa kafa Bella who Akilah It's enough that Allah subhanaw taala is you're lucky enough that you go to bed every night and you know that allies are happy is the one who watching over you were Allah foliate our killing with our chiune

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Another point that is important,

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which is a river of Allah, that you should be happy you should be satisfied and contempt with calamity if it strike you. May Allah subhanaw taala protect you all masaba masiva tim in Lambeth vanilla. Everything is by the world of philosophy that you call and even a Vitaly kinema jameelah I want you to reflect upon

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your call in support. Gyrotonic el mercado de jure.

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We're in Jersey

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gerontological maka de Xu

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added Leila and said, if your patient was the calamity, and you deal with it with the right course of actions, but inside your heart, you say hamdulillah for all things. You know what, whatever Allah decide for you will happen for you. You like it or not, but if you have this contentment and and, and tranquility and peace in your heart, you deal with it while you are rewarded. But if you deal with it with your anger, with frustration with rejections with no what was the no trust in Allah subhana wa Tada.

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You won't deal with it, you still deal with it. But while you're sinning,

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because you can't escape it did happen to you anyway. With Elektra hesson in the law Holla Holla can

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work customer, data, customer data. Well, Bella our afia Takeda, that Allah decided already who will be tested with diseases and who will not who will die who will live, who will be sick, who will burn up. It's everything It is Allah Subhana Allah already written for you, you do your role, you do your best, and you deal with it with a level of content of content.

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I also say

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it is important at this point to remember one of the advisors Mohammed saw Salaam to all of us, calling the visa celeb for the life of

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a for the life of you want a lot to protect you. You need to protect the rules of Allah Subhana Allah as well, to protect them to guard yourself from doing the harm. This is one of the way that an individual soldier said that's the result of the protection of Allah, that you protect the laws of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah.

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For the law that you do to jack, you always protect yourself from doing what is not allowed or forbidden. Protect yourself not to, not to lack or not to miss the obligations of Allah subhana wa Taala and lacking doing the obligations of Allah subhanho to Allah and what we'll do, Allah will be always there for you.

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The one who decreed something upon you is the one who will relieve it, and the one who will bring relief subhanho wa Taala

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another reflection that I have when I think about what's happening in the world today

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it was very hard for me as someone would even hamdulillah have organized planning to go for Emraan even personally I wasn't go but I was planning you know for a group to go and I was following up with them in a friend's going to Umrah. I almost got him the love for all this years to Mecca. And tawaf never was empty. And you all saw that pictures and images of Helen empty

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without any warning, without any expectation. All the sudden, like this, nobody allowed to make off. Nobody can make a camera.

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And in some places I know today there is no tomorrow.

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I know some massages that they don't know in Seattle, that they couldn't do jomar because of the spread of the infection disease in their community.

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Like this, they never expect last Friday that I'm not going to be able to pray your mom. I'm not able to make thought I'm not able to pray Juma. I'm not able to pray Jamal and the master in some areas in the world and some areas in our country today. without any warning.

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How about without any

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Warning if you lose the chance to repent

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How about if without any warning all of a sudden you don't have the time to repent to Allah

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and to change the course of your actions. However if with no any warning when the Quran is lifted when we did it at one day and then people will wake up and the Quran is not among them.

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Now understand what that feels

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and say what that feels when the process Salaam sit at one day people will lose the scholars among them.

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And there is no sources of knowledge.

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And in one time, I was excellent originally want to talk about this subject the plague of Hamas, but I don't want to make it so dramatic. So I changed my football but one of the amazing things that when he was dying with that plague when he was dying

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he was telling people or sukumvit in

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our bathroom at some our bathroom a man talking to them about Hey, make sure that you learn the knowledge make sure that you learn your deen and he mentioned for people to learn from and after that he died he was worried that because he saw him that play the biggest and the most learning companions died in front of him

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What if you get no chance anymore to learn your deen What if the time comes when nobody take your church your setup you know even a chance to do that

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what if the time comes when you can't anymore reach out to your relatives that you have not reached out to you Your uncle's your brothers who you cut off or your sisters

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What if that time comes and you can't reach anymore

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to those who have abused and took from them what is not lawful for you to have?

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What do you get in return back them have on him

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the thing that is the wrong thing that you have done to people

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one of the Angel of Death comes to you without warning

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he passed the law terrible

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my brother and sister if this will not wake us up

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and make us remember these things that is we putting on walls and that you know and boasts to do later on or things that we not worry about things can change so quickly. So dramatic

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a lot as a junior

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officer do feel better battery battery Bhima Casa de

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leeuw the

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lady army lu lu amuro de Roon this corruptions an earth in the sea The result of it

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another corruption heaven and earth and to see

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the wrong action that we do the wrong deeds that we do lead to corruptions lead to distractions lead to destroying this earth

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so you can taste a little bit from what you have done. So you might repent so you might change the course of your actions hunson is a bully to be hidden lie and to drink own five things ask Allah you never catch

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and in the be mentioned terrible things can happen in the future one of those the plague and things of that and he said any people will start acting any people will start acting within decency with doing the indices that harm the Federation openly and nobody object to it.

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proud of it

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fortunately today fortunately, I'm a proud son a proud that

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you're Muslim support that no voice to say this is right wrong.

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And when you see that the facts of the indecision, the number of songs that were very commonly exposed and approved, Casa La La to sell them ala fecha de Rouen. Well our general latinoamericano is laughing and masala spread among them diseases that they did not experience before.

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akara maharal belleview feel calm and no nation are because so in just abusing others anulus biographie humann mo tan Takara vanilla

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Yeah, and he cuts off the human moat. But the Navy so Salim said this nation those people deserve to have Alma tan, which is a lot of death happened to them.

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Look at the injustice that the world living today look at what kind of thing that we've done today

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abusing power stealing, not stealing individual is stealing nation's wealth

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Look how we treat refugees around the world. Look how the poor people around the world are treated. Look at how the indices look at how the coup for the UN had the vastest growing trend in the world is atheism became like the cool things today.

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I don't believe in God.

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Look people mocking God openly and all over the world.

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All over the rules of Allah subhanho wa Taala rejected the law of Allah denied the Constitution's of Allah is backwards.

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Put on the site.

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Time gentlemen albums sobre la Murphy, I have a spermine Elia.

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There is no one has more patient than Allah. And there is no has no mercy more than Allah that He commanded us with all those things that we do. Just think about all the things that we do wrong today.

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We like what somebody told me yesterday, we deserve it.

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But we ask Allah, Allah has mercy.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala has protections.

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And maybe the little bit that we can do as individuals, even if someone you don't know maybe that one individual Allah subhanaw taala will bring relief and bring relief to people. Maybe the toboe one person

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can be the reason for a mass mercy to happen

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to people.

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And that could be you and me me I Lost Planet Allah except from all of us.

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah How about I just want to say that I know it's hard for so many people

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to hear this and I know a lot of people are sensitive about the coughing that we hear left and right. And in also it's an allergy season. So, some people may be caught because of allergy or sneeze because of allergy I understand this I sent some of you are may be sick, but I have a request and will be

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very more a lot of knows how next Friday will be how this Coronavirus will develop. But please, if you see yourself as symptoms of of cold or common cold or flu, and you have these symptoms, just pray about it.

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You know, I know you love Juma but I guarantee you will take the word of the Duma but I will guarantee you for love for a bed that can cause just just a panic or just for someone to say you know what, I'm not gonna come into my tomorrow and he's 100% healthy. This isn't just gonna come because people don't follow the rules and I'm not gonna come because I'm worried about myself you know and use you when you the cause for someone not to come to Juma and he is Juma his obligation and him and You are excused not to come.

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So I just want some people to take this a little bit more serious. And I know it's hard it would be very hard for me not to come if I feel that but I wouldn't be the first but if you knew yourself at this conference that result of just an allergy or your asthma or something of that nature or okay and you're basically check with the doctor and you're clear.

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I'm fine with that. You know, just make sure that

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you'd be cautious of other people's feelings and how they feel about it. And also for a general listeners. I don't want you to take the too serious but I want you to take this issue serious. Okay. Is quick two points I want to end with one of the things that is so important for us to think of and to reflect upon. And please please make sure that make this the reason for you to start this habit, which is the the Muslims should do every morning and every night. That kind of sub Saharan mishap. There is nothing like this kind of protection for for you. It's

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More powerful than anything you can think of Bismillah Al Rahman estimation of semi or semi rally. Let me show

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you this guy you say three times in the day and maybe some said, Well, nothing harm you reading the last two verses from sort of that era in the night Kapha time and even Cooley Shabalin was so it will be sufficient for you and protection for you. In nebby sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when Abdullah was trying to find where he is in the night, he said, Yeah, Abdullah says, say kololo had color

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blindness. If you say it three times in the night technique and the cliche, it will be sufficient for you as a protection for you. In nebby sallallahu sallam, just think about this trap. Think about the meaning come in Debbie's a salon. If normally a cone is very rare that individual will not make this drop every day. in the morning and everyday in the night. He would say alone minions local afia fidu neo and aka your Allah ask your protection in the dunya and in the

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local Alphaville afia fee Dini will deny early womanly Yella give me protection in my Deen in my religion. So you never lose doubt you never lose Eman faith and you have doubt in your heart so you never lose that faith in your heart No matter how hard that test is. That's what the AF EF D and also fi di and my worldly affair in this life and my health and he said to my family and in my wealth

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alone Mr arati will remember it yes sir your cover my hour which is anything that I don't want people to see anything improper that I don't want you to be exposed well I'm in over it and always let me never be terrified getting any terrifying news alone My father knee Min venia de protect me from in front of me from behind me from the right from the left from above from and I asked you that I would never be basically

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terminated or killed or from behind me will be automatically Allah or tala mentality

00:27:25 --> 00:27:25


00:27:27 --> 00:27:34

and I can go on and on and so many ahaadeeth itso inshallah we will be if you're on our

00:27:36 --> 00:27:57

whatsapp group, I will make sure to send to you this list of data that you can practice and sources for it so you can practice it every day and every night can indeed be solo music that we put he will protect his children, his grandchildren by making them out for them even though he's traveling or he can be cremated at MIT mystery makara.

00:27:58 --> 00:28:02

My brother and sisters mixture that you talk to children about Corona

00:28:04 --> 00:28:17

Don't let your kids know about Coronavirus only from the news. I guarantee you each one of us, your children already heard about it. And Rudy may be worried about it. And he needs to hear from you.

00:28:18 --> 00:28:20

I will give you a very good

00:28:23 --> 00:29:05

advice on religion. Just talk to them. Listen to them. Make them feel comfortable. You know, don't give them too much news. And teach them some steps where they can, you know, feel safe in the STEM steps over under safety. Make sure that in this spring break, don't lock them up and make them so scared and you know, because psychologically, this stress can make more damage than what you're afraid of. Talk to professional people on the show and make sure to send many points in regard to this issue, which is that we're able to cover on this hotma or maybe make a video and send it to you guys a shout out but also last part of Allah to protect our community to protect our place and our

00:29:05 --> 00:29:26

country and now the world and ask Allah to bring healing to the world and escalus panatela to protect us and to protect our families and to heal those who are sick yamana settled toffee toffee Anna and to avianna to afio Pantanal and afia Deanna la mirada, gelato commission, calamari, calamari, calamari.

00:29:29 --> 00:29:35

kromm, necesito, can narrow the became engendered by da da da cachaca or Chemin de la Sol Kaaba

00:29:37 --> 00:29:45

law in Southern California raffia Anissa Luca philosophia stouffville Quinta tubu Lake sallallahu wasallam Allah Mohammed Omer, Satya

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