Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2012 #15

Riad Ouarzazi
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The other words as you will come in here to another episode of frog Ramadan 2012 day 15

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today is

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half of like half of Ramadan, the other half is already gone. The last 15 days are already gone. Now, we're starting the other half another 15 or 14 days.

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You didn't go very fast for you.

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Has it been fast?

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We just like yesterday so Pamela, you're trying to save them.

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And now it's already half of it is gone.

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And again,

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tomorrow, all will be just like tomorrow, it will be gone.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says and it is the fact of this dunya

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kar lucam Nabisco at the scene in Kerala with neoman Oh, Baba, Yo, I'm interested in our Deen.

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And so let me know Allah Subhana. Allah says, when they will be asked, How long did you remain in this life, they will say a day or part of the day

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called elisabetha illa kalila you certainly have remained alila even less than that

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is 60 years or 70 years or eight years that you live in. It can be just like a day or less than a day compared to what's been prepared for you up there. Plus

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and then after that, what's next?

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After that, Allah Subhana Allah says his bottle setup.

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After that is that a sinner

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is the house of peace as Allah Subhana Allah Allah says

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the humble bottle said them and

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for them is the house of peace from the Lord.

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So I'd like to take you ladies and gentlemen, onto a little trip

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where the trip to the house of peace,

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the trip to Jamaica.

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And here you are.

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Here you are.

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I want to intergender yet,

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do you know that the very last thing that you have to do to antigen is you have to cross this bridge, you have to cross this slot

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which is thinner than a than a piece of hair and sharper than a blade.

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So every one of us have to cross that bridge. And imagine you see the bridge here on the right out, you know, a suit cross that bridge, you can see you know, the gates option. So here's the bridge. And at the end of the bridge the gates agenda. So your heart is between fear and hope, fear because underneath that bridge is still L

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is unlocked. Underneath that bridge is a map.

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That's why I added in some of them said La Nina had

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you know, some of the pious colors, they say that there will be not tranquility until you pass that bridge entity across that bridge.

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So, underneath the bridge, again is a map.

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And then there are some people who would be crossing that bridge in the speed of light.

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There's some people who will be crossing that bridge in a speed of, of a very fast horse.

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There's some people who will be

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crossing that bridge currently, just like the winds

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is some people would be crossing that bridge.

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Just like maybe running. There's some people who would be crossing that bridge kalibak just like tender.

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There's some people who would be crossing that bridge growling

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and some as they would be crossing that bridge, they will fall depending on people's needs.

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But today you have crossed it.

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it's all over. You cross that bridge.

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It's over problems of over disease that you've been, you know, sort of suffering from over over everything is over the complaint from your husband, the complaint from your wife, the nagging you and I

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It's all finished.

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The expenses, the bills, the kids screaming it over finish.

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You cross the bridge.

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And right there, the gates.

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The gates

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between one part of the gate to the other part of the gate is the distance of 40 years.

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And the Prophet Mohammed arisa to some says, All these gates would be packed eight gates, eight, and they would be backed,

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crowded, overcrowded.

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So they're at the very front, you could see who you could see,

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the very first time still is quite far, but you can see, you know, the prophet of Allah on his right is overcome on his left his armor. That's how it is because he said at one time, he stood up and he held a robot from one hand and from hand one hand and he he left the hands and he says, this is how it would be, you know, resurrected, and this is how the, you know, entry engender.

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Him and the Sahaba him and he and the and the companions, these companions of your animal down.

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And then

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would you be

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in the beginning of the role? The end, the middle where

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you see?

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In fact,

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oh, you see your parents? You saw them earlier? You saw them earlier in the you know, they're in the, the, the in the land of resurrection. But they didn't care. You didn't care either. Everybody was saying I've seen I've seen myself myself. So there was no hugging.

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You saw your kids. But everybody was saying I've seen them see myself must now. Finish. Carlos. You see your parents they come now maybe it's the hugging time. You see your children? Oh, they made it do. Your parents have made it? Your kids have made it? Your spouse. You see her too? She has made it your husband have made it hamdulillah your friend your brother? You see him too? Oh, you made it. Do you made it? You made it your sister you see here too. He has made it.

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You're happy unhandled in that my family has made a lot of American ham. We cross the bridge.

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Your wife, she sees Khadija Fatima

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she sees her.

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She sees our Asia

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she sees ESEA the waffle down. You see, you get to know oh that that one there you're buying? I can see by him No, no.

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Adam my father.

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Mussa as you see all these prophets

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This is before even gender or waiting.

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Imagine imagine the Prophet comes and holds your hand and he says no. You have to come to the front. I know you.

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I know you. You come to the front and he takes it to the front

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and then there you see all the Sahaba

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Oh the companions

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front rows and then the profits that are in the front rows.

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You made it You made it a loss right there is the gate to Shana

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but you are amongst the beginners. The front row right there the very first people who would antigen

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but you will hear one voice

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or people are lost speaking

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alas talking, oh people I've got four things for you. This is before you even androgen I've got 14 for you. What? What happened? What are these four things in other than Allah Subhana Allah says in that a come and say oh,

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come over there for a better you shall be healthy. You shall never be sick again. Call us that sickness, no sickness in normal in gender.

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No sickness in gender.

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We shall be healthy. Never sick again.

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In the shampoo for Nottingham omega Aveda you will be young

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you'll never get old normal no no getting old engender all 33 years old. This is the age of the people of Jana Havas

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young, young, energetic

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and in another country and that you moved to Alberta. You shall live and you will never die. No death in Jannah No, no no death. You always live forever and ever. They never come and then I move and then I move further.

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And you will only have pleasure, you will never be sad again. I lost that sadness back in the dunya those concerns and worry no more, no more. It's all pleasure.

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As you are at the gates of gender, right now what you smell the smell of gender the fragrance of gender, the Prophet says, You will hear you smell the smell of gender can be smelled the distance of 500 years. If you are five 500 years away from from gender. You can smell that frog assumption. But imagine though you are right at the gate, or at the gate. How's the smell?

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And the gates open and the gates open ladies and gentlemen. Hey, stay right there. Stay right there. Stay Stay right there. Why? I'm gonna come back tomorrow shall load data and take you inside. But stay right there. Enjoy. Stay right didn't shut load data tomorrow for another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2012. I shall come back in sha Allah who's gonna take you inside and make you see it on phallus in general. Insha Allah Tada. And so tomorrow I say I said I'm on a commode

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or Baraka

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