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says to people and how it slammed in as struck back in the Battle of butter.

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And we also mentioned that after whether

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there has been an increase and the animosity against Islam, hatred against Islam has actually increased after the Battle of spirit. And there has been multiple groups now that targeted Islam as their main enemy. The first group, of course, was the pagans of Mecca, after they were defeated and wounded, and many of their noble people were killed and about a lot better, that animosity and their hatred to Islam has only increased. The second group were the Jewish tribes that lived in Medina and around Medina. The Jewish tribes now felt that their economic existence had been threatened by the newcomers of alcohol during from Makkah, who started having some active

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and economical and viable existence in Medina and we know most of the people in Medina will not merchants, most of the Arabs in Medina before Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam were farmers. However, the new comers and Mohajer in the immigrants that came from Medina world merchants and the Jews in Medina felt that they were threatened in their profession that they had full domination in Medina on

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and another thing is, they also had political situation where they always would fuel the fire of war between the main two tribes in Medina who are an aos and Allah has Raj and while they're fueling this, they continue to dominate the political arena. When Lawson Allah Halima Sunland came, he canceled this animosity between us and Hassan he put the war down. And he became the leader at the de facto basically leader and the only ruler of Medina. And he puts the Jewish tribes and the Arabs of Medina whether they were Muslims or non Muslims, under a treaty that we studied while back

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the other groups that were unethical and it's translated loosely as hypocrites. But they're basically the ones that had to declare Islam. Then the pagans of Medina that did not embrace Islam initially after the migration of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. But then later on after the Battle of better when they saw the defeat of the pagans and Mecca and the rise of the Muslim army, they declared Islam and they hidden their hatreds and their disbelief in the religion. And the head of those people was a man called Abdullah of new obey cellule and he will he will be mentioned many, many times in the next few sessions. The first group that also showed animosity and hatred against

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Muslims were the Bedouins the Bedouins around Medina who used to make a living and they their way of life was to invade Medina every now and then, and take the loot the spoils and, and flee out and then do this over and over again. And the people of Medina were busy in their own conflicts and no internal war and they were not

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taking them seriously enough, where they would go chase after them or fight them. Feeling that the other group whether it's the little cousin, Raj will take advantage of them chasing after those big ones and hit them and their homes. But now after all of this change, the veterans way of life felt threatened and they cannot do their invasion to Medina. So they also hidden their animosity against Muslims.

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We discussed today what happens with the treaty between the Jewish tribes and Muslims in Medina and also masala to send them had a very well documented and very well thought a treaty with the Jewish tribes and with everybody in Medina, to protect the Muslims in Edina and also to protect the rights of others that are lived in Medina. It was a mutual agreement of defeat defending Medina against the external enemy and to not support external enemy against any of those

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included in this treaty.

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the Jewish tribes in Edina after the Battle of the

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started getting

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anxious about the rising power of Islam and they started trying to get out of this treaty as much as they can.

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One of the events that happened and it's well documented in history, and it is narrated in Ebony sham.

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And it's also narrated in Urbanus Hawk.

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And it is a story of a Jewish elder, his name was chess.

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And chess was one of the elders of the Jews. And he, as described in his heart, he was, he had extreme hatred against the Muslim existence in Medina and he wanted nothing else but to expel Muslims out of Medina to get things back to where they were before the trip the journey of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam.

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So when they shass

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was walking the streets of Medina and he saw a group of Muslims sitting together and under faces there were smiles and they were this brotherhood and friendship, friendship between Muslims and he looked at them and there none of them from Laos, and some of them were from our cousins. And these are people that used to be sworn enemies to each other they had blood the you know, they had killing against each other they had wars against each other, they couldn't stand to see each other and hear about each other before this and now here they are sitting together friendly, the token about Hades token about qalandia have mutual interests they look like one good family and he did not like that

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and, and the what he said and his quote from Eben is half of each dama mela have any appeal letter we have invalid. Now a ye melanoma home is Astana, our new home becoming poorer. What he said basically, is Venezuela, which is a derogatory word that is used to describe Arabs then and it's just basically the sun means the sons of that woman and it's, you know, and they said these these people, these these Arabs, basically these outs and has Raj are uniting in this land, and will lie and he swears that we cannot settle. As a Jewish tribe in this Medina, we cannot control Medina, is a standard in your home if they unite it. And if they get stronger together, how can we control them

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after this? So he asked one of his people and who was a young man, he said, Anna, delay him, go to them, sit with them, and then talk about the day of what we remember the day of war was a war that happened three years before he dropped and the killing and victims of the day of black which was a war between ourselves because it was so many that people in Medina started looking for someone to come and actually do some peace between them. And then they found that a su Lhasa lalani with cillum and narrated on Ayesha, that the day of birth is a gift from Allah Subhana Allah, Allah and His Prophet. And that was one of the immediate reasons why many, many people in Medina embraced Islam

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and embrace this Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was an outsider to Medina, to come and ruin Medina and put peace in it as much

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killing and as much death that happened in the death path. So I said to this young man growing motion to death,

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let them remember those who are killed. Let them remember the loved one that are lost on each side on the day of Bob. And then start saying the poetry that proceeded broth and that was after brass. So maybe they can get excited maybe they can get remember that day and get the passion against each other again, says a man sits there and he started talking about block and he's he was still in the house. Do you remember how your poet said this about Raj and he would turn to the husband said you remember how your poet said this and this and you remember how your father was killed? Do you remember how your brother this man killed this man get people started getting memories there. And

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then one of them stood up and he said I remember that type of poetry and another man stood up and he started saying something that year we killed someone and we were this stronger part party in there. So he they started having pride and they started remembering those days of ignorance where they were killing each other and things started

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to fall apart. They started saying we

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victors in your the losers and etc. And then started they're getting louder and louder and they started then splitting into two groups. And then one of them said, Well, if you don't say that we are the winners, then why don't we just do it again, we will see who can when we when we fight again and see who can be the winner.

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And another person said, well, you're threatened us we're not going to feel this when we meet in such a such place. And we'll get our weapons and we will see who is the winning tribe? Was it an answer? Was it a hazard so they ran to their houses, and they started getting the swords and started getting the weapons and shields and they had an appointment to meet each other and start killing each other somehow and then someone one of them ran for a super loss of allottee or sadness if you're a saw Wow, it's about to happen again. I was about start killing each other again. And then Russell was a lot he was sending them became very angry. And you can see the anger and his honorable

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face a lot he was silent. And it's rarely seen that when he was angry all the companions all the so how they knew when Russell last lalani was lm was angry. And he around he went out and he asked for for all of these people together. And he told them yeah, Mashallah. muslimeen he did not call Yeah, natural and saw or your natural hair journey or your natural or natural hazard his first word, he reminded them of who they are. Yeah, I'm not sure I'm assuming all you Muslims. You're not ours anymore. You're not cousin anymore. You're not a patriot of Medina. You're not a patriot of luck anymore. You are a Muslim. You are one family. He said yeah, Mashallah muslimeen from the very first

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word, he basically solved the problem. Yeah, Mashallah. muslimeen Allahu Allah. A lot a lot to say that I mean nine them Allah subhanho wa Taala

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I be dalla Jae Hee Leah whiner, they know Polycom, you call for the way of ignorance, and I'm still among you. I'm still here. I'm still in existence. Rasulullah sallallahu was in them. And you're calling for the way of ignorance for the way of jeconiah

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by the end, Adolfo moi who in Islam was a chronic combat after Allah subhanho wa Taala have dignified you and elevated you with Islam, then you want to go back to that way of ignorance. Western culture can begin in a Cooper, Allah, Allah has saved you, gave you salvation, from the disbelief from the way of either worshipping from an Kufa well unless avena cannubi come and Allah Subhana Allah gathered your hearts together. So now you want to do this. And people just listen to us in laws a lot to sell them as if they're hearing the slap for the first time. And the tears started coming out. got us Ooh, La La forgive us. Yeah, Rasul Allah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala for

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forgiveness, that is a safe pond, put that between us and then started hugging each other and started kissing each other and Muslims that were about to get the swords out of their houses to kill their brothers, they started waking up and see the fact and see that what happened between them is nothing but a plot of a shaytaan have by this enemy of Allah subhanho wa Taala Jewish aspirant twice, so Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam resolve that conflict that way, just too few words to you know two lines of words that the minded Muslims who we are and what they're all about, and is no house anymore, there is no husband anymore. And of course, we also as as followers of Rasulullah,

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sallAllahu wasallam, and people on the same path. We take this lesson and we we always have to concentrate on this facet, we are Muslims, for and foremost, once and for all. This is this, this the truth of who we are, doesn't matter who your father is, it doesn't matter what your color is, doesn't matter what your tongue is, doesn't matter where you were born or where you came from. It is Muslim, what get us together, and it is that brotherhood that that that bond that binds that binds us together.

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So fast have no case was basically defeated in his plot, trying to put animosity back between us and Hasidic, but that did not stop them. Were the Jewish merchants in Medina, they started trying to deal with the Muslim community and tried to put some type of economic burden on them. So as a Muslim, as a Muslim has taken a loan from them, and they were merchants and they used to give

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loans with interest with regard with usury

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as a Muslim had a loan from them, then they wanted that loan immediately and they will started demanding even if the loan is not due yet, they would still said okay, well, since you became a Muslim, then this is a new rule. We when we gave you the money, you are not a Muslim, that the situation has changed now. So we have we want our money back and they started putting some pressure on them. And if they had money from Muslims, they said, Okay, well, you we owe you nothing, because we did not borrow this money from you, you. We borrowed the money from a person that used to worship such and such God. And now you change your gods. So you have we no money back, we're not gonna give

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you your money back. So one way or the other, they would not give, they would not either give the money or take money from Muslims. And this was against the treaty, and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam had patient with them had patience with them. And he did not start enforcing this in a very forceful way.

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But however, it's right within Medina was called benefit painter.

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We know that there are three major tribes in Medina and we have to remember that because that's important in our study, benoquin car, the people have no car, they had their houses inside Medina, and they were the only Jews inside the the limits of the city itself. There were another tribe called Bengal Nadia, who had their houses outside Medina. And then another tribe preferred tribe was venoco Eva, and they had their houses on the eastern Southern front of Medina. And that would be very important. And I would try to bring maps on the Battle of 100. The Battle of the trench, because these people were in the back, they were the the guards at the back of the Muslim army. So I

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don't know kind of our the the tribe that actually lived within the limits of Medina.

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And they were the richest of the three tribes. And they had some

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economical power where they had few professions that they had total monopoly over like being Goldsmith, they were the only ones that were Goldsmith and in Medina, they also weren't the Smith in general. So they know how to make weapons, weapons were all made out of iron at that time. So they would make swords and spears and things like that. And they were like in control of gold. They were in control of the arms, basically the arms industry. And they also used to make other things that were made out of copper and iron, like the utensils and the dishes and other things that he used for daily living, they had a very profitable industry.

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And as we said, the people of Medina before was the Last olalia Salama not industrial and that was industry at that time. They were mostly farmers, and the people of our merchants. So Jews of Kleiner Park, they had really a monopoly on industry in general on the industrial power in Medina,

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they had 700 fighters, and as his narrative in urban is hot there with the bravest of the Jewish fighters.

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After better, the people of Toronto kind of started

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to make some disturbances in Medina, they started to try and to impose their power and boast with arrogance, what they hold, as far as the control of these special industries.

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And they had their own market of the people of fighting apart. And any Muslim that would come to this market for one thing or the other. They would harm him either cheat him when they're selling him something or when they're buying something out of that Muslim. And then their rudeness and and their transgression got to the Muslim woman that used to go to the market. And they started harassing the Muslim woman coming to the market for buying gold jewelry or other things, utensils that they use in their daily living

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam got the news that then kind of car is behaving that way. So he had a treaty with them. So So la sala de la silla, being the third Prophet sallallahu wasallam that he is and human being that we know he is. He gathered them. So

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When you need to have a word with you, so he gathered the people of Nepal, and he said,

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Yeah Masha, who are people of the Jews?

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As nimue? First he call upon them to accept Islam. That's his mission in life. That's the lasallian salaam is a messenger of Allah. Whenever he sees anybody, the first thing that he will do is what? To invite them to accept the message that he was sent for. He said Estonian accept Islam. Probably and you see that come with Lama Asada question before what happened to Christ in bed, the people who are killed who insisted on fighting, insisting on being arrogant, insisting on on making Muslims their enemies. See what happened to them, except this lab before some catastrophe like this hit you.

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So what was their way they replied to the full Musalia seldom said, Yeah, Mohammed, Salah lavon metalinguistic and Naka Patel Panasonic rice. Can Amara la una vita. Don't feel like since you killed few people of grace, who did not even know how to fight in the first place, that you actually is a good fighter. Don't think that you are a good leader, a good fighter, just because you kill this you have a voice in Niccolo katakana but if you fight us if you think that you're gonna you're threatening us with Korea, you're telling us that they don't accept Islam, something will happen to you. But if you fight us, you will know what kind of fighters we are, you will know who are the real

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And then also Hannah what Allah replied to them. Allah subhanaw taala said revealed in court and for this said there are so lots of lies don't answer them that I will answer them back. See what Allah subhanaw taala said in Adam one verses 12 and 13.

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Only Lavina casado say to those who rejected

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too far fog rejected the core so as long as someone said s&m come to Islam, they rejected settable Abul you will be defeated. You think you will not be you will be defeated. setubal Abu Sharona Elijah Hanlon and after you defeat it, you will be led to Johanna wabbit send me hard, and it's a worse place to dwell.

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But can Emma Come on pc artanis Takata. You had an example? Allah subhanaw taala is this is continuing from Allah Ron, talking to the Jews, that you had a suddenly you had an example before you have two groups that fought each other meaning the Battle of better see I come to clarity if he said he the law, the first group fighting in our last panel with that.

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And another group was Catherine was the fraud was rejected disbelievers yellow

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line, they see that they are twice as many as they are like they see each other they see it very truthfully. While while you aid to be nicely Hina Yeshua, Allah indeed says his victory and his support to whoever he lost his entire life pleases in knotty Valley calibre indeed in their in that suddenly he would there is a lesson they wouldn't have saw. For those who see for those who contemplate those who understand what that's before then. So last time, God is telling them, don't threaten my messenger, threaten my profit that if he fought against you, then he will be defeated and you are the real fighters, you will be defeated. And then you will be taken to Johanna. And then

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that's how you take that listen that person lawful olalia send them has given you and you rejected.

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And the way they answered Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is nothing short of declaration of war Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam called upon them to respect the 3d said we have an agreement. And I heard that you're doing such and such and such and such. And that's not what we have agreed upon. Then I'm calling upon you to respect the treaty that we had. It's the constitution basically, of Medina at that time. So the Jews when they said, No, you find us and you will see what kind of fighters we are. They're basically saying no, we will not respect the treaty. And it's basically a declaration of war against Muslims.

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And then another event happened that was the last straw that basically broke the camel's back. It was the last thing that Muslims could take from this aggression from this denying of their basic rights and the rejection of the treaty that was between them and the people of pain upon a one

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A Muslim woman went to the markets to the Jewish market. And she sold some goods that she had. And then she went to a goldsmith to buy jewelry with the money that she got for what she has sold. So she sat. And that jewelry store was a goldsmith, who was naturally a Jewish Goldsmith. And then they started harassing her and asking her to show her face show her arms show her beauty, because she had covered

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and she would not do that, and she would tolerate them. So one of them while she is busy with the goldsmith, he took her dress, and he hooked it in a way to her seat where she get up, then her dress will fall.

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And it's happened. And she was exposed in front of the Jews in that market. And they started laughing and started enjoying the scene. And he was a major embarrassment to this Muslim woman, Muslim sister. And then who happened to be around that market at that time was a Muslim, and he saw that scene, and he couldn't take couldn't tolerate it. So he ran to that Goldsmith and he killed him.

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And then the people, the Jews that were around the goldsmith, they attacked the Muslim and killed that Muslim, for defending for trying to defend the honor of his Muslim sister. So now there's blood. Now, it's not only harassment, they're killed, the people killed and the harassment got so rude, that it cannot be tolerated anymore. And that is it. So masala Salaam had had it with this transgression of any final car.

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So he appointed a leader on Medina to govern Medina while he's busy and taking care of the people have any final thoughts on that man was Abu Baba, may Allah be pleased with him. And then he took he he took the banner floor. So now it is basically a declared war to restore the 3d and to restore the Muslim honor. The treaty is basically gone with them and final call, but now it's to restore Muslim honor that's been attacked in the market. So he gave the banner to Hamza Hamza bin Abu Talib, his uncle, may Allah be pleased with him as well. And then he walked with an army to the place where the people of Nepal lift when they saw the army, all that challenging us where Mohamed come to us,

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Louis, he will show you what kind of fighters we are. They ran into their fortresses, they closed their doors, and they stayed inside. And not one of them would dare to go out and out and face the Muslim army. And that was in chawan in the month of Chevelle, and the middle of a wall and it was a Saturday on the second year and that's if you don't just you know, Ramadan show was so bad there was one 17th of Ramadan. And then this is the middle of Shabbat it's not only a month, barely a month after the Battle of better when this has happened. And then Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam put a camp around their houses and he besieged the houses of Hyde Park for 15 days. And during this 15

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days Alaskan dalla put the fear inside the hearts of Danny pine ha and they surrendered. they surrendered everything to us law school allowed to sell land and to the Muslim army.

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And so was a lolly asylum order that they will all be jailed and chained until he decides what to do with the treason. And with this thinks that all this aggression that he that he tolerated from them. Then

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the hypocrites comes. Abdullah ignore they have no solution. I believe no Weber's solution was from

00:29:14--> 00:29:14

a tribe

00:29:15--> 00:29:34

and a husband and then we were allies before Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam came to Medina. So he was the head of Raj. And those were his old allies, Danny Heineken now they are prisoners under the mercy of Allah subhana wa to Allah and His Prophet sallallahu sallam.

00:29:35--> 00:29:59

So he came to us with lasallian salah and he said yeah, Mohammed s and female Ali, the good from our allies, you know, Mohammed, see how a Muslim would talk to us a lot to sell them like this. I mean, in such a rude manner. I mean, we know people Muslims never called us lavalieres olevia Mohammed Bresson, Yara Sula, WA prophet of Allah messenger of Allah

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He said, Yeah, Mohammed Ali Asad Ilana Ali, the goods to my allies. So I saw lots of Ali SLM turns away from him, he doesn't deal with him. Then this man goes to Rasul masala salon and grabs him, and he grabbed some with his shield. There's lots of light to sell and still had to dress for on him. And he grabs them and he holds them next to his body. He said, Yeah, Mohammed, and he shakes Russell glossolalia cell. So

00:30:30--> 00:30:32

be good to my allies

00:30:33--> 00:30:52

to sell them. And the narrator of this hadith said that we saw the anger. And in the eyes of Russell in the face of Rasulullah, sallAllahu wasallam. He said of Sydney. Let me go. He's talking to Abdullah who was supposed to be basically a servant in front of Russell Pharsalia was Allah.

00:30:53--> 00:31:03

And Abdullah insisted on his position, he said, lower law, he loves to look no ally, I will not let you go until you'd be good to my allies, to be able to have any clinical

00:31:04--> 00:31:39

are the only it has to be it direct. There are 400 there had 700 fighters we know that they had said their army was 700 fighting men, he said 400 of them that have no shields and 300 of them that are shielded this full army, and they protected me. They were the ones that used to protect me, and they would still protect me. How would you kill them all in one day? Would you just wipe this this whole army out in one day? I'm afraid that if you kill them, then I would have no protection.

00:31:40--> 00:32:01

How to launch your Muslim actually taken protection and Allah Subhana Allah Allah and His messenger and this Muslim community and this Muslim Allah know he said, these are my allies. My allies are not those Muslims. My allies are those the people of final Chi you'll be good to my allies. So I would continue to be good to you.

00:32:02--> 00:32:29

So Rasul Allah Salam had utmost patience with this enemy of Allah subhana wa Tada, we will see the way Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam treated this man will lie, the patience and how much Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam was able to deal with this man of the law. No One No one can ever imagine the extent of the patience and, and this mercy that muscle muscle insulin had with him until the day he died.

00:32:30--> 00:33:23

So he said okay, I will be good for your allies. So he gave them a deal where if Rasul Allah salatu salam will let them go, will not kill them will not basically the the religious justice punishment would be exclusion. These are people who had a treaty and the treaty was clear and if they break it, they'll be killed. But that's also why Selim said I will let them go on one condition, they will leave their weapons and they will leave Medina they will leave the entire city of Medina and they will just be expelled itself, the entire tribe a final call. So they accepted that and they left and they went north to the borders of a sham, south of Jordan right now. And that's where they settled

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until they, the history basically said that they were basically gone. They gone all over the world.

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And Rasul wa salatu salam took their money and took the spoils that he gathered from this battle, which is called Actually, there is no actual fighting in this, but it's called, but that's what we've been fighting. It's called the West one we know the less wise when Russell lasallian similarly is in the army and setting yell at us. lasala Center is not an army. And this this reservoir of belly pain. He took the spoils, and he divided it such as if there was fighting among the army, and he took the fifth. And with that fifth that was also brought back to the Muslim army.

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And again, that was about a month after the Battle of better and now inside the board, the city of Medina itself. There was mostly Muslims that lived there, and there was no Jewish tribe after that. It was

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another event that was important that also happened in that interim between beggar and 100 was a reservoir, another reservoir called because what to swipe and swipe and swipe basically, is when you have the branch of the palm that had the dates on it.

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And I don't know if many of you seen that, but it's mostly now common in Saudi Arabia and Iraq that you can buy the dates while it's on its branch, and it's preserved that way.

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So they used to keep the data on their branch when it's

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after it's harvested, and they would just keep it dry that way. And when you eat it, you just take the branch and then after that's how I started getting rotten only after you take it off the branch. So anyway, the date on their branch, they called a swipe. And they used to keep that as a supply. And they would take it with them on their travels on their wars, or whatever to be fed from. So let's see the story of this last one. Why was it called less what to swipe, but I just wanted to explain what what this swipe was. It was not a place it's the dates the food.

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I was a fan of Mahatma, the one that led the caravan to safety at the day of Duggar

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and he lost so many of his friends on that day of feather, he had vowed that he will not wash himself and he will not touch his wives

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unless he goes and attack Muslims and their home hometown.

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So he had a vow and he was declared he declared this. So now, you know, he basically deprived himself from a lot of things. And he felt the pressure that he need to basically fulfill what he had promised himself and he should fulfill his vow. So he took 200 fighters and 200 camels, and he wanted to go and invade Muslims and Medina.

00:36:36--> 00:37:04

He just wanted, he didn't take a huge army for different reasons. Number one, he wasn't really serious about going in there and trying to really have a real battle he wanted basically to fulfill his vow and keep the dignity of Quraysh among the Arabs. It's like listen, we were not completely defeated. We're still here, and here's why we're gonna just go in and invade them right in Medina. So you want to just to do a hit and run type of an invasion.

00:37:05--> 00:37:16

So he got close to Medina with these 200 that were just basically left McCann in the dark secrecy. And they camped outside Medina and nobody knew who they were.

00:37:17--> 00:37:49

So at night, he goes to the Jews to get some allies and to get some help on this mission that he came to Medina with. So he went to Korea did not stop and corizon he closed his doors and he did not but I see them said I have a 3d and I have no interest in in doing this with you opposites yet. So I was a few goes to the other tribe, then another year and he goes to the leader of Salaam Abu Mischka salon

00:37:51--> 00:38:22

actually received Abu Sufyan and he gave them food and wine and he had dinner with him that night. And he started telling him with Muslims are, where their army is how they're doing after the battle where they're hiding all the news about all the intelligence he was basically the moral the spy that pulled up was a piano about Islamic Muslims and their preparation and their preparedness for a war so he can invade at the right time and the right place.

00:38:23--> 00:39:06

So I disappeared after he got the news from this trader basically because against the Learn how to trade he was also was a lot a listener, that they will defend him against an invasion, if it happens, see what they're doing is actually ending the invasion with intelligence and telling them where to strike and how to strike. So the Sofia took that intelligence took that information from salado, Michigan, and then he goes into a place called alarians, which is a suburb of Medina. And he goes in there and he knows that there was some thing that he could capture some spoil, like camels and harvests that was ready to be captured based on the information that he got from Santa. And he's

00:39:06--> 00:39:30

only two Muslims in there to basically two peasants, two farmers that were working in their field in that area. So they kill so they kill them and they take the camels and they take the horses and they take the harvest and they started running all they wanted they really did not want to invade Medina, they just wanted to prove a point that was still here and we still can attack.

00:39:31--> 00:39:59

Soon as ally seldom heard about the attack, so immediately jumped on his horse and started chasing after the abuse of an army and the Sahaba started running just to to their weapons into their swords and they started chest chasing after I was a piano and his people. I was boasting and getting this loads and the spoils and he invaded Mohamed from LA to sell them in his own house and his own home of Medina. Neil

00:40:00--> 00:40:45

Looks behind them and he sees the dust of the riders, the horse riders coming after him fast and he started running with his 200 people. So it started running, but they had all this spores with them. So they started throwing the spores off the backs of the horses so they can be light enough to run away. After they put the spoils back on and they ran, they still felt like they cannot escape that. So muscle olalia insulin and sahaabah still chasing after them. So they started throwing their own dates this week, the the food that they have with them on their journey, they started throwing that. So throw, they threw everything, though they became very, very light. And they actually escaped from

00:40:45--> 00:41:25

the Muslim chase from the policy that was after the ban. So instead of Muslims losing spores on that one, they actually gained this weight. They gained the date that the Muslim army, the pagan army had with them come to invade. So they took us away, and they divided among them as their own loot from that battle. And that's why that battle was called was what is the battle that Muslims actually were invaded in Medina, but they chased after their enemy, and they actually gained from their enemy what their enemy had to throw away, not to face the Muslim cases.

00:41:26--> 00:42:09

And this, this, Russia, this battle happens in the future. And the month of the ledger on the second year, or two months after the Battle of better two months after the battle better see the life of Muslims, you will see how Subhanallah we learn from the permission of jihad, of fighting in the world for less time with Allah, how almost every month, there was either one or two battles, one or two, sorry, yeah, one or two has one. It's like a continuous continuous struggle, their life. I mean, there is only two months and this is the third battle already, that they are going through, after after better.

00:42:10--> 00:42:37

And Muharram. Immediately, the month after that the first month of the third year of Phaedra. There was another one, there was another one this was what Paul, let's go to the, the armor is the place is the name of a place. It's a well, it's a place of water, and it's called the unknown. And the story of this reservoir, which happened one month after was what a slave

00:42:38--> 00:43:01

does the continuous legend and legacy of fighting in the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala that gathering of the tribe of salah and the tribe of Muhammad, which are the large Arab clans and tribes around the Medina that they are gathering, they want to invade Medina,

00:43:02--> 00:43:16

like their way of life. They we remember we said that the four groups that are enemies of Islam, and one of them were the tribes, the non Muslim tribes and the clans around Medina, and the two of them gathered together and they wanted to invade Medina

00:43:21--> 00:43:31

got from his own intelligence agency, that there is a war there is an invasion coming and he had the news that these two tribes are preparing to invade him in Medina.

00:43:33--> 00:44:13

And we know the model for silvassa lalani was send them that malizia comun fiachra daddy him in law value that people would be in dignified if they lead an invasion come close to them and they're not out to fight it. So he all he always wins knows that there is something that is coming to Medina to threaten the basically the civilian life of Medina, he would always prefer to actually go out and fight and face that invasion outside Medina, with some exceptions that we will study Sharla later on, but that was the rule. And there were some exceptions like the Battle of 100 and welcome.

00:44:14--> 00:44:38

So anyway, he gave the government of Medina under us man had been assigned may Allah be pleased with him. And he took 450 fighters, which is almost I mean, it's almost time and a half for what he had in the Battle of butter. He took a bigger big army and he went out to the place of Danny salah and Muhammad.

00:44:39--> 00:44:59

And on the way he found a scout from the people of beneath Alabama, his name was Jabbar and he captured him as prisoner and Ninja bar basically embraced Islam after he saw the way of life, the prison the war and and the army and how they are obedient, their cleanest behavior.

00:45:00--> 00:45:25

This is the best way of calling for last kind of attack, let's actually behave like a Muslim. And when he saw this, he instead of becoming an invader or or an enemy to Islam, he basically immediately embraced Islam. And then he started filming Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam about the army and the people of South Florida and what they're preparing and what they're hiding and he said this gave him all the information he needed.

00:45:27--> 00:45:27


00:45:28--> 00:46:16

Russell masala is seldom asked to be allowed to take care of the new Muslim Jabbar and to make him his brother. So Bill, I started teaching your bar the the teaching the deen of Islam and they continue on with their march to the people of Salah. So the people that were preparing the invasion against the deen and got surprised, was instead of now they attack and they take the element of surprise against Muslims in Medina, they themselves were surprised with this army of Medina coming to them so that fear just settled in them. And they started fleeing from their own houses, from their own sense, from their own places to the mountains, and the left everything behind him. And as

00:46:16--> 00:47:01

to Lhasa lalani or send them captured whatever he could capture. And they he stayed in the place of the Hummer. And when we mentioned that many times before in many of these invasions and lezama that Rasul wa salatu salam, when he goes to place, he stays there. That's what happened in Bender, basically, then the army of Christ wanted to stay there and wanted to fight. It's basically a challenge that we are here. If you want to fight, come and fight. He waited the entire month of suffering, the entire month of suffer and nobody came. Nobody, none of these brave invaders came to attack the Muslim army or fight them. But what that basically did is gave a lot of power to the

00:47:01--> 00:47:12

Muslim army and a lot of power to the Muslim state that you don't just decide to invade us he will be attacked and you will be attacked in your own home. And then if you there Come and fight