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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of knowing the day of the tenant behavior and the importance of reestablishing connections with Allah. They also mention the need for opportunities to work together and boost the d union's success. The speaker emphasizes the importance of working together to achieve the goals of the d union.
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The best days of the year are the days of the tenant behavior.

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In this heading he or the Salatu was Salam. And it is a great number to hear that from him because otherwise how would we know? What are the deities that are best and most pleasing to Allah, Allah zodion Unless he tells us so in this heavy, we get the net more of knowing that the days of the hedger among all the days

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are the best and most beloved to Allah subhanahu wa taala

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it's an opportunity because it's a season of a bird that we desperately need. It's Allah Serafina then it gives us the seasons, you finish from Allah and even come to the hijab you finish the picture and you won't count on the header on and in between you have Friday's because you need these days to remind you of Allah azza wa jal because we forget and we become so distant from him. We need the opportunity to reattach to rectify to increase our iman to work for the hereafter as we are toiling for the dunya to work for the hereafter and invest in it. We need opportunities to be close to Allah azza wa jal so that the freshers of the dunya do not get to us, so that we can counter the

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whispers of the Shavon. So we can walk the straight path so where is the strength going to come from? accessible from attaching ourselves to what Allah azza wa jal loves