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The Shia movement faced political and religious obstacles, including the lack of acceptance of the term "any other title" and the division among Shia groups. The movement also faced negative consequences, including the lack of acceptance of the term "any other title" and the division among Shia groups. The Shia movement's history is discussed, including its impact on Iran's political and religious atmosphere and the differences between the Shia and Sun knew groups.

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Linda aerobill alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Adrain Allahu Malim. They may have found our found I've emailed them for now as ignor Iman or for confer dunya or Bill al Amin.

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We continue in sha Allah when our study of the Omega dynasty, the period of time, that extended from the 60s here of the Hijra of the prophets, the 41st, year after the hinge of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, on into the year 132 after the age of the prophets a lot he was setting them and established a large Muslim

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empire if you will, large Muslim state that remained stretched out for centuries to come. And we Hamdulillah we went on and we studied many of the villa Khalifa the new Romanian inshallah tonight we'll try to finish this chapter of our history finished the study of the Omega dynasty and Omega state and move on and see how things moved on to from the Omega dynasty because they are Bessie dynasty, or Besitz. How did that transformation happen? What actually brought on the downfall of dynasty like the dynasty of familia who were in control? Who were really the superpower of the world known world at that time? How did that happen? And we studied up to the seventh Khalifa of Benny

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omega or the eighth if you can go on camera one second. Who was Mr. bin Abdulaziz, who was really his time was the highlight of the time of Benny Omega he was the shining star for all the reasons that we mentioned in the last three sessions and how his time in the Philipa although was short two years and few months really made a lasting impression lasting impact on our Islamic history. And anytime you mentioned the great Khalifa the guided Khalifa. He's always counted as the fifth guy that's funny if after Abu Bakr, Omar Osman and Ali, robot Allah Halle him Jemaine

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we continue in sha Allah today. We got into this point, if you're following on the slides that Philip of Amara bin Abdulaziz, the year 101. And then we will study quickly the OMA years after Omar bin Abdulaziz, the time after Amara bin Abdulaziz was different from the time of Mrs. Abdulaziz, the Omega dynasty who allegedly many book histories basically poisoned Omar Abdulaziz and got right to get rid of him. They did not want to get rid only as a person they wanted to get rid of the entire policy that he was bringing to the Yama and after him the Khalifa that was given the feedback. I was even Abdulmalik

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years even Abdul Malik if you look at this, he is the the fourth he's the third son of Abdul Malik winner want to get the hell off and the fourth one was he shall not Milliken and that there is a nice story that he didn't say he was told about a dream that actually didn't that admittedly been Marwan has seen in his sleep, and he interpreted that that for his children will become Khalifa. So is it Ibn Abdul Malik was the third Khalifa the children of Abdul Malik had been Lalanne and he was the eighth Khalifa and the house of omega.

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When I'm out of an Abdulaziz died, people knew what they have people were very happy with the way I'm out of my glasses was conducting their affairs. They're really in a complete state of satisfaction with the way that I'm out of that glasses went back to the path of Flores allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to the path of the guidance, Elissa so the first thing is either Melek did as he promised to go on and continue the same correction path that a lot of nabla Aziz was following and reading directly from the book of a CLT the history of the Philadelphia hotel.

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he said according to this book, is it said Ma Ma be our jalala Human Yamato doesn't need Allah subhanaw taala more than I do, meaning I also need Allah subhanaw taala I need to be on his path. And as it is reported, he continued to work the way Omar did for 40 days. And then after that he changed the ways of living

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Abdul Aziz. So he started with the intention to move on and continue the correction of the corrections of farmer of an Abdulaziz.

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And important events happened in Philadelphia's Eid Ibn Abdul Malik, although this was a short film, it was only four years. But in that a major revolution happened in the area of Iraq.

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And in that he has either been well Hala al Maha Leben Ebisu Frawley is even involved at the house of Allah Maha lab was

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very close to the Omega Khilafah initially and, and Mohalla been Abby so far himself was one of the great leaders of Romania. And then things changed and got into a conflict with the Khilafah and the house of an Mahela was brought down and

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his children were prosecuted and easy to do more or less what who was also one of the leaders of omega became and Renegade became the person who was not wanted by omega at that time. And he went on and he rebelled against the philosopher and he had a lot of supporters in an era and and there was a great big battle and called the Battle of Philadelphia. And this battle in a locker happened close to the pillars of Karbala, and in that the armies of omega met with the armies of his either been Mohalla, annaliesa Mahala was defeated, and he was killed. But this was a major revolt against the people of Romania. And it happened during the time of his 11 had been medic, is he didn't um, the

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medic did not govern for a long time. And there is not much really reported of his filata other than many of the privileges that were taken away from the new media during the time of Omar Abdullah Z's returned back to the people of former Yes, so things went back to what was considered the norm for Benny omega.

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After that, the second term, the third, the term after that is the term of Hisham Ibn Abdul Malik, who is the fourth child, the first son of medical marijuana to get the healer. And what really

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distinguishes the term of the Shamrock medic, it's number one, it's very long, it's 20 years. He is the longest governing Omiya Talisa to take the filler for after Maria bin Abi Sufyan through the whole time he is the longest to govern the Muslim world. And he governed that for 20 years. And he

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had a good reputation and the history books and many report that he was wise. And he was a good person in general. And he had a lot of piety. He did not make the corrective changes that Amara bin Abdulaziz did but oppression during his time also was not ramping. They were not they were the rule of Benny Romania was softer during the time of hishammuddin Abdul Malik.

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And one of these he has many achievements. And one of them is building a city which still standing and there are other Safa. He build the city of horrible, soft neon off and he planned the the the city.

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He also continued the jihad against the Byzantine, and in his name and his time the city of Samaria was conquered. Okay, sorry. Yeah, as it's reported in the Islamic books.

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Other thing of he shall have been Abdullah Melaka. Some of the negative things that happened is the increase the zealotry, the tribal zealotry among the leaders and the Omiya. Time and now we will go into that a little a little bit of details. But I will not bore you with too many details about the tribal conflict. But basically, there were two big factions that are competing inside the house of OMA Yeah.

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And these two factions were the Arab who are the Arabs who are considered Yemeni

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who are from the DAR descendents from PiFan. And the Arabs that are considered Mustafa who are really were the prophets Allah Lottie within them come from and they are the descendants of Nizar

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so there was this out of the water called the arable Cavani and they are up for Cocoa they are up and Bizzarri and from them there's bigger tribes like Madonna or Obeah or case now these names may not be very important now, but at that time, they made a lot of difference in only in the time of Benny Omiya. Because then you may have started using these tribal different

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SS in getting allegiance and in getting these tribes to compete for their closeness to Benny omega. And they started favoring part one one tribes over the others and, and we know from history once favoritism starts and the state or an anything that really creates a lot of animosity. I mean, in in somebody's own house, if you have two children and you start favoring one over the other, then hatred will actually start between the two children for no reason, just because one is favoring one over the other. And the same thing really happens at a larger scale in the world of politics. If there is favoritism for a certain ethnic group for certain

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Tribal Association, animosity will be created. And that's what happened. That's happened really through a century grew and became very, very severe and very rapid, very important during the end of the time of familia, and we will see how that really brought down the house of OMA Yeah, but that is one of the things that took time to dissolve during the time of hishammuddin Abdul Malik ibn Marwan however, he was known for his forbearance for his forgiving one of the things that are reported off Hisham Ibn Abdul Malik is one time he was in the marketplace. And he had an argument with a man so he said a bad word to that person. And the man said, and that the study and testimonial and the

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khalifa to life, he said, Aren't you embarrassed to curse to cuss me to tell me bad words, while you are the Khalifa. And many of the other governors or leaders of Manuel Mejia would have the sword as an answer for sunburn like that. But he shouldn't have been Abdulmalik be in that was embarrassed from that comment. And he said, Well, you have the right to punish me. And this modesty, this humbleness is really not known about many of the Khalifa when you may said why don't you punish me? He said cost some money. And they said the man was even. He was really wise when he said he said if I curse you back, then I'll be like you he said fairness a fever missile. And this really is an

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insulting comment against the Khalifa because the man said I will not go down to your level. He's saying that to the Khalifa. So people thought that this is really the end of this man's life. But he wasn't that. And then he shouldn't have said * with money, and money and money say take compensation, money, take, you know, money to compensate for for the insult that I told you. And the man refused. He said not going to lay off and I will not take compensation. So the Khalifa even became more humble. And he said for his family law. Forgive me for the sake of Allah, if you don't want to forgive me for because I'm requesting that you don't want to forgive me for money. And then

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just forgive me for the sake of Allah. And then he said he Allah, Allah will forgive you for the sake of Allah and then for your own sake. So he sham

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humbled himself more and he said will lie loudly mislead her other than Wallahi I will never curse anyone again. I will never use bad words with anyone's again, that just this is this is really reported in many books. And it just tells you about the personality of hishammuddin Abdul Malik, so he was a good person overall, there is no bad, really things that are reported about his Khilafah in general. And there are always bad reports that you will find about anybody in Venezuela. Yeah, because of the animosity and enmity that was created between omega and the Shia. So there always be things that you can read that are negative about any Khalifa and when you may Yeah, but many of the

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things that are really reported in most of the books of the Allison and the 31 Hola. Miss up, which is a great reference. You will find all positive remarks about he Shannon within Adeline Malik, Pamela.

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After that, things really took a drastic change. And Walid Ibn New Year's Eve and Abdul Malik came, and Walid who's called actually the Stanny the second Walid the first Waleed who's actually different I've done many crimes. The first one is, is Al Walid bin Abdul Malik of in Milan, this is the second Walid who is his nephew, who is the son of yours even Melaka but not one and he is the 10th Khalifa in the house of former Yeah. And I can just give you the nickname that is reported about this Khalifa in the history books and entirely full color fat you know what kind of a Khalifa he was, he was called Al Khalifa to fashion. He was called Al Khalifa. The fast no Khalifa and fast

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up to words do not really match together very well. He was the Khalifa who is the sinner who was the Khalifa

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That transgression he was known for his addiction to alcohol. And he was known for his

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indulgence in the sexual end, the world of pride pleasures, and many, many things that are reported about him. And even some exaggeration God came to say that he was not he went out of Islam he was not really a true believer, but in the books including the Telugu kala fantasy youth, you will see that they, they, they prefer the opinion that this was an exaggeration against Al Walid he was a an alcoholic, for the lack of better word. He was really a drug addict, he was addicted, addicted to pleasures, he was addicted to drinking, and, but it's not reported that he actually rejected the call of Islam.

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And this is according to Al Anon they're heavy.

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But what is important in that is he gave

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an excuse, a good excuse for the next khalifa to actually

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perform one of the first coos that are known in our history. Why because he has either been bullied, who is the Khalifa to follow him.

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Who is the son often what he did

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who is the son of Al Walid have not been Malik he actually killed his cousin.

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He killed al Walid and he jumped on the Khilafah and he bought revolted against and really didn't have been medic, and he was called His nickname is Yazeed you will see his name is he as Eid Attalus the third is eat the first is Eid is even more Alia. The second was eat as the as 11 Milliken the third is either an unbeliever and but his no no nickname and history is easy the novice and you see the NOC as he is one of the people that really governed for a very short time, and his whole life in lucky Lakka was six months.

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But he started his kidnapper by killing his cousin Yazeed and declaring himself the Khalifa. And after he killed his son, he gave a speech and he said Wallahi in the MaHA Raj to asuran Walla Walla Walla, Hassan Allah dunya on our office and he said I did not come out and kill my cousin and you know take the philosopher because I have I'm a greedy person or not because I'm an evil person. And not because I love the dunya and not because I want to be a king not because I want to be the governor. He said why Nila volume will not see lennier Hammurabi and I asked the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala because I would be transgressor against myself if Allah subhanaw taala would not

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forgive me for what happened. Well, I can be harsh to Obon Lila, he will Dini but I did what I did, because I got angry, what is happening to the religion of Allah subhanho wa taala. Well, there Ian electrotherapy he was in the Navy and I was a color to the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and color to the way of his prophet. So he said, Then, and this is a really long speech, but I'll just give you some of the highlights being what what he is doing. He said he's justifying his coup against his cousin, because of the sins of His cousin, he said he has taken the Khilafah into a person centered way of the Khalifa who's which used to be the role model for the Allah, who is the role model for

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piety should be the role model for Islam is actually being called among the people Al Khalifa confessor. So he said, This is not the way of Islam and he is just fighting his act that way. And he said, I made the choice to do what I did after consulting and after asking Allah Subhana Allah to Allah the guidance, he was 35 years old, and he governed for six months, and then he died. And the reports in history he was not killed, he just died and he died in in a disease in the plank, he desired died in the plague.

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So, that takes us to the last Halifa to the last person left Khalifa who is Marwan bin Mohammed. Now in some books you will read that they will there was somebody between Yazeed and Marwan between years Ewe, Walid and Marwan Muhammad and that is a Brahim, who has a brother and we're in Brahim eventually the bin Abdul Malik that in the history books, there is a dispute whether he was actually given day after Khilafah at all.

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or even inside the house of Omiya. So, in many books, he is not counted and he was a Khalifa and the books that count him as a Khalifa for 70 days. So, he was really for a very short period of time, it seems that there is a problem in the house of Abdul Malik have been Marwan and this is explained in history. As you see now the house of Abdulmalik have been Matawan with for Khalifa in the first generation after Abu Millikan to Khalifa and the second generation, there are many male people in that house that wanted to have the falaqa for themselves, but now it jumped into the house of Mohammed bin Marwan it really jumped in generation up. You see in the feed, following the slides in

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the house of have medical marijuana that first generation passed, and it went into the second generation who are the grandchildren of adult medical marijuana, but then it went back generation up but it went to the house of Maha Hamad bin Marwan Abdel Hakim and his son Mohammed bin Mohammed, who became the 12 and the last Khalifa in the house of Omiya.

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marajuana bin Mohammed,

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was the last Khalifa beniwal Mejia. And his reign lasted for five years, the last five years of the dynasty of Romania, these five years and the dynasty of familia were really characterized by a lot of violence by huge unrest. And we saw how many Omiya really survived many of these unrest period, they survived so many revolve revolts, but it finally caught up with them. It finally got to the point that then you may add, the downfall of Daniel Mejia was brought during the time of marijuana bin Muhammad. And what is reported

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in the in many of the history books that his entire felucca was war, fighting, running from one place to the other, putting out a revolt here and a revolt there. And we will talk about that a little bit before we close the curtains on the dynasty of Romania, the fall of the UMA years. And the rise of the above seats is really what we are going to talk about tonight. And we will sell we saw how bad you may have deviated from the path of the guy that Siddhartha and I read Actually, I did some research and I did many books and they all really count the same reasons why the people are familiar fell down, and why the dynasty has fallen. And the number one is really just the concept of

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the dynasty. And that is that explains just the conflicts that happened among the kill the Khalifa themselves. We saw how a cousin is killing a cousin, how Marwan even Mohammed is jumping on somebody else in his family and trying to demote him from the Khilafah house to lay none of that demonic wanted his son instead of his brother. And many, many conflicts within the same family. For the for the seat for the throne for who becomes a Khalifa that would not happen if the the concept of the Khilafah goes back to the shore, because there is no it's not really a custody. It's not a gift to give to someone it is something that is a responsibility that is laid on somebody. And we saw how

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when Omar Abdulaziz he is the best example of that is when he was given the Khilafah he was not happy. He was crying. He was described as his head was between his knees, and he just has just kept repeating in alila. Why nearly urogen In alila why Nelly Rajan, this was the true meaning of the kidnapper. It is not something you fight for, it is something that is really laid on you. And the second thing is that tribal zealotry, there has been a big division inside the Omega dynasty between the the many of the Arab tribes. And then the other thing is really forming those political and military alliances inside the government. And we will talk about that in a little bit. Many of the

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groups that were inside the dynasty of the OMA year started developing alliances, some tribes allied themselves with the house of Lebanon be so far some houses allied themselves with the house of a hijack, now when unhedged becomes undesirable, then that connection to a hijack abroad, destruction on the people that allied themselves will hijack the new surface, okay, and we saw what happened to cote that and Muslim in Valley. We saw what happened to many other just because of their connection to a hijab and use of coffee. And the same thing happened to people that allied themselves with the house of Allah Allah given me so far, it was really a political world, like today's politics anyway,

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it was all poisoned with all these relations, all these alliances that have no place in Islam. Islam is about what is good for Muslims, what is good for the Ummah that's what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam worked on.

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and the prophets Allah Allah Selim would not lead with alliances happen among his Sahaba between the Mahajan and alongside, we remember one time when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was out in the battle and a man who fell hygiene and the man of the unsought started having a conflict on the well about who to draw water. And they they had an sort of an altercation, and the mohajir started shouting, Omaha jurien Yellin Mahajan, and Ansari started crying while on sock, and people started to help them haha Julian came to help them Mahajan and the Saudi came to help the Ansari and the Prophet salon in Salem heard it and he got out of his stance and he was very angry and his face was

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red. And he said Every day our Jaya he Yes, he wasn't available Chronicle. You you speak the words of the Jahan er the tons of ignorance at the time of zealotry and I'm still amongst you. And he said that Oh Ha, find the hammer on Tina. Leave it, it stinks. It is disgusting. This calling for Association, whether in any group, either to associate yourself with the groups of Muslims, so no national alliances, no tribal alliances, no ethnic alliances, all of that is called by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is thinky, a disgusting Allah and says outside the alliances of the Islam. And that was one of the main issues that really led to the downfall of the people of Romania

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then you may or were very zealous on holding on power. And many times many historians say

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that that led them to many wrong decisions that actually halted the progress of many conquest. And some of the examples is what making mu seven most viral product and Ziad stop and bring them to the Masters while they were at their peak. Some say it was because of fearing that the army would be lost in Europe and some other said no, it was because these people were getting great importance and they may become later on and threats. Because the house of familia one of the examples is could they have been Muslim in vain he was beloved among the

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people of what is today the the what is what were called beyond the river, the areas of Middle Asia, the of Islamic Soviet alliances, but he was the beloved leader there. And he was called and he was killed because his star was was shining brighter. And the same thing with Muhammad at no cost in the coffee. The people of mayo think that they now would cause would pose a threat to the power to the central power and omega. And that led to many wrong decisions and too many good lives lost in that path.

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One of the things that led to the downfall of Familia is oppressing the Shia, instead of after settling things to try and to stretch an arm of

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really reconciliation with the supporters of Ali ibn Abi Talib. And it happened with many of the people like many like Al Hasan Ibn Ali himself, gave his allegiance to my idea, gave his day I took my idea. The people are familiar, instead of really embracing that, they started cursing early on the limbo, they started attacking the power, that even after I leave Robbie Allaha and die they started making, they wanted to make sure that his group, his alliance, what is called at that time, the Shia, and we will talk about the Divisions little bit later on Shabbat tonight. They still suppress them, they still oppress them and they still made sure that these people will never have a

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hold on power again. Now by that oppression by that persecution.

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The many of the Shia family or the Allah on became defensive, they actually organized themselves. And that led directly to the downfall of the house of omega. The other thing that led to the downfall of omega is the distraction by wealth and power. From the real message of the felucca, we spoke over that we said how that was more important to many of the governors of Ommaya, than spreading Islam than bringing people and what that led to is really a state of discrimination among the rulers, who were the Omega and the alliances from the Arabic tribes, to the people that were under them, who were non Arabs in many of the new and new new territories. And that actually was

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another direct cause of the downfall of Romania. Where did the downfall of Romania come from from Corizon and the the one that actually started calling the people to attack OMA year and two

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I organize themselves against Romania was Abu Muslim and Hora Sunni. And one of his the things that helped him Is that clear discrimination that Omiya was practicing against the people of that land and his to have really responded to His call was not difficult. And we will see why actually, the downfall of Romania came from Horace Mann from that Eastern Province

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The other thing that the one other cause of what happened and the house of Omiya why is it the house of familia was brought to its downfall as many revolutions now

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any level any revolt, followed by a revolt fight about revolt, it weakens it really cracks into the the the power into the structure of any OMA, this is actually the last revolt that I have a problem with the but you remember the first thing started in Karbala 61 year after the Hijrah, immediately after the dynasty concept was declared by Maria Veneti, Sophia and transfer the Khilafah to the Sonia Z and Al Hussein have an ally revolted against that he refused that. Now, according to many of the Shia, especially at that time, they saw the revolt of Al Hussein as a revolt as a refusal of keeping the Philippine house of OMA year, but they thought Al Hussein in their own mind and Hussein

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wanted the film to be in the house of Fatima under the children of Ali ibn Abi Talib.

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And many other scholars said no I'm saying was not revolting, because he wants the Khilafah to be in the house of Fatima. He just not wanted to be the key Nafa

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tool and in the hands of Benny lemma, yet the key power inside the family Islam is not a tribe. Islam is not a family. Islam was brought to the world. And many of actually many of the scholars have a sunnah feel that will revolve a fantasy and and rightfully so was not to hold power and his family. It was to really correct the things to bring things to where they should be. And but however, that was one of the major revolts against the people before me. Yeah. The second one was the revolt of El Medina, which is known as the revolt of Alhambra. We want to offer all of that in details which happened two years after that, and the 63rd year after the Hydra. Then after that the

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revolt of Agnes Isabel Agnes ver actually, his revolt was successful, and he became a Khalifa and he is considered by many of the scholars and his reign lasted from 63rd year after the Hydra to the 73rd year after they dropped the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Then we have the revolt of Asha and Bill

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malecha, who revolted against Alhaji Musa Thakur coffee and who will also was in hurrah Sam and he revolted against hydrogen in Iraq and that was crushed, then you have an easy to build a lab and 100 and second year after the Hydra, who revolted against Romania and his revolt was crushed. Then you have a blob in my area who revolted in the 120/7 year after the Hijrah, and his revolt was crushed. And then you have the revolt of hems and there was a revolt in Damascus. And then finally, against Mohammed bin Marwan against Marwan bin Mohammed who was the last his cousin Sula, Nan, the son of a sham. Even Abdul Malik Ibn are one revolted against it in Syria. And he had his armies in northern

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Syria and the province of punditry in which at that time, the capital of which is is Alipore is Hala and Marwan Mohammad, fourth is on cousin and there were 1000s and 1000s of people that were lost in depth because it evolves. So you just look at this map, and all of these revolts against the house of OMA Yeah, and these are just the major ones. These are just the major ones that ended in major battles. And there are many others that tells you how, what is the status of people? What is the feeling of people against the government of Oma? Yeah, so Omiya was weakened by many revolts. It was weakened by the way of government that happened at that time. Before I go to the ambassador, and who

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are the ambassador and how they came about.

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We would like to take a look and Shala on on the Government of Ghana, we said a lot of the negatives against the people of Romania, but again, to be objective with history and try to report history for what it is. Many of the historians and the scholars they said the people of Romania were the people who who were the only time I would say hello to Annalen Foley Han was a year and they they mixed good deeds and bad deeds. They have bad things and they have good and positive things.

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Number one, the house of Omiya established the first international state for Islam that really extended from the borders of China in Kashmir, like we said, to not born in, in South of France. And

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and there rain, also Islam spread. And many of these people came into Islam. And they also spread this lamb north into the Caspian Sea. And they went into northern Africa. And in the time before me, yeah, there was this all intermixing between so many people in so many cultures, and people who may actually use that, to advance the culture, that Islamic culture that they have, and that there was a lot of interactions with the Persians, a lot of interaction with the Byzantine, and the Greek culture and the Greek philosophy and the Greek knowledge came into the Muslim world and the people of familia help advance that but that actually peaked later on in the time of an adverse event.

00:36:10--> 00:36:56

Highlighted in New Year's Eve in my area, he was one of the people that actually was very interested in science, and he was instantly interested, especially in chemistry, and he really transferred many of these old knowledge from the Greek and the Byzantine into the Muslim world. Another positive thing to be said about the reign of omega is really establishing the trade it's the trade system, moving the economy forward, and whether that is to advance the wealth of the Muslim ummah or advance the person who have the Omega dynasty, but at any rate, they really had organized trade and organized trade within the Muslim world, and they organized trade from the Muslim world, with abroad

00:36:56--> 00:36:59

with the other nations around the Muslims.

00:37:01--> 00:37:45

The building of many Muslim many shrines for Islam, like the Dome of the Rock, which was built during the time of Abdel Malik ibn Marwan, and Masjid Al Aqsa, which was started during the time of Abdullah Melaka been my one and then finished during Diwali, Debian Abdul Malik, rebuilding and Kava. During the time of Abdul Malik have been Marwan after it was destroyed on end the conflict that happened phenol hijab and Allah is there, extending al haram expanding the masjid of Medina, which happened when I'm out of bin Abdullah Aziz was the governor in Medina, under annually different Abdul Malik and Marwan then things cities, building cities, we know Kufa, Anil bathra

00:37:45--> 00:38:16

built by Amara apart, but later on the Omega took that and they continue with it and Hijazi themselves think what you will have him but he built a city called Wasatch in Iraq and called it was a philosophy and something in the middle. And he built it between a coup fan and Basra and he wanted to be a middle city between the two extremes at that time, which he thought of Vancouver and and Basra and he built that city to be a medium happy medium among the two and he called it the middle one or a wasa.

00:38:18--> 00:38:53

And another city that was built, like we said was Lusaka, which was built by hishammuddin, Abdul Malik, Eben Marwan, and Tunis, which was built by Hassan a man who was a governor in North Africa and at second year after the Hijrah Suleiman Ibn Abdul Malik built the Great Umayyad mosque and Aleppo and I've Melek and well I'd like even more one build the Great unbelievable dramatic excuse me, his son and we'll even have Malik build the Great made mosque in Damascus we saw all these pictures in the previous sessions.

00:38:54--> 00:39:45

Another thing is to establish the Islamic mint, they have the coins with the world of ALLAH SubhanA with Allah on and before that people use the Byzantine coins and the Persian coins. Now Muslims had their own lens then the archiving records now if they have new Islamic archiving records and many of the old archiving records of the Byzantine and the Coptic which was titled in the name of the son, the father etc. They the the hijab and use of coffee and Abdullah Melaka been Marwan they have to do Allahu Ahad instead and they transformed later on the language from Persian and or from Byzantine Byzantine from Rome from the Latin I should say, the Byzantine language which is Latin into the

00:39:45--> 00:39:59

Arabic language, so many positive things also happened during the reign of Benny omega and we heard about all the negative thing things, but inshallah we will come now to the events that that really was

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

associated with the downfall of Benny Omega

00:40:14--> 00:40:30

first we know the downfall of Benny Omega happen on the hands of celibacy. So who are our best? Yeah and who are the best? Why are they called the best seen? Whoo they do. How do they come from? How did they actually become to this state of power?

00:40:32--> 00:41:21

abbess alloga seem belong they take their name from above and Abdulmalik. Now abdomen F is the patriarch of the Four Families in Croatia them the the grandfather's or al Muttalib, Hashem ambitions and no fat concentrate on Hashem and ambitions, the house of Benny Hashem and the house of venue media auditions his son is Uma Yebin abscence. And the son of Hashem is Abdullah Pollack, who is the grandfather of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of the children of Abdullah polyp is an abbess Abu Talib and Abdullah Abdullah, of course, gave the world Allah Subhana Allah gave the world Mohammed Abdullah Salalah alayhi wa sallam who is the son of Abdullah have not been to call

00:41:21--> 00:42:07

him. Now al Abbas is the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Abu pilot is the uncle of the prophets of Allah. How do you send them to advance was born a great scholar of Islam and his name is Abdullah bin abbess, who is known as one of the main scholars of Islam and he is his title and in our history and in our knowledge is torture ban Al Quran, the translator of Quran because of his well and good understanding, deep understanding of the Quran, and he is a companion of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam one of the children of Abu Talib, and there are many that are Sahaba Taquile of Nabi Pilate. Jaffa Pilate is Ali Huebner be Pilate, but now we're studying

00:42:07--> 00:42:17

really the politics of these two families. After we started the politics of that branch of Christ, which descends from Romania, and even Abi Talib

00:42:18--> 00:42:51

have had three sons that are well known in history to were born to Fazzino, the daughter of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they are the grandchildren of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they are al Hassan and Hussein and the entire progeny of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the people of the house come directly from these two grandchildren of the Prophet sallahu wa salam subclade Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Ravi Allahu Allah and Hudson Valley that Hussein of gnarly Bobby Allah and

00:42:53--> 00:43:42

the third son is Muhammad. Muhammad Ali is known in history as Muhammad, Hannah Thea. Muhammad will Hanafi distinguishing him from his two brothers. And and his name is Mohammad Hanif here, that's the name of his mother, and Hanafi. Yeah, who is a wife of Annie it will not be tolerated. But he's also known as Muhammad Ali to Al Abbas, with his son is Abdullah Abdullah Abbas. And then Ali bin Abdullah hodnett At best, and he has a son, his name is Mohammad ibn Ali. Why am I being friendly knew this because the children of Mohammed Bin Ali bin Abdullah ibn Al Abbas, or I will Abbas to suffer and Abu Jafar in monsoon who are the first Khalifa and the dynasty of bass and they have a

00:43:42--> 00:44:07

brother his name is Ibrahim and we will talk about all of that inshallah later on, but that's where the people have elaborate scheme. These are where the abassi take their their dynasty from the first Khalifa is Abul Abbas bin Mohammed bin Ali bin Abdullah has been an ambassador in palliative in Hashem, who are the cousins of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam descendants of Al Abbas have been Abdulmalik.

00:44:12--> 00:44:12


00:44:14--> 00:44:39

what happened in the Muslim world, and the time after Coppola, and the time after Safin, now these tribulations that live on we see the results of till today, we just need to try to understand how these groups of Muslims came about, and what is the interaction between these groups and how things transpired to actually bring the downfall of the people of whom a year.

00:44:41--> 00:44:59

Now al Hassan Ibn Ali, probably Allah on after the killing after the murder of Al Ali ibn Abi Talib and Hassan Ali became a kellisa. He was giving the bailout in El Kufa by the supporters of his father now the supporters are the Allah allies are called an Arabic Shia. This is

00:45:00--> 00:45:44

She armies I'm a supporter off, I'm an ally off of somebody and the supporters of ally are called the Shia family. So we're not going to confuse that with the religion that the religious sect that is developed later on but we will see how it developed. So Al Hassan was given by our by Shia, but the people the sham the people are familiar we're still holding power in Romania and later on and Hassan Ali, Robbie Allah and gazes, they gave his pledge to Maui I'm gonna be Sofia and fulfilled the prediction and the prophecy of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he said about it has an inept Neha sayed that my son talking about that Hassan is an honorable man and Allah who will

00:45:44--> 00:46:30

bring together two groups of the Muslims on his hands and what he's done, and that's what happened. Allah subhanaw taala brought the whole Muslim world under one Khalifa who was my ally Ivan IV, Sophia, but later on and hasn't died, robot ally it and I'm saying remains and as the left are transferred from yes from Mahalia to the Sunni as Eid Al Hussein refused that transfer refused that and he rebelled against it and he went out, calling for the correction based on the invitation that he received from his sheer from the sheer amount of value from the supporters in Alien and Kufa. Well, we studied that in detail, but just as a reminder, on his way and Hussein of 92 al Kufa, the

00:46:30--> 00:47:12

Shia are the supporters of Ali and then Kufa, they started giving up their support and Muslim living it live in the pilot and the pilot, who is the cousin of Al Hussein was murdered, was killed in El Kufa and later on, Al Hussein Ibn Ali was slaughtered with the many of the HIS CHILDREN his brother's, the children of Ali, and many others in the massacre of Karbala, and there was a sole survivor, one survivor of the children of actual sin, and he was five years old, and his name was Ali Ali even interested in of an ally. He is known in history as ally Zainul RDG ally Zainul RBD

00:47:13--> 00:47:39

and from ally Zainul, Aberdeen there were two main Imam, two main scholars two main people that actually carried the banner of that family and they are saved nearly 100 who is known as Muhammad Al bakr Muhammad Baca now, just bear with me and and just remember these names for a second, the other son of Paladin avatar, it is Mohammed Halophila, Muhammad Ali and he has a son, his name is Abu Hush.

00:47:41--> 00:47:58

Now the event transpired after that when we studied the revolt of Abdullah Zubair, and the quest of Abdullah, who was there, I should say, to bring about corruption into the Muslim world and to put the Khilafah back on track. And one of the things that

00:47:59--> 00:48:00

how much time do we have

00:48:02--> 00:48:57

15 minutes. Okay, Inshallah, we'll be able to finish this idea and then I'll stop there. And when Abdullah was there, was trying to get control over Iraq. He sent one man to bring the control over al Iraq. And that man was a matar when obeyed a sock off and walked out of and obeyed, has his own ambitions and having a position in this conflict. Everybody's getting something, he wanted something and he was able to subdue a rock in Iraq, he found that most people are supporters of ally. Most people think that the next inky NASA after an Hussen who has died and after a crusade was murdered is naturally who the third son of I live in Avatar live who was Mohammed. Now there was a concept

00:48:57--> 00:49:05

that is go that was happening when carbon obey the coffee was taking control of Phulera. And what

00:49:06--> 00:49:52

he decided to do is to denounce his allegiance to Ebola disease there and call for the Khilafah to Muhammad Ali to clever to Muhammad Adnan Hennessy, who was in Mecca and Medina at that time he wasn't he just so Mohammed will NFE I heard that this group led by a Matata gonna be obeyed photography is calling him a Khalifa. Now he refused that he said, I never accepted that I don't want that there is enough division in the Muslim world and you don't need a third party further already to Khalifa at that time. There's been Melaka been Marwan and I belong there. And here's this man calling for Muhammad divinity to be the Khalifa in Iraq, so increasing the fitna so he denounced

00:49:52--> 00:49:59

that Mohammed bin Hannah Thea refused it and announced that he does not agree with him and obeyed. Then I looked at him and obeyed. Stop

00:50:00--> 00:50:12

recalling for himself to be a Khalifa and a defendant of the rights of the house of the prophet from Allah, Allah wa salam and Elijah and he was killed later on by Musa Abu Zubaydah, who is the brother of Abdullah Abu Zubaydah.

00:50:13--> 00:51:02

But what left there is a group of Shia that decided that this that now who is has the right and the left is Muhammad Ali, the division among the she started at that time. Among the supporters of Valley started at that time, they divided into three groups. They divided into a group that is they have their alliances with Mohammed Bin Ali. Well, Muhammad Ali really didn't ever ask for the Alliance, but they call it and he that he was dead later on, he died. And they said that his son, Abu Hashim should be the Khalifa, the son of Muhammad Adnan Hanafi. And they were alliances they have license with El mataram and obeyed who was calling for Mohammed bin Hanafi to be a Khalifa and

00:51:02--> 00:51:10

he started was K San. And they were called a she I told K Saniya they were called the K Sunni Shia

00:51:11--> 00:51:29

watch this group very well because that they will play a major role. And the downfall for me we don't have xi ik Sanya right now there don't exist. But at that time, they were a very important political power and a military power that actually broke down the people before me.

00:51:31--> 00:52:15

The children of Al Hussein worse were another group of Shia gathered around Ali Zainul, Aberdeen, Aberdeen have the Allahu and never called for himself to be a Khalifa. But these people, the Shia of Ali's coastal column and Imam, he is the Imam of the house of the prophets of Allah, how do you listen to them, and their group decided that the Halacha should stay in the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that clean, although is is calling for the philosopher to stay in the best houses of the Muslims. I mean, there is nothing above the house of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. But in principle, is the same claim of Benny Omiya that they wanted to stay in the house

00:52:15--> 00:53:01

has been to me, the Khilafah is not doesn't belong to any house. The Khilafah belongs to the shooter of the Muslims. And the Prophet said it should remain Croatia as long as Quraysh is able to handle it. And if they don't, if they can't handle it anymore, they cannot take responsibility, then he can go out. So the claim that the hereafter should be limited to a house by itself was rejected by many of the scholars of Islam at that time. But that's when the sheer as a sec started developing. They said we do not accept Imam we do not accept the Khalifa unless they are from the house of Allah, Allah Han. And then they became more specific and they said they have to be a father for me. What

00:53:01--> 00:53:15

does that mean? That mean the children or family that are not from fortina they also don't count. So they separated themselves from a she and Kay Saniya. So now we have the shear and party media. And we have a Shia and Sunni

00:53:16--> 00:53:43

case and he said that anybody from the house of ID can be an email. And the next in succession was Mohammed Adnan. Hanafi Shi Alpha Athenia said no, it has to be in the house of Fatima. They have to be the descendant direct descendant of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam because they are of lnbf Muhammad Manaphy is not from elevate because he's from Ali. And these children are the children of the prophets of Allah hottie who.

00:53:45--> 00:54:29

Then they went further. They said, it's not enough to be in the house of Fatima. You have to be from an Hussein. He cannot be a descendant of Al Hasan to be considered an Imam Al Hassan was an email now they started counting the Imam and they we know now they have 12 Imam and they called a shipyard in Ania. And this is how they develop. They said Ali was the first Imam Al Hassan was the second Imam Hussain is the 30 Ma'am, and it is the fourth email and I didn't say that Aberdeen is the fourth Imam. And why not the children of Al Hassan. Hassan has many children. And we will see that many of his children actually will revolt later on against a Bessie, the revolution of Muhammad and

00:54:29--> 00:54:59

next Zeki and Ibrahim they are descendants of Al Hasan. They said no no, Al Hassan cannot the children of Hassan cannot be an imam because as seen as the one that paid his life, to defend the right of the house of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to be to be the inlet to be the philosopher so only his children can become Khalifa. And then they transferred the Khilafah to the basically there were two people Zaid ibn Allison and IBD one Mohammed Al bakr

00:55:00--> 00:55:47

They were both scholars. Now, the, the ideas of the groups around them does not reflect. I mean, this is a disclaimer here does not reflect, do not reflect what these great Imams had these great Imams have many quotations in our history, then denouncing that way of thinking altogether. They are denouncing that way of thinking altogether, they do not approve of these ideas, but this is how things develop in the Muslim world at that time. So you will see there are three distinguished groups. They are abbesses and La Bessie and then I'll share case Ania who are around Abu Hashim who is the son of Mohammed Bin Ali was Mohammed and Hanafi. They got an alliance together. Mohammed bin

00:55:47--> 00:56:28

alila Bessie and Abu Shan Shan the bin Mohammed Al HealthNet, Hannah fear, who was the Imam of a shell case and yeah, they allied with each other. So now the allegiance of this great sect of a Shia in Iraq and extended into Persia, and hurrah sang was all with the house of an abbess so the Dowell abyssea When it started, it was $1 Shia Yeah. When did the call to the to unseat when you will Mejia and replace them. It was a call to root for the replacement in the house of the prophets, Allah Allah Allah He was in. And that's why this Dawa had a great support and a lot of support in an era.

00:56:29--> 00:57:07

But what happens in that other sector, they would not support that. And I want you to I want to start to understand that because they will remain conflicts later on. Even when Allah Bessie become in charge, then the the people that are allied themselves with the children of Ali's NLRB Dean, number one, they had conflict amongst each other. I'll talk about that in a second. But they had a great conflict with a lot Bessie, who look at them as people that use them and use the house of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to reach to reach the power and then prevented the two Imams to get their their fair share of that.

00:57:09--> 00:57:15

The two children of Ali's annual Aberdeen with Zaid ibn Ali and Mohammed who is known as Mohammed Al Bakr.

00:57:18--> 00:57:43

The son of Mohammed Al bakr is Jaffa who is known as Jaffa sada. Now, these are all the Assia what happened when Alison and Aberdeen died, then the Shara that were around it saying, well Aberdeen split, some said Zaid should be the email and other said no, Mohammed should be the email Mohammed Al Bakr or Zaid ibn Ali.

00:57:44--> 00:57:54

The there were a great difference between the group around Muhammad and Barker that they did not recognize the rights of any other Sahabi

00:57:56--> 00:58:24

meaning they denounced Abu Bakr so do they denounced the Imam Abu Qatada top mostly, and Iceman I've been a fan and they said these people are not true Khalifa. So they went on to negotiate with Zaid and they said today, if you accept Abu Bakr and Omar, a few denounce Abu Bakr, an AMA, we will be with you who will make you our Imam

00:58:26--> 00:59:10

and he said, I have never heard my father, my grandfather denouncing them. Ali second hill Aberdeen, I said, How can I denounce these people? And I heard only my father, Haley's NLRB Dean, and ultrasignup Nalli, praising them, and he didn't hear his obviously his grandfather because he was dead when he was born. But he was transferred from knowledge that tell them that these people were not denounced. I mean, I don't even that'd be falling himself had great relationship with Abu Bakr. So they had a great relationship with Allah, the word marriages and kinship among them, he said, I will not accept that. They said, there is enough for doc, that we reject you, we refuse you. And he

00:59:10--> 00:59:18

said when they reject me, so this word Norfolk, Norfolk of an Arabic Rafa, mean rejected, expelled or denounced

00:59:19--> 01:00:00

and then that group from rejecting zayde were known as a rafidah. The rejecters the refusers because they did not admit they rejected zayde And they went on to have a group on his own, and his group is alive and well today, and it's a sect of Shia unknown as a Shia as AD, the Shia, the Zaydi, Shia who are the sheriff in Yemen, and they do not denounce Abu Bakr, they do not denounce Omar and the differences between them and the people of a sinner are really brought to minimal by many scholars, and they are the closest sect of the Shia, to the people of a sinner and many of the scholars consider them and

01:00:00--> 01:00:49

madhhab scholars is a thought. It's a school of thought differences. Then this group the rest of the Shia, now the Shia has three groups, a Shia case any a she has idea and then a Shia, an inner Nia, a Shia either me or called the Miami Shia which is the sheer that is now more prevalence in Iran and in South Iraq. These are the people that said only Mohammed Al Bakr, Ali Zainul, Aberdeen and Hussain and Al Hasan and Ali are the true imam from then on and then then Jafar sada continuing on later on to what happened last Kareem hunt, Maddie, etc. And they count the 12 and they stop there. And after that they claim that the 12 enam disappeared into a tunnel and he is waiting who is an

01:00:49--> 01:01:36

metody Mohamed Maddy, who was who will come back at the end of time to correct the situation. And that's what they called a Shia and if not Sharia is she had only claimed 12 imam 12 Imam and things will be rectified when the 12 Imam comes back. But I want you to just to kind of get an idea about the political and the religious atmosphere and the 132 year after the Hijrah, of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that time, there's clear division among the Shia. And there's a great there's a clear division between among the Shia themselves and the Sunnah, which has started to actually crystallize at that time. And the differences were not as great as you would think

01:01:36--> 01:02:16

today. One of the known things that are not that are documented of Elina Shafi when he was asked if he was off idli now was a rocky bar those Yeah, he said in Canada, and in Beatty. Meza Murthy Felicia destaca Lani and you're awfully said if the love of the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is my problem, then let everybody know that I am Rafa de Of course not. But he was considered that they were asking him whether he loves the house of the Prophet salallahu Salam or not. But after the year in this time, that's when the great schools of Islam started showing up. That's when the school of Imam Abu Hanifa started showing up. That's when the school of an Imam

01:02:16--> 01:02:37

Malik started and then in a Shafi and later on, Alina Muhammad had been handled, it was towards the last days of the Omega Dynasty and the early time of the best dynasty. And with that, I will stop in sha Allah here today. It's time for adventitia if you have a comment as Allah has pan out

01:02:42--> 01:03:17

now, it depends on I mean, the word you are a Sunni and Shia at that time was not really well known. Now, it may have been Jafari what is known as the school of Jaffa it belongs to Jaffa sada who is the son of Muhammad Ibaka now he had a school he was an email he had a school Distinguished School of Thought but belonging to that school does not make you shy and the school of thought that is recognized by Jafar aside it is well recognized by many of us in the scholars but then later on he was deviated as as it's to be

01:03:26--> 01:03:30

jafarzadeh He was a descendant of Ali now is

01:03:32--> 01:03:33

I will

01:03:34--> 01:03:35

elaborate on that

01:03:36--> 01:03:36


01:03:40--> 01:03:41

just have to look it up.

01:03:42--> 01:03:43

Yeah has to be

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first and

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the Smiley

01:03:51--> 01:03:52

is right the oldest

01:04:14--> 01:04:14

now present in

01:04:16--> 01:04:18

India and from this man

01:04:22--> 01:04:23

that was

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01:04:56--> 01:04:59

Yes, just believe this to be a

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discussion of

01:05:01--> 01:05:42

and it turns into that, but what I wanted to just lay out is how this is all about Benny that Beth was trying to talk about Benny bass Inshallah, we will try to elaborate more about more than these divisions later on. This is about how did Benny Abbas use that in their advance to power. This is what I wanted to really lay out there is they used that sector of the shower which is known as the xiangqi Saniya which are the ones that pledged their support to Mohammed and haemophilia who did not want the NFL to begin with, but they still were grouping themselves and they had an underground movement that we will talk about later on. And inshallah The other thing we will talk about later on

01:05:42--> 01:05:58

is the progression of alumier dynasty which really continued in Andalusi yet considered in an endless and that was, this is also inshallah planned, but we'll leave it to a different times as Aquila we're really late for a Daniel Asia so yes