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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Hamanaka.

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Hungary the letter Bill Alameen was double select your atomic testing Allah say you didn't know Muhammad Ali he also he he nine, Allahu Malema and so now finally marlington. I was in element was a configurable al Amin la Hamas sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi H nine aumenta, Dr. homebase, Sen and he laomi geniale.

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We continue our study of the dynasty of the people of Pennsylvania which lasted from the 441 year after the hits of the prophets, Allah, Allah Allah, He will send them to the year 132. And in the last session on Hamdulillah, we finished the reign of Al Walid Ibn Abdul Malik, who is the fifth Khalifa of the people of Benny omega. And we left the state of Islam as one of the greatest and vast expansions in Islamic history. Muslim territory, were spreading from cash gear in China, to Polycom setup to now gone in France. This is the state of a Lolita, Milliken the way it was great, materialistic advancement, if you will, of the Muslim ummah. It was great power. It was the

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superpower of the world at that time. And that was around the end of that reign, and the beginning of the reign of Selena and Malik, which is the 96 after the intro of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We'll start today's session with silay mana bin Abdul Malik. So remember that Abdul Malik was born

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in the year 60, after the age of the Prophet salallahu Salam, and in some narration, you will see he was born early isn't that about the year 54, the hedgehog the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but most accounts say that he died at the age of 40. He died at the age of 40. So that that date is probably closer to reality. And he was a Felisa for only three years, between the year of 96 after the head draft of the death of unbelievable Abdul Malik to the year of 99. So he got the color out, he was young, he was 37 years old when he became Khalifa and then he died as a Khalifa at the age of 40. And he reigned as a one of the vast the most vast expansions of this Muslim Ummah, the word is

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used that you will read and history of actually none of the Nelleke is very Next, you will see some of us that will say that he is a wicked heavy fat, he was filled with vengeance and he his reign was about killing demoting and, and putting down many of the great conquer conquest in Islam and in another, you will see if you read a poverty the common that of poverty, he was really the most

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reliable Muslim historian the quote from the theory of poverty said Camus with a man named Mr. Hale. He was the key to the good to the goodness and have been hijacked. He wiped out that hedgehog hedgehog who died during the flood. So Lolita and Abdul Malik, but Selena Gomez and Abdul Malik rectified many of the errors many of the injustices many of the apportions that had had yogic music photography, cause so that's what somebody is giving. So they might have been added Metacritic here. He said what up local Asara and he released the prisoners there was the prisoners of a hedgehog were full. Any opposition to Daniel Mejia will land you either with the sword or with the prison and

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there was no other option. And what's the name and even Abdullah lick did is he released many of the prisoners that were imprisoned, especially in Iraq and then Watson alienness and he was good to people was stuck out Omar Abdulaziz and he said that he gave the filler for z so there is nothing else other than that it would be good enough for Selena even at the medic however, as I said, you will read review a lot of mixed reviews about Selena and even Abdullah medic, one of the first thing that so they might have an ad Melek did during his short train is he really changed the influence of and hijack and the use of photography. The was preconceived animosity between Sulayman and Abdul

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Malik who was an ally to collaborate with me so far and his children, and my lab was an enemy of a hedgehog. So saw a man when he came to the Khilafah and the judge was already dead. But many of the people that I've had judge put in place were in powerful positions, but they didn't use them in battle. He was overcoat ASA, Mohamed Ben Carson and so coffee was over syndrome winds up so the whole eastern front was all under commanders that I had just been used to photography appointed himself. Somebody opened

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Don't place for brother if it will be in its slot

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so but during the during his attempts to wipe the influence of a hedgehog many of the great conquerors and assume I fell victim to these corrections to these rectification of that order and the first victim was Muhammad at no cost and the tapa fee. Well nobody would be closer to a hijab and uses the coffee than his cousin Mohammed have no Casa Mr. Coffee, and that was one of the first people that fell victim to the

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to retaliation of Selena and even Abdul Malik. So Mohammed Hassan Takashi was older to be imprisoned, and he died in prison and under the reign of Salim Andaman, Abdul Malik, but they they have been missed and had a different story. And I will just narrate that very quickly. That kotoba was one of the people that agreed with and really did and Abdul Malik, who was before so they might have nominally to remove the Khilafah from Selena and to give it to his son. And when he wanted to give his son Abdulaziz Edmund Walid, the clapper instead of giving it to his brother, he wanted to keep the Khilafah in his reign, and one of the people that agreed with him was potato been Muslim in

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battling and in her judgment, Yusuf Sufi, so But however, that did not happen, and so a man did not forgive that and cultiva knew that Sulaiman Vinod Malik would be angry with him for two reasons for being one of the hijas Qalandars and for agreeing to support anyone even magnetic and given the Khilafah to his son stayed, instead of his brother, Philemon, Socktober, send a messenger to Selena and even Abdul Malik with three letters. The first letter giving Suleiman his allegiance and telling him he will be just as faithful to Him. And just as loyal to him as he was to his, to his brother and to his father, I've been medical marijuana and the candidate to take the Mara to take the

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governorship of Quran from Crusader, whereas he is even more high level than that I'd be so far. So the paper was very smart, and he told his messenger, if you see Selena and given the letter to your XID, admin wahala then give him the second letter, while the second letter saying the second letter said that if you He told him what what kind of achievement potato did and for our son, and he tells him that if you use his EAD, instead of me over perasaan, then I will rebel against you. I will rebel against Sulaiman bin Abdul Malik, and he tells his messenger if you see Selena and giving that second letter, three years Eid, then give him the third letter. The third letter was a declaration

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of rebellion against Selena Malik. So as the messenger goes, and he gives that first one to Selena, and even Abdul Malik, and Selena and gives it to you as read. So it's telling you, as you listen, see what this man is doing, he has given me his pledge of allegiance. So that is a sign that he really wants to use the as eat. So the messenger gives us Selena and the second letter, say in a few years is z that will rebel against you. So he takes that second letter, he reads it, and he, he gives it to two he keeps it to himself. So the messenger goes back to cortiva. And potato news that the intention of select men have not been Melek is to make him step down. And to give the Imara give

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the governorship two years even in my lab, it'd be so far. And at that time, there was a rebellion against could have been Muslim by a man called we're here. And we're here. He was the chief of the Newton who settled in hurrah son at that time, and they were able to catch up with pay devensian and Baggallini. And they knew that there was a great support from the filata against cote they've been Muslim and daddy, and they ended up killing for Teva. I've been Muslim. And so they might have been Abdul Malik did not punish them for that acts, and he actually made his evening Mohalla. Gov over horizen. And that's how two of the great conquerors of Islam ended in this wave of retaliation

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against the hijab and use of theosophy. However, on the positive side, so they had Melek, three, many of the prisoners in Iraq, and he sent armies to continue the conquest, and he sent his brother Muslim bin Abdul Malik to soothe Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantines, and at that time, said a nun of Nelleke moved on to be closer to the army. He wanted to continue the conquest and he moved to a small town near the city of Halab of Aleppo and northern Syria and that city is that small towns called Danville and in dabba ke

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made a camp military camp and he made an oath he made a vow to Allah subhanaw taala that he will not go back to the mission. Unless one of two things happen. He either is dead, or Constantinople falls into the hands of the Muslims. He wanted to really this was the last hurdle, if you will, the last empire that is left in front of the Muslims. Now the rain is from China to France, and he wanted to subdue the Byzantine and to have Constantinople and in data. He stayed and indeed he died, he died and the the armies of Muslim Eben Abdul Malik were not able to conquer Constantinople at that time. One of the two things positive things that Selena and Malik had, he had good consultation. He had

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what is called because little hail, he had people that are surrounding him that are good. There were two people that were influential in advising. So they might have been Abdon medics visionary in the in the short time at the end of his Hill alpha. And the two people are Raja Odin hayleigh And Omar bin Abdulaziz. These two were close to him, and they were given him advice. And the one that I want to just shed some light on is one of the tabs I mean, is your job No Hey, what about the hola Hawaiian and he was very influential in changing the way Benny Mayer do business when they transfer their Philipa. The next in line after select Nana bin Abdul Malik would have been one of his

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children, or his brother he shall one of his children or his brother, he shall have an adult knowledge that Rajab will have had an influence to change that course. So who is Rajab? Haga. Haga is a man who was born in Palestine in the city of visa, may Allah return it to the Muslims. And he was born at the end of the life of a man and a fan. He was from the tribe of Kinder, which is a tribe in Nigeria and middle in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula. He was raised in Palestine, and as he was in Palestine, he was under the government of Venezuela. Yeah, the entire time. So his loyalty was to the people of Danny Omiya.

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But he was a tabby and he was a student of other side of it, I believe, delta and Aradippou Summit. So he is a cabbie, because he took knowledge directly and straight from the sahaba.

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But Jabra haga became very important in the courts of Pennsylvania and he advised at the Medical in Milan, and then he advised his son and Walid Ibn Abdul Malik and then he advised silly man even Abdulmalik, but he was closer to Suleiman have been Abdulmalik than any of the other Khalifa

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and once I'm gonna just said that event happened during

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during his companionship with Selena and even Abdul Malik that changed the way he advised to set the Khalifa. And he said one time this is narrated by Raja haywire himself and he said I was in a crowd of people and a man came directly to me and he said your Raja in Nikka paddock to eat and we heard about your aura Allah is testing you this man with Suleiman Abdul Malik, what should I learn camisa while recording in a showroom to see our hybrid Cassia he said being close to the Khalifa, it's either a great deal of good or great deal of evil. And he said fragile quarterback. I mean who haven laka Vela who will in us make your your closeness to the Khalifa good for you, good for him and good

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for the people. While I'm in the era, Jeff, and now who are men Kenneth Liverman. Zenith and minister upon followed by Louis hydrothermally embodies their aesthetic. Lucky Allah azza wa jal young male ca Wakatsuki that Academy live he said, he said, If you help a weak person, achieve their need with the Khalifa because they can now reach the Khalifa then Allah subhanaw taala will steadfast in your feet on the Day of Judgment when you meet him, what's called the Raja and the human kindness he had yet in Muslim cannot walk with the hijab and those who work for the good and the affair of for the benefit of the Muslims. Allah subhanho wa Taala will promote their gun good.

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But then he said I turned to the Khalifa and I turned back to the man and the man completely disappeared and I wanted to talk to him and I could not and he said that event changed the way that I advise the Khalifa.

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So when Suleiman was with him in March gather in this area where he kept fighting the Byzantine and supporting his brother Muslim. I've been Abdul Malik in fighting the Byzantine. And that was in the year of 99 after the age of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Whatever Hayward narrates and he said

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so none of them magnonic woke up one Friday and he looked at himself in the mirror and he said, I am a youthful Khalifa. He was 40 years old, and he had all that rain. And he said, Oh, do you have enough so he had admired his own cell. And he went to a gym and he came back and he was sick. And he gave him off himself, the evil eye and he had this pride and for for his being good. And he when he came back, he was very ill and very, very sick. And he said, he asked me to be with him during his sickness. And he said, he continued to be ill, and then getting sicker and sicker every day. And then I found him writing a book writing a letter writing on a piece of paper. And I said, Not

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personally, I mean, what are you doing? And we had a lot many little mama Nene was very sick at that time. He said, I had to elaborate a you. He said, I'm giving the Khilafah to my Son, are you his son, the son of filet, Madame Abdul Malik, and Roger said Yuanyuan meaning

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in the middle of a police attack your Cobra while you bury the Mexico interrupter and yesterday fallenness of modular solder he said something that will keep you safe in your grave and will make you innocent in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala is to give the Khilafah to good why choose now what will occur to you and your son you is a young man is a kid is a very is a youth well I'm here today your laka Salah for whom Impala Hey, you don't know if he's gonna be good or not. He's not he hasn't matured yet to show you what kind of character he will have.

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So, so I learned that the minute he was on his deathbed, and when somebody is facing the moments of death, they become more truthful to Allah subhanho wa Taala it is a different situation or job no one knew when to talk to sell a mammogram done medic, you could not talk to any of the color files, then you may have to change the way they give the Khilafah to each other in any other state. So our job no haywire, took advantage of that situation. And he reminded Suleiman Abaddon Malik was the ACA was he here after he said Raja he was reluctant after what I told them. And he said in the Hokies haven't kept up.

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Here Allah fie melon Azim Ali, you could have not made the final decision. I just want to make sure to choose and needless to huddle with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And then after three days, he called me and he said no, yeah. Kofi remedy the root. Yeah. So when he thinks about my other son that would, so he's still thinking about giving the Khilafah to one of his children. And then he said that he was older. He said, Who have I been using misleading Phil custom Fania he is fighting the Byzantine in Constantinople.

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You don't know if he's gonna come back or not. So you cannot really trust the affairs of the Muslims to somebody you don't know who's gonna You don't even know if he's dead or alive right now. That's every human need.

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He said.

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Yeah, Roger, he said, What do you think Roger? And I just said, I wanted him to go with one after the other of Benny OMA year until he reaches Omar bin Abdulaziz because that's who Raja of nowhere felt should be the man for the job should be the man for the Khilafah and he said a Fatah Omar Abdullah Abdul Aziz, and he said the Khalifa asked me what do you think of role model than Abdul Aziz? And with that said, Man to Walla, he la Fabien Cameleon are Colombian and he said, he is perfect. He is a man of intelligent intellect. He's he's got intellect, he's intelligent. He's a father. He's a man of honor. And he is a man of good manners, good behavior, and he is a man of

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religion. He is a man of good religion. And

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so a man said so that you're saying the truth? Well, I can easily and later while central Amanda Abdul Malik, let Hakuna fitna wala to Pune who really doesn't. He says if I give him the Khilafah and leave out the children of Abdullah medical marijuana. They will be fitna they will be triggered they will never allow that. Now all the Khalifa asked for after I did Melaka been my one when the children have had the medical marijuana. Now it's gonna go to the second phase. It's going to go to the children of Abdul Aziz of the marijuana. So he said, You need to take the saliva away from the children of Abdul Malik and send it away from the house. They will not allow that. So what I just

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said a trick why he didn't mean home, which I'll do bad. He said allow make it a succession. Oh, Martha

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first and then one of the children of Abdel Malik after that, so that will be satisfactory for them to know that it's after Omar is going to come back to the house of Advil, medical marijuana, and then

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so they none have not been Melek said, This is good opinion. So he wrote the book The letter that he wanted to write, given the succession he said Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim as I Kitab and mean Abdullah Suleiman, Abdul Malik and you mean Ilhan Omar Abdullah Abdullah Aziz, and new will later will Philip attend embody what you are trying to having diabetes. Do you see that not demonic first? No, no, who was a three year old? Well, let me tell you who fell off my formula Fico. He said, I gave him the succession after me to Omar bin Abdulaziz. And then after him two years, even Abdul Malik. So listen to Him, LISTEN TO Arma OBEY Him and do not have conflicts do not have problems

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amongst you. So people will take advantage of that and defeat you. And then he said he will elevate he called the people for me. Yeah. So all the honourable and the elite people a former yoga gathered. And then he said, Let it be known that this litter in the hands of poor job no hayleigh is my wish. This is my will. And I have given the succession after me to the person whose name is mentioned in this book. And I want you to give your pledge of allegiance to the name and that sealed letter. It's like a sealed letter. Now, nobody knows the name in there. And Philemon said give you a pledge to the person whose name is mentioned in there. So they started giving the pledge of

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allegiance to the person without knowing the name without knowing who's that person is going to be one of the candidates were either one of his children or use it or he fell and nobody was thinking about Omar Abdulaziz.

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However, Miguel behavior continues to tell the story and he said after people disperse after people are not an eyeglass, this came to me. And he said yeah, damn, which is the nickname of Raja. He said in the annual meeting or Julian Hassan, one MIDI, what can you leave in in Carini Denver was healthier with that? He showed us Kathy one aksha and we're cool. escena de la Amrish. The old sugar cola was MKV format format email Odessey. Enter alimony in Canada if you want me to show you on your husband, Starkey, popular 44 psychodynamic nurses came to you. And he said to me, he likes me. And he thinks highly of me has an event v. And he always was generous with me. And I'm afraid that he

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might have thought to give me the succession after him. And I want you to tell me I asked you by a law to tell me if my name is in that letter. So I can go talk to him before he dies. So I can go and and just, you know excuse myself before so a man dies. And Rajat said law Allah He met and people

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have said and I will not tell you one letter. It's a trust. This is a trust for a moment and how can I tell you? And then he said, I walked few steps and hishammuddin Abdulmalik comes to me. And he said,

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Mama, what button Kaduna eliminate the mini the internal circuit. While

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kolams fellow said with Nina Yuna Han has an AMA. He Shan came and talked to Hayward. And he said, I want you to tell me if my name is lotion in there because if it was then I would not say anything else. He would accept it. That's what he wanted. And he said that if it was for somebody else, and let me talk before Suleiman dies, so we see the two different positions and SubhanAllah. This tilaka does not straighten out the authority that leadership among Muslims is not given to somebody who wants it. And when it's given to somebody whose interest and just having the authority then it becomes spoiled. It is always the people that hate to be in authority, do the best job, the best job

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when they are in authority, like the guy that Khalifa who our advocate Mr. Wiseman well, and then the fifth one is Ahmad have not been ICS Radi Allahu Allah.

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And then at the end Rajat goes back to Sulayman. And he said, and I find him at his last given, breathing his last breath, and then I started

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fate making face that could lead to c'est la ilaha illAllah. And he will say Not now. Not now.

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until it was the very last moment and he said, Now we are our job. Now we are John. He faced the cupola and he made the Shahada. And he died, Rahim Allah.

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Raja Abu haga was afraid that after what he saw from hishammuddin, Abdul Malik, the dysregulation that Selena and predicted might actually happen, there may be a big problem and given the Khilafah to Omar Abdulaziz, so he covered an even more meaning. And he told no one that he's dead, the wife of Selena lennick, wanted to check on her husband, and Rajat said, he is resting, and she said, He's resting. He said, he is very sad now, like I've never seen him before. He's very, and you know, at the moment of death, people live very, very restful. So he closed the door, and he gathered the people for me yet again. And he said to me, he wants you to confirm your pledge, you have to give an

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oath to confirm your pledge to the person whose name in that letter. So they came back again, and they gave their pledge. Again, not knowing that Khalifa was dead. And after all of them gave back, including your Z's and he Chanda bin Abdullah medic, now they have a van there next and this is a very great responsibility. He said in Osaka,

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or in alila. He was in LA Haji own and we haven't what means that in that de la la Raji own, and then and I started rereading the book. And when I mentioned the name Omar, Abdullah mozzie, Omar Abdulaziz, he sham said one guy who entered then we will never give our vote to him. We'll never give our pledge to him. Those he's not a son of at the minute and and Rajat has said, well, Allah, He will go on your clock will lie our cut your head off. If you say one more word, you already gave you a pledge. And if you take it back, then you're a rebel and I don't care who you are. Your neck will be the price for your rebellion against any other Momineen Omar Abdulaziz. And then he said on

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a diet, you go up and you'll give you a flavor. And he described he said for Karla Jurij lay. He was just dragging his feet until he came to Omar bin Abdulaziz. And then he said he gave him the day. And Omar Abdullah IG as this was done, he was described in the books of history Lazzara, he was thrown by the weight of the responsibility that was given to him and he would say nothing but in nearly law, why not lazy logic like a disaster happened and then the last one la Rajon is a natural disaster and he you know, the kidnapper before him all the filler fell for me I would be happy and glorious and all of that, except Oh no. He said his shoulders were down. And his his features were

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down. And he was sad. And he would say in Manila. Why don't you add your own in that Allah fortnightly? Hurrah June and that is the role of Raja Babu halwa in giving the Khilafah to Omar bin Abdulaziz Radi Allahu Allah.

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Now we move on in sha Allah to talk about the seven Khalifa and the dynasty of Benny Mejia out of Magdala Azeez Sophia is salary enamel Islam, Sophia and Saudi Arabia wildlife said and hola Thal Hansa, he counts only five Khalifa he said Abu Bakr Omar, this man i Li wa Omar Abdullah Abdul Aziz, he said these are the salata knew the people. The word Khalifa is the successor of the successor of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the job of the Khalifa is to try to live up to the legacy of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam and revive the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that is

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the word Khalifa. This is what it means. It doesn't mean the one in a power or authority or the one who has the greatest wealth. It means the one who follows the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and satanic filthy Neris. It's only these five actually dedicated their reign of Codesa to following the steps of the prophets Allah Allah Allah, he was salam Omar Abdulaziz he will look at what might have been Abdulaziz did during his reign. And he compares that with the rest of the Philippines for me. Yeah. If you compare that was the color for our fellow leaders and Abdul Malik. We studied that and we saw how the IMA expanded and how the fetal heart conquest went into China who rasaan assumed

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Blue Job Spain into France. And when you compare the contest during amount of seats, there is not much there. If you compare the walls of the OMA, it was wealthy but it happened

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Also during the reign of Abdul Malik of in Milan and then Walid Ibn Abdul Malik, and the reign of Omar Abdul Aziz was very short two years and few months. So why does it have this great importance, and it didn't change the way things were done after Omar Abdulaziz. It was not a turning point for Benny Romania where things were done differently after Omar bin Abdulaziz from before Amara Abdul Aziz. So why Omar has this great position great station in history. It's because he did what the Khalifa should do is because he took the legacy of the philosopher and he showed the Muslim world is the Khalifa does not mean extending authority. It doesn't mean adding territory. It doesn't mean

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increasing wealth. It means spreading Islam. It means taking the message of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and work with it and show the world what it means to be a Muslim. And it has been documented that the rate of people that converted into Islam during the very few years of Omar Abdulaziz were equal or greater than the people that converted into Islam during the entire dynasty of Benny Wilma yet most people in ascend in particular and the Punjab were mostly they were left on their own religion as after Muhammad had no costume and stuff off. He left the Jews the two years of Hamada Abdulaziz most of those territories converted into Islam. And it is documented well in

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history that that happened because of the way that Omar bin Abdulaziz was ruining the Muslims from 99, after the Hijra of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam to 101 after the Hydra of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Omar Abdullah Aziz was a young Khalifa. When he died. He was 40 like Selena, and I didn't know that he was 40 years old. He was born in the 61st year after the age of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. There is some controversy in history that it was 60 or 61. But he was a Halifa at the age of 38. And then he died at the age of 40. This is the short film of Omar Abdulaziz and the short life of this young Khalifa or the Allahu anois.

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So as we said Sofia and the theory as Narrated by Abu Dawood, he counted him as the fifth pillar, the fifth guy that Khalifa khalifa to rashid al Hamas, after Abu Bakr Omar was manually Radi Allahu Anhu and Jeanine, but the great contribution of Omar Abdulaziz is the revival of the Islamic Khilafah it's really go back with the Khilafah to what it means as far as being to live up being somebody who wants to live up to the legacy of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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And why was it important to revive the Khilafah? It is because Benny Romania and and we always tried to mention all the good things and all the good aspects and are the sessions but it is clear that then you will make a deviated from the path of the guidance pillar fell from the path of Abu Bakar the death of Omar Osman and Le and how so? How did they deviated from those concepts? It's number one, the dynasty concept, they introduced the concept that a father gives a philosopher to ascertain whether the son was the best qualified Muslim to lead this ummah or not. And that is not a slimy concept. The Islamic concept is you forced the Khilafah on the best of the Ummah, as long as they

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are able to tolerate the responsibility of this Khilafah. And when I'm out of luck, Bobby Allaha and wanted to give the Philadelphia for somebody after him. He put his son in the Shura Council that he formed, but he said, he cannot be this Khalifa. He cannot allow our beloved Rama, who was one of the great scholars. He's also Harvey, he was the one man was great qualification to lead the OMA. Mr. Harper refused for him to be one of the people that lead this ummah, and to hit us and when Abu Bakr before him, gave the Siddhartha he didn't give it to his son, and he gave it to the man that he thought would be best to lead the ummah. And he said, Abu Bakr also be called the Allah and the

00:34:30--> 00:35:00

great word of Allah asked me why did you do that? And I would say, I gave it to the best of them. I had the best of them was on top of the Allah who, at that time, the second thing that the people have told me he had said the collapse often you may have beforehand is they revived the tribal and the National zealotry that was rampid before a slump, they would divide people into tribes and nation and then what hit them with each other. One of the things that happened between the conflict

00:35:00--> 00:35:45

I fell Mohalla with me so far. And a hedgehog driven user for thought coffee is they actually divided the tribes and hurrah, son and all the Arab tribes that migrated into that area in two fighting factions among each other. And the people who may here would would make sure that their power remains in place by keeping the fighting among these people. So their power would not be jeopardized, their whole grip on power would be solid. And that is one of the things that that people are familiar did. The other thing is the national military is one of the people that were non Arabs came to Islam, people may look down on him and they call them a Murali. And in Bali is a word

00:35:45--> 00:36:32

is a derogatory word. And it can be it is called for the people that are actually a slaves or free slaves, and people who are far less status than the the people are familiar. So that was one of the reason that the people are familiar to me and people were not loved will not lie. It's in the hearts of many Muslims, especially those that were entering into Islam newly. The other thing there were political and military alliances inside the government, like we said, people that are in competition for power inside that one same government, and that is bound to weaken the governments and weaken the power inside Islam. Then there was a fear of loss of power and when your own decisions was made,

00:36:32--> 00:37:16

because last they were fearing that they would lose power. And some historians mentioned that when they called back new seven nuclear on product INSEAD from their great conquest in Spain, they were afraid that these leaders would have great extensions into Europe and they will be too powerful and they will actually threatening the grip of the people of Romania on power. So under all of these things, and then the other thing is a pressure of pressing the shelf and rot the Allah who we know during the reign of the people familiar until the time of a model Abdulaziz Ali Radi Allahu Allah and had to be cursed on the middle of every July on every Friday fit by Allah Han had to be cursed

00:37:16--> 00:37:49

on the member. And that was something that stopped were stopped by Omar bin Abdul Aziz Radi Allahu Allah. And so you can imagine if you are one of the people on the shelf and he does not mean the current religious sect at that time, it means the political alliance to the house of ideology Allah Who and and especially in Iraq. So you can imagine the hearts of these people in Iraq when they're hearing when they're listening to these words on the Linde or by the order of the Khalifa, to curse I curse Aniol the Allahu ang and to oppress those who,

00:37:51--> 00:38:21

who announced their allegiance to Anunoby Allah Han or to the house of Ali at the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with all these factors that had to be a revival. There has to be a correction and Islam needed Omar bin Abdulaziz Radi Allahu Allah and to put things straight on the path, the whole affair that you may hear before that will delay the prayer from its time and they will make some changes and innovation and the way and the Sharia was

00:38:23--> 00:39:08

conducted and Amara bin Abdulaziz came and one of the Hadith that is narrated in al de Hockley, that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah will send to this nation every 100 year and then to revive somebody a leader to revive its religion and an imam. I would think it was an imam I might have been humbled that said, we looked at the first 100 And we saw that it was Omar bin Abdulaziz or the Allahu Allah and and we looked at the second 100 and he was Alina and Shafi are the Allahu Allah and so that's why it was very important. filata very important time the dying off might have been Abdulaziz Radi Allahu Allah. And

00:39:10--> 00:39:50

the other thing that Benny Omiya had disrupted the way of the Khilafah was done as they were distracted by wealth and power from the real message of the Khilafah. And the way the asset the aesthetic way of Amara bin Abdulaziz, his, his taco shop, came back to show them that wealth and power does not mean that somebody is a good Khalifa, that being and hold of great wealth doesn't mean that this is the message of Islam. The message of Islam is completely different. And that was completely manifested during the time of Ramadhan Abdulaziz Raji Aloha.

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think we can stop now so we wouldn't interrupt the life of American Abdulaziz and we would open the floor for some comments or questions. I think we have about five minutes if not, we can close for select Alicia and starting the next session in sha Allah we will start the biography the life of

00:40:24--> 00:41:04

disease after why what we reviewed how needed the Khilafah and how Allah subhanaw taala syndrome as a blessing for this ummah and Inshallah, next session, we will speak of his upbringing, his birth, his knowledge, and then how he his reign as an ER of El Medina and to his Khilafah insha. Allah to Allah Fozia cousin. And if he was a son in law, I don't know it could be both. Yeah, it could be both a Long Island I mean, he's definitely from the thief from the tribe of the thief and Mohammed bin Qasim and sell coffee. Now whether his son in law or not, it could be very well can be why not? Yeah. Yeah.

00:41:07--> 00:41:32

Because of the conflict between my Alia and Elliot carried on and they were the curse alley, or the ally line on the monobrand said, Omar Abdulaziz came to power and immediately stopped that but yes, it was one of the disadvantages, the bad things that the people familiar did. And the dynasty of familia did not last long for many reasons that we we know narrated and countered, just like Kamala Harris Hannah become Yes.

00:41:42--> 00:41:43

Right, right.

00:41:46--> 00:42:26

Right, just like Allah, it's an important comment. I left actually some of the events that happened right after he accepted the Khilafah. Till we come back to that when we do his life story, when he refused to go on the Mulcair on the caravan of the Khalifa, and he did a lot of good things, but one of the important things why he was counted as a Khalifa, we spoke how enamel cod said there is full of fat. And there are kings among the Khalifa and hola thought, well, if you look and you look, they are the ones that actually accept the Khilafah through inheritance through dynasty, they were given the Khilafah just because their child had been Abdulmalik, that was his qualification to become a

00:42:26--> 00:42:58

Khalifa and but the other is the kunafa are the ones that are given Khilafah by Shura, and by the entire ummah of Islam and Omar, he's after he was declared Khalifa through the letter, he got on the main board and he said, you get your bear back. And I'm not a Khalifa unless you and then the Muslims gave him the they are again unanimously and confirmed that he's a Khalifa by Shura, and not by inheritance. Subhanallah PreCalculus that eMLC phoma Salam and Allah Mussolini hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen agonda