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The segment discusses the history and importance of the Prophet's teachings and his influence on the generation. Omar bin AbdulissGeneration's political career was centered around the health and safety of the people in Afghanistan, but he became a powerful man of power and authority. Omar's political career was centered around the health and safety of the people in Afghanistan, but he became a powerful man of power and authority. Omar's political career was centered around the health and safety of the people in Afghanistan, but he became a powerful man of power and authority. The segment also touches on Omar's political career, including his use of a hed hed hedge and his decision to bring people back to the country. The segment also touches on Omar's political career, including his use of the Bible as a reference to the upcoming days ofics and the importance of showing one's faith in Islam.

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A little bit Alameen wa below select your contesting ala Sayidina Muhammad meanwhile, Ehrlichiosis ah May, Allah humulene And I found and finally Valentina, was it an element of a country Denio bulanan.

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We resumed Shaula our study of the dynasty of Daniel Mejia made state dolet very Omiya that lasted from the 41st year after the age of the prophets, Allah, Allah Allah he was sending to the year 132. And we last time gotten to the point after studying the life of such a man and I've been medic, and how should I not have not been medic? Who was the sick Khalifa of the ammonia dynasty had

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given the recommendation and take the day I took the pledge for Amara bin Abdulaziz to be the Khalifa after him and today inshallah we start the life the biography of this Khalifa Omar bin Abdul Aziz Radom. Allah Hallie and Omar Abdulaziz is a very famous name in our assignment history. And for reasons that we have inshallah we try to cover in these sessions to come. And the reason that a lot of bin Abdulaziz was very prominent name and a dynasty of Omiya is because he was different from the rest of the Alia dynasty and he is going back to the way of the guidance Khalifa Allah fatwa studied the grandma Hallie image name.

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And Omar Abdulaziz is Khilafah lasted only for two years and four months. So the time of his filata will not long if you compare him to many of the other candidates and the dynasty a familiar like, like he Shama and I've been Melek and we'll even add Malik Abdul Melaka, Marwan why or maybe Sofia and they governed and they ruled for much, much longer time than the two and two years or four months of American Abdulaziz. So we will see why these two years were very important and pivotal in our Slavic history.

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big user of the Allahu I'm was born on the 61st year after the hundreds of prophets Allah, Allah, Allah, you ascend them when he died. He died in the year 101 after the age of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and he was 40 years old, when he became a Khalifa. He was 37 years old, and then he died. He was 40. So he was a very young, funny February young person in Romania. He actually became a governor of Medina when he was 25. So he was 25 years old that he was the governor of the medina north of the city of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Sofia Fianna 30 Rahima hola con alquiler fell concert, Abu Bakr and Omar was Ninewa Ali Walmart Abdulaziz al

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Kitab, Abu Deleuze, Sofia and the third he said the hula or five Abu Bakr Omar Osman Ali and Omar Abdulaziz as Narrated by Abu Saud.

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And why is he considered one of the guided Khalifa because of the revival of the elf itself. I mean, I'm not even idolized his aim to become a Khalifa, the Muslim state was very powerful, was very wealthy, it didn't really need more expansion, as we seen before in the few previous sessions, that the territory of the Santa Khilafah stretched from the borders of China, all the way to France. There was cash gear on the east and not born in the West. And all of that was under the reigns of the Muslims, all the wealth of these territories. All the political stability in the reign of Manuel Mejia was at its peak at that time. So Omar Abdulaziz he did not his his role was not to add

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territory. He was not a victorious conqueror. He his his role in our Islamic history was the revival of the role of the Khilafah to revive the role of what the Khalifa should be doing, and how the Khalifa is the role model and the true successor of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is what the word mean. Khalifa is the successor of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, and one that actually embodied that definition. In the end the dynasty of familia was none else but a lot of madness. He is all the Allah one.

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What do we mean by the revival of this limit? He left us because Coolatta needed revival of that.

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Last time, there was deviation from the path of the prophets and Allah Allah he was sending the path of the guidance Khalifa the forward guidance police after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we went over that in detail last session we go over them very quickly, the dynasty concept that was introduced by the people of familia, tribal and national 03 The we will study Inshallah, later on how many will may they revive what is called Allah Savill Cordelia. And they had, this is a tribal zealotry, and they had favored one tribes over the other eventually destroyed Benny Mejia, we will see directly the factors that directly destroy the people of buddy Maria is the conflict that

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happened between Alia man, you will place a union that people will feel the Yemeni tribes and the icy tribes, and that actually

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played a major role in the destruction of the entire Omega dynasty. There were political and military alliances inside the government, there were rivalry between the leaders and the commanders and the governors within Romania. And that weakened the path of the of the Muslim state at that time, there were fear and loss of power, or Mejia looked at at all powers that were emerging within the Muslim state as powers that are competing with federal authority, and they suppress many of them. And when governor or a leader or commander gets to a high position, they will be immediately demoted by the Khalifa and Damascus

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and then the oppressing of the supporters of Allier of one Allah Halley and the oppression of the oppressing the Hsiao family in Iraq and then the distraction from the path of Islam by wealth by power. So the real message of the philosopher was distorted during that reign. And that's why Omar bin Abdulaziz his his coming was pivotal to revive the role of the Khalifa and to show us and to show history that even among the the wealth, the power Islam works and the values of the finance guy that Khalifa works and actually nothing brings happiness and justice it was not all the money it was not all the wealth that will be brought to the Muslim state. There are people will not happier other

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than the time of Amara bin Abdulaziz Radi Allahu I'm so when we go over his biography first let's study the person who was Armada bin Abdulaziz were born early on Lolly, his birth his upbringing and who his parents were.

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If you go to his family tree, he is from Romania. He is actually a direct descendant of Marwan Hakon who was a direct descendant of OMA you have an absence of an admin if he was related to the prophets of Allah, how do you ascend them and they meet in Abdul Manaf, who was the patriarch of the four major family of Quraysh and polythene And Hashem Yean Aluma Wien and Benny nofit So he is a direct descendant of Moroccan Hakon his father was Abdulaziz bin lawan. We will talk about him here in a little bit, and his mother is Lena Lena and his her nickname was Omar Anson, because she's the daughter of Aslan, who is the son of Omar Abdullah toggle the Allahu and so his grandfather great

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grandfather on his mother's side is there a lot of above of the Allahu Allah and he is related to the family of the prophets of Allah hottie he was sending him on his father's side, and he's also a direct descendant of Marwan inhaca.

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His grandfather is very well known on top and the the the story of how Mr. Bob gets to become his father is a very important and a very good story to understand and know a lot of who her father was one of his nightly patrol in Medina, like he used to do, he would check on his subject and check on people. And once I'm on his night patrol, he heard and his servant Aslam was with him. And while he was chicken, he heard voices. And he was an argument between a mother and a daughter and the mother and the daughter had a profession and they would sell milk. And the arguments went as follows and the mother was telling her mother, the mother was selling the daughter, Mix the milk with water, and

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the Lebanese and up and up meaning mix it with water.

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And the daughter told her mother Yo Ma, am I going to do that can I mean as soon as you and your

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father from as I can call it Amma Ramona de la you shared with Lebron, you will not

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The daughter said didn't you not know what a mom has decreed? he decreed that milk cannot be mixed with water you have to sell milk and its original state cannot be mixed with water. Because that is cheating. So the mother told her daughter Yeah, but then you call me Lebanese and he'd been in the holy mother in law lucky here. Oh my well I'm an anti Roma. She said you my daughter go and mix it with water. Where it is now I will not cannot see you and the soldiers of Omar can not see you. And the daughter told her mother Yama in Canada amatola Island in hola halen. Wala Hina come to the car who feel better or asleep, you can fill out and the data says said Ahmad cannot see farmer does not

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know what we're doing. Allah subhanho wa Taala can see and he knows what we are doing. I would not obey Omar in public and disobey Him disobey Him and privacy.

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And then Omar asked his servant esalaam To mark the door. And then he next morning, he said, check that door and see if she has a husband. And she was from the tribal he had. And the mother had was widow, and the daughter was an orphan. So Omar called upon his children, and they will Abdullah Abdul Rahman and ask them and he said how frequently he felt was a widow. Now, can it be an equal? Holika Holika 2011. He said Mr. Dhaka, who had either had he jariya he said, Does anybody need why? Because if your father, if your father has the will has the wish to marry, then nobody would actually marry this, this daughter, this righteous person other than a lot of men apart. I mean,

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what meaning himself? I believe my mother said I have a wife and unless

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I said I have a wife and Allison Olson said I don't have wife and I'm not a pop send. And he asked for that daughter in marriage to his son. So the orphan daughter, the milk seller, the milk, the one that sells the milk, one of the poorest houses in Medina, this daughter by her righteousness, she got engaged and she married Ross and have an amount of milk Bob, and this blessing through union produced a daughter Leila, or more awesome. Her nickname was Amma awesome. Leila was engaged she was asked to marry Abdulaziz even LaWanda Bill Hakim and Abdul Aziz was a principal Mejia and Assam gave his daughter in marriage to Abdul Aziz bin Marwan, and the result of this place three union Omar ibn

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Abdullah Aziz King. So this is what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Hadith, the high euroline Coffee come in. Well, Erica says Choose choose for your offsprings, choose for your project, choose the woman and choose the women that you get married to choose the man that you give your daughters to, because righteousness begets righteousness and people when they are raised in a house that this is the mother and the grandmother is like this milk Lady and the father and the grandfather is like Bob, then you can expect an offspring like Omar Abdulaziz for the Allahu.

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After as he's been Marwan his father, he was a governor of Egypt, Egypt was most one of the most powerful

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states I'm sorry, under the Islamic State

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and Abdulaziz bin Marwan Adnan Hakim was the governor of Egypt. And he, that was in the year 65, after the hits of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, one of the achievements of Abdulazeez have been lawan that he built the city, the city of hawan, which is still stands today and Egypt. And that was one of the things he did. And he governs Egypt with justice and history records, all good things for Abdul Aziz bin Marwan and he said, I followed an advice when I came to Egypt, and my father told me he said, Oh, see Kobe Taku Allah, he simply Kerala amniotic Fein Allahu Allah Hina taco, Allahu wa Medina homage soon when he said, I asked you to fear Allah in secrecy and privacy

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and in public because Allah subhanho wa Taala is with those who fear Him those who have piety and he said will seek out a letter jealousy shaming and help me hit that as the shear Do not rush into judgment and you're ruining until you consult with others saying Allah azza wa jal know ahead

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an angelic the other man at Yahoo, Mohammed and solomani He was in Atlanta at Haifa kala Subhana wa Taala shower home film. He said, If Allah Subhana Allah does want anyone to consult with others, then he would ask the Prophet sallallahu wasallam with all the wisdom, not to consult with others, but he asked the Prophet to counsel and said were showered home filled up. And that was the way of governing of Abdelaziz it, and no one will bring him this afternoon how I might have been not Lazarus was raised in this house. He was getting.

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He was missing this way of governing. Seeing his father Abdel Aziz have been Marwan governing Egypt

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Omar bin Abdulaziz was raised initially in El Medina and as we saw he was the his grandfather is awesome.

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Have an amount of no kebab. So his uncle on his mother's side is Abdullah of NAMA had been cut Bah, blah, blah, blah. He led him and when he was raised in Medina, he would go to homestays uncle, I believe in Allah. And Abdullah bin Ahmad is one of the great scholars of Islam. So a lot of men I've been Isaiah has had the advantage that his uncle and his caller was also his teacher. Abdullah had been AMA and he would come to his mother and he would say yes or no equivalent Mr. Hawley. I like to be like my uncle I biller had been Irma he loved Scott he loved to get the knowledge of Islam he loved the The Mentalist the the the seating around the helicopter and

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around the circles of knowledge, like our beloved Armada and she would smile at him and said, Antetokounmpo Mr. Halleck Insha Allah, you will be like your uncle in sha Allah.

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And Abdullah and Irma

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was happy to teach a lot of nebulizers as much as possible. Then Abdul Aziz of in Milan became governor of Egypt and he was summoned to leave Medina and go to Egypt, like we said, so they wanted to take the family and go on to Egypt. But Abdullah Omar taught, talk to his knees, and he said he had a villa in Ghana, for in the whole ashba convenor Allah OMA, he said, leave this boy with us leave amadablam advisees meaning in the house of our beloved Allah because he said this boy, it's not like Benny Mayer, he is more like than the people of Oman that have convenient Allah Allah. He said he knows more like us don't let him go to Egypt and leave him with us. So as good as he is was

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happy and he left a lot of Abdulazeez in Medina and the governor of Medina at that time and I've been Melaka the neuron who became a Khalifa later on, he was one of the people that were residing in Medina, so he left them in the custody of Abdul Malik of in Marwan

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and that's how he started his youth among the greatest scholars in in Medina.

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So, a lot of idealization of your loved one is considered one of its heavy manufacturing because he was raised and he took directly his knowledge from El Medina, from the scholars and from a sahaja to qualify as a TV you have to take the the knowledge directly from a Sahaba and one of the first Sahaba was Abdullah bin Omar. And then he took it also from the great Sahbihi evade to learn to live in Massoud Raji Allahu Allah. And so he didn't say you say the Messiah we studied his life and we took some time to go over his his station in Islam and he's one of the Great's I've been he's one of the greatest scholars in Islam. And he was one of the people that I'm older than Abdullah as he's

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studied under and he later on continued to study under when Amara naturalizes himself became the governor of El Medina.

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Then on one trip, his father summoned him to come to Egypt, and on his way to Egypt, he fell off a camel and he had a big gash in his forehead. So he had a big scar on his forehead. And he is was named after that after that scar on his forehead, and he was called a shed a shampoo bunny Omiya and he was this this core forehead of the people. Oh, my Yeah, and that was actually a nickname that followed. And there was some narration that

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predicted that there will be a man with off his project.

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me from who would do with justice and he would have scar in his forehead, Allahu Allah.

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And Allah knows best.

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But he was raised as a proof and omega omega had all the wealth had over fortune. His father was a governor in Egypt. And here's Abdullah Abdullah Ahmad as a young man coming up and bring being brought up in great wealth. So he was one of the people during his youth, that actually indulged in the luxury that was provided in the palaces of the people of Romania. He was very well dressed, very well groomed, and he would always smell the scent of perfumes and beautiful clothes. And he was narrated that one of his garments would worth almost 1000 dinar, which is a small fortune, at that time, chuckling fortunate that time to have that's one of his garments. And when that garment will

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be brought to him, he would say this is too rough for my skin. And he would be he was very much into this life of luxury like the rest of the houses of Benny Omiya. And we will see how that will change 180 degrees around

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the family of Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz of one Allah, Allah will talk about that. First let's talk about his looks.

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He was described as tall, he was very,

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he was thin, he was not. He was not an obese person. He was live complected as he was narrated, as we said he had a scar on his forehead. And then later on in his life, he took over his grand, great grandfather American hardtop and he became bald, but during his youth, he had hair head full of hair that we know Bob was bald, and later on or might have been Abdulaziz was also bald. But no, haga and kindy said Omar Khanna Omar Abdulaziz Minh alpha in us. We're in the sea nurse. We're here in the Houthi machete felon misspoken Lisa columns yerba who is national agile hammer on a job Mahela the person that actually recommended amount of an Abdulaziz to become a Khalifa he said he was one of

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the best dressed people and oh my Yeah one of the well groomed best groom people are familiar and later on when he becomes Khalifa his entire clothing was not worth 12 there how much is nothing we will see the comparison flood happened to him

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an Abdulazeez married into the house of Romania and

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one of his wives was Faustina binter Abdul Malik, Eben Marwan Faustina, the daughter of Arden Melaka been Marwan and if we go back

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to the

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family tree of

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Ben, you may hear Adam Melaka, Marwan his daughter Faustina, who is the cousin of Armada bin Abdulaziz. He she was married to Amara bin Abdulaziz, but you can see for Tina, she was raised and House of glory and a house of nobility and Oh, my yearning. Quraysh for her brothers were Khalifa. Her father was a Khalifa and her husband was a Khalifa and historian said that was not any other woman and Islamic history that she was directly related to actually a Khalifa, her father, four brothers, two nephews and her husband, they're all Khalifa and her own family. So she came from a great house of nobility and great house of philosopher and great house of governing Islam.

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after he married fontina one of the things that history narrates the things that happened between Faustina this daughter of the Khalifa, the sister of the Khalifa, and the wife of the Khalifa, when he became Khalifa, Abdulaziz as we will see, he told her that now he is starting a new page in his life and things will change this luxury you will not be anymore, and he gave her the option to go back to her past the palaces of her brothers and her family or to stay with him and his wife.

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modest house and she asked to stay with him in his house. And he also asked her to return all the jewelry that were given to her by her father. I've been many Cubbon level one and she gave that back to the treasury of the Muslims. So after I might have not been as he's died, the brothers her brother became a Khalifa wanted to give her back for jewelleries. And now the person that asked you to give the jewelry back is dead. Here's the jewelry back you can enjoy this wealth that your father left for you. And she refused. So that tells you her novelty, her sincerity as well. Rahimullah 14 I've been to Abdon medical marijuana.

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he also had his many children, but the most famous of which is his son Abdul Malik. And he stopped a little bit to look at Abdul Malik Ibn Omar bin Abdulaziz was one of the righteous people. He was also an inheritance of that tradition of Amara pop.

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One of the the things that are recorded in history of Abdul Malik the son of Omar

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Abdullah Aziz is when he was given the very eye for Philadelphia. It was a very hard day for Armada bin Abdulaziz. He refused to

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want to ride the horses of the Khalifa. And he kept on saying in Allah who is

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like a big catastrophe happened to him. So he walked back into his house after he gave the chutzpah that we will go over in sha Allah. And then his 17 year old son saw his father walking into the house, and Elaine wanted to take a nap. And he said, Natalie don't assign any money. What do you want to do? Emeral Momineen and Amata Nablus he stole his son at the Melick Elbonian into an alpha cleeland forlenza Because He just said he thought he said I'm so exhausted. I have no energy. I need to just take a little nap. It was a hard day for our modern advisees so I've been Nemec said at that who attempt to Atlanta rebel Molina Illa Alia and Juran many. He said you want to take a nap before

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you put Justice back where it belongs. And then you said Abel nice to have two very happy Amica silay man when the Khalifa died, he said I was up all night, burning him and preparing him

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and he said when it's time and this was after federal and he said when it's time for the hair, and I will pray and it was the people and then we will give justice back to the people. So I've been medic said women Lika anti Shayla warrior

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who guarantees that he would live to the time of for lack of a hurry. I mean, this was Abdul Malik ibn Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. So amount of Nablus he said it moving Vinay for Cabella Medina ini. He kissed him and kissed him on his forehead. And he said, Alhamdulillah Allah the origin soon be when you're in uni, Allah Jeanne Alhamdulillah, who got from my offsprings who can help me for my religion.

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And he kept on advising his father, throughout his, his vilasa throughout his time, and he was one of the wisest people. He was one of the most pious people.

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And what's happened is,

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I've been Medicube and Amara bin Abdulaziz died before the Halacha of his father ends. He was a very young guy, and he died during the life of his father. And his father was crying him and praising him. And he started making their disciples, Allah subhanho wa taala. And people came to him and they said, Yeah, and we're all Momineen would you have given the succession to Abdul Malik? Would you have given him Phil after after you? Is that what he said? No, I would not. He would not make it a dynasty. And he said, I'm afraid that what whatever I feel for my son is what a father would feel for losing a child, but I would never make him a Khalifa.

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There are many, many stories of a bilik Omar Abdullah Aziz, this young person who was really an example for the youth and piety, and obeying Allah subhanho wa taala, and always giving advice to his father, but shallow, we may go over that later on, but the history is really filled with many stories of Abdun Melek have been Amara monopolizes, so he was really very important to mention that

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we saw that amount of an Abdulaziz had his knowledge acquired knowledge in the city of the prophets of Allah and He will send them in Medina and some of his teachers were a

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Hello I have no Amana in his youth. And then later on, he came back to El Medina as young person when he required knowledge and then he came to it a third time when he was a governor in Medina. So there was three stages where Omar bin Abdulaziz took knowledge in El Medina when he was very young. What was his uncle llama beloved, no Omar later on during his youth, and his teacher in El Medina was solid Okay son, father, Kabuki son was one of the great Tabby and he was one of the teachers of Omar Abdullah Abdullah Omar, Omar Abdulaziz was the Allahu Allah and

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gathered the Quran he memorized the Quran when he was young, and finally had an occasion what became his teacher later on in a Medina and his father Asada communication about the progress of his son Omar, and he said Mahabharata ahead and Allahu Akbar Matthew. So Adam, if he said Rahim in heaven hula. He said, I have not seen a young person that Allah is more glorified and great in his heart than this young than this youth, this Ottoman Abdulaziz.

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And one time I might have been out there Aziz was late for the Salah. So his teacher said I hadn't que son said what happened? Why are you late? He said, My nanny was combing my hair. So he was he was late because his hair was taking care off. And he wrote the letter funny. Okay, Sam, wrote a letter to Abdul Aziz it in Dharwad. And he said your son was late for prayer because of his hair being taken care of. So I believe as these are the Morando to son Omar that he is not talking to him until he shaves all his hair. So a lot of godless he shaved the hair but you see the the upbringing, you see the role of parenting, the role of teaching and making great people and making people that

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know their priorities, even when they are young and when they are children. So when I've been as he's died later on, he was called to Damascus by the Khalifa Abdul Malik, who didn't Marwan knowing who

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he is, was he gave him his daughter Faustina in, in marriage.

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During his life in Medina, when he became a governor of Medina, Medina, he continued his knowledge he continued asking knowledge, so he was the Emir. And he was 25 years old, but he would call the righteous people of Medina, he would call the fuqaha scholars to teach the Emir. So this was his longing to knowledge, his longing to learn the way of the prophets of Allah, how do you ascend them, and some of his most important teachers were they the law had been Abdullah had been nurtured in this earth, and also constantly been Mohammad Amin, that'd be Becker, we studied the life of a possum had been Mohamed dako, as well. And the and he also took knowledge from side of the Newseum

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during his time as a governor. And that's why he is considered a great tabby. He's considered a tabby and he's considered a scholar in Islam. So this hadith was not only a prince and, and man of wealth and power, but he was of great knowledge. And if I take one testimony in history, I will take the testimony of Adam in Hamden, Radi Allahu and the Imam of Al Hamdulillah. He said largely call the units

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in the polar Omar Abdulaziz. He said I don't take as reference the words of any of the 30 he has very high inshallah we will study the study and the Imams, but I might have been handed had a very high standard to take reference and to take evidence to Sheree. He says I take it from none of the February except the amount of an Abdulaziz. So that tells us the degree of knowledge and degree of of the scholar information in Islam that Amara bin Abdulaziz has reached.

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Then a lot of an Abdulaziz became a governor in Medina, and he was appointed in the year of 87, after the Hydra of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Amara bin Abdulaziz was 25 years old and he was summoned by Edwin even Abdul Malik al Walid Ibn Abdul Malik the son of Abdul Malik ibn Marwan, and he summoned his cousin. I'm other than Abdul Aziz to become an ear off Medina. Then later on in the 19th year nonius here after the headrow Three years later, he added Metka and a five so he became governor of the entire

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province of ages. And that was a very important training time for Omar bin Abdulaziz as the governor the first time he and his youth who became a man of power and authority and a ruling and that will we'll see how he started lifting oppression in Medina. At that time why a lot of an Abdulaziz was chosen for this. For this position. There was a governor in Medina whose name was he shoveled snow in in zoomy. And he will used to be a tyrant he was I had a lot of authority, and he oppressed the people in Medina. And anger started boiling in Medina. And that reached out Khalifa and when he wouldn't have been met like so he wanted to send somebody who can smooth things out who can cool

00:35:53--> 00:36:01

things down, who has wisdom, and also general in the way he governs. And that's why I might have been Abdulaziz was chosen.

00:36:02--> 00:36:25

And then once he became a governor of Medina, he had a council and his council was still filled with scholars. And he had 11 people that he made as his short counsel. And they will say two of them will say it his own teacher, but how do I be Zubayr? Are they beloved, my beloved notes that I've

00:36:27--> 00:36:58

had Harris Abu Bakr bin Selena Eben husana. So they then have new ASR across them and then Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr, one of the greats have been selling have been Abdullah had been Irma and Abdullah, who I met have been via the hydrogen Museum in this habit. He had a Council of Scholars, this was his advisory board. So that tells you the way that he started his government, how he prefer to take advice, not from the wealthy, not from the powerful, but from the most knowledgeable people.

00:36:59--> 00:37:18

And then he started his strategy of corrections and rebuilding. And one of the great attributes of Omar Abdullah Abdullah Aziz is the rebuilding on the extension of the masjid of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that happened during his reign.

00:37:25--> 00:38:12

However, there was some rivalry that started between the governor of jazz and the governor of Iraq. A jazz was not militarily or economically important for the people of Colombia, but obviously it is the center of Islam, Mecca and Medina and all these colors, and a lot of was there and an Iraq which was important economically and militarily to the people of Romania. At that time during the reign of and leaving the minik was governed by an adjective and use of Sufi. Now you cannot contrast two governors more than you can at Hijazi been used to sell coffee with his tyranny with his oppression with his policy of the sword and Amato bin Abdulaziz was his policy of bringing scholars together. I

00:38:12--> 00:38:57

mean, he's the man that killed setting up new Judea and he was the man that actually has his council off at 17. He is the man that his prisons were filled with people and here's the man that smooth down and calm down politics in El Medina. So, what happened is that her judgment use of a third coffee came to EHEDG came to pilgrimage in the 92nd year after the Hijrah non non second year after the job the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and wanted to come by and usually the way to unhedged passes through and Medina so I just wanted to visit and Medina on his way and Ahmad bin Abdulaziz wrote to the Khalifa and he said people are angry because it had judge wants to pass

00:38:57--> 00:39:36

through and Medina and he asked Al Khalifa and when he doesn't have the minute to ask the hijab to bypass and Medina not stop, well, I'm gonna have deseases and I've had judge was ordered by a hadith and not to stop in Medina. But he became very angry with a lot of an Abdelaziz for that request. So that started some animosity between a hedgehog and Yusef coffee and Omar bin Abdulaziz. So, later on after the hijab went back to an Iraqi central Khalifa and he said in that cathedral I'm in the rock and in Iraq, gender I'm in Iraq, Malaysia willen Medina it will not was he will not karate daddy.

00:39:37--> 00:39:59

He said many of the outlaws many of the rebels, none of the people that that do not respect the authority of Romania now are leaving Iraq and going to McCann and Medina. He's trying to make it a security issue. It's make it like people are gathering in Mecca and Medina and Omar of Nablus is is not strong enough to deal with it. People are leaving from underneath

00:40:00--> 00:40:20

iron grip and going to wear a lot of Noblesse eases. And he kept asking the khalifa to change this until the Khalifa finally asked Omar Abdulaziz to step down. And then on the third year after the Hijra of the prophets Allah Allah hottie he was salam. And then when he left he left in Shabbat and the nanny three years,

00:40:21--> 00:41:13

Nanny third year after the hijra, and he was very sad, and he said, I am afraid that I will be one of the people that Medina expels Medina does not like to to keep in it. When he went to Syria he went to a little ranch that he had in southern Syria and and right up where today the the borders of Jordan and Syria is in a little town called a sway that still a city in Syria today. And in there, he had a small ranch and he had his one servant of his Musa him, an Abu Musa him. And he just stayed there and a sham. And He then started advising and Walid ibn Abdullah belicoso Khalifa when he was asked for advice, and he would listen to the news of a hedgehog and the tyranny of a hedgehog and

00:41:13--> 00:41:37

the killing and imprison in the fetal and he would say in Tel Aviv Jew Allah Who drew on for Irishness, or Allah, this land is now filled with transgression. So give give respect to people. And Allah subhanho wa Taala answered the prayer of Omar and Omar himself. He was the respite he was this comfort than people had in those very hard times.

00:41:47--> 00:41:50

His advice to anyone either been at the lenok

00:41:51--> 00:42:05

he would come to the court of lead in Damascus and he will tell him in the WHO Lisa died, the Schottky is none of them are in the law him in a dumb way. Like I have to do work to bring them back to what

00:42:07--> 00:42:56

he would say to invalid. He said there was no worse of a sin in the eyes of Allah after Ashok but the blood of Islam and your governors meaning mostly of hijab and others are killing people. And that blood is recorded in your own record, this blog, your response? Excuse me, you're responsible for it because you are the Khalifa. And then and when he would answer him BarakAllahu fika Yeah, at the house. And he would ask Allah to bless him that they would not change this. This policy later on and when he died, and then some a man have been I've been medic became the Felisa and Suleiman actually asked Omar Abdulaziz to be with him. He made him very close to him and to his core, and he

00:42:56--> 00:43:08

made him one of his councilman. So Omar bin Abdulaziz was closer to Soleimani Malik and we will see how that actually ended up when select men have been at the Melek gave the Khilafah to Omar bin Abdulaziz.

00:43:09--> 00:43:23

And he wanted he actually recommended to send a man of the Nenek to make the governors of a hijab step down and a hijab had died at that time as the reign of Solomon Ibn Abdul Malik.

00:43:24--> 00:44:19

Then we know what happened and we studied that in detail last time when Suleiman Ibn Abdul Malik was dying, and his was here his secretary, or a job no one kindy, who was from Jordan, who came to isolate the medic and he gave him an advice to recommend the Khilafah to Omar bin Abdulaziz. And we studied how it was in a sealed letter. And this sealed letter was giving to the people of Romania without knowing what's who's the name of the next Khalifa. They gave their pledge to amount of an Abdulaziz with that knowing. Then later on, they asked for the when the Khalifa became very sick. They asked if people are familiar together again. So a lot of an Abdulaziz came to the masjid and he

00:44:19--> 00:44:59

came to talk to my dad who had this letter from the Khalifa and he said, When I should look Allah when I should look Allah Hi, Elijah, I asked you by Allah era job, he said, it's you know, that it My name is in this let me know so I can talk to the Khalifa before the Khalifa dies. And Raja would say when I should look Allah, that I cannot I asked you by Allah not to make me say that because I would not betray the secret of Ameerul Momineen. hishammuddin Abdul Malik, on the other hand would come to Ghana and he would say when I shouldn't call Allah that if my name is not in there, let me know so I can go talk to the Khalifa. He wanted to become a Khalifa

00:45:00--> 00:45:26

up after a certain amount of Abdul Malik However, after that, he died. Selena Brogdon linic. And what I get asked people to give the pledge again and they did. Then he saw a lot of an Abdullah Aziz, sitting at the back of the Masjid. So he came to bring him closer, and he went to him and he said a salam alayka near I mean, he will not lie he will What are cattle? So Omar

00:45:27--> 00:46:10

Abdulaziz he when he was given the greeting as a new Mini, his change his color was change. And he said in Allah why Naira urogen in that lucky like a disaster a calamity hits him. Nice it shouldn't Allah Hi yah, I asked him about Allah Allah God, don't do this. And Roger I said when I should look Allah and you're funny, very nasty habit is that if you don't, don't accept that there will be tribulation there will be fitna there will be problems. I said luckily yesterday Nan raga. So a man is already dead. It doesn't help to avoid the responsibility. So the way that Omar bin Abdulaziz was described is he was carried from the back of the lizard because his legs would not carry him his

00:46:10--> 00:46:59

legs because knees could not carry him from the weight of the responsibility that he felt. You see, we contrast that with hishammuddin Abdullah who was fighting for it he wanted to be a Khalifa he wanted the world he wanted the glory. And here is a modern Abdulaziz his legs could not carry him from the back of the masjid to the front of the masjid and he was carried by two people until he they got him on the member. And then people came through the day like they did with the book then Omar Abdulaziz through what at that time is unimaginable political bomb. He got on the number and he said you harness all people in a bid to lead to the heaven. Minerva era Ian can me see whether

00:46:59--> 00:47:50

collaborating when I'm sure I think human muslimin he said I was giving this Khilafah I was given this without my opinion. I was not asked and I did not. I did not concur. When I follow but I never asked for it. What am Assura 10 million Muslim is there was no Shura. There was no Shura among the Muslim when this was given to me was called holla to Mercy I now could come in Bharati fatale and fusi Khan said I have taken I have I'm relieving you from your via you have nobody out anymore. You choose the Khalifa on your own. He put it back into the Shura. Now people with the the length and the people the public that was in the masjid, he said Karnataka Ameerul Momineen Albina deck they

00:47:50--> 00:48:18

could not believe there is somebody from Romania that's one of become a Khalifa doesn't want to get all that authority fell fairly on Rana billion yuan Baraka leaders with with blessing and with righteousness. So after that amount have been alcopop got on the minbar and he gave a great football, a great speech and we will see some of the outlines of this hope that

00:48:19--> 00:48:56

he's said badda Hamdulillah he within a delay after praising Allah subhanho wa Taala he said, Are you a nurse in Mahieu lackeys have added Quran. Well, no. Do you have Adam handmaiden sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? He said there is no book after the Quran meaning the doctrine of govern government that I will lead is very clear. It is the Quran. That's the first sentence he said he said there is no book after the Quran, Willow sunnah Birla maybe Javad Mohammed and there is no path that I can go and walk on other than the path of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:48:58--> 00:49:20

He said when I listen to because even when I can mean I don't rule I don't judge. I don't rule I know I don't make up things. But I excused I do what's in that book? And what is in the way of the prophets Allah, Allah, how do you sell and he's telling them the way of this government is very clear. He said when is to be looked at it? Well, I can.

00:49:21--> 00:49:35

I'm not an innovator. I'm a follower. I'm a follower of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a follower of the righteous and guided Khalifa after him. He said, Well, let's to be fair in haidakhan. What are

00:49:36--> 00:50:00

Himmler? I'm not better than any of you. But I am the one with the heaviest weight. I'm the one with the heaviest burden. And that reminds us of the speech of a Boudicca severe Krabi, Allahu Akbar when he was given the Khilafah when he said a Yohannes will lead to Aleikum the less to the higher recall, but he was the rest of them and there is no doubt that this is the best

00:50:00--> 00:50:05

The former Yeah, he said I am not the best of you. But I'm one I'm the one with the heaviest burden.

00:50:06--> 00:50:48

And he said we're in original herida Meenal Inami volume Lisa Bivol him, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Azza. I tell him I flew up and female so you can call up. He said, If you see him fearing and escaping and fleeing from oppression, they are not oppressors meaning there is something wrong. When you see people in the government when you see people fearing the government, fearing the government of oppression. He said those people are not oppressors. Those people need to be listened to Allah and now who loves her, I tell you my flu thing, female CF holla there is no obedience for a creature who's created by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in the disobedience of the Creator, that is Allah

00:50:48--> 00:51:28

subhana wa Tada. That's how he opened his speech and of the highlights of his speech as well. He said, And you heard us men are for Allah whatever Pato woman Osama phenol for it only now I thought law thing I'll say law fell apart I tell you alikoum and this is also this is a highlight and it is reiterated by every guided Khalifa. Since I'll be back in Sydney. He said if I follow the path of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, then you obey me and you helped me. And if I deviate from the path of Allah and His messenger from Allah, it will send then there is no obedience for me over you.

00:51:32--> 00:52:19

And then he said in the head he limped the stem of fear on behalf when Athena de hmm well if he could tell me how we're in nama fella foofy denari with Durham. What you were in New Hola, hola oxy I had on Bartylla while I'm now I had an Bartylla while I'm now had an hubco. He said this nation, this Muslim Ummah did not, did not have a conflict about who Allah Subhana Allah is and how to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala said we, we all have the same degree, the same faith in Allah. And we have the same faith in our Prophet. We had the same faith in our book, but we have problems when it comes to the dinar and the Durham. That's when conflicts in this ummah. And that's the way of

00:52:19--> 00:52:49

when you may at that time, fighting with a wolf, who gets more who get paid more, who has more Wolf, who has more authority, who was closer to the Khalifa, that was the things that were eating up in the body of the Omega dynasty in Philadelphia at that time, and he said, This is the problem. It's the dead hand and the dinar, it's the it's the money, that's the problem that we have. And he said well Allah He in Nila AlTi I hadn't Bartylla I will not give anyone out of injustice now was the first

00:52:50--> 00:53:34

sign to Bani Omiya that they were going to be in trouble during the reign of this man. He said I'm not giving anything to any of you that is a boffin. That is not right. You will not get anywhere else at have this other the misfortune of others when I had done haka, and everyone will get their due right. If you have a right you will get it And subhanAllah as I go through the speech, I just hear the echo of this speech of Abu Bakr Siddiq are the Allah who, when he said I'll call you see combined for an ND had to ask Allah Who are the eyes to see come on nd Hatha or biography companion and you had to ask because Allah could help that, that whoever has the right I am his supporter and

00:53:34--> 00:53:47

feel the right reaches them and whoever is being oppressed than I am this supporter until this oppression is lifted and those who are oppressors in turn graesser I will be the one that will take the rights away from them.

00:53:54--> 00:54:33

Then he said, Are you enough? Mansa Habana fabulous Hubner becomes our new fabric now. He said those who wants to be with us, let them be with us with five things or let them leave us alone. Let them be away from us. You have five conditions to be with the Khalifa. What are these conditions? Inshallah we'll conclude with that? He said, Your lemma hydrator malaria. Stasio Rafa those who wants to be with us. They're the ones that will tell us about any transgression and oppression that we cannot hear about otherwise, that we can that cannot reach us while you're in.

00:54:35--> 00:54:59

The second condition is to help us for righteousness. What are our new allegory what Taqwa he said, Those who want to help us to do good, they can deal with the Khalifa. While you're doing it, ma'am, you know, Hey Gary, I learned I learned to de les that they will lead us to the path of righteousness and goodness, show us the way. So this is the same again like Abu Bakr said in that same to find only one asset to focus

00:55:00--> 00:55:46

Good morning. So those that will want to show us the right way they can be with us. And then the third the fourth condition while I have been named and I headed they cannot back bite anybody in front of us in front of the Khalifa Wallah. Yeah reason let me and they shall not speak in things that is not of their affair, and that's how he started his Khilafah and that was he how he started his hookah and after that he wrote letters to his governors and inshallah that's how we're going to start next session and see how the Muslim world was waiting for this Khalifa how Islam was waiting for this khalifa to revive the way and hola Rashidi in the guided Khalifa Cobra call we have our

00:55:46--> 00:55:59

stuff Allah La Vina Lee welcome Folsom, Steph Curry, Allahu Molina and founder of Santa denialism Santa was it 90 men who feel confident or something Hola Hola. Hola. So you know Mohamed, Anwar Ali. He was so happy he he made it