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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Alameen wa salatu. atomic testing ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ah main, Allah Marlena may have found no fan of Mr. Olympia knows it no element of the country geniale but I mean Sneha Ramona Rahim.

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We continue on our history study of the dynasty of Benito Mejia. And one of the important things that we remember insha Allah as we study history, history is stories. And 1/3 of the Quran is towards Allah Subhana Allah said foxhill silyl Casa Salah Allah AMITA karoun Tell them the story narrates the stories to them, maybe they would heed maybe they will think about it and contemplate Joseph Allah.

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And Allah Subhana Allah again says, locket, Kenefick associ him neighbor Tonioli and Burb Mecca and Hedy Thank you, Tara. Well, they can touch the color the bay near the heels of cedar coalition in Walden Warahmatullah, the homie up noon, Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in Surah Yusuf, that in his stories and meaning in that particular verse, the Stories of the Prophets, there is a wisdom to take from there is a lesson to be learned, for those who take heed, and pay attention. And the same thing is for the history and one of the important things of the history that Allah subhanaw taala has laws, Allah Subhana Allah has sent in and this these laws, these sunnah, that Allah subhanaw taala

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had, has the do not change. If people follow a certain path, then that path will lead him to a certain end. Now when they follow the path of Allah subhanaw taala the end is glorious and victorious with the permission of Allah subhana with the Allah nila, and when the path follows the path of the shape Han then the end is not so glorious and definitely not victorious. And Allah Subhana Allah said about his ways and his sunnah and wanting to Judah sumach Allah He fillerina hitomi pub one and digital cinema de la he's a dealer, that Allah Subhana Allah has his ways has his sin and has his path. And these are not to change, like the ones that when before us. And it is well

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known phrase that history repeats itself. History repeats itself and it does. And if when we narrate history, we narrate the stories of history, we have to understand that this is the thing, the same thing Atari who you're either not so necessarily an Atari for your internet, so meaning that we need to understand this the meaning behind the stories, not only listen, and enjoy the just a narration like we listen to or watch a drama. It is all it's really more than that we have to always try to get the lessons that derive the lessons that are pertinent to our existence and pertinent to our well being as an imagination.

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And so is the story of Nehemiah. This dynasty that existed between the year 40 and 132, after the age of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we are handled less studying the reign of Al Walid Ibn Abdul Malik ibn Marwan and when he developed the Lakeman lawan is the fifth Khalifa Al Khalifa Han is Nicola Ave Maria, and he is the son of Abdul Malik ibn Marwan, Adnan Hakim ibn Abdullah also the mayor, and he is the second Khalifa in the house of Marwan Al Khalifa attorney for Dayton morani, after his father had been melakukan lawan that we went over his history, at length and in details and we saw how and what he did in Abdulmalik govern the Muslim ummah for 10 years

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from 86 After the Hijrah, of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to 96 after the age of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, 10 years and wildly different Abdul Malik was the Khalifa and his time where time of rectification were time of reviving the Ummah, putting things back on track after long tribulation after long fitna and reviving in Conquest.

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The Conquest really have two phases where there was a lot of conquest happening in a very short period of time. And the first one was during the reign of from Abu Qatada the Allahu Akbar, and the second one was in the reign of Allah leader bin Abdul Malik Rahima Hawa and we studied how Mohammed bin Carson, Kofi conquered and open for Islam, the province of sins and the Punjab in what today is Pakistan and also how cultiva been Muslim in vahini. Advanced to hurrah, son where and then moving on to

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China to the city of Kashmir, or Kashia cache, or Kashi where he knocked on the doors of China. And in that he was through the what today is bookstand, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan along with the northern part of Afghanistan.

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And then Muslimah Ibn Abdul Malik de mer Juan was on the northern France, fighting the Byzantine and defending the northern borders of the OMA against the advances and the train for the Byzantine trying to reclaim those areas. But today, inshallah we'll spend ample time with North Africa and Dallas, one of the greatest pages in our history, how our Muslim Salah for Salah our Muslim ancestors, the one that there before us, were able to astonish the world and the way they conquered these territories

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and endless and then you see as a continuation of the conquest in North Africa. So inshallah we will start to review the North African conquest in Islam, how did the Muslims prevail over North Africa. And, and this is really important. So to understand what happened later on, and then Delsea, what we understand the behavior of Musa ibn mausolea. Now there is a lot of history, misconceptions, and a lot of accusation against this both the great leaders, the great conquerors of this Muslim army, the Qatari Museum and Musa Musa, and there's a lot of accusation, but we have to understand the history behind that. So we shed the light on these differences.

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North Africa is this entire area that spread from the Red Sea into the Atlantic sea, and from the north is the Mediterranean Sea. This entire US territory north of the Sahara Desert is called the North African plains.

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And the advances of the Muslims into North Africa started at the time of a problem the alarm rang and the 20th into the 22nd year after the Hijra of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the armies launched from Palestine Mallanna turned into the Muslims, and went on to conquer Egypt. And then from then on, in the last review, Allah who went on to the province of Dakar, and what is today Libya. And then from then he moved on to the place where chocolates to Tripoli is propolis love. And upon orders from Mr. FOB he was ordered not to continue as advanced. These areas were governed by two

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main forces. The first one is Byzantine. The Byzantine had the basically the northern shore of foger of Carthage. And then there's the Berber, where these are the tribes that were ruling North Africa. And they were mostly allies to the Byzantine, and there were a lot of wars between them and the Roman and the Byzantine Romans. And then finally they got into a pact of non aggression and they coexisted in that area.

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Then, the last one was ordered to retreat back into a full stop where he founded the foundation of that city. And what is today, Cairo. And this was this became this Slama capital of Egypt, and the Muslims stayed there stayed within the territory of Egypt, with their eyes on the Western Front, and seven advances during the Islamic history before North Africa is actually subjected to the Muslim government. The second, the second campaign was during the time of ethnography and I federal the Allahu ion and the 23rd, the 24th year after the hijra, and it was led by Abdullah Abdullah the Surah, who was the governor over Egypt, and he, his advance was basically to repel the Byzantine to

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rebel the Byzantine and defend the western border, and he was victorious over the Byzantine. However, he did not leave any government in Northern Africa, and he retreated with that leaving a Muslim government and a Muslim authority in the area of North Africa.

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This the third advance of the Muslims was during the time of more Alia Benevity Sophia Radi Allahu and, and this was led by Malawi age and he advanced for the very same reason for the Byzantine, but then left back and retreated without leaving a government without leaving me and without leaving the form of Islamic authority and Northern Africa where things have to wait for that new NASA and all the Allahu Rahim Allah wa and that was again

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During the time of my interview, Sophia, Godwin Alfa Romeo Allah and wanted to advance it to North Africa was the goal of conquering North Africa for Islam. He had a goal to establish a Muslim government in Northern Africa. And the first advance was into were the city of Cairo one was there any was just Woods it was just a sort of wooded area with no city in there. And the Muslim established the very first city and Northern Africa that they founded and that was a pile on and it was named by Akbar, Nathanael Kira Juan, and he was over 10,000 soldiers, how he wanted to establish a place where this would be a stronghold for Muslims against the place that rebelled over and over

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and over against the authority of Islam. And that's followed in the year of 55 by another expedition that went into what they called at that time, and never been outside which called the middle west or the morgue Morocco, the West, the middle of Morocco, which means Algeria that's where the area of Algeria today is, and that was led by dinar Abril Mohajer dinar other Mohajer advanced and defeated the Byzantine in what is today Tunis, Tunisia and then he started fighting the Berber into northern Africa and one of the important alliances is a man who was a leader of the Berber claimed this lab and his name was sailor Hussein that claimed Islam and he joined the army of dinar Abril Mahajan.

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But what happened later on as dinar, other larger left and the new governor came back and that was a gift.

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That was given the first expedition by Medallia in every Sofia. But the second one was by his son is even more Alia. And that was almost 10 years later, and the year 62. And this expedition lasted for about two years were offered new NAFTA took the armies from the city of Cairo, Juan and moved on and for the very first time, the Muslims were able to control the entire area for this today, Algeria and Morocco salt, and then went into Morocco. And then we know how bad NAFTA went over into the Atlantic sea and he read the Atlantic Ocean, he reached the Atlantic Ocean and walked with his horse into the water. And he said Allahumma Nina befallen. asuran why.

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And he said that the lady followed her who advocate will remain, well what ensured that there were no shortcut Allahumma income to Ireland, and now what I heard and daddy are on the hook for who lay half he said, Really, and he said, This famous speech, he said, Oh Allah, you know, I did not come out, just to brag, I did not come out for power and authority, I did not come out except for what your slave will come in the one that is mentioned and saw that that went out for and that is to spread your name. And Allah Allah, if I know that there is land beyond the sea, that I would walk on, and I would go on with my horse, and I would conquer this land for the name of Allah subhanho wa

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Taala set up. So that was the the second expedition of Bermuda and his army was that man Crusader, and later on, Crusader, went back and he actually rebelled against the Muslims. And he ambushed NASA going back from Morocco, through Algeria into Tunisia. And they killed off button Lafayette. And this in the place of Tunisia and Lafayette parish, he was martyred in a battle against Crusader and Crusader peace pylon from the Muslims. So this entire conquest that that new NAFTA performed and more in the area of North Africa, West of Baja west of the area of Boko Haram of the last was was all reclaimed by the barber. So we see it was not really an easy expedition. It's not like when the

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Muslims went into a sham, they had fought the battles, they conquered the Byzantine, and that was the shameless claim for them. That was not the case in North Africa. It took one expedition after the other rebellion from the barber and fighting from the Byzantine who did not want to give up that territory.

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What happened after that in the year of 65, and that is the time off I've done many COVID Marwan who was in control for Shawn, but not in control of the jobs because this was during the Tribulation with Abdullah who was a there was a Khalifa and jazz and Abdul Malik have and no one was a Khalifa in a shop. And this was a time of weakness for the Muslims. Because the Khalifa and Dinesh for the Khalifa and the Masters cannot send supplies cannot

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Send a lot of help out because the Khilafah itself was in finding and what that time so hey, you have no place in memory. He's one of the

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people that had control over DARPA and he was the governor of North Africa. He moves to Verka he regroups and he wants to go back and reclaim that whole territory that's up above in an asset I had before. So he goes and he attacks Crusader, the man that claimed Islam rebelled against the Muslims and killed off but Natha Rahim Allah and Sohail Hyson then we attack to say that he was able to defeat his army and he claims out Cairo one back so I'll create a one was back to the hands of Muslims on the on the hands off zohydro face and Benway.

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But as Jorge was going back after he secured Kira Juan, he went back to Boca he was attacked by two fleets, a fleet that came from Sicily from a Byzantine fleet that killed us from Sicily and another fleet that came from Constantinople. And vodka was attack and Sahara and his people defended Baraka very vigorously, and they did not let it fall in the hands of the Byzantine, the Byzantine were trying to cut the line of supply for al Qaeda one, if you can take Burtka then you can take the rest of the territories that the Muslim had. So they attack Burckhardt, which is the capital of the Muslims in North Africa at that time. And so Haier was killed the Hydra was martyred to Heroku case

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and then we have a burqa remain in the hands of Muslims. This expedition the Byzantine expedition was a failure. However, it claimed the life of the Muslim leaders here and then we saw we see the control over North Africa did not go without great sacrifice.

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Later on another Mujahid he said he Lilla one of the one of the most noble conquerors however his name Subhan Allah when you read the history of his life, you cannot help by greatly admire this, this fighter in the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala however, for some reason is not renowned one specially when you read history fast and this is a sign of not a man her salary not a man became the governor on the time of Abdul Malik have been Marwan and I've been medicated Marwan was still yet not in full control of the Islamic territory. And at that time, the Byzantine were in control of current age, which is Cappadocia. And then the barber, we're in control of

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an onslaught.

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And at that time, the leader was a woman, the builder leader was a woman and her name was Dahiya. And that he was given a title by the Muslims al khair Hina. I can't you know the sorcerers or the witch basically because she practiced black magic, and she claimed the religious power and authority and the Muslims called her Alka Hina. And she was in control. She was the leader over the Berber tribes of middle, the middle west of middle Morocco.

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And the Byzantine were regrouping their forces and in Carthage and cortada. So her son of a man faced a very dire problems have settled in our land is Allah Sani, he is descendant of the tribes of Hassan which used to be Christian tribes until the

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the advancement of Islam into the Byzantine Empire and a sharp and the lack of in Milan gave him the Wilaya the government the governorship over North Africa in the year of 69. After the HiDrive, the prophets of Allah Holly was sending people were in tribulation, their commanders who hailed del V was killed by the Byzantine and most of North Africa is lost, again to the Byzantine, and the Babak. And what happened is an online led an expedition to find the Byzantine and his eyes were on the barber and was the leaders of Cantina. And he moved on and he reached the area of desire. And there was a great battle between the army of Hassan of man and the armies of al Qaeda of Dahiya. And this

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battle was known as the day of Al Bella the day of tribulation. It was cold like that, because Muslims were in a great tribulation. They were far away from the supplies at that time in 69, I believe but no one could not send them a lot of supplies and a lot of help. And the Muslims were way far away from their base, and they were failing

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see enormous number of the barber and the Muslims were defeated. The Muslims were defeated in that expedition, Hassan Abu Nah, man, let's read it. And he went back to a pion. But he held his position in Cairo, Juan, he did not retreat all the way back. So he was preparing for a second try against the Byzantine and De Beauvoir, and he had to wait till the year of 78. Now, this is well into the reign of Abdul Malik Ibn Mattawan when the things were reestablished, and I've been Melaka been Marwan was able to send help and support to her son of Norman, and then has sent me a man attack the city of Carthage, which was the outpost the port of the Roman, Byzantine, and North Africa. This was

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their major city, and he destroyed the place and he built a new city for the Muslims at that place. And he called it Tunis. He called it Phoenicia. So this is really the capital of what is what Tunis is today what is Tunisia and it was built by her son of Norman, Radi Allahu Allah. And then he moved on, he now got rid of the Byzantine. Now the the always the Muslims are they advanced against the robot, they always have to think about what that can hit them from the back, which is the Byzantine. Now the danger of the Byzantine has been basically eliminated. And it's eliminated forever. There was no a more existence for the visiting town in North Africa after Hassan and our man defeated them

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in Carthage. So he moved on to fight al Qaeda, who defeated him only about less than a decade ago. And his second expedition moved on, and you're able to after the age of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he fought in a place called the was named after the al Qaeda herself was named as the burial cantina, or the well of a cantina and this battle was a victory victory for the Muslims and this die here and Karina was killed, she was killed in this battle, and the Muslims basically reclaimed North Africa for Islam again, and Hassan a winner man was able to restore the entire conquest that I did earlier. So probably not that had the first arrival into the Atlantic

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Ocean. And Hassan Nomad was the one that actually secured that for Islam. After that has settled in there man was asked to return back to Damascus, he was given a mission to go and fight the Byzantine again, in a sharp and the Northern Territory, and he was martyred in that fight. He was martyred. He was killed and fighting against the Byzantine. And the area for this today. Turkey.

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However, has said of him, Norman, is did very important things for North Africa. Number one, he established a shipyard, a shipyard to make ships and Tunis, and in Iowa in the areas of Okanagan. And that shipyard became pivotal in providing the Muslim fleet with what with what it needed to cross the seas into Europe, as we will see in sha Allah. And the other thing is before all of these expedition will come in, and we'll try to establish limitary and political authority, her son of the man was a Mujahid and a scholar, and he's established religion in North Africa. And for the first time many of the barber started coming into Islam. And that also became pivotal in what is to

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follow, because most of the armies that went on beyond North Africa, into Europe were actually from the barber themselves from the ones that actually fought this land for so long. For decades. Now, at the time of Hassan of ninja, Amman, they were openly invited for Islam, a lot of teaching a lot of education and many tribes, they started coming into this religion.

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So don't forget this name, her son of a man and all of a sudden, you know, the Allah who ran

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after that in the year 85. And again, in the time of Advent, many COVID Marwan a new governor for North Africa, was appointed and that was Musa ibn Musa Musa the Messiah was a governor for North Africa, and that was appointed he was appointed by the Khalifa Abdullah Melaka been Marwan however I Dominica the moron died on the year later in the year of 86, after the Hijra of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So

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Who is new seventh Muslim?

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Musa Messiah is considered one of us have been because he made the Sahaba and he took knowledge from the sahaba. Musa had been Messiah was a pious person, a pious Muslim, and he got his teaching, like we said from the sahaba. And he initially he was raised as a Christian boy, and his family was captured by holodeck manually or the hola Hawaiian. And they were brought into an he was actually in an a church, he was in a monastery being raised for Christianity and Musa Musa and his father. His father and his father, his father actually is the one that was captured by kind of money. So his father was captured along with serine, who is the father of Muhammad and serine, the well known for

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Coxiella Helen even see it in the Allahu Allah. So Messiah and Syrian were together and they were brought into Islam, and they both became very diligent Muslims.

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Musa Musa, the father of Musa became a soldier under my name is Sophia and in a sham. And then later on, when Musa Musa was raised under the banner of Islam, he was

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raised and to tradition, the tradition of knowledge from his father, who was against multiple Sahaba. Without making this Jihad will also have added one line and a tradition of military because his father was directly involved in the military. So he was raised on a tradition of knowledge and scholarly knowledge of Islam and he was also raised on military and he was in the service of the people of value omega, until Abdul Malik ibn Marwan appointed him as a governor in Northern Africa.

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Two things that Musa Musa dedicated his initial reign for number one spreading Islam, Musa Musa was very interested in establishing North Africa as a Muslim province like a sham. Like the place he was raised in, he came from a family that embraced Islam, and he knew what is to see the light after darkness. And he wanted to bring that light into North Africa, not only the military dominance, but he wanted to bring the light of Islam into that area. So he established the mosque, he established the places and he followed in the tradition of Hassan nama.

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And the only city that was not conquered in North Africa at that time was the city called cipta, which is today still under the Spanish government, but it's called sweater and scepter is the only place in North Africa that was not conquered. However, the port that is next to it, Tangier, it is called or Tunja and Arabic was conquered for Islam and Musa lusail wanted to make sure that the best people the best fighters are in Punja, in Tangier, because that is the front here, there is the golf and we will talk about that the Spanish

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tribes at that time and they call a coach of the Gulf, and then there is scepter, which is still not conquered, it's still not opened and upon over scepter there is a governor called Julianne or Yan. So he chose one of his best leaders to be in Tangier to be in Punjab, and he chose a barber for that mission, because most of the people that were in that place were Budvar, so he wanted to choose somebody who can speak language fluently, and can deal with the people of that area. And he chose a person called product Lindsey, and he chose thought Busia had to be the governor of fungineer or Punja.

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Pocket INSEAD was raised in a Muslim family that embraced Islam very early on during the advances of the Muslims. So he was raised mostly as a Muslim and he was bullfighter. He was described as a very tall and big word very well built with blond hair. And that was the the description of product within Seattle the Aloha.

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So after establishing a slum in North Africa, we see that it took around 70 years from the year 20 when I'm when I'm going to class advanced into Egypt into the 90th year after they dropped the prophets Allah Allah your Salah to really settle Islam in North Africa and after that Musa the Messiah, or the Allahu Andhra Hema hola he set his eyes on spreading Islam further, spreading Islam further away from the Northern African territory and with

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First targets were the islands, the isles of the Mediterranean. So he sent an expedition he his sons were fighters. His son Abdullah, the new seventh Messiah. He sent him over a an expedition to Sicily in the year of ad sets after the HiDrive, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then he sent his Son into the islands of Menorca, and Majorca, which is really now, these are the resources the Mediterranean for most of Europe, and in Majorca. Later on, there will be a great Imam who did who was a bit hesitant and delicacy. And this territory was brought down into Islam by Abdullah ibn Musa ibn Musa, based on the orders of Musa Musa however yet he set his eyes further than that he wanted

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to advance into Spain into under Lucia.

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So let's talk a little bit about the conditions of under the CEA and the 90th year after the Hijra of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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At that here, there was a rebellion from a new king of the goth Coots and his name was rodrigo Rodrigo is known in Arabic as lazarey. And he rebelled against his king, who is with Teza with isa in Arabic resources, his name is Alicia. So these names will change a lot based on the Arabic dialects at that time. And he unseated with ISA and he was a tyrant. He was well described as somebody who was hungry for power and wealth and fortune, and he subjected the followers of what Caesar into a very

00:31:50--> 00:32:47

severe treatment, and he was a tyrant in Spain. So the people of Spain resented the government of Rodrigo, which actually helped the Muslims a great deal. But one of the importance issues to understand that that time is Julianne or union who was the governor of scepter of Sveta. He was an alliance of with Isa, the king that was unseeded. So now he has a new enemy in the North, who is Rodrigo across the street, and he has enemies are surrounding him and that are the Muslims that are trying to capture his province. So Julianne had to choose and choose either to ally himself with Rodrigo or ally himself with the governor of Tangier. And he chose the Muslims Julianne knew that

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the the treatment of Farrakhan INSEAD and mu seven newsletter is better than the treatment of Rodrigo though they both were Christians and thought up INSEAD was a Muslim so he made an alliance was thought of this yet when he when he started talking to product INSEAD about invading state. He told them what's out there in these territories. And he told them that there's a great unrest and people willing to get rid of Rodrigo they want to get rid of Medallia. So Parkins yet consulted his uh, near his boss will seven no sale. Musa Musa consulted his boss and Walid Ibn Abdul Malik ibn Marwan. So the permission came from and well even at the Melaka been Marwan to cross to enter Lucia.

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Now, Al endless Well, where is that name came from, and emptiness, the word and our fear came from the tribes of the vandals, the vandals. It's a Germanic word. And these tribes came from the Germanic areas and settled into Spain. Vandalism when you hear the word that English vandalism came from that because these tribes were

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really primitive and very severe in their treatment and any and very destructive wherever they go. And that's why the word vandalism came from. And then the world in the peninsula of Iberia became Vandala sia because that's the place where the Vandals were residing. So Vanda will see became later on, and that was sia and that dialect. However, today, the word and they will see it only is called is called upon only the southern provinces of Spain or the peninsula of Iberia.

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So in Ramadan,

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and Ramadan of the 91st year after the Hijra of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Musa Musa authorized an expedition to check out things it's counting. This is

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My brother and sister This is a major issue now they're leaving a sea behind that Muslims are not used to put their seen their armies across the sea, where you really it's very hard to give them the supplies. And this torture is completely unknown to the Muslims. So, very wisely mu seven will say we will see his wisdom in this entire conquest, because of the history that we just narrated. See how many of the Muslims would advance fast, but then were three fast from North Africa, and he did not want that to happen. So he gave thought Luzia had very strict orders that you send an expedition and we will see what would happen. And the first expedition was centered Ramadan, and the 91st year

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after the age of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which is the year of 710 and the Common Era, and the leader of that expedition was the man called polyfilled nomadic, but even romantic was also a barber, and he took 500 of the barbers with him, and they crossed the sea, with the help of Julianne with the help of the governor of SEPTA into the tip of this peninsula. Now this very tip right here on the map, this is today called Tarifa. Now Tarifa is from the man that first led the expedition of the Muslims into the he is the first one actually to come into Spain. And that is study problematic and he had 500 people and they scouted this entire tip of the street, the area of

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the strait and they found a big rocky place and they decided that that rock is the best place to hide the Muslim armies and that rock is what is today known as javal PATA Jabril car. And this rock was the the landmark where buddy decided that this is the place that we can send our ships and our ships can land in this particular area. It took Muslims a year after the expedition that Felice led and this this tip right here is actually juggle products is Gibraltar and product INSEAD is in Tangier and Julianne is in scepter. So they're Muslim crossed, they scouted the area and they went back without fighting this the expedition of Taurus was just to pave the way for advancement of the

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army of product INSEAD radula. One

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then a one year later, and this particular month, actually in the fifth project, which was only on a Friday. This is the the anniversary of the landing of particular INSEAD on the shores of MWC. Yeah. And he led the historians differ 6000 to 7000 fighters. Now he led them over ships across the street, and they landed at the rock. And this rock is named after product within Ziad and it's called as like we said, Joe Park.

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And then product INSEAD

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established his forces at the area. And the guards in that time they advanced towards the army of the Muslims and they fought with him. This was the army of the code of the gods, as the followers of a loser equal Rodrigo and there was.

00:38:29--> 00:38:30

And then lastly,

00:38:31--> 00:38:33

is to follow the right path

00:38:35--> 00:38:43

is when we hear the good advice that is given by and listen, we in turn, become a lesson and follow that advice.

00:38:45--> 00:38:50

We don't turn in arrogance and pride that was given to

00:38:51--> 00:38:51


00:38:55--> 00:38:59

And even if that action sometimes is not said, at the start off,

00:39:00--> 00:39:09

and by not following a good advice, and be mindful of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, then we are going forward from the state of person.

00:39:11--> 00:39:18

Allah Subhana Allah to Allah said, Those who, when they hear the truth, they follow the truth. Why has

00:39:25--> 00:39:26

there been

00:39:28--> 00:39:33

a shady one Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah who in my journey, we're not on our way up

00:39:35--> 00:39:36


00:39:38--> 00:39:59

with the MT five as a nurse in February with Danielle and hub, finally de la la Danica Giselle mursaleen where Valiquette yourself Sydney is Elton net, the US Alexa subhanho wa Taala to be up and running. And to be honest state of Assam and to worship Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, mindful of the Presence of Allah subhana wa Taala and

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can really learn from Bill Alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine Please come closer and make room for the brothers that are outside and standing in the back because

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it's definitely a hula hula

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quarterly man is now in law he will tell you in Allah subhanho wa Taala call Sep 30 Hill are when we're asking you in Allah how you hit when mursaleen Fascino in Allaha your head will Mycenaean woman Asante Dena Lindman Islam Allah Who Lila he was sin. What's the bomb in lotta Ibrahima Hanifa Allahu wa jal phenomenal Masini Allah the Magellan laminin mursaleen Allahu Allah Jalla Amin and masa Nene Allahumma ethnonym Elena Ania and Matakohe footlocker San Allahu Allah Jalla nein, nein yes now in a poll FSW ona Sinha Allahu Allah Jalla dunya Akbar Hamina Walla

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Walla, federal Muslim definitely de Nina will have to select Allah in the new Bynum, Aloha Buccola Johanna Aloha Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge mein Subhana Kulob the biller is at the MLC foon, wa salam and Allen mousseline our hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen it does Allah in Allah Hi a little bit ugly Ali, Sam in Allah Hyah, Monroeville ugly polyester anyway, he died in one hand fascia you will carry well belly. Yeah, I will come on to the karoun Salah in the salata, tinha and in fascia it will look up political Allahu Akbar. Wala who yeah Allah Marcos now

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what I do when Mr. nikam when they send up Ebola in the cipco sub

00:42:09--> 00:42:12

configure the jersey of the winner Eternia

00:42:14--> 00:42:21

for Hoosier said oh poor people where you're gonna run to? He is the see behind you and your enemy is in front of you.

00:42:22--> 00:43:06

And you have nothing but truthfulness and finding and perseverance and let it be known that you are worse than the orphans on the in the house of the mean and stingy people meaning that nobody will help you if you get lost. Why are they stuck Bennett who are stuck belacan I do come BJC he was the head to acquire to Houma for one from now with Rolla from endless youthful calm, while acquired Telecom in LA Mata Starclan Sudha. Home in Adi do we come? You said your enemy came to you with their supplies and their armaments, but you have nothing but your swords and whatever you can get out of your enemy. He said, This is what you have to depend on. So ALLAH SubhanA wa outside.

00:43:07--> 00:43:34

And then he said, In the intent that we could win a yam I love to Polycom willing to jitsu Omran the habit three who come what are what are still available, we won't be here Newcomb. Agera Aliko said if you procrastinate, if you wait, and instead we're going to wait until we're stronger and more and plenty. He said they will not feel you anymore. You have to go on. Now they have some fear in their hearts of your family. You're the invading army, but if you wait, then they will not feel you anymore.

00:43:35--> 00:44:23

And then he said fat fat one and * Khan has learner had Hill hockey but him in American University has a father for the Lancome Medina to Hasina. We're in and he has a full soccer and he has a full Sati fee he loved them came in semacam the unfussy Combi mouth he said do not put yourself into fear and take seize the opportunity to fight this tyrant because he left his fortress to lino was a very well fortified city that was the capital offered regal and he said now he's before you he left his fortress, this is your opportunity to get him and he said why don't you have zero come and run and and who and uncomfy he didn't want to come in lower and Adobe NFC. He said I

00:44:23--> 00:45:00

will not let you fight without me. I will throw myself before you and I will not put you in harm's way before exposing myself to it. So that was the speech of product in Ziad mu seven newsletter sent some sense some supply to Patek and he sent it live by five but it was the first man that lived the exposition. He knows the territory and he sent 5000 people to join the army have fought at INSEAD that reached 12,000 People now so thought it was yet has 12,000 in front of 100,000

00:45:00--> 00:45:46

1010 to one almost. And this was the odds of favorite Vinci add in this territory. And a battle that will take place is one of the most important battles in Islamic history. And it's really as the size of as your room. As the size is as Al qadisiya, you will see this battle in many names in history, you will see it called Monica towards the left, because it happened in the valley of Flicka, and you will see it called the model Catherine bar bots with because it happened on the shore of the river of barbed baits. And you'll also see it called the Battle of Sedona, because it happened near the city of Cydonia. And southern Spain.

00:45:48--> 00:46:40

thought these Yad the genius of his military strategy really manifested itself in this particular battle. Now, here he is, was 12,000 Infantry Fighting 100,000 Calverley. So here, his army cannot move fast, but the army of his enemy can definitely move fast around them. So what he did is he took advantage of the geography, he took advantage of the nature around him, he put his army in the valley of luck. And when he put his army, the the northern part of this army was the wider and the southern part was the smaller was the straight. So he put Khalif down in the south, and he wanted police to close this. So the vast army of Rodrigo cannot do a turn around and, and basically sees

00:46:40--> 00:47:27

the Muslim army. So now he has studied, he said, you and your 5000, you stay there, you just protect our bath, we'll take care of them. Then he put the lake on his left hand side, and he could the mountain on His right hand side. So the numbers did not matter to you anymore. All it matters is the perseverance and the fighting because now the front is narrow and shallow. So if he opened himself to a very white France, his army would be swallowed in no time. And if he put his army where they can turn around, then they his army can be besieged. But during this, this, what he did, it tells you the genius of the planning, and he waited for Rodrigo. Here's how history repeats how Rodrigo

00:47:27--> 00:48:04

came to the battlefield. Rodrigo came to the battlefield with all his glory. And they brought mules and with the new rules, they were ropes, and these ropes, all the news was just filled with ropes, because they were ready to take the slaves back to the leader. They wanted to take all the ropes so they can tie all these new slaves and take him back and sell them and Toledo so they were just on a kind of a hunting expedition. And they were ready just to move on and capture Fada of INSEAD and his army and take all these prisoners down to Toledo.

00:48:05--> 00:48:56

And then the battle started. And it was not what Rodrigo was hoping for. He found the true fighting of this slime experience. He found people that wanted to die. People that have basically this to them was the wish and the way of Allah subhana wa at the island to spread this religion. And they fought very fiercely against the army of Rodrigo and the Spanish army, the Goths Army or the Colts army was defeated and this major battle of the valley of Flicka against all odds 12,000 infantry Muslims defeated 100,000 Calverley of the carnage of the goddess Gothic army and Rodrigo there are two accounts in history one account said he was killed or drowned while he was escaping from the

00:48:56--> 00:49:50

battlefield the other one he said no, he went far further into southern Spain and he was captured and killed but they're basically the result is the same and product INSEAD and his army were able to control the area of this this small river right here is the BB eight. And you can actually follow all of that on on any map or Atlas you may have, but this area was now in the hands of the Muslims. Now, this was the main army that Rodrigo had the the Goths would not regroup because of the internal fighting between like Pasha and Rodrigo between with Isa, the the unseated King, and Rodrigo so the product is yet so an opportunity to advance even further. He has strict orders from mu seven

00:49:50--> 00:49:59

Australia from the experience of Musa Musa not too advanced beyond this river, not too advanced beyond the city of Cordoba of Cordoba

00:50:00--> 00:50:55

So far, he had moved on, and he sees the city of Seville of severe hours or Seville today, which is h Baleia. And then he moved on to Kotova or Cordova. But before that, he felt he fought a battle in southern Spain in a place called a seizure and anesthesia. This was the second battle that moved that product INSEAD fought during the his advance into Spain. And by the way, what I missed his say is the first battle happened during the month of Ramadan, the Battle of Swati Leca has been where the Muslim army was in the month of Ramadan And subhanAllah how Ramadan always bring victory to the Muslims. And it lasted through the days of the eighth. The battle lasted for eight days until it was

00:50:55--> 00:51:00

all over. And the Muslims were spending their eat fighting, but then celebrating their victory.

00:51:11--> 00:52:01

So the second battle that the Muslims fought is the is the procedure battle or any Islamic references, you will see it called Manaka to Suja. Now this was also very decisive that subjected the entire area of southern Spain into the Muslim army. And although the numbers were really not there, I mean, the Muslim army was far too busy yet, as we said, we're about 12,000. And that was it. So he moved from a seizure or a seizure. And there were two cities close to him called Kotova, Cordova and Grenada, or Vannatta. So he moved his army and he captured Cuba and her Mapa but then he was not supposed to go beyond that. This was the orders is you just secured the area of southern

00:52:01--> 00:52:59

Spain and Musa Musa will make sure that he will get the supplies and but he's you will get the news that Toledo the capital is exposed. There. Most of the defenders of Toledo either flee fled, or they were killed was Rodrigo and they're not regrouping. So Patek bzr makes a decision to move on into the capital of Spain. And he moved on with his army was part of his army, not the entire army. He moved on to that six to 7000 fighters, and he captured the capital of the Pope, which is Toledo. At that time, he gets the news from New seven new Slayer, you should not advance any further. Stop right there. Now Musa Musa is a very intelligent and very shrewd, military strategic planner. He was

00:52:59--> 00:53:45

a lot older than product been Ziad and he is well experienced. Now you see the advance of product when Ziad from Gen four to Toledo. You see it's a straight almost a straight line in the middle of the peninsula of Iberia, but that exposes what that exposes the flanks of the Muslim army on both sides. So what Musa Musa did, and here's what you will read in some history books. So that's why I wanted to explain that is you'll see that Musa Messiah got jealous of authorities yet, and you will see that mostly in western writings in more mostly the writings that are written by Lorenzo and he wanted the glory of conquering Spain. So he felt part of the Ziad not to move and he wanted to come

00:53:45--> 00:54:31

and record the conquest in his own name. And this is all falsehood because you will see how Musa Musa what Musa Musa actually did when he came to Spain and even you will read some accounts in history that he would bought from Ziad but he was doing and this is all really false. If you go to the Muslim references, what moves have been massaged, it is ego gun an army of 18,000 Why late? Because those 18,000 came from a sham. These 18,000 were not Darbar they were the army of the Khalifa. This arrived late after the Khalifa knew the intention of mu seven search invaded new territory. So an army for Jihad was kicking from Iraq, Shan and Yemen. It takes time to bring people

00:54:31--> 00:54:39

from these areas into Spain and North Africa. So he takes the 18,000 and he crosses into under Lucia

00:54:40--> 00:54:59

and he what he is what he told not to move because he wants to secure the area in southern Spain became true because what happened is the city of fish really rebelled. The city of fish philia kicked the Muslim Garth out and they rebelled against the Muslims and they started fighting the Muslim in southern Spain. So mu seven Muslim

00:55:00--> 00:55:41

I came to Australia and the first order of business was to put this really our Seville back under the government of the Muslims, so he'd be seized Chavez really, and he conquers this philia back for the Muslims. Now the next thing that he does and you see the genius of this other conqueror, you see the point of view of both of them. Pollock saw an opportunity to leave those exposed and he wants to seize it, but mu seven will say it was wise and he wants to make sure that he doesn't go further into an uncharted territory. So mu seven was saved as is he says his son, Abdullah Aziz Abdullah is the one that conquered Majorca and Menorca that Abdulaziz, he sent him into two expedition one to

00:55:41--> 00:56:31

the west. And he conquered the area of what is today is Portugal and one to the east, where he captured the port of Malacca and Mercia. So now Musa Musa sent his son and he predicted the flanks of the Muslim army on the west and on the east, on the west and on the east. And then he advanced in a different route than Patek Louisiana. Because his goal was not to get the glory of the conquest. His goal was to really protect the advancement of product Busia to Toledo. So he went to the area of Merida and then tell a Vera and then went on to need product of INSEAD and Toledo after a year of the separation between the two armies after the one whole year and they met in Toledo and the 94th

00:56:31--> 00:56:52

year after they drove the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and in the year 713 For the Common Era, and by that you will see what Musa Musa and Pratap INSEAD did they basically subjected the entire southern half and the western area of the Iberian Peninsula into the Islamic forces.

00:56:53--> 00:57:45

After that, there is also Muslim accounts accounts of history that Musa that Musa Musa blame Patek for not obeying orders. But the but let's, if we assume what the restaurant saying are true, why were Musa Musa leave product INSEAD as a commander and leader in the army, he actually kept him there, kept him in leadership of the army. And they both together went on moved north east, and they captured a very important city called Zahra cosa, or Thora. Casa Farah Cousteau today is one of the very important cities in Spain. They got Sarah Costa, and they went on to capture Terra gonna, and Barcelona. After that, they crossed the mountains and they went to France. So this conquest actually

00:57:45--> 00:58:01

went into a province, the southern provinces of Spain or France, and they caught a French city called Navon. Now bone was captured by new southern urban Lucia and caught up in Ziad and remained actually until the Muslim

00:58:02--> 00:58:53

reign for many decades and many centuries to come. After that, they they now they secured the Eastern the Eastern Shore, now they have the Eastern, the Southern and poisoned the western territories of Spain. And they have the islands the isles of the east coast of Spain. Now, Musa said had a very strong hole on the peninsula, the IPA, the Iberian Peninsula, and he moved east he went to Lyon, this is not the French Leon, this is the Spanish one and North Western Spain, and then to Salamanca. After that, he moved into that north area of Spain that northern part, which is the kingdom of Astoria, this is where the Basque are now, this when you hear all this rebellions of the

00:58:53--> 00:59:19

bass, and this was the only territories left to conquer. So he divided the army into two he took his army West, and he said part of Vinci yet east, however, as they were fighting against the tribes in this area, and let her come from Alba even had been Melek to stop, stop the conquest and return to Damascus, for both mu seven the Slayer and product NZF.

00:59:20--> 00:59:59

And historians debated a lot about why and why even Abdul Malik wanted to stop this advancement is astonishment. Now this is the 95th year of the hedgehog the Prophet Salatu was Salam two and a half years the Muslims basically subjected the entire Spanish the this territory and the Iberian Peninsula and to the government of Islam. Why I'm Walid Ibn Abdul Malik set stop and come back because then when he did not deliver good news that the ambition of mu seven Slayer is not Spain, that what mu seven Messiah had in his mind is Constantinople is loose heaven Messiah was paved.

01:00:00--> 01:00:46

As a way to make a base in Spain and move into Europe capture Italy captured what is today Yugoslavia and go down and conquer the constant Constantinople from the west. It's the one because this is I mean, this was the goal. The era is the fighting against the Byzantine dividing against the vermin. That's what they wanted to do. And to him, the whole thing about Spain was a step in the way to get to Constantinople. Now it will lead them in Abdulmalik did not want to venture out that far. He did not want to send his military and his army across the European continent, and he asked for Musa Binsar to come back to Damascus. When Musa Musa arrived to Damascus, he found a bill

01:00:46--> 01:01:31

unbelievable Abdul Malik on his deathbed, and he was dying and Al Walid Ibn Abdul Malik perished and died. Very soon after the arrival of Musa Musa and Sulaymaniyah bin Abdul Malik became the Khalifa and Selena bin Abdul Malik went to Al Hajj, and he invited new Southern New Slayer to go with him. So that also contradicts some accounts of history that Solomon and Abdul Malik was harsh on Musa Musa. He wouldn't take him with him to Hajj if he was hard on it. He actually went with the caravan or the khalifa to Al Hajj, but he was not given permission to go back and continue his advancement in Spain. So who's having the server made this dua that is well documented in history says Allahumma

01:01:32--> 01:02:12

inlanta con Katatonia shahada, Mujahidin FISA be like probably a lot of female identity heavy Vic, he said the O Allah, if you have not given me the honor to be a martyr in your way in fighting in your way, then give me the honor of being birthed in the city of your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he named his Hajj in Mecca and he was bowing back to a Shan and he died in Al Madina, Munawwara he died in El Medina and he was birthed in the medina like he wished and like he prayed and asked Allah subhanho wa Taala and that was the end of Musa binuclear Patek Lucia was called to a sham but the what happened to product bins yet and history is not known. Nobody knows really not

01:02:12--> 01:02:59

recorded history. Whatever happened with product bins yet. Some account said he went back to Spain he died there some say no, he went back to Tangier. Some said he died in Damascus. But nobody really knows what happened to INSEAD. So, at the end of the reign of Abdullah Melaka of a Lolita bin Abdul Malik, this was the vast empire the vast territory, that unbelievable allelic depth, and we see how in the east and excuse me for taking extra five minutes if I can, and the East Mohamed Ben Carson coffee conquered a single Punjab and the Punjab and then Cote verbund Muslim in baggaley He conquered Hora Sun Muslim Ibn Abdul Malik forth and and guarded the borders against the Byzantine

01:02:59--> 01:03:16

emperor and they actually attacked Constantinople at that time. And then portacabin Ziad and Musa Musa captured most of Spain except for that, and Northern Western SIP for the Muslims. And this was the

01:03:17--> 01:04:06

Umayyad Empire at the end of the reign of Abdul Malik had been Marwan, and this was when Abdul Malik ibn Marwan died. It was the 96 year after the Hijra of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam leaving great achievement leading great building, like the army administered the Ahmed mosque in Damascus, the vast expansion of the Muslim territory and this are actually really pictures from what the Muslims did in Spain, after Musa and after Farrakhan after I believe, and I've done many things that you can go and see today, like Masjid kotoba, the Mosque of Cordoba, Alhambra, the great achievement of this Muslim civilization and Muslim culture in the peninsula of Spain. And in sha

01:04:06--> 01:04:27

Allah. We'll move on, and we will talk a starting next session about the Khilafah of Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah Ahmad Ibn Abdul Aziz probably Allahu Allah and and with that inshallah we conclude. Apologize for taking more time Subhan Allah be caught up in XHTML cellphone, wa salam ala Selena Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen