Wiping Over Socks

Assim Al-Hakeem


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Sheikh Assim discusses wiping over the socks when making wudu.


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The speaker discusses the rules for wiping over socks or shoes, including the use of wipers on the feet and the need for a full bath. They also mention the use of wipers on the top of one's feet for 24 hours, but if they are traveling and need to wash their feet, they can wait until the next day.

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He says, What's the ruling on wiping over the Huff, which includes the shoes, the socks you wear? Because when performing whoodle, we see some people with wet hands simply wipe over their socks or shoes. So is this permissible? The answer is yes, it is part. It's an essential part of Allison our jamara that wiping over the socks, or the shoes, or the hope or the jermuk, or the

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different names for it, whatever you wear on your feet, and that covers the whole foot, plus the ankles, you can wipe only on the top of it and do that once

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providing that you put on these socks while you were in the state of Ohio. So if you pray fudger, and you're still in the state of Ohio, and at 10 o'clock, let's assume and you are still in the state of Ohio, you do not break a window you put on your socks and go to work. And then you answer the call of nature. You pass when you break what we'll do for one reason or the other. Though her time is do you go and perform whoodle when it comes to washing the feet, it is sufficient for you to just wipe over it. And you can do this for 24 hours from the time you wipe over your socks if you are a resident. But if you're traveling Allah has given you 72 hours, three days and three nights to

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wipe without the need of washing your feet unless you have a major ritual impurity. In this case, you have to take a full bath and you have to wash your feet. We have