Assim Al-Hakeem – Unity & Brotherhood among Sahaba Companions of Prophet

Assim Al-Hakeem
AI: Summary © The importance of establishing Islam-anchored brotherhood in order to cleanse hearts and avoid war is discussed, along with the success of Islam-anchored brotherhood in terms of wealth and success. Ebony houses and makes a brief appearance in a video game, but learns that he is the richest man inbound on the island of morning. He tells viewers that he wants to invest in his wealth and buy a dollar from them. The segment also touches on topics such as finding one's own happiness, finding one's own success without abusiveness, and finding one's own happiness without abusiveness.
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to migrate to make Hijra to Medina. So they went to Medina,

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in Medina, in order for the Islamic Ummah, to be raised, there has to be a very important aspect and this important aspect is to have brotherhood

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because those who came from Makkah did not have money, did not have property did not have anything at all. So the first thing to establish in the Allah is Brotherhood to cleanse the hearts and you cannot cleanse the hearts, except if you have the same appeal.

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And this is what binds you and me together, not the nationality, not the complexity of the skin, not the language, rather the RP and this is why

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Allah azza wa jal tells us in the Quran,

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about Prophet no peace be upon him, and no, called to his Lord and said, My Lord, indeed, my son is of my family. And indeed, your promise is true. And you are the most just of judges. When did this happen?

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After the flood,

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subsided, and noise son, drowned. He tried to have him come on the ark, but the sun refused. So now Noah is trying to beg Allah azza wa jal for his son.

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Allah said to him, Oh, no, indeed, your son is not of your family. Indeed, He is one whose work was other than righteous. So ask me not for that about which you have no knowledge. Indeed, I advise you lest you be among the ignorant. What does this mean? It means that the Brotherhood can only be based on Islam.

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It can only be based on correct opinion according to the Quran. And according to the Sunnah, we cannot follow different things and have unity.

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So the first thing that the Prophet did during his Salatu was Salam was to create a brotherhood bombed.

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So when the companions went, he made a Boba Cara, nail Allah be pleased with him, the brother of hydrogen Ignizio. Hi, from Medina. He made

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the brother of ATK ban ebony Malik, from the unsub about omega.

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He made him the brother of sad it no more as a Zubair than I won.

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He made him the brother of Salem in New York Sheesh, all hang in there Obaidullah. He made him the brother of CARDONE Malik and so on. 90 or more from Makka Mahajan. He gave them to 90 of the ensemble

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to do what

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to be brothers.

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If one dies, the other one inherits him. So he made them brothers to one another. This Brotherhood was not fake. This was real brotherhood. So one of the companions of the rock man, Ebony house. And he's one of the 10 Heaven bound Oshana Luba cherien. He made him the brother of site in a year.

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Sad the middle of the year

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when he heard the news that manager brother, he went to him and he said to him, My people know that I am the richest of the people of Medina.

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Now why would you say such a thing?

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If you gave him some money, he would be happy. No, he says no, no, you are my brother. I will tell you my bank account. I have millions.

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And because I am the richest man in Medina, half of my money is yours. Oh

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That's a lot. So if you have two cars, he has one car and he's one car. For me, no, he has more than one car. He has a lot of cars, half of the cars are yours.

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Not only that, I have two beautiful wives, and they are from a very reputable family.

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Let you look and see which one you like. You are a better man than me. You are from the 10 Heaven bound. So you're closer to Allah, I will divorce her for you. Because she will be marrying someone better than me.

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Now, this is what sad from Medina said to his brother. This is strange, if you look at it realistically logically, that is very strange. But this is how Allah described them in the Quran.

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In surah, kalasha.

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Allah azza wa jal says about the people of Medina, and also for those who were settled in the home of Medina, and adopted the faith before them, they love those who emigrated to them, and find not any want in their chests for what they the immigrants were given, but give them preference over their own selves, even though they are in probation. And whoever is whoever is protected from the stinginess of his soul, it is those who will be successful.

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This is how Allah described the people of Medina are being successful of being saved from any one of this dunya they will share it with their brothers. So sad. Did the unbelievable half of my wealth is yours. My two wives I'll divorce one of them for you.

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this is very strange and mind blowing.

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sad did not want to squander and waste his money. He wanted an investment. He wanted to invest his money for Acura. So the money you have what will it do for you?

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How many cars do you have? Five

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how many cars can you ride at the same time?

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What how many clothes do you have in your cupboards? Or shop more so many clothes dresses? How many can you wear? One? Open your frigerator? How many chicken how many beef? How many mutton? How many foods and vegetables? How can you how many can you eat? Only one small portion? So sad was investing his wealth with Allah azza wa jal and

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this is mind blowing. What is more mind blowing? is the response of Abdullah Rama.

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If someone comes to you and says half of money is yours, take one of my wives. What will you say? Okay.

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And I like to be very wife's Why did you divorce them both? I'll marry them.

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No, at the ramen is one of the 10 Heaven bound. He's one of the best 10

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people ever to walk after the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, then best. So what does he say? May Allah bless your wealth and bless your wives.

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You don't want anything? No, nothing. Sugar. But you're poor. You're not have a penny. You don't have money? Yes, yes. Show me the soup. What is the marketplace? What are you gonna do? You don't have money? I'll manage. I'm a businessman.

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What did he do? He went to the marketplace. And he saw something.

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Is it huh? Okay, how much is this? It says $1. I said, Okay, I'll buy it from you. I'll bring you the dollar. At the end of the day. He took it. And when Turon Salam Alaikum salam aleikum. One 1.5 dollar 1.5 dollar very cold very nice. We are very Baraka che has some health data. This is not very good. So some says

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I buy it is 1.53 magazine

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took the dollar and a half, put the half dollar here, the $1 to the man said Bismillah this is your dollar when when now he has capital, half $1 And he kept on doing this doing this doing this business Hello. Nothing haram

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until the Prophet saw him once and he was dressed nicely putting perfume. The Prophet said as

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you look different What's wrong with you and your suit in you have any a good look? Is it oh prophet of Allah, I got married Wow. From $1

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And he said, Okay, very good. Mashallah, how much did you give dowry?

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He said this much of gold.

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So, the Prophet said, you know, this much gold, a lot of money.

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Okay, then slaughter a sheep, and invite us for walima to feast on it.

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Later on Abdur Rahman Ibn outh became the most richest of all companions.

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He became a multi billionaire.

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One day, Medina shook.

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And the people said, What is this? They said, this is a caravan coming from Syria and from Yemen, with goods for Abdullah haemoglobin, Alpha 700 700 camels, filled with gold and silk and grocery everything. Caravan. So the merchants came, and they said, We want to buy it.

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He said how much you're giving me profit. They said, We will double $1 We'll give you $2 He said, No, I have more. This is triple, four, five. He said, No one can pay more than us, that Allah can pay more than this. This is all for Allah azza wa jal. 700. He gave it all for Allah feasability Allah.

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If someone comes and says, Chef, give me some money,

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I don't have changed, sorry.

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I look for change. I will not give something big.

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These people had a clean heart.

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And their heart was clean towards their brothers. And this is Allah put Baraka in their life, with Baraka in their wealth, put Baraka in their knowledge, whenever you hear the name of the right man, even if you say me, I love you peace with

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a man of dignity of honor. Now, if we want to reach this level of excellence, is

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there a place in our hearts for such brotherhood? Do we have the love the Mercy, the kindness towards one another? You can see this in salad when you stand for salad. So Erica, do you do and there is a small gap and someone comes? How do you do?

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Why? No, no, no, it's too small. It can fit him. Yes, yes. But I will not be comfortable go throughout the solid. I want to be comfortable. Where is the love and compassion and kindness in Salaat? When you differ with me, in an opinion, you say right, I say left? Why do we have to be so aggressive, so violent?

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Why do I have to insult you?

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In order to prove that I am right? This is not how the Prophet alayhi salatu salam raised his companions.

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He raised them on being fair on being just on being kind, on being compassionate and loving towards one another.

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He raised them to check on one another. Do we check on our brothers? If we don't see them? If we don't hear from them.

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Abu Bakr may Allah be pleased with him. And this shows you why they were great.

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One day after Salat al fajr What time is total Fajr

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people saying let me take the app. When was the last time you prayed Fudger Ramadan chef

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why, Wolf

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cuz you're just too early and I have to go to work and I have to do this. Anyone, Jana,

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you want gentlemen without praying for God? This is not possible.

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Abu Bakr after fajr prayer

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was sitting with the Companions, the prophet s and he said, Who among you is fasting today? Abubaker raised his hand,

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said okay, who among you has fed a poor person? Abubaker raise his hand. Hmm. This is

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Dan he did this a while ago,

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who among you visited a sick person, Abu Bakr raised his hand.

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Then the Prophet said, Who among you followed a funeral until it was buried, and Abu Bakr racism

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for great huge deeds done before Fajr the Prophet said, Allah is salatu salam, whoever, whoever does these four things in one day, he will entertain them

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So this shows you how the Companions dealt with one another. They used to check, are you sick, I will visit you Are you dead?

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I will follow you to your grave. If you need food, I will feed

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but I will not forget my relationship with Allah. today. I'm fasting. Today I'm praying night prayer. Today I'm doing this and doing that. This is how the Companions lived 360 degrees, fulfilling everything in themselves and also to those who are with them among their companions and loved ones. So if we benefit today from our talk, number one, how to check on our brothers and sisters. Number two, how to purify our hearts and accept them for who they are without judging without being aggressive, or offensive or abusive. If we learn from this, how to be

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an Muslim with honor and dignity, not every time someone gives you something please please please give me give me give me no have dignity have honors exactly like that I have money.

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I remember once

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a few years back

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we had zakat money

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and it was on the 27th of Ramadan.

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So we have zakat money. So Dr. Victor, they told me that about two and a half hours away from Judah. There is a slum area. Very very, very poor.

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They live in tin houses, no running water, no electricity.

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I could not believe this. You know this is not possible. Now we don't have people like this. So we took a caravan. Maybe seven eight cars filled with goods with food with clothes. And we drove

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for about two three hours just before Maghrib

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and we knocked on the doors.

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One house I went in myself and I saw

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firewood not on butane gas or firewood, like in the jungles

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is in Saudi Arabia.

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And there was this old woman 6070 years old cooking I don't know what it looked like milk but water with something in it. She was doing this. So I we brought her some dates. We brought her some food. She said no no, no, no thank you. I have food.

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Your food

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is it is our neighbor don't have anything. Please go to them.

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Look at the honor and dignity if I were in her place, is it okay do you have some of my steaks? Maybe? Yeah, no. She said I have food Wallahi we went to the neighbor

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and we gave her this you know box of dates 27 from

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27 days has passed we gave to the old woman this day said Masha Allah date Wallahi I have not tasted dates yet.

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Since Ramadan to date they did not receive dates.

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I was thinking to myself,

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do we have people like this? Yes. But they are so

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dignified. They don't ask. They don't pick. So many people around you are like this. You think that they're well off. You don't know how much debt they have. You don't know if they had dinner. If they had lunch, if they had breakfast, I didn't have breakfast.

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Because I don't want to eat breakfast.

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Anyhow, so you have to check on your brothers or your sisters, purify your heart and give a helping hand and insha Allah you will be with the companions on the day of judgment that will Allahu Allah, what is for today's meeting Islam for SallAllahu wasallam albaraka RBU also the intervener Muhammad

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