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Okay hamdulillah Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he was early, he was happy he was

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a mother.

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How do you feel?

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a little bit tired.

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But the feeling of seeing Muslims willing to waste their time to come and listen to someone like me is very nice.

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They could have been playing badminton

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or going to the movies, or spending time with their friends. But they instead

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wanted Allah to be pleased with them. So they came to the masjid

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and this is where true happiness is.

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So wherever I go, masha Allah La Quwata illa Allah, I am blessed to see these

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faces that are clean through wudu.

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their faces are white, bright, shining, with iman with widow with purity. So whenever you look at them, you feel hamdulillah overwhelmed that there is in this Allah, a lot of higher in the line.

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So you have actually

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redacted? Yes. So

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the first time a couple of

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how was that

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the feeling was normal because I haven't met any of my family members since I was born and raised in Saudi so they don't come to Saudi and I this is my first visit. But Hamdulillah I managed to meet some of them in Jakarta and Yogyakarta. And to the day after tomorrow I'm meeting a lot of them in me than me in the lie Azzawajal so this is silica RAM. And this is to reconnect with one's roots and with one's blood and family in the law.

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So happiness,

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brothers sisters were released PTAs have been spreading. So tonight's topic

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in this also will be

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happiness. So we have the copy factory for CRC to discuss his sense

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of heaviness 30 minutes.

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Before I start my talk, I don't understand Bahasa very well,

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I don't understand Bahasa at all. But did I hear it correctly that you read the Fatiha? Yes.

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And then Surah

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after five

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And then Takbeer on record

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Why do you recite the Fatiha?

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I don't want to come on the day of judgment. And I

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would say why they make this innovation and you did not speak

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ever in the books have soon had the prophet is also recited the Fatiha like this. Yes, you never you know that him? No, I don't.

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So, this is why I have to clear my conscience so that on the Day of Judgment, I told them comes I go so it is not sooner. In our area, when we have managed contracts, or engagement or Bismil Alpha

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nobody knows that this is really the fight

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and the word protect face and they have their bodies and they scrub their backs.

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Go take a shower, what are you doing? And also because marriage is like death

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when someone is dead, he said oh Abdullah is that in the Fatiha

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and they read the fact that

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this is not from Islam. Fatiha is recited in the salad. The greatest Surah

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Fatiha is recited in Rubia

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As a hottie upset about the country's Hadith, which is okay, I have illness in my throat, every time I drink water.

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And I think, but not in a garden. So excuse me, I'm supposed to speak about how to be happy, but I will make you unhappy first with a charmer.

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So, happiness, who doesn't want to be happy? Raise your hands.

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Alhamdulillah. So we don't have 123 don't know English very well

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does not want to be happy. Everybody wants to be happy. Sometimes we spend so much money

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just to be happy. Happiness is paradise on earth.

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Because if you're happy on Earth, you are in paradise. And not Muslims only look for happiness. Even Catherine

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even atheists, Buddhist, Hindus, Christians, they all look for happiness, the rich and the poor, the educated and illiterate. Everybody works hard to reach happiness. Nobody wants to be unhappy willingly.

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But the problem is the vast majority of people have missed the road to happiness. On the Day of Judgment, how many people are there? How many types? Only two on the Day of Judgment. Only two types of people Allah says in the Quran. You will not yet Tila Tequila munaf Shawn in the is Neff Amin Home Shopping. Westside, the day it comes, no soul will speak except by His permission. And among them will be the Richard and the prosperous. So the day of judgment there are two types. Either you are happy, or you are wretched. You're doomed. There is no third party. Which one are you in sha Allah among the happy you're

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okay, in the Hadith, that why a Muslim reported?

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The angel comes when the

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pregnancy is four month old,

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to blow the soul and to ask Allah azza wa jal, Oh Allah,

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amen male or a female,

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happy or rigid.

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So all of this is written.

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if you ask people on the Day of Judgment, what is the ultimate goal? Of course, is to intention. Allah says in the Quran, so he who is drawn away from the fire and admitted to Paradise has won.

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May Allah make us among the winners? This is the ultimate goal. Why are you here in the masjid? Gentlemen,

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if one says to you, walleye, there is a million dollars here. There is this big house there is this beautiful woman. But no, Jana.

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I want gender. So all what we're doing in our life is revolving around gender, we want to reach gender. So how can we be happy? Now, happiness is relative. What does it mean? It means that what makes you happy may or may not make him happy?

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Usually. So for those who have money in wealth, and big houses, for a poor man like me, I think he's happened because he has martial law, big house, big car and a heedless nerd

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youngsters when you ask them who's happy? They say, especially those who are not married. Is it all? A ploy? A Playboy is happy. Because he goes to nightclubs every night. He's with another woman, and he parties and he drinks he's very happy. I am an introvert. I can't speak with women. I'm always shy.

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To someone who is sick,

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who is happy

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or healthy person. So when someone is sick like me

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I see people drinking Pepsi Cola with

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I wish I can do that. I can't I have a sore throat.

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So everyone has a definition of happiness in where I come from, if you want something to be done in the government, if you want a paper to be signed, you have to spend one week, two weeks, every time you go with a big file that oh, there is one paper missing come tomorrow.

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You bring it tomorrow, where's your photo? Come tomorrow, you bring the photo and visit Oh, you need a stamp. So one week, every day you go you take permission from work? What is happiness to someone like this, to have influence, to have power to know people in the government, one phone call

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us everything is finished. So each one of them has a definition of happiness. Likewise, in Islam, this type of happiness, a house, a playboy health is limited, not forever. It goes and comes. And this is why the Prophet said Allahi Salatu was set up in an authentic hadith for things are from happiness. What are they?

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A good woman, a righteous practicing woman, and big spacious house and a good neighbor. And a comfortable, right? So these things the Prophet says is these things are happiness, but are they forever, they're limited. But when you have them, Inshallah, you will be happy. Now. Happiness is always

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changing. Unfortunately, on this life, in this life never stays on one platform, it changes.

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If you go to the hospital, you think everybody's sick.

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If you go to the streets, you think everybody's healthy.

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What happened yesterday is not going to happen today. And what's happening today is not going to happen tomorrow, life goes up and down. And we come and go.

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So this definition of happiness is wrongly sought after by sinners. I'm a sinful person. Where will I find my happiness? Maybe in drugs, maybe in alcohol, maybe in women, maybe in listening to music, watching movies, maybe in cheating, I will be happy. But this happiness is limited. And immediately after the signal is gone, what will happen?

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You become depressed. Listen, what do Allah says? And whoever turns away from my remembrance, indeed, he will have a depressed life.

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All sinners are depressed. Even the most famous, the richest, the most beautiful. They take drugs. And some of them even commit suicide. Because they cannot find happiness. And they try. But they fail because they have turned their back to Allah's remembrance. Now, this

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is not the same in Islam.

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Who was the happiest man on earth?

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Medallia salatu salam, our Prophet, was there anyone happier?

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How was his house?

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This was very small room. The Companions say if we stand straight, our head will hit the ceiling. So it was very short, small, tiny room. But the prophet was a happy man.

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No, peace be upon him. And world peace be upon him had a Kaffir wives. They both their wives were Catherine. But they were happy because they will messengers of Allah, Prophet Ayoub.

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How many years he was afflicted by illness.

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Approximately 18 He is. He's a prophet. He makes dua I get in this in my throat. And I say to Allah three days, I'm making dua. Why am I not covered?

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18 years and he's a profit to be had no problem.

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If you are not angry with me, I'm happy.

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So, this is what real happiness is not in wealth, not in power, not in health. Rather, it is in beam content.

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Real happiness is something that you cannot see with your eyes. You cannot contain involves, you cannot buy. This is something that you feel within you. It is the purity of your soul. It is the tranquility of your heart. It is the expansion of your chest and it is your conscience being relaxed. This is to happiness. I wonder how many people have us when they go to bed, they make the car and then they sleep like a baby. And how many of us think or we took my money or I took his money? Oh, I should beat him up. I should do this. I should do that. And they're fighting in themselves. How many of us has this too?

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feeling of happiness. You want to taste happiness. Listen to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, Hadith, authentic. He said, VA family Iman, he has tasted the sweetness of iman who who's ever pleased with Allah to be his Lord, with Islam to be his religion with Muhammad to be His messenger. If you're happy and satisfied, you will find the taste of a man

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the sweetness of a man.

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what is killing us today? Social media, Instagram, tick tock. We see people writing expensive cars living in expensive houses traveling in private jet. And we feel that, like they are happy. And we don't know that all of this is a punishment.

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What punishment

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but Allah punish me.

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Out of Rila

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Don't laugh. There are Muslims who say let them punish me.

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When I was teaching once in a high school in Saudi, I was a teacher 40 years ago.

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And I was telling I teach I taught English. But in my English I teach also Islam because English is lousy. So it is in five minutes English and then I give them to see her high school teenagers. So I was saying to them the story of use of

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and how he refused the temptation of the wife of the disease of muscle.

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And among the seven who are in Allah's shade, a man who was invited by a woman of beauty and authority and he says, I fear Allah. One of the boys stood up and said shareware ish.

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He saying, Where is she? That's her come to me. I will be there.

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And this shows you how this Eman people have. No, Allah says to you in the Quran, in two places in Surah Surah, the Toba and let not their wealth and their children impress you. Allah only intends to punish them through them in this world and that their souls should be the part at death while they are disbelievers. Their wealth, and the children is a punishment. Yes. So this is something for you to see. Not everything that Allah gives to others, is a favor and blessing. It can be a punishment, say and Hamdulillah that Allah did not test you like them. A lot of the Muslims see the Westerners, Americans, the Europeans and think that they are the best of people. They are impressed by the way

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they dress, the way they speak the way they eat, not knowing that they are like those who were impressed by our moon, you know, borrow.

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Our was one of the billionaires. The Keys of his vaults and safes were so heavy that a group of men could not carry the keys, but about the vaults themselves. What money was he richer than Elon Musk? Yes. And he did not have a Tesla.

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the people

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They were impressed. And they said, Those who desired the world they live said, Oh, we wish we had like what was given to our own. Indeed, He is one of the great fortune.

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So what is our role now?

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Is that

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where is Pharaoh? You don't Pharaoh, he was the king of the world. He said, I am your Lord, you worship me. What is

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that? Where is the mood? Where is add those who became billionaires through haram money

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and through bribes and through cheating, and they took properties of people.

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Where are they now? After 6070 years, they died? What is in the grave?

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So what's the use of the money?

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Where are all these long hours that a playboy used to sit? Speaking with women, fooling them, trying to seduce them through his different ways? Where are these hours? All gone?

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Now, all of this is in Hellfire for the losers. And the same is the biggest blocker of happiness.

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Unlike what most of us think they think, the opposite you do some, you become happy. Now. One of the sisters came to me. She says, chef, I have a problem with my son said what's the problem? She says he watches a movie for an hour and a half or two hours and he's happy. The minute the movie is over, he comes to me said

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I'm fed up. I don't have anything to do. So I say watch another movie. He watches another movie is happy. The minute the movie finishes.

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This is like drugs. Every time you take it, you become addicted to it, and you will never be happy.

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true Muslims find happiness. in worship. The Prophet said that is a lot to celebrate your island or to irony. For salah. My satisfaction was placed in sunlight. The Prophet whenever he was depressed, or sad, what will he do? Allahu Akbar, pray connection directly with Allah azza wa jal, he feels that he has the whole world in his hand, and whoever plays around with salad,

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then he will never be happy. Any person who skips Salaat Mrs. Salad, does not give salad a priority will lie he wouldn't ever be happy.

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Because this is what Allah created you for.

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Now, if you look at the Muslim houses, you will see that divorce rate is very high. in Arabia, it's very high. I don't know he is the worst rate how Allah

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Subhanallah they got married, they spent money and all of a sudden divorce. The woman got becomes crazy. The man becomes a woman

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and we have an imbalance we have a problem.

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This was not found in the time of the companions. We find a lot of the Muslims going for therapy for counselling. I have OCD. I have depression. I have anxiety I have why

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you shouldn't have all of this. You're a Muslim. You should trust Allah azza wa jal

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and father's complaining from the children. They are on dutiful, disobedient, disrespectful, children complaining from their parents. They're abusive. They're not fair. They're treating us bad. And all of this because they're seeking happiness, not from the right source from different sources. So if you want happiness, you have to seek it. From who has it. Who owns it. Who is he?

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Allah azza wa jal, you want happiness asked from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And this life within it's a life of test. Nobody can be 100% happy. It's a test

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Test. But if you manage to study hard for your test, and do well, you will be the happiest person on earth. How would you feel content? This is the happiest person whose content in Arabic we call it a real law. Whatever happens you're happy. Why? Because Allah decreed it. I had a car accident, CIF. How do you feel?

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Good. Your content, you're happy.

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Other persons come system. You crazy. Why are you saying Hamdulillah? You had a car accident? said yes. But imagine if I did not hit another car. If I hit another person, he died.

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How would you I feel

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Whoa, okay. Thank you. And this is why email Ahmed was asked. When does the slave of Allah find comfort and happiness? When life is difficult? He says, the moment you put your first foot in Jana,

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when you put you first first and genuine Palace, there is no going back you're happy. For I pray to Allah azza wa jal that he makes me and you among the happiest of all his servants and that He grants us the knowledge in Quran and Sunnah and that he makes us steadfast on this religion until the day we meet him. Allahu Allah, Salah was

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should I go?

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Yes. All right.

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So some

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more time until my last time

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you told me you told me 35 minutes to 40

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I took exactly 3536 minutes