The Dark Temptation Navigating the Dangers of Adult Content Online

Abu Bakr Zoud


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One very common problem we have on Earth today is adult content online. Everyone who has a social media account, you cannot avoid it. You're open and you see nakedness, lewdness, shamelessness, vulgarity, it's all there. And Michelle Bontemps Alene. Sam, he tempts him. So you're open, you open one profile to another, until a che upon takes you to places where you shouldn't be.

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I am, let's say, someone has this disease of desire and temptation.

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And it's bothering him. And it became an addiction in his life. And it's it he's given up, he's depressed, he's sad. He's about to commit suicide. How can the Quran guide such a person? Very easy, Wallah, he very simple. One half an IRA does the job. But you need to read the fire, seeking guidance, not just reading it, seeking guidance, which means to follow its command. So this person with this disease in his heart, sits alone opens the book of Allah, He makes a dua Oh Allah guide me through the Quran.

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Then you begin and you say I will be let him in a shape on the regime. You see protection in Allah from a Shavon because it is the shape on that wants to keep you away from the Quran. Then you say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, reminding yourself that this book of Allah is a garden of his mercy and compassion and gentleness. I will find Allah's mercy and guidance in here. Then you say what could little mini nya who boom in Uppsala him a little mini nail who boom in upside him? Allah, the Lord of the heavens in the earth, the Lord of the Mighty Throne, the Lord of all creation on Earth, has just revealed from the heavens, and these words have passed by vouch and they've have gone past by

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through the paradise and through the seven heavens and come all the way until it passed by the clouds until it reached the heart of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Allah who would say to him, who will announce, announce to mankind, make a public announcement, tell the believing man, little mini

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your booming up sorry him, lower your gaze.

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I read desire. If I am ever tempted to look at nakedness, I will say Allah said Lord the geese, so I will lower my gaze I'm following in this area, right now, the moment you move your eyes, you have been guided by the Quran. That is it. That is a moment in how the Quran has guided you. You do it once, twice, three four times, and Allah azza wa jal will break that cycle of addiction for you. Meaning your hope boom in outside him, Allahu Akbar, Allah He my brothers and sisters in Islam. A few months ago, I read a research that came out from the USA, because the world is discussing that there is a severe problem. And that is adult content popping online. And it is appearing before

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young children as young as 678 year olds. So they're discussing this as an issue. How are we going to resolve it? How are we going to fix this issue? So you know, millions of dollars went towards this research millions and expertise, and scientists and psychologists and doctors research money, whatever you want was put into this many years later.

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The research concluded with a few points. But you know what the first two points were, number one, the instructors and the teachers at school when they're teaching their children, they are supposed to tell them whenever adult content appears online, that they should move their eyes away from the screen. And they should speak to an adult about what they just experienced. That's in the Quran. It's in the Quran for free 1400 years ago, the solution to the huge problem we have today is that all we need to do is for many who died, not only read my guidance, followed my guidance Allahu Akbar, and you are alleviated from your problem. And you're free from this temptation and this

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desire that has disabled the end crippled your heart and your mind. Hola Hola. Como que lil mo mini nail hook boom and I'm sorry him when I follow Furuya home Valley cause gala home that is much purer for them. There's goodness for you. It's goodness for you. Allah doesn't benefit. You're the one that benefit in Allah have your own be male Smolen Verily, Allah knows what you're doing. So

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So then how do you remain motivated to keep away from the filth to always remember that Allah is watching over you he's rocking it he watches you and that's enough guidance to break it away from this