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The speaker discusses the bookshop in New Delhi, a large art market with books and experiences. They recommend a book on the topic of Islam in history by Bernard Lewis, which they highly recommend. The speaker also mentions a book on India history, which they highly recommend, and encourages people to start reading about their civilization and global history.

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Salam Alaikum everyone I am in Islamabad currently visiting

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the janal supermarket the famous gentle supermarket you can see all the hustle and bustle behind me outside. And I am in one of my favorite places in this market. And that is this bookshop. What is this bookshop quality?

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Connection, whole books collection old this is my friend from old books collection in gentle supermarket as soon as you enter the market, you will see the bookshop on the left. And it is full of wonderful books. And my friend here is the proprietor. What's your name? Sir?

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Fareed. Ahmed is the proprietor and he's been there for many years. I have seen him around, and Subhanallah look at these books. Some of these books are absolutely amazing. Okay, you can look at these books in the title of Islam in history by Bernard Lewis, one of those Islamophobes

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who has since passed away, I think this is one of his books. He was a scholar of Islamic history, no doubt, but he was a bit hostile to Islam.

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You see, most scholars have their biases and prejudices, prejudices, so no one is safe from Okay. Another very interesting book, Moorish Spain, on

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Islamic Spain, you will find many, many many interesting books here. You know, this bookshop is full of absolutely amazing books. That famous book I always recommend to people.

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Last Islamic history, a fascinating book, a very good introduction to the history of the Muslim civilization or the Islamic civilization. Okay. There is another book I saw in the shell Fair, which I strongly recommend is Osmonds dream Osmonds dream is by Caroline Finkel. And this is a history of the Ottoman Empire, which is a very, very good treatment of the topic. And it's a good introduction. I mean, it's quite extensive. The book is quite detailed, but it is a good introduction. So for free by tell us if people have lost interest in books, is it? Is it a booming business business? Or is it is it declining? I think that people who used to read books are still reading books, and you still

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have some time you read, it's pretty hard to see that it is declining. But yes, you're right, because now they have internet and all that becomes difficult for us. But Internet doesn't mean that they are reading more books. Now that means that that means they're reading more statuses, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, but not books necessarily. They're actually spending their time online so far.

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As I've mentioned, repeatedly in my videos that we were the most Bookly people in the world and as a civilization as a people as a as an Oma. We have become the most bookless people in the world. And, you know, as full as this bookshop may look, you know, not many people buy books. Unfortunately, nowadays, people have lost interest and books. And you can see this place is full of absolutely amazing books. So any one of you who visit Islam about anytime soon, do visit the gentle supermarket, the Jenna super market, and this old bookshop and one of my favorite sections is this section section on India, Indian history. There are some amazing books on the history of India here.

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You know, I can see some of them right now in front of me, and maybe I can pick one of them and talk about it like William Dalrymple's, the last model, very good book, the last model William Dalrymple's. Okay.

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And some other books.

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Let me let me, let me let me level

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okay. So

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they're all buried underneath. Okay, so there are so many books on India, that I simply cannot pull one of them out and talk about it because there's so many different books on different topics. Okay, like for example, this one is long runs history of India. Okay, this is a good one. Not highly recommended dog because it's old is outdated, but there are some very recent books. Okay, so this is one of my favorite places, brothers, sisters in Islam, but then I do visit Pakistan when I do. I come to this bookshop and I always find gems, and I strongly recommend this place. So the purpose of making this video is to encourage you to start reading, start reading, start reading about your

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history, start reading about yourself, start reading about the world and see what we are made off right. We can only get to know our civilization when we read books on it. Okay, so start studying books on the Muslim history in particular and global history in general, and then we can live as better citizens in this world.

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