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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al Hamdulillah Khiladi mill Kabir Elmet Killian Yvonne Malala mobila Marine and when a Swede for Subhana Allah He led the ACMA to who by the tune where you move the zeal when the army who was Sultan Illa Colusa really will be when I said to Allah Allah illallah wa ADA lush luxury color who fina theory winner to me when I shall do Anessa you Donna WeMo learner Mohammed Abdullah who are pseudo letting her Donna Becky terbium money with the ANA Illa Allah had been in the river TBC sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa Sahbihi Madame Attica workable to see my brother forgot to call Allah Who terracotta ILF and Quran in Nigeria well Farrakhan al Hamid bIllahi

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min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim when Medina Yun meanie Mina Tiberi Mactan Cebu for Kadesh. Them thermal Lobo turned on what if Medina so that Allah who loved him, friends and elders, it is part of the beauty of Islam, that there is perfect balance and synchronization in the commandments of Allah and in the human makeup and the human anatomy. There is no disparity, no inconsistency, no discrepancy, no dichotomy between how Allah has created you and how Allah has legislated your deal. The very natural Islam has been referred to the natural take Islam out of the equation. And this human is restless, this human doesn't know how to operate his life, the design,

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the makeup, the format, the structure of our body, and the commandments of Allah subhanahu wa taala in every regard is in perfect fine balance. If on the other hand, a person is having difficulty frowning, or failing to understand or comprehend or process the wisdom, then this is due to external factors, influence and media that has obscured your lenses that has obscured your lenses. It is part of the beauty of Islam, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has opened up many avenues to reach Him. So humans we have different strengths, we have different abilities. And Allah has given us different options to reach him understand this beautifully. Some people can recite Quran for extended hours.

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Some people can be amazing in feeding people, some have great social skills, and every one of this is a catalyst to attract the Mercy of Allah. So my analogy that are often given my talks and I say it as a preamble to my address today, people bought a common flight you sit in in a business class, hypothetically there are 47 seats in there, or 74 in your 83 at

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all are enjoying the same perks. You have reclining seat, you have Neil on call, you have excess luggage, you have priority check in all are boarded into the same cabin with the same perks. But every business class passenger has paid a different price for that same seat.

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So what price did you pay my brother? No, you know what my brother works for the airline? Not my brother given an example.

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And so yeah, we just had to pay the taxes. And I've got this complimentary ticket. How about you? Well, I've had access miles, and I put in a redemption ticket. And then I had to just pay some negligible costs, and I got upgraded. What about you? Or I booked early two years ago, so I got a very good price. What about you or it was a last minute there was no economy tickets available. This was the only class that was on the upper end. It cost me an arm and a leg. Trust me and my brother that entire cabin is brimming to capacity, enjoying the same amount of perks, but every person pays a different price. Jana will be brimming to its maximum May Allah make us from amongst them. Every

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Jannetty will enter into paradise through the mercy of Allah. But every dweller of Jannah will have a different story which will attract Allah's mercy to get him in there.

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A brother you you're in paradise, what did you do? Nothing. You know what? I was walking on the road I seen a branch that was protruding. It was disturbing the flow of traffic. I alighted my vehicle I moved it to one side for Shaka Allah hula

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Oh, Allah accepted this action and He forgave me. Eva this woman was immoral and unchaste ya but one day you know what she just stood down and she gave some water to a dog. In English they say a man is never so tall, like when he stoops down to help a child. A man is never so tall, figuratively, metaphorically like when you bend down to help someone. So you don't know which action might attract the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's the catalyst into Jana. On that note the hadith of Buhari Abuja, the Allahu Anhu. He asks the prophets Allah is a My message is, there's a possibility there's a chance for everyone to get into Jannah and that's the beauty. That's the beauty years

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back, I gave a talk at the janazah which I do often. And I spoke about the Hadith of the prophets of Allah it seems though the narration is weak, but it is in terms of virtue and integration and it's academics might be weak, but the Mercy of Allah is strong.

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The Mercy of Allah is strong, there's no doubt about that that's irrefutable, maybe the chain of the writer I Cadet mix as the scholars and that's an important science we need to grade it and have perspective so that we distinguish between the different strands in the Hadith because of the chain of narrators. But we don't want to digress into that. Where the prophets Allah Allah ism said in a week narration that if a person passes on, and 100 people come and offer his funeral prayer, and they seek forgiveness to Allah on his behalf, Allah will pardon him. So there's a brother that comes up to me, and is like, God, this long hair, he's got tattoos, he's all studied, and he's tearing and

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he's like, Imam did I hear you say the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, if 100 People will pray at my funeral, Allah will forgive me. I'm like, Yeah, my brother, Allah will. He says, If I speak to my friends, and I asked them that show up at my funeral, and they show up and I invite them and they pray, well, ALLAH forgive I said, Yes. He's found one Hadith. It's given him a hope. It's given him solace. Give him the comfort, who knows that might be the reason of his pardon. We don't have a monopoly over Paradise. Allah is in control. One person said to another in the authentic hadith, Allah will never forgive you. So Allah said Mandela the to Allah Nila thoroughly for Daniel, and

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who's deciding that I will not forgive him, for God refer to Allah Who I have forgiven him. And I've destroyed your act, your good actions, it has invalidated it. So start from fresh. Of course, the qualifying statement is the fundamental aka it need to be in place that that's that's irrefutable, and we cannot be months in our words, your belief on to hate your belief on the MBR your belief on finality of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam those core principles and at the absolute right that cannot be adjusted or tampered with, or in any way but in addition to that, a person the other man say, if a person is negligent in the performance of actions, then there's hope Allah will forgive

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him. But if he's deficient in his belief, then this does this. This word shake the very foundation. This will shake the very foundation. So anyway,

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the Allahu Anhu asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam He will surely have been a prophet of Allah which action of minds is most beloved to Allah. The Prophet sallahu wa sallam said Imam Billa you bring Iman on Allah and you strive in his path, or Buddha or the Allah and who poses the second question, your recovery of Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the liberation of which slave is most beloved to Allah.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and first of all her in her work through her thumb, and then the slave at the time when it was found, and of course, Islam came to end slavery and not supported. It's a topic of its own, we could discuss at some other point, but yes, slavery was prevalent at that time, the one who is most valuable and most expensive and exclusive. If you can liberate him, then this is an act of great reward, virtue and merit.

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Imam nawawi, the Great Chef, you're in scholar rights under the Hadith, whether he the AHA a yachtie Tharaka. This context of the most noble exclusive would be an act of best virtue. If a person is liberating one slave. What am I either the yesterday rocker button for what the record button

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Nephi satin. Oh raka Tanium of doula Janie for Raka Botania Akbar Bas 11 Oh the failure, the unelma Tulu, Bhuvana

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preboot Laffan. Walmart lubaina For Kurata Viva La ilaha illAllah. Imam nawawi says that if a person has 1000 Did hums, and he could either purchase an expensive slave and free one, or purchase something of substandard of mediocre standard and liberate through to people that would be better for him. Contrasting that with an animal at the time of renewal, aha, because at that time, it would be more awesome to purchase one big animal because the object is to give good meat and feed good meat to people. While in this hadith The aim is to free and liberate people and power people.

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The point we could take from this year, the other man say that a type of slavery and bondage is also someone who is in debt.

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While you're touring, Mona Bahama, Isla be miskeen and we're your team and what Sierra Allah says and they feed the buyers the Abrar you turn him on they feed the food, under her be here have behaved the pronoun could either go to Allah or the love of food, out of the love of Allah they feed people or despite Loving Food themselves, they feed others will tell him on a timer ha ha he miskeen and the poor yet team and the offer a Sierra and the captain into Siddharth money. It is written that captivity one is in its original form, but otherwise the person who has overwhelming debts, he is also a captive. He's also a captive. And by helping him and free in his dance you underrating him

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you are giving him meaning to life. Of course we've been told don't take that docman hakim said yeah burn a yoke or what Dane for inner who Hammam Beloeil was the Lumbee nah, oh my son don't incur a debt don't incur a debt. It is restlessness by night and humiliation by day.

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But yes, wherever you can help someone a body was brought. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Hey, Tara come in the unit. Has he left behind any deaths? And they said yes. Hello, Tara come in Wafaa in Has he left behind money to offset the deaths? And they said no. And subhanAllah this was the makeup of the Sahaba this was the fabric of that society. It was never selfish and self centered. It was selfless and it was generous. So say the idea of the Allahu Anhu said, oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam lead his prayer and whoever his creditors are, they can claim it from me.

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That was the makeup of the society. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said * Allah Who Rihanna come in and now command forget the Rihanna I think and Muslim, our ally as you have saved his neck May Allah rescue your neck.

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To me Manila in let the attacker come to me mad Allah He let the attacker come look in the entire Quran. At every point in juncture where Allah exhorts us to spend, Allah says spend from what I gave you spend what belongs to me span from what I gave you temporary ownership. The message is quite clear, temporarily, momentarily for a limited time you have access to it. And in this time, if you use it objectively, then of course you will earn yourself Jana

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Abdullah bin amaro today, to an extent the Emir responds to the call of donation. But we have not upped our game to tap into the spiritual pleasure of partying and donating something which is dear and beloved to us. So many people will spend but either surplus either access either not so important, but how many of us have the clout and the muscle to spend something which is valuable? Either because it's antique, or it has sentimental value, or it's precious for a different reason? How many of us can part with that? Abdullah Bahama Radi Allahu Anhu became unwell, and he was feeling to eat fish. Sometimes you just have this odd crave at the odd night. You know, you just get

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up at 12 and you want to eat something and you feed him for it at that time. And then they look for him and finally they found him a fish.

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And so his wife prepared it and when

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She prepared it they presented it before him. And just as he was about to indulge a beggar came and he started begging

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Abdullah bin Amara, they Alana took that fish while he was unwell and it was the only fish they found prepared with so much love and care by his spouse and his better half and he gave it to the pauper and the beggar those around set it for under who did Harmon who are unfair Allah who worked the untouchable, Watarrka Listen, this is the beggar you can appease him you can give him one dyrham And he'll be happy and you fulfill your desire your passion to eat fish, he said Shah t ma who read my desire is to do that what I did because in that lies the pleasure of Allah.

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Abdullah bin Muhammad, Allah man who was mounted on his convenience, and then he identified someone. And he said unto so and so he said, yes, indeed I am. so and so. So He dismounted from his convenience, then gave him his turban, and then gave him his mode of transport gave him his camel. So those around said in a hormone, rob your bone abelia seal. This man is a villager, you can appease him with something simple. There's no need to give him something. So leverage is said in the above who can have what Dan Larimer his late father was an ally and a friend of mine, Father Amara and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the best thing you can do for your parents after

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their demise is be connected and associated with their relatives and their acquaintances, La ilaha illa Allah to part with that which is so dear to you. Okay, we move on to focus and to recap, Islam has given every one of us an opportunity to earn Jana. This is the beauty.

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He said Abu Dhabi, Allahu anhu, said O Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for in a file a invof to unblock Avila Amelie Lila de la Lin Castlereagh. If I'm unable to do the above, I cannot liberate the slave. I cannot strive in the path of Allah. It just it's not, you know, doesn't happen and I'm unable to accomplish that. What can I do? The bobbin SallAllahu wasallam said to me No, Sonya does not really Astra. Okay. Then whenever you get a chance, help someone doing something, or assist a person who is not skilled and competent.

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Someone who's not literate you at an airport and he doesn't know how to furnish a document help him as a child help someone who doesn't know how to open the phone or how to print an article, or how to go online. Look at the beauty of Islam. Look at the options of reaching allah to mean or Sunni and the Hadith of Buhari a Buddha narrated to me know as a Sunni. Somebody who's building constructing a man is on the side of the road probably at a puncher is guys jacked up and he's trying to change his to his wheel. Sometimes you see a sister traveling at the airport. And you can see she has a stroller she has a child she has the bag the child is running yesterday when I landed in London and

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you could see this poor sister is going through so much how the child wants I take the bag displays some assistance to uh you know Sonya can

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help someone in what they doing. Oh, that's not only a throw up and let the law you know my you how we live here.

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Help someone who doesn't have the art. I often quote this hottie two sisters. You got your daughter, your son got married. There's a new daughter in law, she probably might not know exactly precisely how to cook. Don't hoard a recipe. Don't have a monopoly over a recipe. No, no, no, no you need I will send to you. Because nobody else must have the formula shade. Share spread. You're not gonna get any less. It will only empower there'll be more people doing it. Otherwise people are going to take it in the grave and what?

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In fact, if not Mooney Rahim Allah makes an amazing deduction. will fill Hadith he shall return in

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the sun I have by no means Iran at the latest Sun.

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The Sun era Marvin natal IANA for Goodloe hadn't you renew?

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But love is Sonya for inner who you will find one who will issue harati him is ordinary

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La Ilaha illa Allah. So when the prophets of Allah anism gave the next option and proposal of earning Paradise, he said, Hang on, help a person who knows how to do it, or help someone who doesn't know how to do it. So the adoption of the expression of the sequence of the prophetic words were the province that Allah was sitting on prioritized with the first person, the one who's skilled and competent help him.

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And then he said, how the one who's not skilled and non competent

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actually releases a subtle hint that it is more rewarding at times, to help a person who's skilled

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than to help someone who's not skilled.

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Why, let me give you context, if you will help an old person people say oh Ma sha, Allah look at this young boy Oh, by what's your name? Your parents taught you good manners, man. Wow, look at that. That's so outstanding. That's so impressive. Mashallah, that selflessness it will get you recognition. Probably somebody will post it on social media you'll get so many likes and thumbs and you know, acknowledgments. But if you help a young man, nobody's gonna give you a company they leave a man let him move his own legs while you help him.

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Lay an eon at the lair son muy bonito, IANA for Kula hadn't you already know but he loves his son. To see what the scholars say, helping an able person, though you might do it in public, but but it will secure for you the reward of giving charity in privacy, because nobody will give you prominence because of that. For em in Genesis sadaqa. Must tool like when you help someone quietly nobody's seen if you're helping a person walk in a young healthy man has got a bag on his back and he's holding something and you take it nobody's gonna give a second look. But he is an elderly man barely walking got a staff and you know, his vision is impaired, his urine is compromised. The letter will

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secure your prominence not the former. But the Hadith says do either or, and Allah will grant you Jana. The hadith goes on.

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Oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for in a file. And if I cannot do this, and I'm unable to do this, then what? Then the prophets of Allah Allah wa sallam said, that go for shall Raka and in us for in sadaqa to Minca enough sake, then don't harm anyone in any way. This is also an act of constant charity on your part and ALLAH will forgive you not because you help people but because you didn't hurt people.

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If you cannot smile, don't frown. If you cannot compliment don't condemn. If you cannot empower don't destroy

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the to foreshadow raka Annie nurse, restrain your evil. Did you know my brother, our Quran, legislates and governs how we must behave with someone occupying a seat next to us for one moment. Show me any divine scripture and show me any legislation that has the rules in place to limit govern, and legislate how you behave with a person sitting next to you. In the Quran. Allah legislates how you must behave with the person sitting next to you in this congregation of Juma are you standing in a common queue at an airport or a post office? Are you occupying a seat next to someone in the plane? There is a verse in the Quran that speaks about how you behave, can there be a

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more comprehensive religion than Islam?

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What's the verse of the Quran was Sahibi build Jambi or Abdullah Hawala Toshi Kobe che what Bill Wiley the EFSA now orbelian kuruva only Messiah again? What is Daddy then? koruba John Obi was so heavy, very jumpy, and be kind how often a short flight becomes miserable just because you're sitting next to the wrong person.

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And the long flight become short just because you're sitting next to a good man. I often say something, but in Yuma, I say life is short.

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But an economy flight is long.

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Life is short, but an economy flight is long because you're sitting there the clock just doesn't take. But how do you behave at the function was Sahibi Bill jambay Islam governs and legislate,

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conduct yourself, don't be uncouth. That's not the way you clean your mucus next to people. That's not the way you sit. That's not the way you stretch your hands your behavior your conduct, your demeanor. A person came and he birthed the visa some set of analgesia

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of Anna please keep your burp away from us. Those burp in loud in this way will be hungry on the day of the Yama

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This is general etiquettes and mannerism. If you cannot do the good only we have Allah How can I earn Jana the confusion regarding nurse for Inasa cotton min cada and I've seen

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this hadith, right the latter part you don't know.

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Further insert what Gatsby does you don't feel

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that a person's actions any silence is recorded in his actions. Viva

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La Jolla Sonoma and cafe Allama nee Yeti will cost the law miles off let he was with the whole however, it doesn't mean that you just sit in silent in any posture you're in perpetual reward. It would only become an act of reward if you will consciously apply it. So you've completed your Salah now after the Juma Salah you need to offer your your Sunnah prayer. You say no, I'm not going to stand here because some people might need to exit early. So let me find a pillar or let me put a chair there so that it makes easy access to Hadith says your sensitive consideration of those that need to pass will allow you continuous reward because you were considerate of other humans while

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engaging in prayer

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to the world and Allah has allowed me to travel the continents. There is barely a religious program of ours that is not interrupted by announcements that somebody is obstructing the traffic or his parked incorrectly.

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So you've defeated the reward of entering the gathering because you have offended someone and at times it's an emergency vehicle. The Euro

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cafe in llama knee Yeti will cause de la Malika flirty with the whole I want to share one incident quickly and I will wrap up time is against me. So the province of Allahu alayhi wa sallam when he got married to Zane had been to die suddenly Allah Allah and Allah references this in the Quran. This is the richness of our deen what acquirable mo dua

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in Surah Garcia, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the bounties of Jannah in verse 14,

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so Allah says we have Suren fina Jharia there is a flowing spring, right Surah Marpha, they are elevated counters, acquired is the plural of QUB. Mo dua means place, goblets well placed. Mufti Shafi Rahim Allah in mining for Quran rights under this idea that the fact that Allah describes Jana, there's a spring and there's glasses, open up opens up the discussion of social etiquettes that put things in its place. You want to leave for a function, but you cannot find the remote or the key is not found there. We have what they call organize the chaos, oxymoronic

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while also becoming shuttle Amaroo one of the prophetic prayers was, Oh Allah saved me from being dis organized in my mat is a believer is structured is meaningful, his productive, his area, he's clean, his office is clean, those around him are pleasant, just that alone is a catalyst to the beauty. We are a very disciplined, clean, refined, upright nation or this is what we ought to be. Don't cause people harm.

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It's such a good when the province of Alana was set up got up. The Ilana says he would hop into the bed and Marvel I cry idea it gives me shivers he would hop into the bed. Wait till I have fallen off to sleep. So he doesn't deny me that proximity. And then when you would assume I have fallen off in Tyler Wade and Harajuku wage and reweighed and

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A job for Wade and then stealthily, he would sneak. You know if you see a predator preying on its game, and you see how it would crouch down, and how stealthily the cat would inch forward targeting its prey. So Discreet of course here it wants to pounce on its target. I'm just using the analogy unrelated to that here are instead of the Alana says he wouldn't deny Me coming close. How often today I'm with my friends, I'm going out and leave my wife to sleep alone. She sleeps alone gets up alone, there's no connection, the rapport is broken. The Prophet of Allah wants to spend the night in tahajjud. Yet he comes home hops into the bed spends that time with me, and then he wants to

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engage in tahajjud or Isreali. Alana uses every word of softness, gentleness, politeness, discreet and sensitivity, softly he exits, gently he opens the door, politely, he puts his clothes on, and discreetly, he sneaks out so that he does not disturb my sleep.

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So here's the incident, the prophets of Allah and Sam got married to the nebrodi Allahu anha. And then the house was small, there was nothing leverage. The people came in aid and they left however, there were few companions that just sat in the little corridor, and they were having a discussion, like some things

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and they were having a discussion what are the Allahu Anhu on the mobile noble companions? May Allah be pleased with, but them

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now the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wants to meet with the spouse because walima is done, and they are sitting there, but he by nature was too modest to tell somebody can you go?

00:31:51--> 00:31:56

You know, it's like, how do you tell some some people come visit you so long you get more sick when they leave?

00:31:58--> 00:32:14

Don't you understand? This is a sick man. I know you want to show your character and your commiseration and your values and your ethics but give the family some time and space to deal with the tragedy give them some space and time.

00:32:17--> 00:32:35

Is that no sensitivity to the moment? Or is it just crowding and overwhelming? And then Allah revealed the verse that when you come to the house of the prophets, Allah ism don't come before I mentioned this in N for either or in Tom fantasy row once you've eaten that leave,

00:32:36--> 00:33:20

whatever muster any scene and the Hadith don't chit chat and have these discussions in other alikhan Can the Nebby FAS stalking him income because your prolonged discussions annoys the profit and causes him discomfort and hence the scholars say that Illa is annoyance to the host. So if the host tells you please come sit and enjoy relax, spend the afternoon that's a separate thing because that's what he's telling you. But otherwise the norm is eat and move so the family can clean up and whatever needs to be done. For your steady income. He feels shy Wallah hula stuffing him in a hug and Allah pronounces it as it is. So the narration also goes on was a in a zebra the Alana was

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clinging to the wall the room was too small. These three companions were sitting, the Prophet of Allah is walking up and down to indicate to them can you leave, they're not picking up the hint and the message. Revelation came and addressed the issue in biannual Quran it is written we learn from this two things the

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surgery Bill happy face uncertainty how the main mocked of a yeti public cream, I'm going to end here that

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at times, a person with great level of modesty when his own rights are infringed upon, he would remain silent like the Prophet sallallahu wasallam his own rights were being encroached upon, but due to his modesty, he didn't say anything. But of course Allah then pronounced it clearly. So we learn a sudden Oh Bill Hardy.

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Free unfairly Harvey mocked up a yard the lateral Hakeem for your jQuery mostly homework does a lot to me publicly. That's academic that at the time when someone has done wrong well he came and intervene and address the issue that don't annoy people don't call in good how many people you stop telling them you traveling because every time you travel, they bring a bag at the airport.

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Every time they bring in a bag they don't limit it they just come in leave it there. It lead do you process yourself? Do you understand the difficulties you imposing your earning Jana demand is traveling you can't give him a give. Just don't burden him. I'm saying that's the

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beauty of our deen and the second thing we learn is slavery.

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We need to reform our society Hermeto man you gotta be hero who don't cause pain to people come in you the Aarthi worked in a union feature Martin. Herman Ray Adrienne Walker the casserole either Have you heard the sermon? That if somebody has invited you at the time, come at the right time. Don't come before don't come after. My message is my brother Janet. Allah has opened it up for all Allah has given each one of us a different strength. Some people can smile your way through Jana. Some can spend spend your way through Jana. Some can feed feed your way to Jana. If you cannot do anything, don't hurt people. Or leave you with this comment. I've said it often because I deal with

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a lot of people in this regard. Yeah. Don't ask people personal questions. You hurting them way pays the most. We're still not married.

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For an Audacity.

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Your daughters are married because you had a choice in the matter. Which man doesn't want his daughter to be married? But how can you talk so?

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No kids? Do you decide your gender and your kids? Your son is still taking drugs? How do you talk to people? How do you learn to people I know of a community that actually formed a club of childless couples because of the comments of society. And they asked me to address the store. My message is help people and power people say kind words to people don't ask personal questions. And in sha Allah, this will earn your way to Jana. Some people bring happiness wherever they go. And others bring happiness whenever they go. May Allah make us from the former and not the letter, Amelia bulahdelah