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wa salatu salam ala nabina mousseline Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and welcome to lessons in fifth.

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We're still studying nor what Chapter or Chapter connected with sutra with sutra and the book is called Fadi bloomer compiled by Abu Malik.

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Okay. The Hadith we have before us is Hadith number 184.

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Narrated by Abu sorry that Cody may, may Allah be pleased with him. Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the point of view prays towards an object separating him from the people, and someone tries to pass between him and the object in front of him, let him turn him, let him turn him away. But if he refuses, he should fight him for he is a deaf.

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And another narration for there is a Satan with him. Okay. Now, the Hadees is crystal clear. If you're praying to something to the object, and one wants to pass between the object and you, you should prevent him if he does not comply, you should fight with him. And even if you use slight force, because he is a devil, or he has this devil with him, that is Korean that is telling him to do this. The Hadith has an origin to it, because I will show you the hotel, he was doing this. In the masjid of Medina, he was praying. And one boy from alonza wanted to pass through, looked right and left couldn't find any way except in front of a bull's eye. So he wanted to pass through a bush,

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he put his hand, stick his hand out, meaning stay away. And he continued praying, and the guy insisted on coming in. So he pushed him real hard,

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and prevented him from passing through. So the boy was angry. And he went to the governor of Medina. And he told him why he does this to me. Why did he do this to me?

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So the man came to our site and told him, why did you do this with this young chap, he's young man. He told him because the prophet SAW Selim said, the Hadith that we have just heard. So whenever someone wants to pass between the object in front of you, or a person in front of you, or whatever is in front of you, that

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is considered to be your sutra.

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You have to it's a must. It's not something that well, if you want, don't, if you, you have the choice? No, you have to prevent him from passing. And now, the minute we read this Hadith, one would say, Okay, I'll prevent him. What happens if it's a sheep?

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Can you prevent her physically? Well, you may do this and pull your head, because you're not allowed to touch women that are not related to you. So you may do this. But if she assists in passing that, tough luck, you have to pray all over again. Because no one would say, Well, she brought it to herself, I have to stop her. No, you're not allowed to do this, you know, this is even worse than than what she's doing. But if it were to be a male, if he was a person, that you may prevent him with your hand, if he assists, then in in the Hadeeth, it says that

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you have to turn them away. And if he refuses, you should fight him. So if he is unlucky, and you have a black belt in karate or Taekwondo, it's not advisable to

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chop his head off. No, to fight him is to use some sort of force to Okay, what about if the guy does jujitsu?

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When he starts grappling with you and puts you and brings you to the ground, this does not become prayer. Is it allowed for me to punch him in the in the face and smack him? And and let it be? This is not possible it's not acceptable. So don't, don't go to extremes. In Islam, you are not allowed to go to extremes, even with your enemies, even if someone is

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abusing you or assaulting you, in the sense that if I'm in my house, and somebody wants to break in.

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Now, what do I do? Some of the brothers say, Well, I just use my nine millimeters and bang between the eyes. Is this permissible?

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One says yes, I have a hadith that tells me that if anyone wants to take your money, you may kill him. Does this hadith say this? No. Daddy said says that if a person wants to take your money, don't give it to him. And if he fights you fight him. So you should start gradually by saying, Listen, I can I know that you want to break into my house, don't do this. I'm armed.

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He insists and breaks in and comes into you. Sure his legs first. Well give him a

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warning shot, he still continues to come in, shoot his legs, he stills a crawl to reach you then should hit his arms, he still has some means to get you then shoot him in the eyes. To read between his eyes is okay. But don't jump to conclusions. Same thing is with the person wanting to

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pass in front of you. It's happened so many times that people pass without noticing. He did. He doesn't know that you pray. And you immediately bang, punch the guy in the face that this is not acceptable, you should do this. And they know that they are passing in front of a person who's praying they stop usually, if they insist you may physically prevent them from doing it. Or pushing them and this is considered to be fighting. But no where that the Prophet tells you to jump and you know, choke the guy to death or give him

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lock or whatever, no way the Prophet tells you to do this. Because if you do this, then you are not praying. This contradicts with the state that you're supposed to be of submissiveness and concentration within the prayer. Does anybody have a question? regarding this topic? Yes, most of us he actually forces you to to drop your hand and then he passes. Do you have any? Yes, this is gonna happen because you would do this and the guy stops and the minute you go back to your prayer that guy moves in. So what do we do? abandon prayer and catch them the so and so and and pin him to the ground and start beating no policy is gone. He's he's passed away, that he's the sinful one. He'll

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be questioned by Allah azza wa jal because he committed a major sin. But no one tells you that you know, reach out and bring him back and put him back where he was because he already passed. So you're gonna make it pass again. So it becomes double

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sin, and this is not acceptable. The following Hadith

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narrated by Abu huraira are the Allahu Allahu Allah His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when one of you prays, he should put something in front of him. And if you cannot find something, he should you set up a stick. But if he has no stick with him, he should draw a line, then what passes in front of him will not harm him.

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Okay, this hadith is not authentic. It's regarded as viiv. So we don't have to consider it as any evidence. Nevertheless, the meaning is true in the sense that when you pray, it's preferable and recommendable that you put something in front of you. And if you cannot just set up

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an arrow or stick. If you cannot draw a line. It's better than not having anything to signify that you have your prayer borders in front of you. And the following Hadith

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narrated by Abu Zubaydah. May Allah be pleased with him. Allah's Messenger sallallahu Sallam said, Nothing interrupts a lot meaning prayer, but avert as much as you can. Meaning the things that cut off prayer. Now this Hadith, again, is life. It's not authentic. And nothing interrupts prayer. Nothing.

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Voice prayer This is, of course, we have a stronger Hadith which is in the in the sky, that tells us no prayer is interrupted, and it's cut by the previous dimension things. Women, dogs and donkeys, especially black dogs, as in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa, he was saying, We move on from here to the following chapter, which deals with who, sure.

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And here they translate for sure to humility in solid humility and salad. I don't know I don't feel like it's a good translation, maybe submissiveness is more of a better word submissiveness. And again, this is an Arabic and Islamic terminology. So it's almost difficult to find an equivalent of it in English. But what does kosher mean? kosher means that

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on and before we start talking about for sure, is it part of the deeds of the heart are part of the deeds of the body?

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What do you think of romantic heart? It's part of the heart. Is this acceptable to you guys?

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Mustafa, it's both. It's of both. But Originally, it is in the heart. But this has to show on your body, meaning that there are three types of people praying, you have the harsher, a person that prays with a submissive that submissiveness in his heart is overwhelming to the extent that he is not moving in prayer. So both his his heart and body are in control of his prayer. He has full submissiveness and for sure, and then you have a second type is a person who is preying

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on the surface, he doesn't move. So he's, he has a prayer is praying, but his heart is traveling and wandering everywhere. And the majority of Muslims are like this. They're not moving. They're praying, but their hearts

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are everywhere flying and swimming and shopping and visiting relatives, while they look as if they are praying. So these this type of people, yani, their prayer is accepted, but the reward is not as full. And the third type are those who do not have any submissiveness, neither in their hearts, nor in their bodies. So you find that their hearts are wandering everywhere. And they are moving, you know, they're scratching here and they're rubbing their bodies movement, fixing their clothings picking their noses doing things that are not they're not supposed to do. So, submissiveness and for sure, is in your heart and also in your body and that is why there are Hadith that said that if this

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man's heart had submissiveness, then he should not have been moving as much as he did. We have a short break, stay tuned, inshallah, we will be right back.

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Islam is a comprehensive way of life. It deals with everything.

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Wanted to empower people, and he wanted them to feel the responsibility, not just to rely on the state, the companions that are the Allahu taala on him, and in particular, Abubakar Omar Ali. In the beginning, they were not pleased and they were not proud to become the halifa. These days we see the candidates running to become the image lemak estate has to provide all inhabitants with the basic needs. It has to fulfill their basic needs. The main foundations of the Islamic State is to establish justice

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome back. We're still studying the first Hadith. We have not read it yet. that deals with Whoa, sure. submissiveness, humility and prayer. And I'd like to ask a question that lots of people usually ask, which is, how can we reach? Whoa, sure. How can we obtain and gain the level of kosher? So what do you think Mohammed?

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I think when we should start in brains, we just see to the point that

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movies we put our forehead, so I think maybe no thinking on another move, to move and what the mom is reading, we're just thinking that try to contemplate and what's the mom is saying, brother Mustafa, I think we can concentrate more if we have in our hearts. We understand that our hearts we're praying for, okay. So, this becomes the knowledge of Allah azza wa jal, but the know. Yeah. We have to realize that we are in connection with Allah. So you have to understand that you are praying. So it should be different than if you're not praying, Mustafa, knowing the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala, and knowing how great allies and

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so, the more no knowledge you have about Allah azza wa jal, and about his attributes and names, then this increases your submissiveness. You're sure in Salah brother Fatty, I think the major thing is we don't say if you, you cannot, like listen to music and keep not lowering your gaze and then come try to feel Lancelot, you won't work the same if you have not committed these things, you know, okay, but before I go on to Brother Malik, is it possible that people don't sin?

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He have to say, not, don't quote me. When I say you have to send this doesn't mean Turn off the TV or change the channel let's watch HBO or move into something that is rated x or w or y or z. Know it when we say you have to send out of your human weakness. But Allah azza wa jal tells us that the more you sin and ask for forgiveness, the more Allah will forgive you. But when it becomes an epidemic, when it reaches the level that you sin, and you don't seek Allah's forgiveness, then you are doomed. The Prophet says, all mankind

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are sinful, they're all sinful. And the best among them sin foes are those who repent. So if you repent to Allah, then Allah forgives you. I will Malik. Well, I think if we practice the correct way of

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you know,

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offering the prayer exact sooner, I think, you know, that will increase our for sure. In the prayer. Okay.

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All what you've said, inshallah is correct. The question is very easy. How can we reach her? Sure. The answer, on the other hand, is very, very difficult in salon process. You had a comment? I remember something, we said that. The minute we enter the prayer, the world should be behind our backs and forget everything, like with a lover, just focus in on the prayer, and nothing else like Yeah, but is it that easy?

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Is it that easy? That was it. Ah, thanks. I didn't know that. Okay, I'm going to pray now. And I'm going to have 100% of false proof. Prayer is not easy. It depends entirely on your lifestyle.

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You cannot transform, all of a sudden, all of a sudden, and have a perfect 100% Islamic life. You have to transform yourself. So if a person is indulged in his world, in his business in his school, and has nothing to do with Allah, the Almighty doesn't pay much attention to what Allah asks us to do, and what Allah forbids us to do. And he concentrates mainly on this life that he's living. So Allah, Allah azza wa jal, and Islam is at the end of the prayer, his priorities.

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Such a person would not have kosher and solid. So a lot of people come and complain and say, How can we reach for sure? The answer would be you have to transform your lives into becoming good Muslim.

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Then they ask, Does this mean that we have to leave everything we are doing? And go to a mosque and stay there for 24 hours? The answer would be no. And even if you do this, you will not get for sure. Then how do you want us to do? The answer is very simple, but it is very difficult to apply. You have to be original and real committed Muslims. Even if you're a businessman, even if you are filthy rich, even if you are filthy poor, even if you are handicapped, no matter what color, race or position you are holding, or you're from it regardless of this, you have to apply Islam in your whole life, in the way you treat people, in the way you treat yourself, and in the way you treat

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your Lord, Allah, the Almighty as Elijah. If you succeed in transforming this, you get Sure. Because if you sin, and you enjoy since then you will not find the taste and the flavour of prayer. When you pray, it will become a burden. You just want to pray. Now, if you look at the time of the Prophet that I set out, to sit on, he used to come and tell Bilal

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beha meaning Billa call for the prayer and give us comfort. With prayer. Nowadays, people come into the mosque, watching their watches and saying, Come on, come on, come on, relieve us from prayer arena. Minar, relieve us from prayer, make a comma, let's get it over with not as a form of comfort, but as a burden, you want to throw off your back. And that is why it's a it's exactly as far as the eastern West, our prayers to their prayers, you have to transform your life, change it to the better in the sense that when you are a businessman, it's okay for you to deal in business transactions and do this or that. Don't do anything that is haram. Don't deal in interest. Don't deal in mortgages,

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don't sell things that are forbidden, don't have haram or forbidden transactions. If you are a student, concentrate on your studies, concentrate on the subjects you're learning. But at the same time, set your priorities, not to sin, not to skip Salah, not to allow people to talk bad about your religion without you standing and defending it. Try your best to give the best example as the best ideal Muslim. And so on. The minute you do this, the minute you did do as Brother Mohammed said, by looking at the place of your frustration, not moving and contemplating on what the Imam is reciting? Because if the member says the Quran, you don't know what he's doing what he's saying, and you you

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or what you're thinking of, is, did I put the shopping list in my pocket before I left home or not? Did my wife write

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the chocolate cake ingredients or didn't she because I want to buy groceries after Salah. This is the only thing you think I'm thinking of Salah you will never reach the level or the standard of who Sure.

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Again, you have to always correct your intention.

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And this adds more value to your assure when you pray. This prayer is for whom. That's what the kids say this prayer is for my father. Because if I if I don't pray, he's gonna spank me. students in schools say this prayer is for the headmaster, because if I don't pray, he's gonna call my father who's gonna spank me and he's gonna take away some of the marks off me. And if you go to the wife, she says, Well, this prayers for my husband, because if I don't pray, I don't think he's gonna spank me but he's not gonna love me as I want him to, and he's not gonna take me on holiday in summer, or he's not gonna buy me this or that. So, the most important thing his intention was what is your

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intention when you pray? I pray to satisfy my my Lord, my Allah, to seek His approval and to seek His forgiveness. This adds more value to our prayer, when you know the attributes of Allah. So when you say Allahu Akbar, when you say sapan or be an AVI, when you say send me a law hidden behind me that Allah Xhosa hears whoever calls

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And praises him. This also adds value to you. Most of all, you have anything to add. So all of these things, if you add them together, you start to notice that you are finding more value to a prayer. And you start to find that prayer has a flavor. It's not something that you just, you know, bow and prostrate in Santa Monica. And that's it. What did you do? I don't know. What did they remember citing the first record? I don't know. What did he do in the second record? I don't know. I was just praying man, my chair guiding me.

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I'm not interrogating you. I'm just asking you to ask yourself, did I benefit from what I have done? Or was it all in vain? And it's very essential because remember, the first thing that Allah will question you on the Day of Judgment is prayer. So if it's valid, if it's accepted, then accordingly all the other deeds fasting Hajj, pilgrimage will be accepted. But if it's not, then you have a problem, and you should fix this problem. The following Hadith, or the first time is number 187. Narrated by Abu Rhino will be pleased him. Allah messengers Allahu Allah wa salam for bad keeping one hands on one's waist while praying. And in the narration of Al Bukhari narrated by Isaiah may

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will be pleased with her is, this is a practice of the Jews. Now, what do we mean by the prophet forbade keeping one's hand on one's waist while praying.

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Now, this is called the hustle. In Arabic, it has a form that is well known to put your hands on your waist. Does anybody pray like this? Because this is the way that Jews prayer, I've never seen the Jews praying. And if, if any of the Jews are watching said, We don't pray like this. Well, we're talking about the time that the Prophet asked them when when they used to pray in a similar way. So this could be the hustle, putting your hands on the waist. And also it could be when you put your hands like so. So instead of putting the right hand over the left, you cross them and put your hands on your waist. And there are a lot of Muslims that that do this, the certain that is to put your

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palm of the hand on the palm of your left hand or the sun is to hold your wrist with your right hand. But to go all the way here or to go all the way there. This is not the sun and this is similar to what the Jews did. I'm afraid that this is all the time we have for today's program. So inshallah until we meet next time for Manila was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh