Man’s brain vs woman’s brain

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The segment discusses the psychological differences between men and women, including the brain being made up of boxes and the ability to talk at the same time. The segment also mentions examples of how women use boxes to communicate and how they can build relationships with each other through television.

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Let me give you the example.

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The brain, men's brains versus women's brain, okay? Just Just watch me, man's brain, women's brain.

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Man's brain is made up of boxes.

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One box called money.

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One box called

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wife, one box called work. One box called children, one box called

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different boxes. So when a man wants to talk about money, he pulls the box called money, talks about money, and he puts it back.

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When a man wants to talk about work, he pulls the box called work. He talks about work, and then he brings it back.

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men cannot talk about two boxes at the same time.

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men cannot talk about work, and women or children at the same time. He does not know how to do that. And there is a very special box in every man's brain. Ladies, you better listen well.

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the very most amazing box that is beloved to every man. It's called the empty box.

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It's got nothing in it

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is our favorite box.

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Sometimes when your husband is watching TV, and he's doing

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he's not watching TV. He's into his empty box. Leave him alone.

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Have you seen two men going fishing together?

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Have you ever seen two men going fishing together? We do go fishing. And we can stay two hours fishing without talking to one another.

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for two hours when women see us they say you guys have no problem. We say no, we got no problem. We are in our empty box. We enjoy it. We love it.

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Now women boxes, women's brain.

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Women, they have the same boxes. But the boxes are all interconnected through

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a woman Mashallah. She can talk about work. She can talk about children as cooking at the same time watching TV and listening to you her husband on the phone.

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She's listening to you

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as cooking and watching TV. She can tell you much. Can't you see that? Sometimes when the sisters are talking? Have you ever noticed they all talk at the same time?

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And you just wonder is this

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praise to the one who created you.

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How can you talk? They can we cannot win a man let me ask you a question when a man drives a car.

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And then he gets a phone call. There's a radio on and then he gets a phone call. What's the first thing that the men who do

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turn the radio off? automatic stay with me brothers. Automatic say automatic. We just drive as soon as the phone rings we have to turn off the radio and pick up the phone. The wife says Why did you turn off the radio?

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I was listening to that song. I was listening to that Scotty you tell her I cannot talk and drive at the same time. I can only do one thing at the same time. She does not understand

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the old car she's multitasked Masha Allah Allah has given them that ability to multitask. Another example, when women they go to a washroom toilet. Most women when they go to the washroom or worship for them, it's like a lounge.

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What's the lounge? They go to talk?

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Most women sometimes build relationships with each other in washrooms.

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A woman will go to her sister she says sis Come with me where we just go into the washroom

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and then they go to the washroom together. How would you feel buddy? You know

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if I tell you Hey, buddy, come with me to the washroom.

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How would you feel man? He's already mad. He's already upset.

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Women don't do that.

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We don't do that man. We don't say buddy walk with me to the washroom but the sisters they do have

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All the time.

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Merci Masha, Allah, Masha.

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So you've got to understand these differences between men and women when a wife was married here again, who was married

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when your wife says, you tell her Okay, I'm going to see my friends and then she says, fine.

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Fine in Norway means Vien yet yet. So you watch this yet.

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Does that mean yet?

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And although she says a cha TK,

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TK, does that mean TK?

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What does it mean?

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It means man if you go

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you're not gonna have fun tonight.

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You need to understand the psychological differences between men and women.

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